It’s the routine on practically every production I’ve worked on: 1. Writers receive notes.  2. Writers get on the phone to discuss notes with executives.  3. Writers do (ish) the notes.  But, in my later years on Stargate, I decided to implement a new policy.  I started giving notes on the notes I received (let’s call this step in the process 1b).  I always found it much easier to present concise, logically considered written arguments for how we could or, alternately, why we should not incorporate certain suggestions/requests/demands into a script.  Certainly MUCH easier than verbally winging it on a conference call free-for-all.  Oh, we would still have the conference calls – but at least they’d be more focused and, thankfully, a hell of a lot shorter.  Anyway, providing notes on notes is something I’ve continued to do ever since.  Well, today I was on a lengthy conference call in which I was given input on how to best present my latest notes on the notes I received last week.  Yes, as Akemi pointed out at dinner, I received notes on my notes on notes.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the person I was speaking to was advised on how best to approach delivering the suggested changes to my original email.  Now THAT would have been awesome: notes on notes on notes on notes.

Only in this business.

1Well, this is nice.  A happy ending for the senior citizens who lost their dog, Buddy, to an “animal rescue” earlier this year (background:

Buddy is back home (

Now there’s the matter of the other twenty or so dogs being held by The Humane Alliance of Rutherford County:

1Ah, everything old is new again!  Study Questions Fat and Heart Disease Link

“Many of us have long been told that saturated fat, the type found in meat, butter and cheese, causes heart disease. But a large and exhaustive new analysis by a team of international scientists found no evidence that eating saturated fat increased heart attacks and other cardiac events.”

I’m convinced that if we wait long enough, eventually boomerangs and drive-ins will come back in style!

30 thoughts on “March 24, 2014: Notes of interest! And on notes!

  1. Everything Old Is New Again:
    I’m noticing “vintage” fashion trends from the ’70s and earlier returning, at least in the world of crochet patterns.

  2. I’ve not concerned myself too much with what’s in style. It’s always been my understanding that the original research condemning saturated fat was weak and I assumed if it could be corroborated, given how adamant the mainstream advice was, it would have been. Because my focus is on eating non-inflammation-causing foods, I concern myself more with whether a fat is likely to become oxidized and avoiding high lectin content, which means I eat a lot of non-dairy animal fat.

  3. That is so cool…regard Buddy. Need more good stories like that.
    Yeah…I’ll have one of them burgers – hold the onions please.

  4. Now if I could just still fit into those bell bottom jeans of days gone by… 😛

  5. Really the only way to fry an egg is in butter(preferably with garlic and rosemary), now I can do it without worry. Thanks Joe!

  6. Old is new category: my husband brought home a pair of jeans he wore in high school. Farrah Fawcett brand, the high waist, flared legs… and he still fits into them. All the young’uns are envious as can be. If we were in California, we could ask a small fortune for them in a consignment shop.

  7. gforce: I hope your stepmom is better.

    As I was reading about your notes, I was wondering how some people get in charge? 🙄

    I suppose it’s a good thing the old folks got their dog back but you know, it didn’t sound like they could take care of the dog in the first place. Didn’t they call the “rescue” group in because they couldn’t get the pup house trained? Maybe a middle aged, healthy dog that was already house trained would have been a better choice. I hope they have someone to help them now. It sucks getting old.

    The best news is that all those dogs have been rescued. I pray Rutherford County has a good humane society/shelter!

  8. Boomerangs and drive ins…I wonder if boomerangs will work in a zero-G (asteroid) space colony? Drive ins where we get to be in the middle of the three D action, surrounded by both sight and sound,,,yeah, I can see that…

  9. Notes on notes on notes on notes. You’re so “meta”…. (another new term I just about hate)

    I will own a boomerang adorned coffee table someday. It will happen. Oh yes, it will.

    Besides, it’ll go nicely with my authentic green “Mother of Toilet Seat” kitchen table and chairs I got from my grandparents years ago.

    -Mike A.

  10. Thanks, folks! Called my step-mom today and she was still doing pretty well so I think for now things will be okay. She’s back at the care home and feeling very comfortable. Again, one day at a time.

    How many levels of note taking down the rabbit hole is it possible to go, anyway? 🙂

    @Lewis – having thrown some of those huge boomerangs down in Australia, unfortunately they don’t always come back. Oh yeah, I guess they do when you walk over to get them and carry them! 🙂

  11. Oh, we’re supposed to get a huge storm here tomorrow – up to 30 to 40 cms with winds up to 90km/h. Oh yay. They’re calling it a white hurricane. Doesn’t that sound fun?

  12. Hey, how come the other day, when I said maybe that missing plane had the same trouble that Payne Stewart’s plane had – loss of cabin pressure – someone didn’t tell me that Geraldo Rivera thinks the same thing?! Why didn’t you call me an idiot right away?! If I had a bugger hanging out of my nose, you’d tell me, right?! Right?!!

  13. Just to clarify, I’m in at the edge of the “These people are screwed” section.

  14. I’m so sorry all of you are getting snow still. And @gforce — I’m glad your stepmom is better. Glad she has you.

    Today, we finally got the middle piece of the Patrick puzzle in place — the power of attorney, medical power of attorney, wills, establishment of a special care trust for Patrick, HIPAA authorizations, end-of-life directives, what to do with our bodies afterwards. Now I have to create The Book of Patrick. After I get my tax return done. And I’m making headway on that. I’m done entering receipts for 2013 into Quicken. Now I’m on reconciling bank statements and then after that the credit card statements and then I can start Turbo Tax. With 3 weeks to go, I think I’ll make it. On the other hand, I’ve been sick since Sunday, so I’ve lost 3 days now.

  15. Joe, this is off topic but I was curious if you or any of the others on the blog have read a recent article on “Star Wars and Racism” in The Atlantic ( The article talks not just about Star Wars but how science fiction in general deals with casting of non-white roles and with racism (usually in one of four ways according to the author). I had a mixed reaction to the article and felt like the Stargate shows did not fall into his four neat categories. The comments, and in some cases responses by the author to a particular comment, were really interesting. Thoughts?

    1. O course he completely ignores the science officer on Star Trek Voyager…The whole point of racial convergence is that black, white, yellow, brown or green with pointy ears is,,,fun…we shouldn’t have to deliniate HOW acceptance comes to be the norm. When a species grows up and becomes something akin to mature, “race”….ceases to exist as a perceptual default…now FAT on the other hand…(Hah! Just kidding…)

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