Well, my Pescatarian Week was a success.  To those of you who don’t know, pescatarianism is “the practice of following a diet that includes fish or other seafood” (Wikipedia).  I decided to give it a try and, after seven days, I have to say, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be – partly thanks to my inner strength and stalwart determination, partly due to a willingness on my part to seek out and discover interesting recipes, but mostly because I actually ended up eating meat 5 out of those 7 days.  There were surprisingly few fish options at the Japanese food festival so I was forced to eat chicken karaage and a pork cutlet sandwich instead.  That time we went out for sushi I had the pork gyoza starters.  I snacked on the tongue cold cuts I picked up for the dogs the other day.  And the other incidents were accidents.  More or less.  Anyway, all this to say that, after one meatless week, I really do feel healthier and encourage you all to follow in my dietary footsteps.

Wish me luck with Vegetarian Week staring Sunday!

Well, I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to heat I completed a first draft of episode #2 this morning.  Yep, 2 scripts down, 11 to go!  I’ll send it Paul’s way for his official “logic review” and I’ll switch gears and start work on episode #4.  In a best case scenario, I’ll finish that script with plenty of time to complete one more ahead of my Japan trip in September.

Yes, since we’ll be heavy into prep during the time of my usual winter Tokyo trek, I’ve had to move up my trip by a few months.  Sadly, I’ll miss out on the festive Christmas spirit that invariably outdoes it’s comparatively staid North American counterparts, but I WILL be there in time for baseball and sumo season!  Can you imagine actually being there to experience the thrill of a playoff run?  Or catching a Hanshin Tiger foul ball?  Or having a sweaty four hundred pound man stumble onto your lap?

That could be me!

Okay, off to re-read my script.  Tomorrow, I have a scheduled conference call with our Casting Director to discuss…wait for it…casting!  We’ve got seven recurring roles to cast so should be very interesting.

17 thoughts on “August 7, 2014: Seafood! Sumo! And scripts!

  1. Casting time? Well, “Falling Skies” just suffered a massacre…

  2. Wish me luck with Vegetarian Week staring Sunday!

    I’m now expecting you to point and make that creepy half-groan/half-scream sound that the duplicates made in Body Snatchers…

  3. So for vegetarian week, you’re only going to eat animals that eat plants? 🙂

    Whatever happened to that pain that you were having a while ago… somewhere? I assume it disappeared?

    Just got to my friends’ place in PEI after a wonderful few days up in Gros Morne National Park in NFLD. What an incredibly beautiful place! Did a few great hikes and some sightseeing.

    Here’s the view from the top of Gros Morne mountain of Ten Mile Pond. Those cliffs are about 2000 ft high.

    Here’s the area called the Tablelands. The southwest? Nope – Newfoundland.

  4. “We’ve got seven recurring roles to cast so should be very interesting.”

    Marcus Boone, Griffin Jones, Jace Corso, Tetsudar, Portia Lin, the kid, and robot guy?

  5. @ Joe – Are you serious about the Vegetarian week, and if so, will it include eggs and cheese? I can easily eat vegetarian for a week as long as I can have eggs and cheese.

    @ JeffW – I would die if I was allergic to chocolate. 😛

    @ DP – You know what’s interesting about me and gluten? I used to CRAVE breads and cakes and cookies and all that sort of thing…especially fresh-baked Italian breads. I was always the first one to dive into the bread basket when we went out to dinner. Mac and cheese was my go-to comfort food. And don’t get me started on pizza crust. But almost immediately after dropping the wheat/barley/rye products my cravings stopped as well. With the exception of a good authentic cheesesteak, I have practically 0 desire to eat wheat and other gluten-containing grains, so temptation is no problem at all for me. Not sure if that means anything, but when people ask me if it was hard to go gluten-free, I honestly can say no…the hard part is getting people to take you seriously (just the other day my brother told me to ‘get over it’), and avoiding hidden gluten in restaurant or processed foods. Otherwise, cutting out gluten has been the easiest dietary change I’ve ever made.


  6. @Duptiang who said:
    “You know how those shows end with the production tag at the end of a show. The Mary Taylor Moore Show ended with a kitten meowing, the other have a typewriter bell ring, another having a guy saying,”Sit Boobo, sit,” a shark riding a bike, etc. What about your show ending with the sorting sound of Lulu and circle to black? Now that would be a surprise.”

