Read five books.

Worked out.

Spent quality time with the dogs.

Played phone/text/email tag with our production partner.

Did a “leaner/tighter” pass on the pilot.

Added two new sections to the show’s bible: “The Economic/Political Structure” and “Getting Around” (via ship and transfer stations).

Drafted an overview of the 13 episode first season complete with story synopses, character arcs, key revelations, and approximations of days in/days out, episodic construction requirements and VFX classifications (minimal, moderate, significant).

Wrote a separate “Character secrets” document to accompany the general “Characters” section of the show bible.

Got in touch with some key individuals to see if they’d be interested in getting the band back together.  So far, so unanimous yes.

Out of curiosity, had a friend and former co-worker look into the rights for a certain song.

Discussed scheduling and game plan with my writing partner.

Impatiently awaited preliminary budgets and that very final piece of the puzzle.

Went out for ramen.  Meh.

And what did you guys get up to this week?

29 thoughts on “May 9. 2014: What I Did This Week!

  1. I really hope you have luck with your series Joe. Surely there’s a cable network out there that’ll pick it up. Cable is probably best for a Science fiction series.

  2. Sunday – worked and then had an all-store meeting
    Monday – worked then had a Board of Directors meeting; then I went through our catalog of music to see what we can work up for a gig in June
    Tuesday – worked watched some DVRd Survivorman episodes
    Wednesday – worked at 5am…truck day! It’s like going to the gym, but includes lifting heavy furniture instead of weights. Watched Survivor and had my mind boggled as to why they won’t vote Tony off the island.
    Thursday – worked and was exhausted
    Friday – had the day off! Tried to put the band back together, literally, for the gig in June. Initial response is very promising. Started to look at the scores to decide which pieces to perform and to put together a plan to direct the ensemble.
    Saturday – on the agenda for tomorrow is fence repair and yard work! And more music stuff.

    Also I should include daily visits to websites to daydream about booking a trip to raft through the Grand Canyon. Anyone up for this?

  3. Getting the band back together? 😀 I looove the sound of that!

    What did I do this week? My in-laws were visiting because Allie turned 20 on Monday and Erin turned 13 on Wednesday. So I spent the week entertaining them. On Monday I took Erin to voice. On Wednesday I took Erin to piano then we all went to the aquarium. On Thursday I took Allie in to renew her passport. Last night we found out that Allie was accepted to the Thailand program she’d applied to and will be earning college credit while working at an elephant sanctuary! *happy dance* Today we went to International Plaza in Tampa with my in-laws and bought Erin a gorgeous dress for her voice recital. 🙂

    Tomorrow I may want to nap. All day.

  4. May I inquire…since enquiring minds would like to know…please…getting what band together to do what?

  5. Sounds like smooth sailing ahead.

    I can’t remember the beginning of the week. I’ve been doing some mad, obsessive shopping so it was a lot of internetting for that. There are things we can just now afford after a long run of making do, but the task of shopping hard enough to find them on an affordable level has been time-consuming.

    I removed three colors of balloon strings from the shaft of the whole house fan, then failed to get it working satisfactorily again. I shopped like mad, purchased and installed a new one, then found out the exact same one was available for $100 cheaper, but the stores had the foresight to use different model numbers so I can’t get price matching.

    I got a great deal on a used, but very nice swingset. My contact for a flatbed trailer got sick, then the seller started talking like they were going to sell it to someone else if I didn’t get it. The seller said the best day for the sons to help would be that day so I headed there in a Uhaul. I got there, ran into problems getting it disassembled, and the sons disappeared. Me and their neighbor spent until midnight disassembling it, seeing by just our flashlights, cellphone lights, a decent moon, and a piddly porch light and it was soooo heavy.

    I drank a 52 oz. drink from the UDF on the way home. I didn’t bring water because I didn’t think there’d be so many problems and no one offered me any so I was doing heavy work for so many hours with no water and all 52 ounces just absorbed right through my gums I was that dehydrated. Unloading the set at 1AM, I helped my husband drag the heaviest to plop over the edge, then told him to drive off and let it fall the rest of the way so I didn’t have to use any more muscles that day.

    We did weed-pulling at the school. We spread mulch there tomorrow. We’ll have to walk there with our wheelbarrows and wagon unless someone with a truck takes pity on us. Then we’ll be pressure-washing the swingset to prepare it for staining.

    I’m loving being able to do physically demanding things again. I’m sore from all the labor, but just my muscles, not my joints and any fatigue is purely normal.

