Last night, we celebrated the end of another production year with a wrap party at Vancouver’s Gotham Steakhouse.  But before we hit Gotham, a bunch of us met for dinner at Market in the Shangri-la Hotel…

What better way to kick off the pic parade than with a shot of belated birthday boy Lawren.
The sesame-crusted tuna.  Awesome appetizer.
Soy-glazed short ribs.  My go-to dish, but I decided to opt for something a little different this time out…
Curry chicken.  Good, but didn’t love it.  That’ll teach me to try something new.
Perennial party gal Michelle

I ended up seated between Brad’s wife, Debbie, and Paul’s wife, Michelle, who spent much of the dinner discussing potty training. Check that.  LOUDLY discussing potty training in an effort to be heard over the restaurant’s accoustics.  For some reason, they elected turned down my offer to switch seats, preferring instead to shout through me.

Eventually, we finished up and walked down to Gotham for food, fun, and frightfully horrible DJ tunes (Seriously.  It’s been ages since the last time I heard Funky Town).

Mike Dopud and his lovely wife.
Peter Kelamis and his lovely waitress.
David Blue looking buff.
Louis Ferreira already on a roll.
Me in my morning coat.
Carl is all smiles.
Jamil Walker Smith, and buddy, dressed for success.
Ready to party.
Master Chef Steve leads the catering crew.
Carl and Karen.
Kelly.  Her eyes!  They burn!
Kerry and Alan.
David and Peter.
Troy and his better half.
Ken gettin’ all Holywood.
Ivon and Sara
Carl and Ashleigh
Patrick Gilmore raises a glass – to you!
Ashleigh and Patrick.  Oh, and Louis.
Jen Spence.

Julia and Peter…

Mike brought his baby.  Or borrowed a baby in the hopes of attracting women.  Can’t remember which.
Kelly.  Again with the eyes!
Kerry and Ashleigh.  Oh, and Lawren.
Will and Kathy
Brian J. Smith gets ready to chow down.
The ladies of hair and make-up.
The VFX gang.
James “Bam Bam” Bamford
Ashleigh and James
Elyse and Devon
Carl and Julia
Lisa and Akemi
Lisa and Tio

A quickie mailbag:

Judy in SATX writes: “I’ve always wondered, is ‘Furling’ the real spelling? When I first saw the episode I thought it was ‘Ferling’, maybe because it’s not so Ewok-evocative.”

Answer: Nope.  The far more Ewok evocative “Furling” is, in fact, the correct spelling.

Randomness writes: “Speaking of the Gate network the seederships are laying. It’s reasonable to think that any alien species with enough knowledge could use the gates even without a remote right? Kinda like how Earth used the gate without a DHD by making a dialing program.”

Answer: Yes, that is another reasonable assumption.

Ponytail writes: “What is that building in the first picture? Garage, guest house, pool house, dog house, maid’s quarters, playhouse, neighbor’s house, detached office?”

Answer: Garage/guest room for visiting in-laws.

Freeman writes: “Also i have one last quick question for you Joe, I’m not sure if you read all of these or not but I was wondering if you get requests for people wanting to send you a “new idea” or a “partial script” that they have made up as something to spark a new path in the stargate story.”

Answer: I don’t receive as many as I used to.  I suppose most know by now that I can’t read or accept unsolicited scripts or story ideas.

JJA writes: “Have you read the Lost Fleet series of Jack Campbell??”

Answer: Nope.  You can check my (approximate) read list here:

JJA also writes: “Also about Destiny: Does it have its own manufacturing section of the ship?”

Answer: No, it doesn’t.  Only the seed ships have been outfitted with that capability.

BTW writes: “…who’s job is it to choose the typeface used in the opening/closing credits?”

Answer: SGU co-creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper had the final say on everything from the Destiny design to the typeface used in the opening/closing credits.  THAT is hands-on producing.

Mika writes: “As your resident scientist who has worked for a few years in a research laboratory focused on the cosmic microwave background radiation, I’m obliged to point out that seeing circles is like finding patterns in the static of old sk00l tvs. (Literally, just like it — a percentage of that static IS the Cosmic Microwave Background!)”

Answer: Hey, Mika!  I think I saw you at the bar last night, then when I turned around you had disappeared like two protons colliding at high energy.

Lloyd67 writes: “A new Stargate spin-off ? by Robert C. Cooper? Seriously?”

Answer: No.  Not seriously.

Major D. Davis writes: “Given recent developments, are you still confident about a renewal. I know theres a lot more to it then numbers, so fingers crossed!”

Answer: Neither confident nor pessimistic.  We produced a terrific second season and, at the end of the day, that’s all we can do.  Things like what night we air, what segment of our audience records or downloads, are elements beyond our control.

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I just want to say, before anyone says otherwise, you DID make a great series. Anyone who says otherwise is looking for something to rail against.

Lisa R
Lisa R

Thanks for sharing! Looks like everyone had a great time!!!
And I’m hoping for positive news on a third season renewal.

