A final dinner with our producing partner, Jay, and then we bid Toronto a fond farewell.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, it was a highly productive couple of days that have given us plenty to work on – in the five or six days I’m back in Vancouver before heading to L.A. for a week.

But, for now, I’m in Montreal, visiting with mom.  And sis.  And the dogs.  I got in this morning and leave tomorrow night – far too short a visit so far as mom is concerned (but, really, so far as she is concerned, they’re all too short) however I need time to pre for that L.A. trip: pitches, properties, and prospective restaurants!

Anyway, my day went something like this:

1. Fly in.




Old Yeller Caramel
Old Yeller Caramel


Fried peppers
Fried peppers
Crab mousse
Crab mousse
Baked mussels and potatoes
Baked mussels and potatoes
My favorite mussel preparation.
My favorite mussel preparation.

5. Then, it was off to meet up with my auntie Antoinette and cousins Evelina and Leonora who are heading home to Toronto, Saskatoon, and Toronto respectively tomorrow morning.  It’s been a stressful time for all three of them as they had been busy taking care of my auntie Jeanette (September 18, 2011: Dogs on vacation! My Auntie Jeanette! Sampling Montreal’s finest! Au Pied de Cochon!) who passed away late last week.  I will forever fondly recall her big heart, sense of humor and endlessly meandering, though no less entertaining, stories.

Auntie Jeanette and Felix.
Auntie Jeanette and Felix.



My sis is is happy to report she met and then surpassed her team’s target goal for The Missing Children’s Network.  Although her Dragon Boat team finished third to last in the actual race, they were the top fund-raising team bringing in over $15 900.  She asked me to pass along her thanks to everyone who helped out, most recently Sylvia, JeffW, PBMom, and Shana H.  More official thanks to come as organizers complete the final tally.

Finally, very sad to hear of the passing of one of my favorite SF writers, the briliant Iain Banks.

30 thoughts on “June 9, 2013: The Montreal Stop-over!

  1. Great to see Mom and Sis again, and that Andria’s fund-raising was so successful. That is an impressive total!

    So sorry to hear about your aunt. She sounds like a cool lady.

    The dog pics are awesome!

  2. Busy day. Mama looks great. Congrats to Andria.

    I will remember your Auntie Jeanette for looking like the Queen of England. Praying for the entire family. God bless.

  3. Hope something comes of all your efforts Joe. That being said I’m sure you were already aware of most of my anime suggestions anyway lol.

    If anything further comes of that, it’d be kinda neat if you break down what you need from a series when it comes to budget and stuff when it gets to that point if you need further suggestions. I’m sure between everyone that comes here, we can name a few things that might be helpful lol

    While I’m sure everyone had fun brain storming stuff here, it was kinda hard lol

  4. My condolences on your aunt’s passing, Joe. May sweet memories remain.

    Your mom looks great, the dogs are all lovely, the food looks delish and your sis looks happy. I agree with your mom, though, that’s too short a visit!

  5. My condolences on the passing of your aunt.

    Nice that you were able to do a hit-and-run in Montreal to see your family. BTW, what’s the best place for smoked meat? The Main or Schwartz’s?

  6. Lots of news for you. Condolences on the loss of your aunt. The family both 2 and 4 legged look well. Does the Grand Prix have a big impact on Montreal? We are watching it now (recorded as it was on at 3am here in Adelaide.) It least it was sunny on Sunday after all the rain on Saturday. I miss having a Grand Prix here.
    Good luck with all your projects and the trip to LA.

  7. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Jeanette. I hope someone is going to be taking care of Felix. I really don’t know how all of you eat like that and looks so healthy. Especially your mom and sister (zing). Well, there are no recent pictures of you. Hope your injuries aren’t hampering your trip any.

    Congrats to your sister on raising a lot of money. Winning isn’t everything. But raising the most for a wonderful cause is technically winning. So I guess it is everything. Just depends on the POV of who the actual winner is, which ultimately will be all the people that will benefit from the fundraising. EVERYONE’S A WINNER!

    That really is much too short of a visit. To visit my family? Just the right amount of time. But your family is not my family.

  8. So sorry for you loss Joe, God bless you and your family. Congrats to you Sis!
    Hi to Mom, she looks fabulous!!!

  9. So sorry to hear about your aunt, Joe. My condolences to you and your mother and your whole family.

  10. Impressions from the nice pictures:
    Your Mom-happy, Felix-sad, Fernando-inquisitive, Roxy-apathetic (why is he sticking that thing in my face again), Caramel-now you woke me up, you can give me a treat. Congrats to your sis as dragon boat racing is not easy. Sorry about your Auntie; may you fond memory carry you forward.

  11. That sounds like quite the busy trip! Even a short family visit is better than no visit but so sorry to hear about your aunt. My condolences to you and your family.

  12. I’m very sorry for your loss, Joe and Andria. it sounds like your Aunt Jeanette was a wonderful lady. I’m glad that you were able to visit with your family.

    @Sis:Congratulations, Andria! Top fund raising team! I hope all of you had fun in the race. Do you have pictures?

    Hey, what’s in the mussel dish? Besides potatoes and mussels?

  13. Sorry to hear of Aunt Jeanette’s passing.

    Hugs to the family – Mama Mallozzi looks cool as she was in her element preparing family favorite foods.

    Congratulations to Andria and her team. You go girl!!

  14. What a fun day. Mom is looking fantastic. The dogs are looking very debonair. That crab mousse looks delicious. Congrats to Andria and her team.

    I’m very sorry to hear of Aunt Jeanette’s passing. My condolences to you and your family.

  15. G’day

    So very sorry on your loss, Joe. Deepest condolences to the family.
    Mama looks good, always ready with a magnificent feast. Love to all.

    Sis did great. Top fund raising is the best feeling.

    Made DP’s cobbler. Very yummy, I used tinned peaches in a shallow dish and the top went crusty, so very happy with it. Will try again with different kinds of fruit. Thanks DP.

  16. Joe, condolences to you and your family on the passing of your Aunt. Even if family have been sick it’s always a difficult time. *hugs* Congratulations to your sister, your family all look well. Fernando’s a cutie. Is he new, the name doesn’t sound familiar?

    I’ve been working on my blogging. Yesterday I wrote an article regarding BamBam’s Leo win. Short but sweet. There’s a few longer articles I’ve done that I’ve researched. I’ve been enjoying it. I could never come up with topics daily like you do. I am always impressed Joe.

    Gotta dash. I’m on a Spring Clean thing at the moment…. trying minimalism on for size. I have way too much stuff. My sister’s helping me out – part of her birthday present to me.

    Cheers everyone!

  17. My condolences on the loss of your Aunt Jeanette. 🙁 Mama Mallozzi and Sis are looking great along with the furry friends. 🙂

  18. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve never heard of Smoked Meat Pete, but it’s now on my restaurant list for the next time I’m in Montreal.

  19. Your family are so wonderfully looking and your sister is so much like you (look wise) .. and the wonderful dogs bloom with happiness !! <3

  20. So that’s why the quick visit to Montreal? 🙁 So sorry for the loss of Auntie Jeanette, Joe. My condolences to you and to all your family. Your stories, and hers, were entertaining. She seemed full of vinegar, in the complimentary sense. Was she your mom’s sister?

    Congrats to Andria and her team! Great to see Mom, Sis, and all the doggies looking well.

  21. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Auntie.

    Your Mom and Andria are looking great!!

    Yes, the visit was short but it’s always nice to touch base with family and get in some good home cookin’ whatever the length of the visit.

    Safe travels home…


  22. Fernando is an interesting looking dog. Curious about the breed. Looks a little like a Shiba Inu.

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