    I’m so late getting my greens planted. Maybe I’ll take a year off from that.

  6. “Got in touch with some key individuals to see if they’d be interested in getting the band back together. So far, so unanimous yes.”

    my brain immediately went to stargate!! 😮 (but wishes –> 😀 )

  7. Getting the band back together? You just drop that and leave us wondering? You tease!

    What did I do this week?
    Monday and Tuesday: worked. Had to actually be “the boss” for the first time. Survived meetings and an inspection.
    Wednesday: drove to pick up my daughter at college and had dinner with her at the local sports bar.
    Thursday: moved her out of the dorm and drove home.
    Friday: took 25 mile bike ride, went out for Middle Eastern food and went out with my daughter and some friends to see Captain America: Winter Soldier. My daughter hadn’t seen it yet. A good time was had by all. I thought of you, das: my daughter is even more of a Winter Soldier fangirl than you! 😀

  8. I was off this week. I attempted to do absolutely nothing. I spent lots of quality time with my dog too. Went shopping each day and spent too much money. Took my mom to a doctors appointment. Today, after lunch, I went out and trimmed the hedges in the front yard. And as usual, once I start working and get nice a sweaty, the neighbors all start coming over to talk. A 30 minute job turned into an hour and a half. I should stick to the back yard.

    Good luck with all your activities.

  9. 1. Received kitchen re-design plans from Nolamom’s hubby. Pondering to be done.
    2. Decided to visit Vancouver in two weeks. (Has been tentatively planned for a month, reservations not yet made.)
    2. Made a dent in long-overdue laundry.

  10. After reading other comments, I felt a bit like a slacker. Then I kicked myself…we’re retired, and we certainly earned some slack times over the past 30+ years! 😎

  11. Joe, I wish you much success in getting the band back together! Would this be related to the ship-based series?

    As for my week, it’s been a hectic one…

    Monday: Work and then prepping my son David for his Civil Air Patrol meeting.
    Tuesday: Work and then taking David to and from his CAP meeting.
    Wednesday: Get up at 3:30am and drive to O’hare for a 6am flight to first Dallas and then Calgary, arriving in time for a customer meeting and then another customer dinner.
    Thursday: All day meetings and then a quiet dinner at the hotel.
    Friday: More meetings and then I headed to Calgary Airport for flights to Dallas and then Chicago. I got home just a bit past midnight.

    And this weekend I have truck and home repair projects to do. I might have a relaxing weekend around Memorial Day…but probably not.

  12. My week has been rather lazy, as I’ve not really achieved much of anything at all. I started three or four different new game projects, but none of them seemed to work out into anything significant, so they’ve all been pretty much abandoned at the early stage.
    I composed a couple of bits of music, and played a bit of Animal Crossing, which I generally play when I need to relax, since it’s all about wandering around and not really doing much.
    .. but basically a week of things that didn’t work out, so not really an altogether great week, productivity wise.

    Meh, some weeks you can, and others.. not so much!

  13. Wow, what a busy week! That series sounds very, very promising. Is it too early to get officially excited? Surely it will be smoooooth sailing from here on in. 😉

    My week has been super busy – I had started doing some home renovations to kind of freshen things up, but over the last couple of months had been more seriously considering actually selling and building a new house! This wouldn’t be very far away from where I am now (only about a 10 minute drive), but it on a hill overlooking a river. Really nice spot. Anyway, since I’m part way through these renovations I’m needing to step up the pace if I want to sell anytime soon. I’ve got most of the downstairs entry hall finished (new doors, flooring, trim, painting, etc.) but had planned to repaint and install new trim through most of the house. I think at this point I will probably just hire someone to come in and do the rest of the door/trim work, which with my limited experience is very time consuming.

    Also, I need to do some pretty severe junk purging before even considering moving!

  14. This Past Week:

    Edited multiple-choice ESL test questions.

    Watched Word’s Spelling and Grammar Check blow a gasket because three out of every four answer options contained an intentional error.

    Clicked Ignore Once. A lot.

    This Coming Week.

    Hoping the band gets back together.

  15. “We’re on a mission from God”.

