Yesterday, we took walk through the preliminary standing sets for Transporter: The Series.

Granted, they still need a little work (and Paul, Alexander and I did have a few suggestions) but here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve got so far…

Frank's garage
House access from the garage
Kitchen and living room
Alexander takes a dip in the pool

Widen the pool, lengthen the back patio, a few tweaks here and there, and we’re ready to roll!

Yesterday, I went to see the optometrist to get my eyes checked (Why else?  Did you actually think I was going there for an oil change?).  After a number of tests that culminated in her giving me some eye drops that almost instantly had me resembling an anime character –

Actual photo of me taken yesterday.

– I was informed I had a slight astigmatism and racy optical nerves.  I assumed the latter was a compliment (my optic nerves are notoriously sexy and vivacious) but, sadly, it turned out to be a red flag for high blood pressure and other unpleasantness.  Fortunately, I remember having a full physical only recently that included passing grades on my full blood panel, blood pressure, and cholesterol tests (although I did lose marks mispronunciation of the word “awry” that I pronounced “awwwreee”).  I don’t remember how recent but I’m sure a quick check of the blog will turn up an approximate date that ends with 2011.  Of course that was back in Vancouver but I can’t think of anything that may have caused me undue stress over the last, oh, three months.

Anyway, the optometrist suggested I was Libra on the cusp of Scorpio needing reading glasses but suggested I could wait and see.  Unfortunately, that’s the problem.  I can’t see – especially when I’m reading in a dimly lit room after a day of computer work.  So I ordered a pair of reading glasses.  I lucked out and took advantage of a sale to score a very cool pair complete with horn rims, rhinestones, and a beaded aquamarine chain to keep from losing them.   And they came with a free cardigan!

So, where was I when I last left off my SG-1 reminiscences?  Oh, yeah!  The end of season eight…

Well, it was a bittersweet conclusion to the season – although, yet again, we were heading into those last few episodes assuming they would be SG-1’s last.  The plan was to pass the torch to young upstart spinoff Atlantis and transition SG-1 from the small screen to occasional dvd adventures.  Of course, plans change and, as a result, after a grueling year of producing 40 episodes of television, we were looking forward to another 40 episode year.


Baal, Anubis, the tok’ra, the Jaffa, the replicators, uneasy alliances, surprises, death and destruct – this episode has it all, concluding a multitude of outstanding stories in grand style.   For all the inter-galactic splendor and ship to ship battles, my favorite moments comes when O’Neill and co. blow the door to free Siler and others trapped inside.  Seconds after the explosion, Siler pokes his head up out from behind the table he is hiding behind – and discovers an enormous piece of shrapnel embedded in the tabletop only inches from his head.  The part of Siler was played by longtime SG-1 stunt coordinate Dan Shea who parlayed the occasional background role to an actual speaking part on the show.  To this day, he’s still doing the con circuit, traveling the world to meet his many, many fans.


And almost every story thread that wasn’t wrapped up in the previous episode gets wrapped up here: Anubis, Oma Desala, the Jaffa quest for freedom, Jacob/Selmak, stalker Pete, and Jack and Sam.  Well, sort of in the case of the latter.  We know both Jack and Sam end their standing relationships for. presumably, each other – but it’s not all that overt which, on the one hand, leaves the door open for future will they/won’t they but, on the other hand, is somewhat disappointing given that if there was ever an episode in which to get them together, this would have been it.  That aside, it was a terrific episode and Exec. Producer Robert Cooper packed so much into the script that the usual 42 minute running time wasn’t able to contain it.  As a result, a special 90 minute version was released (and later mistakenly omitted when the season 8 dvd was released, much to the displeasure of most fans).


What ever happened to all that cool tech SG-1 amassed over the course of their many adventures: the sarcophagus, the healing device, that time-traveling puddle jumper from It’s Good To Be King?  Well, glad you asked because the jumper makes a return appearance in this episode – before heading back for continued R&D (or, in our timeline, just staying right where it is).

Sabrina Gosling, Catherine Langford’s niece, is named after Sharon Gosling – author, editor, and freelance writer – who interviewed the cast and crew on numerous occasions over the course of SG-1’s lengthy run.

Alt. Carter’s “Now, just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside doesn’t …” is a callback to the SG-1’s opener, Children of the Gods, and what has long been considered one of the most cringeworthy lines in the history of the franchise.


