My sleep patterns are all wonky while I’m in Montreal so last night, I was up until 2:00 a.m. working on my script for episode 20, Gauntlet, the season two finale.  I hit the 16 page mark and, if all goes as planned, should have it half completed for my return to the office on Wednesday – by which time I’ll have to set it aside for a couple of days while I tackle my producer’s edit of The Hunt.  I’m feeling the pressure because, at this point, it’s the only script outstanding – and the episode begins prepping October 26th.  That new set should be built by then and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Today, the Mallozzi side of the family threw a surprise retirement party for my cousin Marilyn…

Cousins Marilyn and Leonora. I cautioned Marilyn: "No gang signs.".


Also in attendance was a friend of my cousin Carol, a Scottish woman who used quaint expressions like “ye wee tribble” and “youse a right choob”.  Adorable.

I’m looking to check out more foreign films and I need your recommendations.  Blog regular Shiny, in particular, sounds like my guy (er, gal?) given the recent South Korean movies he (she?) mentioned in one of his (her?) recent comments.  Big fan of the J-horror and the over-the-top likes of Fudoh: The New Generation, but have also greatly enjoyed South Korean offerings like Old Boy and J.S.A.  No need to limit yourself to Asian cinema and, all in all, would prefer something a little more contemporary.  Fire away!


Bailey writes: “If, and only if, SGU gets cancelled due to low ratings, how does it make any sense to make movies of that show and not the higher rated ones like SGA and SG1? If the DVD market is no good, I can’t see selling very many copies.”

Answer: Again, this is an educated guess on my part but, in the event of a worst case scenario, then it would make more sense to move forward with an SGU movie because: a) we have the actors, sets, and crew on hand and b) dvd may be suffering but the download market continues to grow.

Jason967060 writes: “If the movie doesen’t get made perhaps you could ask MGM if you could make Stargate Atlantis: Extinction into a book. Just an idea.”

Answer: Not a bad idea.  If it came to that, yes, I’d love to have the story out there rather than in a desk gathering dust.

hal ehrlrich writes: “In your opinion what kind of numbers do you think the show SGU will need to get a 3rd season ? And about what time do you think they are going to make it ?”

Answer: The pick-up decision is in the network’s hands, so I don’t really know what number they’re looking for and what, exactly, they’ll be taking into account.  As for when we expect to hear the news – end of this year, perhaps the beginning of next.

Jaso967060 writes: “Heck I think alot of people from “that other site” could be won back if some changes are made. (Finding out the Destinys Mission and the crew working together more instead of tearing each other down…and having more action…changes like that.)”

Answer: Disagree.  Given that their deluded mission statement is to see SGU cancelled in order to pave the way for an SGA return, I doubt that very much.

dasNdanger writes: “Geez, Joe – I asked you to ask Akemi about eating sushi with ‘sticks or fingers. ONE little thing, Joey, and you let me down.”

Answer: Akemi is back in Japan but I can answer this one for you.  At several of the sushi-ya’s I dined at while in Tokyo, I was instructed to eschew the chopsticks in favor of my fingers.  So there ya go.

Jason writes: “As a writer, when you guys decide to destroy rare resources for dramatic effect, do you play out the long term effect, or is that something that you worry about later, when a future episode’s story presents a need for something?”

Answer: There’s always a discussion.  In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, we were tracking/debating the ammo issue.

RFVDevil writes: “Do you have any feed back or input from the network on why SyFy has moved Stargate to the fall/winter schedule it’s been on, rather than airing it in the broadcast off season like SG1, Eureka and Warehouse 13? As summer series, these shows seem to do well when there is less competition.”

Answer: Alas, only the network is privy to the decision-making process.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Would you continue writing this blog if SGU gets cancelled?”

Answer: Don’t know.  I didn’t start this blog for the show and, while the series certainly is heavily featured, it’s not the only thing I spotlight here.  I don’t make any money off the blog so traffic isn’t a concern.  I update this blog daily because it forces me to write and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about if and when the show is cancelled.  But as to whether I’d quit – hell, there isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t think about it.

