Holy smokes.  I’m battling a headache of epic proportions.  Those extra three hours of sleep (I woke up at a tardy 9:00 a.m.) did absolutely no good.  In fact, they cut into my day, ensuring that I not complete the innumerable things I set out to do.  Still, I did manage to accomplish a few things – like, make the custard for three ice creams (vanilla, chocolate, and coconut).  The caramel sea salt will have to wait until I get back from dinner later tonight.

It's Ice Cream Time!

I realize it’s only May, but there’s no time like to present to start planning for my annual winter Japan trip – especially when I’m trying to book my flight on points.  Looks like I’ve got a wingman this time out.   Come December, I’ll be tearing up Tokyo with none other than Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok.  I predict that those blog entries are going to be very interesting.

As promised, I’m dedicating today’s entry to catching up the mailbag…

dasNdanger writes: Joe, I asked a couple days ago if you’ve read The Unwritten?”

Answer: Yep.  Ready the first couple of issues.

Shawn writes: “When people swap bodies via the stones, it’s not like they’re mind-melding or something, so wouldn’t their own natural accent move with them?”

Answer: Oddly, no.

Shawna also writes: “Is it my imagination, or have we seen that one Lucian thug who gave Rush food before? Wasn’t he a bounty hunter on an episode of SG-1?”

Answer: Yes.  The talented Mike Dopud played a bounty hunter in SG-1, and the wraith quarry, Kiryk, in an episode of Atlantis.

RFVDevil writes: “I loved Subversion, but I have to ask, why the decision to use Daniel over Teal’c to follow Rush?”

Answer: Daniel is in a far better position to blend in, especially if his surveillance required him to follow Rush into public areas and engage in others in conversation as part of his cover.

steph writes: “do you miss doing children’s television/writing or are still involved in it at all?”

Answer: It was a lot of fun (especially shows like George and Martha) but I don’t miss it.

Echelon writes: “Whats this I hear about SGU changing time slots, can you go into that a bit?”

Answer: It was a network decision.  Friday is the most DVR’d night on television.  Although the competition will be tough Tuesday nights, I think the move will be good for the show.

Brian writes: “Have you watched the short stories by Rumiko Takahash?”

Answer: I did – and really liked the series.  I’ve always enjoyed anthologies.

Major D. Davis writes: ”

1. Is there any new news on the movies… what happened to the rumblings on the SG-1 movie front? Have they died down or progressed?

2. Any news on the re cap music?

3. Is there any plans to include Major Davis in SGU. He said he’d love to do so as he really enjoys SGU’s(In a Gateworld interview).

4. When Rush broke into Telfords house, why didn’t the alarm go off? His house looked fancy enough that there would be some sort of security system.

5. Have you guys decided about bringing BAG back yet?

6. Is Will Waring directing Resurgence?”

Answers: 1. No word on the Atlantis movie but the rumblings on the SG-1 movie front have been consistent, touching upon a variety of possible interesting scenarios.

2. It’s certainly Joel Goldsmith scored, but I don’t have any further details.

3. No plans as of yet.

4. The cleaning lady forgot to turn it on after she was done.  She was subsequently fired only because you pointed it out in the comments section.  Nice going.

5. It’s been discussed, yes.

6. No.  Andy Mikita will be directing Resurgence.

Jim writes: “I know the original plan was to talk about what happened with Atlantis in an upcoming movie, but since this has been postponed indefinitely is there any chance of introducing Atlantis and guest appearances of some of its characters into SGU towards the end of Season 2 or Season 3?”

Answer: There has been some discussion about this as well.

Lloyd67 writes: “thinks of you of creating a series in parallel of SGU?”

Answer: I can’t speak for Brad and Robert, but three different Stargate incarnations is the perfect number.

Randomness writes: “Anyway speaking of FMA Brotherood, I picked this up on Blu Ray too, wasn’t overly keen on buying as Episodes 1 – 13 are essentially 1 – 26 of the orignal FMA.”

Answer: What?!!  Screw that.  I’m returning the DVD on Monday and scratching the series off my to-view list.

Tothwolf writes: “I think they made a good choice to go back and reboot the Fullmetal Alchemist series…”

Answer: Hmmm.  Okay.  Maybe I’ll reconsider.  Thanks for the info on FMA: Brotherhood, Gundam 00, and Shin-chan.  And welcome to the blog.

imadaman writes: “Will there be any mention of Teal’c in SGU S02?”

Answer: No plans to work Teal’c into SGU’s second season as of yet.

Prior_of_the_Ori writes: ”

1) Is it safe to assume that the Lucian Alliance has managed to get another leader and stabilized when Ventrell came after Netan? Or have they splintered into rival factions? Is Netan even alive or was he killed off?