Have a good night!


I cooked a Hungarian dinner for my American students and I thought that both the soup and the dessert would be fun to submit to your “I make the best whatever” contest.

Hungarian Goulash Soup (beef stew) for 4 people
350-400 gram beef stew (cut to about 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm cubes)
1 large or 2 medium onion(s) chopped
Vegetable oil (be generous so that the onion does not burn at the beginning
1 large peeled and chopped tomato (put it into boiling water for a minute and then it is easy to peel)
2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
1 quarter of a bell pepper
2-3 teaspoons ground red pepper
black pepper
half a teaspoon sugar if necessary
some ground caraway seeds
1 parsnip peeled and sliced
1 carrot peeled and sliced
2 large russet potatoes cut into about 1.5 cm pieces

Heat vegetable oil and sauté the chopped onion in it until union begins to soften (until it has a ’glassy’, transparent look). Add beef and sauté it until beef is brown on all sides. Add ground red pepper sauté it shortly (should not be left to sauté too long because the red pepper will taste bitter). Add tomato, bell pepper, some ground black pepper, salt, caraway seeds, garlic, and enough water to cover the meat (you may choose to add about an 8 cm long celery stick. If you prefer it spicy, add a few slices of jalapeno pepper to it. You may also add a little red wine for better taste). Bring it to boil, reduce heat and keep it quietly boiling (simmering) for about 45 minutes. Stir occasionally. If the meat is too hard, add half a teaspoon sugar (just carefully, it should not taste sweet).
Add potatoes, carrot and parsnip and about 1 liter water. It should be a thick soup. Keep simmering the soup until potatoes, carrot and parsnip are cooked. When ready, remove the celery and the bell pepper. Usually tastes better the next day.
PICTURE:comment image

Hungarian sponge cake (‘Somloi galuska’)
half a pound cake
half a chocolate pound cake (both pound cakes could be the easy to make store variant)
1 vanilla pudding (about 600 ml)
1 chocolate pudding (about 600 ml)
(milk to the pudding)
some chocolate syrup
50 ml Rum or Rum flavor
50 gram raisins (or cranberries)
whipped cream
100 mg ground (or finely chopped) walnut
Put the raisins into 25 gram rum. Tear pound cakes into small (about 2 cm) pieces, and put one layer of pound cake (both the regular and the chocolate flavored one) into the ball, put a layer of vanilla pudding, walnut, raisins (add the rum with it), rum (flavor), chocolate syrup on top. Add another layer of pound cakes and pudding, walnut, raisins, rum and chocolate syrup. Repeat this until you have ingredients. Put it in the fridge for about 12 hours. Add whipped cream before serving (either on top of the whole bowl or on top of the smaller portions put into cups before serving.
PICTURES:comment image
comment image
(Note: I took a picture right after I put the cake together and another with the whipped cream on right before serving)


Great pictures, would of been funny to see Louis in most of them with that face lol. And OMG Mike Dopud, he hasn’t had the screentime he deserves thus far.

Since someone mentioned Universe stuff, the whole cosmic microwave background radiation stuff is brain melting. I love the new theory about a previous universe existing before the current one like after a very very very long time the universe just reboots.


Besides posing outrageously for photos, I’m fairly certain Louie also secretly studies engineering. He was one of the five who figured out the mystery of the red spiny-stick I had in my bag of Cocktail Physics.


haha sorry joe you got one wrong Destiny does have a manufacturer ability, it creates kinos I can even cite it. kino room , kino dispenser. which also got me thinking shouldn’t these things start coming out all shinny and new sometime soon. This is the kind of thing that happens when you watch the whole thing of SG-1 SGA and SGU at least once a year.


Carl looks like he has multiple personalities. Smiling in one picture, serial killer in the next.

You make your in-laws stay in the garage when visiting? What, and leave your car parked outside exposed to the elements and possible thievery?

I just picked up The Iron Hunt by Marjorie M Liu and also got her Darkness Calls. Thought I’d “go for broke” and read them both.


Sweet Pixies and people!


Hey Joe,

WOW!!! What great show-n-tell pictures. A double thank you for the Patrick and Carl pictures. *BIGsmile*

Looks…and by the sound of it…like everyone had a great time. Hard to believe that our hiatus is fast approaching. Life without fresh episodes just isn’t the same. BUT I will admit that I appreciate how fast the DVDs come out.

I am looking forward to hearing about Japan again…you make EVERYTHING seem so inviting.

Best to you Joe,
Cheryl. smile


Two questions, Mr. Mallozzi.

1. When writing a script, do you write the A story, then the B story (and so on, if there are more threads in the episode), or do you mix and match as you go along?

2. Does the opening montage change length based on whether the episode is a few seconds long or short?

Alexander House

Looks like you had fun, I would have drooled at that food ‘ahh aw – seafood!’ Where was your friend Rob?