    Ohh, yes! Awesome idea…maybe, “Lulu Productions?”

  7. For Show-end Tags, I olding out for the Sound of a Microwave Beep stopping and having Akemi say, “Hey! Joe-san, your Monkey-Brains are done!” – and perhaps throw in a dog bark in response..?

  8. @Das:

    @ JeffW – I would die if I was allergic to chocolate.

    I probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that I get that response a lot. The other top contender is people saying they wish they had a chocolate sensitivity too, because then they would stop eating so much. Still I find plenty of substitutes…for example, today I baked two white chocolate cheesecakes! 😀


    I usually ask if there’s chocolate in the chilli. After the carrot cake cocoa incident, I now also ask if they use cocoa.

  9. I’m not too worried about you surviving Vegetarian Week, since Akemi is a wonderful cook and no doubt will make many wonderful vegetarian dishes for you.

    And you will eat meat anyway when out of the house any time it is more convenient, looks tastier, etc. 😉

  10. Well done on your foray into pescatarianism! I’ve been considering eating vegetarian for a week, and may kick it off by throwing some ribs on the smoker this weekend.

    I think you may be on to something there regarding the sports season. We seriously need to consider combining sumo and baseball. Now that’s brilliant!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Oh…casting…can’t wait! I hope you get along with all the cast/crew. A fun work environment makes all the difference.

    JeffW: What happens if you eat chocolate? Not eating chocolate would be…devastating but that might be a girl thing.

    As for the gluten free thing, I admire anyone that can stick to ANY kind of restricted diet! I’ve read about observant Jews and the extremes they go to. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t they basically have two kitchens? Amazing!

    If you have a gluten sensitivity, I’m so sorry and I’m glad the diet helps you! I support your food restrictions and if I find any good gluten free recipes, I’ll post them. I might even make them for myself. Some of them are pretty yummy! Flourless chocolate cake, flourless peanut butter cookies and etc….. Yum!

    That being said, I have a mild auto immune disease (mild so far) and frequently have odd symptoms. My best friend is always trying to pressure me into going gluten free to “cure” myself and it’s really annoying. Not everyone has a gluten sensitivity. Since my son’s been gone, I find myself eating gluten free naturally but I haven’t noticed any difference in my health. On Saturday, I have my one donut for the week with no ill effects. My health seems to be more affected by the seasons than anything else.

    If you have time, read this story for a laugh: http://news.msn.com/us/toddler-slides-through-white-house-gate-alarming-secret-service?ocid=ansnews11

  12. gforce: “So for vegetarian week, you’re only going to eat animals that eat plants?” 😆

  13. @Tam Dixon:

    If I eat too much chocolate I break out in rashes inside my elbows, and sometimes at my wrists. How much is too much? It varies, but it’s anywhere from a teaspoon to an average-sized chocolate bar. I haven’t tested the amount necessary for a reaction for at least 20 years; it’s just not worth the days of itching.

    By the way, I learned a few years ago that it’s not really an allergy, but a sensitivity to serotonin.


    I’m not on any drugs (prescribed or otherwise), so apparently I already produce an excess of serotonin in my skin, and chocolate just pushes me over the edge and gives me rashes.


    Sumo-baseball? Wow! I’m already imagining what it would be like to see a sumo-wrestler diving for home base! That would be ground-shaking 😉

    I’m also kicking of vegetarian week by smoking meat. Up for tomorrow’s cookout is an 11-lb picnic butt for pulled pork, thick bacon for bacon/bleu sandwiches, short-ribs, and a whole chicken…all dry rubbed and smoked with hickory chips. Barb is making coleslaw (as a side and to top the pulled pork), and I’m cooking up some Carolina sauce. Then it’s white chocolate strawberry cheesecake for dessert. There’s not a course on the menu that hasn’t been touched with some kind of animal product! At least the sweet tea will be vegan. 😉

  14. I’m sure Paul is busy with his own scripts, you should have posted the script here so we could do your logic review instead. An in the process we get to learn all about the project.

    Any word on when the lawyers will be done crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s?

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