2) Will we learn anything more about the Ancients history on the show? Like the time period when they launched Destiny and possibly who sent the plague that nearly wiped them out?

3) Not an SGU question but more of an SGA one. I read in an earlier post by you about a plotline involving how Micheal got Beckett’s memories from the Wraith. Are there any other plotlines that were discussed before the show ended? Like, were the Lost Tribe and Daedalus Variations race going to appear again?

4) Do you watch the new V? What are your thoughts on it?”

Answers: 1) We don’t know either way.  The Lucian Alliance is not unlike the mob, with its bosses, sub-bosses, and factions.  Kiva is the daughter of an influential boss and runs her own sub-faction (featured in Subversion).

2) We will – over time.

3) The Lost Tribe were going to make a reappearance in season six.  We were tossing around ideas for an episode in which they seek revenge on Atlantis when the series was cancelled.

4) Don’t watch the show but was very pleased to hear about the pick-up.  I’m a big supporter of genre television, shows like V, Supernatural, Chuck – and Stargate: Universe!

MrS writes: ”

1) Which ice cream maker would you buy now, if you had none?

(2) You invite your new girlfriend over to your house for her first anime session (she has never seen anything like this, and she may be hard to convince, since the most likely will be in the opinion, that animated series are something for kids, not adults), which anime will you choose to show her, in hope that it will blow her socks off?

(3) What’s your secret for eating that much ice cream without gaining weight?

(4) Concerning the loss of too much footage on the cutting flour due to squeezing an episode into a too small timeslot: Who decides, if there will be extended cuts on SGU BDs?”

Answers: 1) A couple of years ago, I was eyeing something called the Gelato 3000.  I think I’d like to get something restaurant’s use, a machine that will whip up a batch of ice cream in less than thirty seconds.

2) Grave of the Fireflies.  I’ll console her afterwards over flourless chocolate cake and homemade ice cream.

3) Running in the morning, eating a sensible breakfast, and doing weights at night.  And, by the way, I’ve put on five pounds since I got back into the ice cream swing of things.  I’m thinking this week’s Throwdown may be my swan song.

4) That’s  a studio decision – MGM.

Kevin writes: ”

1) Just watched ‘subversion’ since i’m a week behind in Canada. There is some talk between Young/Telford about Emily. From what we saw, nothing happened between Telford and Emily, but the dialogue here was a little unclear. Did something happen? or does Young think something happened? (which from his perspective could seem possible).

(2) Did you consider subjecting R.C or L.D.P to repeated taserings in order to get their acting to the desired ‘beliveability’ for their torture scenes? And would you have enjoyed seeing it had it been done?

(3) Is the texture in home made ice cream the same as store bought? or is it totally different?”

Answers: 1) Nothing necessarily happen in the physical sense.  However, by insinuating himself into Young’s life, he certainly made things uncomfortable for his old friend, feeding Young’s paranoia and even attempting to undermine his marriage by hinting that there was still something going on with T.J.

2) Bobby and Lou?  Nah.  They’re too lovable to taze.

3) The texture of homemade ice cream tends to be creamier.

Mr stargate writes: “will there be many different types of aliens encountered during universe, or will this new alien be a frequent encounter for a while?”

Answer: Perhaps a bit of both.

Randomness writes: “Speaking of Daniel, I firmly believe he only followed Rush because he is probably one of few people Jack trusts completely without a shadow of a doubt, so in reality when faced with a possible mole from the Lucian Alliance and are unsure how far it spreads, you’d naturally want your best guy right? Correct me if im wrong Joe.”

Answer: Correct.  Given that someone as high-ranking as Telford was presumably turned, it made sense for Jack to go with one of his most trusted friends.

Freeman writes: “How do you feel about the progress of Stargate Universe and do you think it will out last Stargate Atlantis?

Do you ever that any ideas from your fans and implement them into any of the scripts for the series?”

Answers: 1. Ideally, I’d love to see SGU do five years and equal Atlantis’s run.

2. Nope.

Scary writes: “When the guy drops off Rush, he pulls out a book to read. Was that book OLD MAN’S WAR?”

Answer: Yes, the book was Old Man’s War by SGU Creative Consultant John Scalzi.  I read the book years ago, then lent it to David Hewlett who lent it to Brad who lent it to Paul who lent it to Major Davis who lent it to the guy escorting Telford/Rush.  Presently, the well worn copy is in the hands of the Lucian Alliance.

Tom Jones writes: “I suppose that’s why I like Nanoha; it may have started as a magical girl genre, but it turned into something different, and something I like to see: Girls kicking ass with well-done fights, while still retaining touching emotions. It turned the entire genre on it’s head, by incorporating other genres.”

Answer: You intrigued me enough to try and track it down.  So far, no luck.

