With the warm(ish) weather upon us, I decided to treat the gang to a morning at the beach.  Coincidentally, the last Sunday of every month is Pugs at the Beach so it worked out perfectly – minus the biting wind and fact that only about a dozen pugs showed.

Bubba, impatient as always, couldn’t wait to get out of the damn car and hit the sand –

Like I said – about a dozen pugs in all.  I’m sure that once the weather warms up, the turnout will be better.  Still, Jelly, Bubba, and Lulu didn’t seem to mind –

March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
Lulu charged around, harassing the big dogs and their sticks.
March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
Bubba stuck close to Akemi and I. Big chicken.
March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
Don't know this dogs name. I called her Bootsy.
March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
In addition to harassing the other dogs, Lulu made it a point to sniff out ever bag and purse for treat, and then help herself to some loving by parking herself beside (and on top of) unwitting victims.

Jelly, despite being 13 and hobbled by bad hips, couldn’t resist trying to get into the action whenever the big dogs tussled –

March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
One of the big dog owners felt so bad for her that, after getting knocked down for the twelfth time, Jelly got a lift.

Ashleigh and James showed with their pug, L’Eau.  An seemingly endless parade of dogs approached Ashleigh to say hi – and pee near her.  Not quite sure what to make of that.

March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
Lulu helps herself to Ashleigh's lap.
March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
Bubba and Ashleigh = hot couple. James was soooooo jealous.

 L’Eau moved so quickly I could barely keep up with her –

March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
Ashleigh and James, dressed for the weather - unlike Akemi who wore flip-flops and froze her toes.
March 27, 2012: Pugs On The Beach!
Jelly is done and ready for the ride home. Right after getting a lift to the car.

29 thoughts on “March 27, 2012: Pugs on the Beach!

  1. Pugs at the Beach! What a fab concept. The pups are so-o-o adorable! Jelly girl seemed to hold her own, bless her heart. Any news on the adopt a new pup front? Little L’Eau is precious. Were you and your gang influential for Ashleigh & James getting her?
    What kind of camera do you use to capture the vids? Excellent resolution.

    Thanks for sharing. Next time maybe volleyball by Pugs on the Beach?

    Whose two cats exercise by napping, strolling to/from their food dishes and litter pans, at least while I’m looking. Who knows what goes on while I’m away! Alas, I do have Jersey beaches nearby, but you need access badges or a fishing pole and I can’t remember seeing any cats on the beach – ever. 😉

  2. The dogs peeing near Ashleigh is to acknowledge her superiority to them. Submissive style. You know we’re suckers for dog pictures, dog videos. I paid particular attention and perked up when I saw the two golden retrievers. Beautiful dogs. Glad everybody had a great day.

  3. How cute! My younger son would have really enjoyed that. Glad you all had a wonderful day.

    Have a great night!!!!!

  4. Puppies!!! 😀

    That Jelly is a real pistol. And I’m pretty sure if I was a dog, I’d be Lulu…sniffing out the treats. 😛


  5. Wow, Jelly is really getting around well. You would hardly know her age, let alone the issues that she had earlier. Lulu is a real social butterfly, indeed!

  6. What fun videos and pictures, a great way to exercise for dogs and humans alike. The beach in March, in Canada, how cool is that?! Thanks alot for sharing. Go Jelly!

  7. Poor Akemi – but if you’re going to the beach of course you would wear flip flops! Otherwise you get sand in your shoes.

    The pups are adorable! Jelly is one tough cookie. And it was so cute to see Ashleigh’s little one racing around!

  8. Took my dog Sadie for a Big Walk (TM) today. We went to La Taquería on Hastings, where Sadie got to sample bits of the Carnitas and Al Pastor tacos, but not the 2 pollo ones. That’s a great taco place! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    From there, we walked to Soirette on Pender and got a box of 12 macarons. I haven’t eaten any yet, though. I’m saving them to share with my fiancé this evening. We’ve only ever had macarons from French Made Baking and from the Swiss Bakery, the former being better, if somewhat limited in their flavor selection on any given day. What a treat to be able to pick from nearly 20 different flavors at Soirette! There’s bound to be something delicious in there. Again, thanks for mentioning this place. I’d never have known about it, and it’s practically right under my nose (only a 15 minute walk).

  9. Cute!

    My dog, Lucy, would love a gathering like that. The only problem is that she’s a 50lbs Husky that thinks she’s a small dog; meaning that in her excitement she plays too rough with the smaller dogs, so we usually need to restrain her.

    If the dogs are all around her size, we’ll let her run free and have fun.

  10. Awwwww…love your baby doggies! 🙂 Jelly looks great! Look at her run! 🙂 I love how Bubba is so vocal. He’s like: “I want out! Let me out!” 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing your walk with us! It made me smile. That is the one thing I miss about having a dog, the walks.

    It is getting very warm here. Most of this week, it’s getting up to the Mid 80’s F (29ish C). I may be making a mistake but I’ve packed up my winter clothing.

    1. @Tam Dixon: I’ve packed mine up too. Too warm to wear long pants except at late baseball games (8PM)

  12. Dogs on the beach! And playing with, er, chasing them down. One of my favorite mental vacations. It’s been great to see–and hear–them recently. And the Ashleigh & James, too. Jelly is a miracle. Who’d think she’d still be sassy enough to run with the big dogs? LOL. 😀 Each doggie kid is such a character. It’s like watching the Mallozzi family reality show. Am still missing Maximus in the pictures, and he’s not even mine. *happy/sad* 🙂

    When the weather is hot, will all of you swim/play in the water? Toys that float are entertaining, for people and canines. It’s fun getting messy, and a public faucet and towels put everything right again. Then ice cream afterwards. What a party! Can you tell I lived on a beach as a kid? 😀

  13. Pugs on the Beach? Is that anything like Snakes on a Plane? (Hope you’re poopy bags didn’t have any holes!) 🙂


    1. @Das That is so funny you say that because when I first read the entry, too, as “Dogs on the Beach” I did automatically go to “Snakes On A Plane” because of the cadence.

  14. Hey Joe !

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    do you agree?

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  15. Hey Joe

    Got my Deluxe Box Set of Stargate: Atlantis BlueRay edition yesterday. Watched the first episode last night. What an amazing show in HD Widescreen! Almost like a different show than the narrow screen shit I had to put up with on Space.
    And now, instead of watching more episodes, I’m working late…


  16. First of all, Good Lord Bubba, you’d think someone was kicking ya!

    Second, way to go Miss Jelly, show those big boys!

    And Third, L’Eau is like a little whirlwind, my God it reminds me of cockerspaniel Slash after he comes from the backyard; in a word: buzzed. Absolutely.

    And every single number put a smile on my face today, how great.

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