Nani writes: “…why do you keep insisting that that the fans who don’t appreciate and watch SGU are an insignificant, ignorant, dumb, juvenile fringe minority???”

Answer: Please do us all a big favor and actually read the Q&A you’re referring to before posting a comment like this.  You come across as ignorant at best; transparently manipulative at worst.  I was asked about the members of a specific forum.  I was not referring to fans in general.

Nani also writes: “Also, I don’t understand your blaming low SGU ratings on DVRs and downloads – other shows, such as Chuck, Castle, House M.D. (all in seasons 3 or beyond) have very high and respectable ratings without having to compensate for these new technologies “diminishing” numbers of their live viewers.”

Answer: Actually, the House recently suffered a 20% tumble in its ratings.  Not familiar with Castle.  Chuck, on the other hand, is a genre show that has sometimes struggled in the ratings.  Its young, tech-savvy audience is the type of audience most likely to download.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so either.

nate writes: “How is it Louis F. can be such a clown on set (always a huge grin in your photos) and so intense on camera? Other than good actor!”

Answer: He is that good – and the polar opposite of the dour, restrained Colonel Young.

nat also wries: “Will they be taking anything from the other ship next week? like a couple of shuttles”

Answer: The type of ship they’ll encounter doesn’t have shuttles.  Doesn’t need ’em.

51 thoughts on “October 9, 2010: Montreal doings! More mailbag!

  1. hi Joe,
    i was wondering how you got your job all the way back then in the 90’s and will you have any future projects star gate or otherwise

  2. Arctic Goddess writes: “Would you continue writing this blog if SGU gets cancelled?”

    Answer: Don’t know. I didn’t start this blog for the show and, while the series certainly is heavily featured, it’s not the only thing I spotlight here. I don’t make any money off the blog so traffic isn’t a concern. I update this blog daily because it forces me to write and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about if and when the show is cancelled. But as to whether I’d quit – hell, there isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t think about it.

    For one, I sincerely hope that you continue to write here, although I do understand how taxing that can be.

    I came here originally because of SGU but I’ve stayed here for all of the other posts and bits and pieces. I love your food experiences (trust me, this has driven a good deal of ‘where do we eat’ conversations here, as we live in the area.) It’s also great to hear about your dogs and book reading.

    As for a way to keep up a momentum for writing, it’s an invaluable resource, gotta agree there!

    So…please, don’t let a bunch of Debbie Downers wreck it for you, or the rest of us 🙂

  3. Adorable??
    A Scottish accent can be described using many adjectives – adorable isn’t normally on that list.

    “youse a right choob” is not really what I would call a compliment. The word ‘youse’ is unique to the Scottish vocabulary. 😉

    Anyway – I hope that your mother and sister, Felix and Babe are all well. Who is hound-sitting for you?

  4. On Trekweb Robert Picardo in a interview said he thinks Woolsey is no longer commander of Atlantis because Woolsey was wearing his normal suit?

    Also Robert told Star Trek fans there to start watching SGU if they have not yet.

  5. Hey Joe! Hope you’re having a good holiday with your family. Wanted to congratulate you on your Georgia Bulldogs defeating those pesky Tennessee Volunteers today…not bad….did you see my CAROLINA GAMECOCKS beat the crap out of the 1st place Alabama Crimson Tide?

  6. Sorry I mean RP said Woolsey did not wear Atlantis commander suit in his appearance in SGU coming this season.

  7. While Atlantis is stuck on Earth besides repairs is Stargate Command or the IOA doing anything with it like exploring rooms and finding things of use not found before?
    Im thinking tons of Earth based search teams are there on Atlantis and checking out the whole city top to bottom and cataloging what they find and maybe finding things that could help Destiny out maybe via the stones.