The end of an era!  Although the series continued, it did so in radically different fashion.  As far as finales go, this one ranks as one of my very favorites.  Given that it was a time travel story, there were plenty of arguments in the writers’ room on exactly what could and couldn’t work within the two-parter’s SF constraints but, in the end, we managed to get it all worked out and my writing partner, Paul, avoided a nervous breakdown.

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“As a result, a special 90 minute version was released (and later mistakenly omitted when the season 8 dvd was released, much to the displeasure of most fans).”

Where can I find this?!

Wayne H
Wayne H

I remember when “Reckoning II” first aired. I instantly turn to my wife and said: “Hey look it’s the “Der Waffle Haus” from “Dead Like Me!”


Also frustrating concerning the DVD release of Threads (even after we were offered a replacement disc that had the full-length episode) was the complete absence of any commentary track for that episode. It left me with a lot of unanswered questions about the Ancients, especially whether their non-interference rule was really as strict as previously portrayed, and whether the Ancients intentionally sacrificed mortals to the whims of Anubis just to teach Oma a lesson and force her to sacrifice her campaign of ascending mortals.

It’s too bad a commentary track for that ep was never made, but given the miracle of the Internet webcast, maybe it’s not too late wink


i wish the 90 min. version of threads was available on hulu.

would like to see a picture of you in your reading glasses when you get them, cardigan and all.


The standing sets look cool, Thanks for all the behind the scenes stuff. smile

quote from Joseph Mallozzi:
“As a result, a special 90 minute version was released (and later mistakenly omitted when the season 8 dvd was released, much to the displeasure of most fans).”

Is this available anywhere? Or still never released? Maybe one of your pups can release it to us? smile


G’day Joe

Threads made me cry soooooooooooo much when Jacob died he was my fav recurring character.

Moebius is one of the best all time episodes.
It has it all – gratitious hand touching, a BHK (big honking kiss) x2 and fishing.
What more does any shipper need?


Make that

gratuitous hand touching.

Lisa R
Lisa R

Astigmatism, welcome to my world. Well, that’s my world plus I’m also nearsighted. smile So, reading glasses aren’t that bad, and yours sound pretty cool. Let me echo a previous poster and ask for a picture once you get them. They sound like they’ll make you look intelligent. wink

I loved all those Season 8 episodes, and considering that things changed so much after, it’s probably one of my favorite SG-1 seasons. Not that I didn’t like Seasons 9 and 10. They were just different.

Have a good night!!!


Joe, I sympathize. I’m a few years older than you, and just started wearing reading glasses (I got the cheap ones from the drug store because I’m more likely to lose them than use them). I can’t see to read in dim light, and now even having trouble in bright light. Problem is, I am nearly blind to begin with – very near-sighted with bad astigmatism – and I’ve been like this since I was a wee little girl. My right eye correction is -9.75, with an additional cylinder value (for astigmatism) of -.75, while my left eye is -8.50, with a cylinder value of -2.00. My contacts are a special order because my prescription is so wacky. Now, add to that the fact I can no longer see up close with my contacts in, I now have to wear +2.50 reading glasses to read (books, not the computer yet). Switching between the two takes a moment or two of adjustment, which makes me dizzy sometimes. I do have glasses for my myopia that have an invisible bifocal in them, but because my prescription is so strong I really hate wearing my glasses because there’s a lot of peripheral distortion. That distortion makes it hard for me to see well when driving, or house cleaning, or gardening, so I usually roll right out of bed and pop my contacts in, wearing them all day until my eyes get too tired, then I put my glasses later in the evening. I would so much rather be deaf than blind. For those with good vision, it might be hard to understand. Without my glasses/contacts, I have to hold things about 2″ from my eyes for them to be in focus. Without my corrective lenses, for instance, I can’t see the letters on my computer keyboard at 12″ – I mean, I can’t see them at all, not even blurry versions of them. Even the keys are no longer distinct, but a blurry mess that seems almost three-dimensional. When I was a kid I couldn’t wear my glasses in the water when I went to the beach, so everyone around me was an indistinct blob. Heads disappeared first, so there I would be in the water, surrounded by headless blobs. I had to learn to identify people by their bathing suit colors, but even colors start to blur into non-existence if they’re far enough away. It does suck, and it doesn’t help me any that I am a visual learner – I really don’t take oral instruction well because of my ADD. So watching and learning is better for me. I’m afraid one day I will go blind (I have ‘floaters’ now, the doc says it’s because my eyeballs are so oval-shaped, my retina is weakening and may detach – it’s fixable, but not something I even want to even deal with right now). Worst thing? My husband is always nagging me to get corrective surgery, even after I’ve told him that my… Read more »



