1I like it when Akemi bakes, but I LOVE it when she “experimental bakes”.  By that, I mean when she decides to try out a new recipe or compare slightly different versions of the same dish.  This morning, for instance, she made three different types of cookies: white sugar and whole egg chocolate chip cookies, white and brown sugar and egg yolk chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate and peanut butter cookies.  The verdict?  While all three were very tasty, I informed her I would require a bigger testing sample in order to complete a more thorough study and arrive at a scientifically sound conclusion.  Unable (unwilling?) to recreate the conditions of the first experiment, she made me a BIG cookie instead.  Verdict?  Delicious!

Speaking of Cookies, look at who I spotted crossing the street this afternoon at Granville and 10th:

1Yeah, it’s our resident film critic, Cookie Monster, who requested some time off from move reviewing duties in order to take care of his ailing aunt Myrtle in Schenectady. So what the hell is he doing strolling around Vancouver?  Good question.  Anyway, for what it’s worth, that P90X workout has worked wonders for him.  He looks great!

So, how go your respective Halloweens?   I was out early today, decorating the house in preparation for the big night.  Check out all my hard work…

1I carried it all the way over from the garage to the front porch.  There’s a power cord that plugs into the back and lights it up but I was too tired to make a return trip.

Anyway, it’s past 6:00 p.m. and so far, no kids.  I wonder if word got out that I was handing out healthy alternatives last year: fresh fruit, vegetables, and tins of sardines packed in olive oil

24 thoughts on “October 31, 2013: Big Cookie Alert! Monster Alert! Tinned sardines packed in olive oil alert!

  1. I actually spent Hallowe’en in the hospital visiting my step-mom. I’ve never really liked it anyway, in fact even in grade 4 I had to be practically forced out trick or treating. I never really liked masks, either wearing them or seeing other people in them. Freaks me out.

    I do however like cookies and I envy the evil looking Joe in the top picture who is apparently ready to chomp (evilly) into that poor, delicious thing. It’s like the beginning of a slasher film. For cookies!

    I agree, Cookie Monster is looking quite lithe.

    Finally, from the “Meanwhile in Canada” FB page:

  2. Oh, meant to add that I got my flu shot today! I was wondering about (hoping for) potential Incredible Hulk like side effects, but so far nothing. I will report on any further developments, barring unanticipated laptop smashing.

  3. Is Cookie carrying a purse?

    Are you doing your Kevin Spacey loves cookies impression?

  4. I dimmed the lights and layed low for Halloween. The groups of teens coming to my door is the scariest thing ever so I retired from handing out anything.

  5. I’m pooped. I drove my mom 7 hours for her postop appointment. I certainly could use some of that delicious cookie. I guess I will have to make do with Halloween Oreos.

  6. It was a dark and stormy night…well, raining so a lot of kids may have opted out. I rushed home cause I bought a bunch of stuff. Got set up and perhaps 10 visits – mostly 2 -3 people – sometimes parents in the background. I hollered at the parents…to come get some stuff, cause I did NOT want it all left over for me. SIGH. well take it to the office and let others enjoy. I, for one have OD’d on candy cause it was right in front of me., Rather have Joe’s coooookkkiiiieeee.

  7. Perhaps next year you should offer Jell-O shots for the chaperones of the little goblins.

  8. mmm cookies!

    In 8 years at my last house, no trick-or-treaters at all. First Halloween in this house and we had eight little visitors tonight. Spiderman was carrying his teddy bear instead of his sack, but his sidekick-dad collected for him. Also had visits from Robin Hood, three fairies, Superman, a Jedi Knight, and a flapper.

    Since I failed to ask permission to open the front door, my cats did not approve of any of the goings-on.

  9. How do you and Akemi not get fat eating all that great food? I’ve been in Vancouver almost two weeks and I swear I’ve now gained at least seven pounds.

    No kids at the motel, but I’ve had 180 degree view of all the fireworks tonight. And still going. It’s so much fun to watch!

    I’d love to be able to give out candy, but even at home, I’ve never had trick or treaters come to our small apartment building. How many kids did you get tonight?

  10. I spent my Halloween night on an Air Canada flight from Calgary to Vancouver. Batman checked me in, the wicked witch of the east served me pretzels and water, and I could not for the life of me figure out what the male flight attendant was supposed to be. He was wearing a blue school boy outfit with fluorescent multi-colored afro-style wig that had flashing LEDs braided in; maybe a psychedelic version of Raggedy Andy?

    A short but memorable flight…

    @Ponytail to Joe:

    Are you doing your Kevin Spacey loves cookies impression?

    I was thinking that Joe was doing a cookie version of the “Here’s Johnny!” scene from The Shining.

  11. I think we had every kid in the village come by last night. Thankfully it’s a relatively small village. Some of them were a little subdued with just a quiet “Hello” or timid “Trick or treat” when the door was opened. My girlfriend made them shout “TRICK OR TREAT!!!!” at the tops of their little lungs before she would give them anything.

    Mmmmmm, cookies! I have an amazing Double Chocolate Chip recipe that I call “Brain Ache Cookies” because if you eat too many of them you get a headache from all the chocolate and sugar in them.

  12. My son isn’t much into Halloween, but he would totally come by for sardines and all the rest. Would he have to finally take the Iron Man costume out of the package?

    That’s a good idea, though, I might mix some sardine cans into the candy bowl. At least I know they won’t go to waste if nobody takes them. I’ll tell the kids the cans contain the skeletons of sea creatures.