  8. Repeating a couple of questions in case you’ve time, Joe. please forgive me if previously asked/answered. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Has the Destiny crew set up a temoprary morgue? Are they performing space or planetside burials?

    Are decedents’ belongings being cycled into the supply room? Would explain various wardrobe replacements like Wray’s tops and TJ’s pregancy fatigues /blue dress shirt.

    How many months have passed since evacuation from Icarus? I’m guessing up to eight.

    When will Destiny’s crew find more Ancient supplies? I suspect there’s clothing or textiles aboard somewhere. Re-use of those shiny bed linens would be interesting. Not asking for couture, just simple pop-over shirts or wrap-and-tie skirts /kilts.

  9. I’ve got some Korean films for you:

    The Chaser, No Mercy (Thriller)

    Rough Cut, City of Damnation, Secret Reunion, Handphone, Running Turtle, A Bittersweet Life (Action/Drama)

    The Divine Weapon, The King and the Clown, Private Eye (History)

    Going by the Book, Castaway on the Moon, My Dear Desperado (Comedy)

    All of those movies were released in the last five years. 🙂

  10. Akemi is back in Japan? Who’s minding the kids?!! Is Ivon taking care of them? If so, did you leave him a little “something” in the basement? “Dude!…” 🙂

    “Arctic Goddess writes: “Would you continue writing this blog if SGU gets cancelled?”

    Answer: Don’t know.”

    What!!! If you quit, then I quit!! I would lose interest in everything! Mankind sucketh! Do you want to be responsible for that? I think not!

  11. Susan- I don’t think “youse” is unique to the Scots. I hear it almost every day.
    -John in Brooklyn

  12. […] dvd may be suffering but the download market continues to grow.

    could this download market be a clue to “Plan B” that brad wright was talking about (in a recent interview) for the 3rd sg1 movie?

  13. Joe-
    First, I just wanted to thank you for all the time you spend on your blog to answer fan questions. Your dedication to your fans is very commendable (albeit, likely trying at times) and I thank you.

    I was wondering if you could comment on the change in music integration within the show. I enjoyed the way you incorporated Janelle Monae into “Earth” and made the final moments of of the season one all the more powerful with Mumford & Sons ominous tune in the background. Is the musical choice something that all the writers discuss while coming up with a general story, a single writers choice while penning the script details (maybe something playing on the ipod at the time), or is it something post production takes care of? In any case great work, i think that it adds something that was missing in the previous Stargates. Oh, can you give any hints on featured artist in this coming seasons episodes?

    Thanks again

  14. 1. Thanks, Joe. I have always used my fingers to eat sushi, but I started to second-guess myself when I noticed no one else did. I will continue to use that method.

    2. Joe – I would love it if you kept up a blog even if the show is cancelled. You’re an interesting and entertaining fella, and I would like to keep up with your escapades. Plus, you’re fun to play with. 😀

    3. Had dinner out on the wharf tonight with the family, overlooking the fishing fleet:

    It was a gorgeous night! The weather has been beautiful the last few days – low humidity and in the 70s – perfect October weather here in Jersey. Wish it could be like this year round.

    4. As far as my foreign cinema goes – well, with the exception of feudal-era themed Japanese flicks and old Shaw Brothers-type kung fu stuff – I mostly just watch British films – not really up your alley. Sorry I can’t help you out there.

    Have a good night, sir. And thank you again for answering my question. You’re a sweety! (Not to be confused with a sweaty! 😀 )


  15. Gasp! Not familiar with Castle? Go GET familiar with it! Ask David Blue… he says he likes it! 🙂

    Seriously, this is a good time to say thanks to you, Sir Mallozzi, for putting up with us! Some of us are crazy, some of us are fans of auld, and some of us are just here for the food and puppy pictures, but no matter why we came here, we always get something awesome every day. So thanks for that.