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Ahhh, Flake. Great for tossing in the freezer to harden and then “flake” it over and/or into ice cream. Great stuff to snack on even without the ice cream. Looking forward to the stories/reports of the competition.


Nice tasty mailbag. The teasers, hints, and implications of your answers are keeping my interest in SGU stronger than it might otherwise be. One of the strongest aspects of the franchise is its mythmaking ability. Good to see that you folks are actively engaged in continuing to weave those myths into the tapestry already laid out.
Good luck on the contest. Are you taking any measures to get objective judges, or are you trusting in the superiority of your products to overcome any bias that might otherwise be working against you? Anyways, thanks for the promised mailbag, and hope your dinner went well.

Tim Gaffney
Tim Gaffney

In response to the question about retaining your current accent during the body swapping with the stones, in the “Air” novel that came out, there was the scene where Rush uses the stone and goes into Dr. Lee. It says that Gen. O’neill is more accepting of the fact that it is Rush because Rush’s accent comes through even though it is Dr. Lee’s body. I assume this just means that some of the info in the novel is not cannon to the series.


Firstly, Joe…if you really have a ‘headache of epic proportions’, don’t screw around with it – get checked out! Back in 2002 I had such a headache, back before I realized I had high blood pressure. Couldn’t life my head off the pillow, and threw up if I tried to take anything for it even though I didn’t have an upset stomach. I don’t get migranes, so it wasn’t that. It was like…like I had been shot in the head. I didn’t go to the doctor, but now I wish I did because I suspect that mebbe it was a warning of something more serious. So…don’t monkey around – if it doesn’t get better, get it checked out.

And thanks for answering my question. I guess if you just read the first couple issues that means it didn’t captivate you or anything, eh?

Just got back from a day playing ‘tourist’ with Mr. Das. After a little bit of morning gardening, hubby and I went out for a late lunch overlooking the harbor, then this evening went out and played miniature golf at the same place we did the first night we met, back in 1988. After that it was ice cream (soft custard!) on the boardwalk, pinball in the arcade, and a stroll down the boards just enjoying the sound of the waves on the beach, and the moonlight on the water. It was a good day. smile

Have a good night, Joe…take care of that head of yours.



I can’t spell worth shit tonight. razz



Hey, Joe. First, nice choice on Grave of the Fireflies; guaranteed to awe with its excellent imagery and reduce anyone to a puddle of tears – ripe for chocolate and consolation.

Second, if you are looking for Nanoha, try looking up Lyrical Nanoha on Amazon. And Netflix has them available to rent, if you get Netflix up there on the other side of the border…

Third, I hope your headache is better!

Sean D.

Hey Joe,

Have you read all of the sequels to John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” series (“The Ghost Brigades”, “The Last Colony”, “Zoe’s Tale”)? Watcha think of ’em?

What would you recommend starting with from Iain Banks’ collection?

Which author is your favorite – or one of your favorites – as far as it involves inserting humor into the stories?

Anyway, I went to the local bookstore the other day, bought Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War”, and read it in one day. I couldn’t put the book down! GREAT BOOK! I’m picking up “The Ghost Brigades” next. Looking forward to it!

Narelle from Aus
Narelle from Aus

Sympathizing on the headache front. Got to my client on Friday and almost fainted. Very unlike me. How’s your brain functioning? Mine is on fire bad, tree pretty level of operation.

I see you rate Supernatural. I’m finding I’m enjoying SGU for similar reasons to Supernatural. The season arc and more modern soundtrack. SGU just needs a classic car that makes you drool and want to tear across the country in. Any chance in upcoming episodes? No?

Spaceballs has just come on which I haven’t watched since I was a teenager so it’s time for me to get cozy under the blanket and let my brain drain out of my ears.

Hope your headache clears up. Thinking of your Japan trip might help smile


Thanks for all the juicy tidbits Joe! Really looking forward to seeing what comes next. I really must congratulate all the writers on a much better second half on the season. By the end of the first half I was more than ready to take off, but I stuck through, and you guys have delivered. However, this last episode does raise a question.

Everyone is always saying that Destiny is so important, and Rush even said it’s the most important discovery since the Stargate itself. What I fail to understand is why? Sure it may be way out in the universe and all that, but isn’t its technology outdated in terms of the Ancients. Would Atlantis be the most important of all their discoveries as it is the pinnacle of Ancient technology? What makes the Destiny so much more important than Atlantis, and why does the Lucian Alliance want so badly to get to it, when they haven’t made any attempt at Atlantis?

Thanks Joe, and I look forward to next week’s episode!



Thanks for answering my questions…this time and others…your my new favorite SGU Exec Producer smile

I’m going to write this now since I finally remembered the question I was going to ask which I forgot earlier to ask.