And thank you for that picture of the Oh-So-Lovely Will Waring. I find him devilishly handsome. I’d take him any day over those other younger pretty boys. razz


Hi Joe, I’m starting to think that (from the pictures) Louis Ferreira is the “Bluto” Blutarsky of the cast ;-), or is that just his standard pose for pictures? Seems like it was fun all around.

@Tammy Dixon:

My daughter relented on the cheesecake so now I’m making a “White Chocolate/Strawberry Cheesecake”. I’ll take pictures and post the recipe later in the week.


for some reason the pic of louis photobombing ashleigh and patrick amused me.

is it still photpbombing if he is not in the background?


For Judy in SATX: I assume you mean San Antonio? PBMom is considering a visit. Contact me via Twitter or Facebook (search Gilder McCarroll or baterista9)

Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous

wow. awesome accomplishment for season 2, and great pics!

2 questions

1) is it just me, or is mr carlyle absent from these gatherings?

2) does jamil smoke? please, say it ain’t so smile


It would be sad news if SG:U didn’t receive a season 3 because the series is OUTSTANDING!!! I look forward to it every Tuesday, and Friday night after Sanctuary.

Hey I recognize Devon. She was in last week’s episode of Supernatural.

I too recommend the Lost Fleet series which leads me to the question(s):

— What services are involved in SG command?
— Are the service members of SG command Special Forces?
— Why the Air Force over the Navy/Marines?


personally, aside from their short ribs and beet and goat cheese dish, i haven’t been impressed by Market. But those short ribs are so good. Love that puree too


@Randomness — I must agree about Mike Dopud. I’m getting crumbs. Appreciative crumbs, but I’d like to get a piece of apple to get my teeth into for him with dialogue lines since I’ll be talking about it when the episode is over.

Looks like a wonderful party. You all should be very proud of the show you have given to us (at least what we’ve seen and you tell us it gets even better on the second half). We are 100% supportive of Stargate in all its forms and hope that not only will hear news of a season 3 for SGU, but also that 1 of the 2 Stargate movies (either for SG-1 or SGA) will be made depending upon cast availability. I want to thank you for the hours of enjoyment you have given me and my family; I know from reading this blog and watching the behind the scenes stuff on the special content DVDs and listening to the commentaries how much hard work goes into each thing. It sounds almost like birthing a baby every week.

Thank you for posting the pictures, too. Nice to see everyone out of the work wardrobes.

Tuesday is the big 2nd renal surgery day. Let’s hope for a complicated-free, successful smash-up (ESWL) that is only followed by a few days of pain as I pass the stuff. I would not have scheduled my surgery on a Tuesday when a new SGU was airing, or the Thanksgiving feast at my son’s school that parents are allowed to attend. I’ve never missed anything for him ever. But I just cannot wait any longer. I’m sending Jeff to cover Patrick. He wanted to stay with me, but I told him if he stayed with me, all I’ll do is cry because no one is there with him and I don’t want to be upset going under anesthesia. (Am I manipulative, or what?) But I’m serious about the SGU episode. Wish me luck.


BTW, my very long write up about Malice with 30 or more beautiful high-definition pictures is up on WormholeRiders now:

I hope I picked up on the feelings of Park/Volker correctly. They did a superb job. My heart stopped too many times with all the peril our cast was in. Stargate at its finest. Bravo to all.


Great pictures of a well deserved celebration!
This season has been even better than the first (which at the time I considered my favourite).
Hope all your ratings wishes come true.

ps. don’t forget everybody….
White Ribbon day this Thursday (25th Nov)
See below link if your country has any local affiliation



Oops, meant to say…

Eszter – what happened to the paprika? And taking out the capsicum (sorry – bell pepper)? The two best ingredients!
To be honest it still sounds very tasty! Although I’d skip the tomato and put diced capsicum instead as tomato makes me sick!
The cake though – no need to change that – YUM!!!!!



I just awoke from the most bizzare dream. I was hiking up a snowy moutain with a group of strangers. Most of us had spikey hiking boots on.
Then I came across Mr. Carl Binder arguing with another guy about his lack of appropriate footware; he was too important not to have spikes.
So Carl shot him dead… then stole his shoes…

What does it all mean?



Mike’s smart. Wearing the baby keeps people from asking to hold the baby. I usually wear my baby when out, but I didn’t Friday night and learned that people who have been drinking have no inhibition about asking to hold a baby.


Another awesome season, which I can’t wait to watch, as soon as my credit card allows me. Amazon has been rejecting my credit card’s advances (that Amazon is such a tease). I’m guessing my credit card is smarting from my recent West and East coast adventures. Plus I’m now realizing my credit card is not The Giving Tree, and it has this thing called a “limit;” I think it is a French word that means “bite me.” So I’m saving up last week’s missed ep for the T-giving holiday and I’ll do a relaxed SGU mini marathon over break.

I came across Thomas’ Bagel Thins at the grocery sto’ and nearly plotzed. You get the bagel yummyness without the carb guilt. They are perfect for making Dagwood sandwiches.