    I can finally read the comments again… I hadn’t seen Aftermath until yesterday. And for the record, I watched on Hulu, which counts for more than watching live [which I can’t do anyways because I no not have cable] because every Hulu view is counted, whereas live views only count if you have a Nielson box, which most people do NOT.

  16. I originally came to this blog because I was searching something about SGU on Google and this blog popped up.. That was a few months ago. I have read every post since along with the Q&A’s and comments and loved every second of it.. I really do look forward to seeing what funny stories, interesting food, or intriguing comments and answers you have waiting for us everyday. Thanks so much for spending so much time on here. Also even if SGU get’s canceled which I don’t think it will, a lot of your posts don’t deal with that anyway. Lol. We love this blog not just for the info on SGU, but for everything this blog is, entertaining, funny, intriguing, gross (food items), information, BA pictures, and just plain awesome-ness! The list goes on and on! Please don’t quit on us! 🙁

  17. Long time listener, first time caller. I couldn’t stand SGU when it first started. The only reason I stuck with it was because it was the same people behind SG1 and SGA and they had proven they knew how to tell stories. (That and I loved the Rush and Young characters.) I’m glad I did. I love where the show has gone, and I’m a fan.

    One minor dissent about Aftermath. I thought the scene with Young and Riley was a little too contrived for dramatic purposes in the sense I didn’t think TJ et al tried absolutely everything they could to save Riley, or at least talk about alternatives. For instance, lift the debris as quick as possible, pull him out and bind the wound and run like mad for the gate and try to save him.

    That said, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. (For the beancounters, I don’t have cable so I watch on hulu.)

  18. Will we be seeing the Kino’s this season?

    I don’t know what this other website is all about that you mention from time to time and all these comments about changing the show, but I like SG:U as is. I think it is great and I love the work the cast and crew have done so far. I look forward to seeing it every week. I look forward to seeing Dr. Rush, Col’s Telford and Young, Lt Scott, Johansen, and James, Sgt Greer, Eli, Cloe, and the science team: Park, Brody, Volker, and Wray (who doesn’t look forward to seeing the beautiful Ming-Na) every week and the new adventures and problems they face while riding onboard the Destiny.

    In fact I like SG:U more than I like SG:A and SG-1. I started watching SG-1 when it moved to the SciFi channel, and then I watched SG:A when it premiered on the same channel. I’ve always thought these shows were good science fiction, but I thought the SG shows actually picked up with the last two years of SG:A, and continued with SG:U.

    IMHO TPTB will be making a big mistake if they don’t renew SG:U for another few seasons (typical five season run) because it is actually great science fiction, and SG:U is going up against some very tough competition.

  19. Don’t know if you would consider an Australian film “foreign” as such, however I would recommend “BoyTown” for a laugh. It is a send up of boy bands and I laughed until I cried.

  20. Wait, didn’t Continuum have like next to NO established sets and tons of CG? Hell you guys brought a damn Nuclear Submarine into the picture! At the POLE no less! And F-15s! And tilting sets with ice and water! Wasn’t the idea of selling the SGA props to get money for MGM, because rebuilding the sets was cheaper than keeping then gathering dust on the studio space?

    On a totally separate note, when you guys were drawing up the full story for SGU, did you guys expect to lose alot of viewers in teh first season just like B5 and BSG did? (serialized sci-fi’s tend to have that happen)

  21. @Rex Carter – Intriguing, but, if I’m remembering right, folks have consistently been quick to swap out of the Atlantis uniform when visiting the home office. I’d think it’d make for fewer questions if you stop off at Starbucks on the way to the office.

  22. @John M. Hammer Yeah? I suppose with all the Irish and Scottish immigrants to New York the local accent/dialect must be full of such words. I don’t think that I could live in such a big city. Perth is a perfect size for me.