    Hmm. I sewed some, did housework, sewed some more. Paid bills, worried about money. Laundry. Did not go to the gym because I did not want to stand in the cold rain waiting for the bus. Fussed with my garden between downpours. Rocky Mountain spring rain tends to have hail in it, unpleasant to go out in. Watched too much TV. Trying to figure out if I want to beg a ride to the commissary on base, or if I can just hop the bus to go buy eggs. If I had applesauce in the house, I could bake bread without the eggs, but I don’t. I have three “by bus” grocery store options. Wonder what the egg selection is like at the Mexican market, and can I pass up the bakery section? No, they don’t carry sliced bread I like, but wow the pastries and sweets are remarkable. It is the easiest market to get to. Hmmm.

  16. Look at you being productive. (Not that you never seem not to be.) 🙂

    I…watched some TV. Ok, I also taught the last class of the semester and did some grading. Spent 3 hours yesterday banging my head against a wall regarding my dissertation. Bought some more books on Amazon even though I haven’t finished half of the ones I’ve bought in the last 2 months.

    I do think I’m finally going to see Spider-Man 2 tonight, though. Sounds like a hot mess based on the reviews and comments I’ve heard.

  17. so nice to know that you have something cooking Jo !!! and I don’t only mean in your kitchen! soo looking forward to the new series!! what is the name of them ? or has it not been decided yet?
    Me this week:
    Monday bank holiday! stayed in bed watching movies pretty much and doing email
    Tuesday and Wed visited a new place where i could end up working, but i did not like it in the end.. … so.. humm.. i don’t think so!
    Thu and Fri: chased a boy around my work place.. only to end up pretty much stuck on top of him at a meeting, and having him not letting me move on by getting his chair in the way and asking me questions.. was pretty hot.. and nobody noticed anything.. are we good or what !! 🙂
    today: in library doing work.. tomorrow will do same.
    Monday: uni.. arrgg!!

  18. This week we prepared for my son’s high school graduation. Today was the day and it went grand! He earned summa cum laude!

    Afterwards, we went for pizza (son’s idea) and cupcakes (my idea). A good time was had by all and we are so stuffed… My mom/brother/niece left and I believe we are going to crash on the couch. Galaxy Quest was mentioned. 😉

    Good luck with all your projects, Mr. M,!

  19. And my truck repairs ran into a hitch. Due to a u-joint issue, I was in the process of taking apart the front passenger side axle to replace it. Since I had it apart, I decided to replace the ball joints as well and got as far as getting the axle removed when I found that my ball joint separators are too small (I can’t wait to see what Das does with THAT).

    To make matters worse, none of the local tool shops are used to dealing with 3/4-ton pickups, so none of them have tools big enough for me (sic). Now I have to wait until Tuesday for the large ball joint separator from Amazon, so I’ll be without my truck until then. 🙁

    I guess I’ll go get the new shutters for the house instead…oops, I can’t do that either. The shutters won’t fit in Barb’s Mustang or Jackie’s Fiero, so I’ll have to wait until the truck is fixed. Guess it’s time to go see a movie.

  20. I have been busy keeping awake all week at work (NightShift). Not nearly having as much fun as you seem to be. I did almost finish a book I am reading. Sorry I missed out on the book of the month selection, “Black List” by Brad Thor. I do expect to be ready for next moth’s meeting. I did make myself a weeks worth of potato pancakes and Indian chicken curry, why go through the hassle for just one serving. I did travel home to visit my mom and gave her her mother’s day gift (no, not just my visit) and got my mail. Guess some bills will be a bit tardy.

    Speaking of getting the band back together, I have read in a couple of places that Justin Monjo is getting a movie for another well known SciFi series. If Farscape a popular but in as somewhat cult status show can get a movie, why can a movie with (I assume) a much larger following like SG not be made? Mr. Monjo is also writing a show to star Peter Dinklage. Really, that is his real name?

    One more thing, I picked up the first season of “the Game of Thrones” during my recent trip to Thailand (try to practice Thai.). I am very disappointed in the series for many reasons. First being, it only had 10 episodes. Stargate in its many forms had 20-22 episodes a season. Even the ill-fated show “Firefly” had 14 episodes made of which only 11 aired. I hope Jason Mamoa did not get paid by the number of spoken lines. Have you talked to him at all about the the show?

    Finally, to end a night which would you prefer: rye, barley or wheat?

    @skua Nice work!

  21. Ran around for work in circles like a dog chasing its tail and fell exhausted into a flood of twittering to let out some steam, before getting up to start all over again. How long does it take to explode from a stressful job you absolutely hate?

  22. Starting on Sun May 4: Work, Patrick had a seizure, watched 24 & did a blog, work, work, work, work, work, work, cried, work, work, tweeted, facebook’ed. I ate in there and went to the bathroom. Got gas for my car.

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