And almost every story thread that wasn’t wrapped up in the previous episode gets wrapped up here: Anubis, Oma Desala, the Jaffa quest for freedom, Jacob/Selmak, stalker Pete, and Jack and Sam. Well, sort of in the case of the latter. We know both Jack and Sam end their standing relationships for. presumably, each other – but it’s not all that overt which, on the one hand, leaves the door open for future will they/won’t they but, on the other hand, is somewhat disappointing given that if there was ever an episode in which to get them together, this would have been it.

excuse me while i go scream in a corner! sad

-signed, crushed sam/jack shipper-


Hi Joe

I agree with Janet, Moebius is an excellent episode and ranks right up there with Prometheus Unbound.

And that brings an end to Season 8, onward to Season 9…



Joe…No, scratch that…ASHLEIGH! Ashleigh, if you’re out there, I’d like to share this salad recipe with you – it is DELISH! (I can’t remember if I posted it here before – I tend to rave about it whenever I make it, and sometimes forget who I raved to. :P) I’ve made notes in the recipe – it’s very versatile.

Mediterranean Rice Salad


4 c lettuce
2 c spinach or arugula, raw, coarsely chopped
1 c alfalfa sprouts
1/2 c pimento-stuffed green olives, sliced

** I usually skip the sprouts and just use mixed spring greens. The olives are a MUST in this, they really make the salad. I usually use green, but kalamata work, too. Avoid those rubbery, tasteless black olives in a can. Also, I reduce quantities if making it just for myself.


1 c brown basmati rice, cooked

Prepare rice, set aside and keep warm.

**If you can find it, short-grain brown rice is fabulous in this salad! I do not recommend white rice.


1 tbsp olive oil
4 medium zucchini or yellow squash, cut into 1/4-inch slices
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried oregano

Heat oil in large skillet. Add zucchini slices and toss in oil. Sprinkle with water and continue tossing until zucchini turns a bright color. Add basil and oregano. Toss gently and set aside; keep warm.

** I use fresh herbs when available, and just ‘eye-ball’ the quantities.


1 clove garlic, minced
5 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp fresh lime or lemon juice
1/2 tsp dried chervil
1/2 tsp dried marjoram
1/4 tsp dried mint
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/8 tsp dried tarragon
1/2 tsp sea salt
Fresh ground pepper to taste

** I use fresh herbs when available, and just ‘eye-ball’ the quantities, and also substitute if some herbs are not available. In a pinch you can use Italian seasoning or Herbes de Provence. For the best results, DO use lemon juice and not vinegar.

Assembling the salad:

Wash and dry greens, break into bite-size pieces, and combine in bowl with sprouts. Add warm zucchini, warm rice, olives and dressing. Toss well to combine flavors.

** I add the rice last, then pour the dressing directly on the rice so that it becomes infused with the dressing’s flavor, then toss the salad. The greens should ‘wilt’ a little, making this a slightly warm and dense, but not overly heavy, salad. It’s very yum!

Enjoy! smile



Hmm, 90 minute version? Is that the one with a commercial free runtime of 63 minutes (21, 21, 21) or is that simply the DVD version?

Anyhow I’ll just say that when Moebius first aired I thought to myself “Wow, that Sabrina girl is cute. I wonder if she and Jackson could make a go of it…” of course then we got Vala who I enjoyed. Oh well, water under the bridge.


Congratulations on your reading glasses! But you only ordered one pair? Rookie!! You’re going to need several. One for each room in the house, at work, car, briefcase, or, the next phrase Akemi will be learning is, “where did I put those damn glasses!”. That beaded aquamarine chain ain’t sounding so bad right now – is it?

But don’ worry, they have their advantages too. Shopping in the bookstore you will look incredibly smart like a professor. When you are sitting around the big table at work spinning stories with the guys, suddenly rip them off and say “I’ve got it!!”. No matter what you say, they will think it’s brilliant! When you want to intimidate someone, lower you head slightly and glare at them from over the top of the glasses. Scarey! (Practice on the dogs) Can you sleep with your eyes open? With your reading glasses on, no one will know you’re sleeping. They’ll think, “shhhhh, be quiet, he’s reading, don’t bother him”. See. Not so bad, eh?