  23. Oh you should check out Castle! Nathan Fillion is just so freaking awesome 🙂

  24. Castle is good. Fit it into your schedule. I’m very happy with Chuck also.

    I saw some interesting numbers for Chuck the other day. I guess they have a way of tracking not only the Nielsens, but the DVRs, the downloads, etc. in their tally. They just don’t let us see that tally. Chuck is huge in the download department compared to something like Parenthood. Makes me think that SGU might be also. Those lower numbers of viewers this year may not be that low after all. Chuck was getting over 600,000 downloads in addition to its 8 to 9 million viewers (these are viewers during the show plus the DVR viewing). Syfy must have these numbers too. I’d love to see them.

    I didn’t know you ate sushi with your fingers. Huh, you learn something all the time.

  25. me wrote:

    ….IMHO TPTB will be making a big mistake if they don’t renew SG:U for another few seasons….

    If you are talking about Skiffy (AKA SyFy) than don’t expect anything more than a complete SGU 2nd season. By putting SGU and Caprica on Tuesday night Skiffy (AKA Syfy) is “putting the infirm on an ice floe to fend for themselves”. If the SGU ratings drop below 1 million consistently than these is a possibility of no SGU 2.5 airing on Skiffy (AKA Syfu).

    It’s my understanding that SGU was green-lighted for 2 seasons prior to the start of production with firm financing in place. Guess part of the deal is that Skiffy have to aired a set number of episodes or they pay a penalty to the money bags. Otherwise how to explain the SGU season 2 renewal on the anemic first season ratings. Think SGU season 1 have lower ratings SGA season 5 even with a much higher budget (R Copper stated online that SGU got average episode budget of over one million dollars). Than there is the fact that SG1 & SGA DVDs still out sell SGU on Amazon and other places.

    Come to think of it. Neither MGM or Skiffy put any money into SGU. Think they make a deal with outside financiering.

  26. Hey Joe,
    So, from your response, if they are not taking shuttles am I correct to assume they take something? Perhaps they come across some ancient weapons? If the ship doesn’t need shuttles, will it have another means of transportation for crew? If it is a seeder ship they will need a way to get over to it since Destiny only had two shuttles and they’re both gone now…so is there an early version of transportation rings on the Destiny and seeder ships, or maybe a form of beaming technology? I know my chances of getting an answer out of you are slim since it might spoil the surprise…but they have to get there some how and it can’t be the gate…can it?…they go for a walk in space suits? It’s gonna drive me nuts until Tuesday wondering how they get there.

  27. One Question about the Blog.

    Who moderates you blog when it tells us after posting “awaiting moderation”? Is it you or a computer program or someone with a real interesting job?

  28. Why is SGU so good? I mean we know it has excellent writing, acting, and directing, but how is it possible to have all of these aspects meld so perfectly into the perfect storm that is Stargate Universe? What sort of witchcraft are you guys using?

  29. i think the problem with the ratings comes from alot of the first season where nothing at all happened. Personally i tivo episodes until i have 2 or 3 then watch them back to back and i feel i get a bit more content. Everything always seems so filler and that is the big problem. Also it doesnt make sense that while rush feels no one is capable of helping him, the best scientists in the world and some even better than he is are literally minutes away via the stones. Baffles me to no end why the priority for the stones is to let people go see their families before experts can help fix the problems in the ship and help figure out what is what. There were a few episodes in season 1 where things did happen, and they tended to gravitate towards the end. The beginning of season 2 started well but i think the damage has already been done from season 1. That and going on tuesday against ncis is probably not the smartest move given the fact that ncis is one of the top rated shows. Never understood why there was so much filler right at the start of a show, if it was in the middle or interspersed in between then its no problem but in the first season 75% of what you see is of no point especially when thhey are in the situation that they are in, thats just asking for lower ratings. I hope it doesnt get cancelled and i hope the ratings pick up, but i also get frustrated at why when you have the stones(even if they are the worst plot device a tv show has known) why dont they use them to get qualified people on board to help rush because right now it seems he wants to be overlord of destiny and do what he wants while leaving the “lesser” people out of it, with the excuse that they are not qualified to help him. Well the stones of awesomeness means people more qualified than rush can come and help so… what are they waiting on..