    We had a rainy wind storm for Trick or Treating. My neighborhood re-scheduled so I took the girls to my mother-in-law’s neighborhood. It was actually less miserable than some past Halloweens in that it was wet but not cold. If not for the threat of falling tree limbs, I’d say I prefer it.

  13. It’s just been RAINING *ALL* DAY!!
    However, my best Hallowe’en moment was trying not to hit any of the parked cars when I was rubber-necking the 8-ft CRASHED-FLYING-SAUCER that was “smoking” on a front lawn just around the corner from my house! — Was VERY COOL!

  14. oh, that cookie looks good, was it a combo of all 3,,? when my son was little and I baked, I had to bake 2 big cookies, one for him and one for dad. Now I bake, I share with the neighbors, the girls at the restaurant, so I won’t be tempted to eat them all, not that I would do that… thanks for sharing.
    I think maybe Cookie M has a ‘man bag’ or a tote, not exactly a purse? and maybe Cookie came back early to pet sit for u and keep Sis company?

  15. I had a good amount of kids come by, even the teenagers were dressed up. No masks, all face paint this year. Many excellent homemade costumes, including a pair of Dios de los Muertos girls in sugar skull face paint and roses in their hair. Had some terrific medieval princesses (as opposed to Disney types), and one remarkable Legolas, and a knight in crocheted armor. Had a Minion whose mom had crocheted his yellow head! His brother was Harry Potter, in a very detailed handmade costume with a crocheted scarf. Go Moms! And a tiny Bubble Gum Witch, complete with a nutrition panel on her back. Adorable.

    Every kid and teen was extremely polite except for two little girls who reached right into the candy bucket, grabbing. I didn’t slap their hands, but they only got one piece each, rather than the handfuls I usually give out. Had to yell at their backs “Say thank you”!

    I have to go look on the porch to see if the crappy candy I don’t like is still sitting out in the bucket. I just leave it out when I button up for the night. he raccoons like it at any rate.

  16. We rarely get any trick or treaters any more. However we make sure to by two bags of Kit Kat, and two bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Just in case. It’s only a coincidence that they happen to be our favorite candy.

  17. So do Canadians ‘celebrate’ Halloween like Americans?
    Does the Queen know about this?

  18. My dad used to pull the old “need to make it again for me to be sure” routine when my grandma was teaching me how to make chocolate pudding from scratch with no measuring utensils–she and Mom baked/cooked by “until it looks/feels/tastes right”.

    Statistically speaking you are right to require a larger data set to more accurately ascertain if there are any significant differences between the cookie types.

    We never get kids out to our place since we essentially live in the middle of no where. I was going to put costumes on the horses and dogs and make them “trick or treat” but I was afraid they might pick the trick over the treat…. (plus my mare would be incredibly insulted 🙂 )

  19. We had a lot of T & T’ers! The cutest are the babies or toddlers. Poor kids. They had no clue and I hope they can eat what I gave them! I was “Fired” from my post at the door by hubby. He says I gave too much candy away per visit. 🙄 I think he just wanted to have candy left for today.

    Yay for Akemi cookies! Cookies are my favorite dessert to make. Yesterday, I made two batches of M & M/chocolate chip cookies. I put semi-sweet chocolate chips, bittersweet chocolate chips, heath bar pieces and rolled the dough in M & M’s. I can only eat one. Way too rich for me but I made them for the band competition tomorrow. Teens can eat anything!

    JeffW: You just did that to make me feel better (re: coding mistake. Thanks for that! 😉 Good luck traveling! Are you having dinner with Mr. M. while in Canada?

    Mike from Canada: I was impressed by your shopping skills! That’s the way my mom always shopped. Buy in quantity and freeze it. She has two large freezers full of food. Living in the country, she couldn’t run to the store anytime. I try and bring her food goodies that she loves but won’t buy, like olives.

    Das: You’ve got me hooked on the olive bar at grocery. They are so good! I have to be careful though. Our grocery will label them pitted when they’re not. Thanks!

  20. Okay… I swore that first picture was your German buddy from Toronto. 😛


  21. We actually had quite the turnout in Widefield, CO. For the first time in about 8 years, we ran out of candy by 8:30pm!!! Which meant no leftovers for me. Guess I’ll be hitting the stores for the Halloween candy sell-offs this weekend…

  22. While Halloween is my favorite holiday and I rocked my costume this year; sadly I was in school. I have finally buckled down and am going back to finish by bachelors. My goal is to have it done by my 40th Birthday, but seeing as I am going part time that may be a bit ambitious.

  23. For our re-scheduled due to wind, Nov. 1 trick or treating, we gave out glow bracelets and toys. We’d have run after some candy if the reception was too poor. The first trick or treater saw the toys and said, “I want candy”, but took a glow bracelet anyway. He won’t egg us because he has standing permission to hop our fence to get to his friend’s house. Only one kid said he didn’t want anything and the rest seemed fine, even delighted, with toys. It remains to be seen if we’re getting egged.

    There were a ton of trick or treaters.

    The sardines didn’t go. I threw in some pork and beans, too. My son enthusiastically pushed them and I think a couple people were close to taking them before I laughed it off — I didn’t want the joke to be over since I only had one can of sardines. My boy was even more enthusiastic once he realized everyone was taking his praises for sardines as a joke. What a rotten trick to play on an autistic kid. Thanks for the idea, Joe.

    He was such a help, as was his 3-year old sister. The variety of toys would have had me overwhelmed trying to explain our “wares” and manage the crowds, but they stayed enthusiastic until the end.

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