Don’t let Carl see your new free cardigan. He’ll be jealous.

Das – I got eyes exactly like yours, except…I also have glaucoma!


Canucks won again! Burrows was amazing. smile Loved Moebius, by the way, one (or two) or my favorites. G’night, Joe!


Oh and Joe, like several have mentioned. Pictures of you and your new glasses are a must. Something for us to look forward to…


What is a “canuck”??


The problem with ordering more than one, Ponytail, is that they’re expensive when you have an astigmatism. Silly eyes. Mine were. I had to get different lenses for each eye. And they’re only reading glasses. It’s a racket. I couldn’t wear the ones you get at the drugstore because they made me dizzy and I couldn’t see that well with any strength. I skipped bifocals because I was afraid they would make me dizzy too. My husband has four or five pairs just sitting around just in case.

I second the pictures. You got rhinestones on yours? They didn’t offer that for mine. You are such a fashion icon.

You just listed three of my favorite episodes. Gotta love dorky Sam and Daniel.


“and later mistakenly omitted when the season 8 dvd was released, much to the displeasure of most fans”

Nah… its cool. MGM quickly apologized and sent out a replacement DVD with the full length episode.

Now if they would only sell a ‘Full Series Box Set’ conversion kit… with some of the slimmer cases and that extra DVD. The first thing anyone notices about my DVD collection is my love for Stargate – but only because of how much physical space 8 seasons of 5 full size disc cases take up. smile (since we are in reminiscing mode)

Not to mention you guys made me buy the pilot episode three times (once before the seasons were released, one included in the normal season discs, and then that final cut which was good – but the editing out of Carter’s infamous ‘my reproductive organs are in the inside’ dialog totally broke the flow of the scene where the characters react to the removed dialog).

Anyway, the controversy over the version of Threads is nothing compared to selling SGU in half-seasons and then skipping the region 1 bluray for the last bit. sad


Yes, yes, I echo the call for pictures of you in your new glasses (not just your glasses). I too am having to resort to reading glasses, like tonight when I was breaking down my receipts into Quicken. Or looking at expiration dates on coupons. I am just too uncoordinated to think about bifocals. I have 3 separate glasses: Prescription glasses for distance, prescription glasses for reading (the cheap kind from drugstore), and prescription sunglasses.

Thanks for the set pictures. Will the pool be CGI, or are you actually digging a pool?

Loved all those SG episodes.

Be careful with that potential high blood pressure. You don’t want to mess with your optic nerve. I have to get mine checked every 6 months because of my intracranial fluid issue. I also have a visual field deficit bilaterally (but I can still drive) but he seems vague if it is related to that or my brain aneurysm. Of course, I am now late on my 6-month check-up. If it starts deteriorating (the optic nerve) then they will refer me for a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. So I’m doing everything I can to avoid that potential future.

Arctic Goddess

Hi Joe:

Be very careful with your cholesterol levels. My doctor said mine were fine, then I ended up in hospital to get a stent put into an artery that was blocked over 80%. Not fun. A stent is a little piece of wire mesh that they insert by means of a stargate…I mean catheter. It will almost instantaneously turn you into a spring chicken again. A short 6 weeks later, you’ll be yelling for kids to get off your lawn.

I loved Moebeus, especially Ba’al. Cliff Simon is a tremendous villain.


Lou Zucaro


gratitious hand touching will get a person arrested in some states, especially if it’s not consentual.


I absolutely loved Moebus I and II. My favorite scene is Alt Carter and Daniel sitting on Alt Jack’s boat with the life preservers on. so funny. love it. I have watched it like 20 times at least. I also love Daniel coming into the tent and wondering where Alt Daniel was. His expression is so great. loved it. great job there. I also loved it’s good to be king. I wonder how many takes it took for Wayne Brady to be keep from breaking up?


some days ago I saw “Wing Commander” and was surprised to see an amulett looking like the Destiny.
Is the form of the Destiny inspired of such things?
Here the picture:
comment image


@ Ponytail – This is a ‘Canuck’:

comment image

And can I just say that I love, LOVE mockingbirds…but NOT AT FREAKIN’ THREE A.M.!!! mad

Now, lemme try to get back to sleep. razz