  30. Castle is really good. Nathan Filion does just great stuff with the title role. The first and second season is out on DVD, you should check them out. The show’s got the perfect combination of drama, action, heart, and a great sense of humor.

    Also, if you ever were to stop blogging, could you give us a bit of notice? I only say that because it’d be cool to say thanks for writing such an entertaining daily blog. Also I bought Masked about an hour ago, local CA time, and I like it so far.

    Say, how’s the whole comic book/graphic novel thing going?


  31. Just one quick question, because I’m a bit of a pleb – does this mean there are no shuttles on the Destiny anymore? What will you do with all that extra space on the stage 😛

  32. Do you think Katharyn Powers will ever write for Stargate again, such as for Universe? It would be cool to reconnect to the writers from season one through three of Stargate SG-1 as well by having them write for Stargate Universe. Do you think we’ll see the return of any of those writers from that time period in Stargate Universe?

  33. Because I live in the UK, me watching SGU has no impact on your ratings. Besides buying DVDs, is there anything I can do to show my support for the show?

  34. Joe, thank you for answering my question.

    One of the things that makes me kind of sad about this is that SGA was a show that made me happy. You were part of that show and it pains me to think that, perhaps, the memories of your time with Atlantis are now tainted by how you perceive the fans of that show.

    For me, SGA was a magic combination of stories, cast, production and spirit. It will most likely remain my favorite show of all time. I just hope you will also carry at least a few fond memories with you.

  35. I got some MailBag questions;
    1) Stop talking about SGU being cancelled. (?)
    2) Might be a Q for Rob, but what was the decision to have Young suffocate Riley? Was it more for dramatic effect or to conserve ammo?
    3) Will the whole deal with T.J.’s baby going to be explained further on down the line, or was it some type of one off hallucination she had? (I hope you guys aren’t creating some idealogical crap, that is what put me off BSG).
    4) Whatever happened to that small ship that detached from Destiny in Air?
    5) What if fans were able to donate half the money to make the next Stargate movie, would that help? Create a Stargate Fans Fund, and invest in 30-50% of the film, and then use the returns to fund the next film? We know there are millions of fans out there, if they all donate a couple bucks it could happen, no?

  36. Some fans have no other choice than to acquire SGU episodes by unorthodox methods. For example, there’s a huge Stargate fan base/subculture in Romania, but no cable network carries SGU, and there’s no way to buy the DVDs either, as Amazon won’t ship anything but books over here.

    The show is great but I feel the story is being diluted by these cliche tear-jerking moments that have their place in a soap, not in an intelligent, fast-paced, science fiction series. But then again, I don’t write TV shows for a living so what do I know… .

  37. RE: Ratings and download numbers…

    One reason why House and Chuck pull in such “high” numbers is that they air on network television. People do not need to subscribe to a cable service or can get away with basic service. Not everyone can afford a DVR, or cable for that matter. SyFy is a cable channel…

    So all things considered, SGU is pulling in respectable numbers. But I do have to agree that you would win over many more viewers if the show was tweaked a bit to be more in line with how SGA and SG were written.

    Quite frankly, I would rather see the show morph into a show that covered all three “shows”- Atlantas, Earth (SG1) and Destiny. Or at least have more earth based and even Atlantas based episodes and tie in the story lines.

  38. Hi Joe,

    Has artificial gravity ever been explained in any of the Stargate shows?

    It’d be sweet to see an episode where the gravity on Destiny breaks and requires fixing. 😀

  39. Love the pictures and had a laugh over the “gang signs”. I’m sure your cousin will enjoy the pics as well! Sounds like you have a large family.

    How were the cupcakes? We went to a new cupcake shop yesterday. (3 bucks a cupcake) The cupcakes had WAY too much icing for all of us. Even my 15 year old son says there was too much icing! They were quite tasty but ….I like my cupcakes better.

