Four meetings yesterday, another five today.  Amidst all the business, we also managed to connect with some old friends, one intentionally, the other quite by surprise.

Last night, Paul and I met up with Golden Boy Martin Gero and the lovely Chelan Simmons for dinner at Animal where we enjoyed a terrific meal.  Among the highlights…

Chicken liver
Chicken liver toasts
Pig tails
“Buffalo style” pig tails 
Bone marrow
Bone marrow, chimichurri, and caramelized onions
Pork belly sliders
BBQ pork belly sandwiches with slaw
Dulce de leche cake
Tres leches, dulce de leche cake
Bacon chocolate crunch bar with s&p ice cream
Bacon chocolate crunch bar with s&p ice cream

Then, this afternoon, we were in Beverly Hills for a meeting and had just stepped out of the car to pay for parking when we heard: “Joe?”.  You’ll never guess who we bumped into…

11Go ahead.  Guess!

36 thoughts on “June 19, 2013: Another L.A. Update!

  1. He looks familiar….um…..was he on tv…..oh yes he was…..can’t think of the name of that show…….oy…….Teal’c P.I.?….that’s not it….oh well 😉

  2. Seconding BoltBait. 😀

    No such serendipity for us in Van, but we did hit Corduroy’s in Kitsilano for high-quality poutine, open-mike night, and a brief visit with Garry Chalk. Sorry, no pics–I forgot the “photos or it didn’t happen” rule.

    Somebody please remind me to ADJUST the thermostat at home, instead of leaving it off, when we travel. Got in @ 11PM, INDOOR temp was 90°F. 🙁

  3. I bet he’s been reading your blog and knew where he was likely to find you. So, what has Mr. Judge been up to these days, and more importantly, did you invite him out to enjoy a meal with you?

  4. He looks great! He looks like he’s slimmed down a bit, not quite as bulky as he was on TV (which I guess he had to be to play Teal’c). Small world!

  5. Joe:

    I’m salivating at the pork and bone marrow (my weaknesses). Maybe I can convince Barb to go back to the Pourhouse for their Beef Bone Marrow appetizer…

    And every time I’ve seen Chris Judge off screen and at conventions, he always has that engaging smile. He seems to be such a lively and likeable guy. Any news on what he may be doing next?


    I have got your contact details (from the comment on my blog). I’ll send an email in the next day or so, thanks!

  6. The food looks fantastic! Now I’m hungry.

    Hey, it’s Wil Wheaton! He’s put on weight.

  7. I thought he wanted hair? Well at least he isn’t wearing the yellow caterpillar.

  8. L.A. agrees with your friends, they look great! I’m glad your food choices have improved.

    JeffW: I asked why the border agents requested transcripts. It was to prove the guy was qualified to teach the class. Those are high tech workers. Not many people would understand what his transcripts actually meant.

  9. Is that Chris’ son? Or has he been sleeping in a hyperbaric tank? He is looking fabulous, and the trim look suits him, wow. Can we have a Chris Q & A on how he stays looking so healthy and fabulous (and beautiful)?

    The food looks like very primal yet tasty cafe man cuisine. That marrow with chimichurri looks amazing; you dip the toast in an enjoy? Some interesting combos there.

  10. How wild was that, meeting Chris J.? Something’s going right on this trip! Have been sending good vibes/prayers your way. Hoping for good news soon. 🙂

    Deni girly — I’m so sorry about your friend/teacher! Somebody the other day had a good idea about rounding up other friends/students and going out to dinner. Maybe remembering her while you’re together will help a lot. It is *hard* to lose a mentor and/or close friend. Have lost four since September. Hug your grandbaby and doggie babies.

  11. Wow Chris hasn’t aged a day!

    It was great to see him in The Dark Knight Rises. Hope he continues to be so successful!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in LA Joe!

    Major D.

  12. @for the love of Beckett: Lisita, thank you. Unfortunately, our friendship began in Guatemala (since I was a kid up until I graduated from college) and continued over the years with phone calls and infrequent visits to North Carolina (where she had moved). She was 11 years older than I, so our interests and friends were not the same, and that has made it nearly impossible to find anybody to raise a glass with. Her sister didn’t even publish an obituary because she “didn’t want to talk to total strangers”, so the whole thing is pretty messed up. I’m still friends with another of her former students and managed to let him know via FB, so at least there’s one! We’ll be talking this weekend when he gets back from Asia. 🙂 As far as hugging doggies and baby, okay, if I must…;) xoxo

  13. I love seeing the real him. Non-Teal’c Chris uses his eyes when he smiles. Who knew? Oh, and smiles.

  14. Food finally looks great and makes the trip worth it for that. Meeting the great Jaffa is a bonus (and what a great Jaffa he made). Chris Judge looks really great and always happy in any picture I see of him. Now bring us and yourself a cherry on the sundae with a new series or two. Wouldn’t that just make it!! Hope Akemi and the doggies are coping well. They’ll all probably have a whole new wardrobe when you get back.

  15. Yeah, I’m sure that was “chance” that he ran into you. 😉

    He’s probably a follower of the blog, knows you’re having meetings in LA, followed you there, tracked your iPhone, and “just happened” to see you getting out of your car. C’mon, he’s angling for a lead role in whatever form Dark Matter takes! It’s so obvious! 😉

    Are Matin and Chelan dating? I seem to remember you mentioning that before. She’s a cutie…

    -Mike A.

  16. Holy crap, what are the chances if that??!! Great to see him around! Hope all is going well with him.

    Trip here going great. I’m here in Whitehorse relaxing before my 4 day tour starting tomorrow. I’ll need a vacation after all this!!

  17. Speaking of Chris Judge Joe, I know this will sound random but don’t you think he’d look a lot like Dutch from Black Lagoon, if he had the outfit and glasses on?

    If someone ever adapts Black Lagoon into a live action TV series, he’d be perfect.

    Anyway, hope your L.A stuff is going well 🙂

  18. WOW, he is soooooo handsome! He just keeps getting better looking with age! And look at all that facial hair! Great look! But then, Martin Gero always was a cutie pie.

    Oh, and Chris Judge looks good too… 😉

    A little kidding there. But Chris does look super fantastic! Hmmmm. Who could he play in Dark Matter…? 😕

    Joe you never know who you’ll run into in LA. If you move there, we should be very intertained with your daily posts and star pics.

  19. Oh wow, Mr. Judge is looking good these days! The beard suits him!

    Continuing to send good vibes!


  20. @Deni. Glad you found one person to share with about your friend.

    @Joe. Did you feel like you stepped into a wormhole?

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