    Hubby was irked because right before we went into the cupcake shop-a lady walked past us and said in a loud voice “I hate cupcakes”. It was like she was talking to us. Weird because WHO could hate little cakes? 😀

  40. Castle is ten ways awesome from awesomeville in the awesome universe.

    I have no idea what that means, other than Castle is awesome.

    I hope you keep up with your blog. I never miss it, although I do double up on my busy days. Sigh. Cleaning out dad’s house is a draining task; a lifetime of stuff from all over the world. Treasures and trash and boring daily things, fishing rods and uniforms and photographs and mom’s things which went untouched when she died five years ago. Mom never met a piece of paper, invoice, receipt or credit card offer she didn’t love. I mean, Visa offers from the 70s? There are books to the ceiling, and crates of fascinating history and geneaology and …. sigh.

  41. I was confused about the inference about the possibility of a SGU movie if the worst case scenario happened. I understand the financial gains of having sets, crew, and actors ready to go. But what about actor contracts? Are you permitted to speak show long the SGU actors contracts are for (2 years, 5 years) When you mentioned a movie for SGU for example, so if there was no third season then all the actors are contractually obligated to be in a movie instead?

  42. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been a long time “lurker” reading your blog and have enjoyed it tremendously.
    I’ve been a huge Stargate fan right from the beginning and have been watching the latest incarnation of the franchise with a somewhat critical eye, but at the same time have tried to be positive about it despite all the swirling negativity surrounding SGU.
    Overall I found Season 1 to have more low points than high ones, but at the same time I appreciate that the series has a new tone and direction which is bold and well presented.
    Having watched the first two episodes of the new season, I have to admit I am liking what I have seen thus far. Upcoming episodes seem to hold the promise of a cohesive storyline and more of a purposeful mission for the crew, and I will be looking forward to see how it all unfolds.
    Having said all that, I have to comment about the manner in which one of my favourite and most underused characters was treated in “Aftermath.”
    I can’t believe for a single second that given the situation Riley was in, a more concerted effort could not have been made to save him. After all, it was only his legs that were pinned, and even if him bleeding out was an issue, surely the odds of that happening were well worth the risk than just leaving him there.
    Everyone from Young to TJ just looked sad, helpless and resigned, but no one actually DID anything to help him.
    To me this just smacked of a cheap and lazy way to inject some drama into the episode. Could you imagine Jack O’Neill giving up so easily?? And why kill off Riley anyway? The whole incident was to me at least, jarring and unrealistic and ruined an otherwise good episode. Perhaps you could address more fully the thinking behind this move…
    Just one other quick question while I have your attention: perhaps you’ve already answered this one at some point, but why is the the title of each episode not shown at the beginning of the show as in past series? Just wondering…
    Thanks for your time,

    Best regards,

    Frank B.
    Dorval, Canada.

  43. Hi,
    Here are my questions for the mailbag.

    1. Will Carlo Rota appear as Carl Strom in any episodes this season?Which episodes?

    2. Will we learn more about Telford’s background this season? Is there a particular episode which accomplishes this or do we learn about the character gradually, as the season progresses?


  44. You look like you have an awesome family and are having such a great time. I really hope you continue with the blog. I’ve grown attached to you (as well as the regular blog commenters here).

  45. you should check out the late Yasmin Ahmad’s compilation films. there are only 5 movies of hers, and you can find ’em with english subtitle.

    – Sepet (the Slit Eyes)
    – Gubra (the Anxiety)
    – Mukhsin
    – Muallaf (the Convert)
    – Talentime

    if you had problem finding the dvds, i’d be happy to help you with it.

  46. @ KEK – 😆 Thanks for sharing those! I just love British humor. 🙂


  47. You said you dont know Castle? I would recommend watching it. It’s got Nathan Fillion being as funny as Nathan Fillion. And it’s got a really nice supporting cast with characters I think you would like too.

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