Rush and Scott have both had these ‘visions’ of Telford some time after connecting thru him. Young has connected thru Telford as well, but to our knowledge, never had the ‘visions’. Should we read something significant into this?

Also, in the premier, Young has a seizure concurrently in both a dream sequence and in real life. Was he starting to have real seizures before Icarus and this is why he turned down the expedition? Or was the seizure totally related to the blow he took after being ejected thru the gate?


So… are we ever going to see someone make use of the fact that when they use the stones, they’re in a body not their own. I mean, we got to see the paralyzed woman get some time in a healthy body, and that was good, but will this be explored more? It would be neat to see them needing to use an alien body for some purpose or something. Or something where they just absolutely have to have someone who’s physically weak use a body that’s big and tough. Or (since you’re certainly not shy about exploring sexuality on this show), I’m a little surprised that no one has yet swapped bodies with someone of the opposite gender and decided to have some educational sex (since there’s apparently no rule against them using their borrowed bodies for sex, anyway, though there should be).


Actually, I think the true winner of this Ice Cream challenge is whoever gets to eat the ice cream. wink

For those who wants to hear some of SGU’s background music played without voices or noises, search YouTube for the user baloznieks and look through the videos he’s posted. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

@MJP: Wooohooo!! Another person who likes Avatar: The Last Airbender!! Finally, I’m no longer the only one who’s tried to convince Joe to watch it!

Seriously Joe, it’s pretty Awesome. It’s not anime, and it is more geared towards kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s in the same field as, say, Spongebob Squarepants or something (though, Spongebob did have a more mature streak in its earlier years, but I digress). There is pain, there is suffering, there is death, but there is also hope, humor, and triumph. It is a great series.

And hey, the entire series of 61 half-hour episodes is out on DVD, so why not go pick up a copy?


How did Rush know Kiva’s name when he was on the Cargo ship?


Oh, and just in case this matters to you: the Japanese performer Mako Iwamatsu is one of the stars in Avatar: The Last Airbender. In fact, it’s the last thing he did before he passed away from cancer. His character Uncle Iroh was incredible and on at least one occasion his performance was so good that I was in tears. I still can’t watch that scene because of how emotional it was.


Bonjour Joseph!!

ça va bien? Merci pour ces Q/A mais vous n’avez toujours pas mis de photo de vous =(?

Waou!!! Vous allez utliser tout ces ingrédients pour la glace!! Qui vous a appris à les faires? Je voudrai en réaliser vous savez où je pourrai avoir la recette?

Tiens, regardez ça!!

“La Chine invente une voitures volantes”


Lol on dirait un peu un vaisseau Star Wars!

Passez une bonne journée!


Joe, any advice or links to info on adjusting sleep before travel?

I’m heading for Ireland…ohmygosh, is it really only two weeks from today? I’m not used to planning a trip several months in advance.

I’ve mentined that Ronny Cox is going on this tour. I’ll also see him this coming week at Kerrville (TX) Folk Festival. Any messages, gang?


Hey Joe

Funny you should mention your headache. I thought I was the only one that had one of those if I slept in. Almost always happens, enough that I set my alarm to get up even on weekends. Been headache free for quite a while now.


Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Sweet! Thanks for answering my questions…

It’s kinda funny cause at first I was going to ask if Andy was going to direct Resurgence.. But then I thought he would be busy enough editing and working on trial and error, so I changed my guess to will. Lol wink I’m losing my touch at guessing these things. sad

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis


Morning Joe, I hope your headache is better, not stressed over the contest are you? Never known there to be a competition b4, looking forward to hearing the results, rooting for you. How is your weather, is headache related to it, maybe, develop any new allergies? not to ice cream!! Maybe its that extra 5 lbs you say you are carrying, hmmm. When I first saw your line about a headache and b4 I looked at the picture under it, I thought maybe that was headache powders there, glad it was not.(food related-good), Couldn’t imagine that many on the market. I attribute it to tiny screen and foggy morning eyes.
Thanks for the mailbag.
Ivon will have a wonderful time in Japan, glad you have a traveling companion. It is good to go with someone with some prior knowledge(you) of things to do, and maybe some new adventures. I predict Ivon will have a blast.
Enjoy your day and relax a little, have fun at dinner later, maybe the headache will fade away.


You should stick with FMA Brotherhood though Joe, they made a few minor changes to episodes 1 – 13, and cut a few less important things. Basically this series was made to follow the manga, as Episodes 26 onwards of the original series was filler.
Everything after episodes 14 of Brotherhood is new unique material.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I get tons of migraines. If you drink caffeine with your OTC’s (Aleve, Tylenol, etc..) it will make them the drug more effective.

Good luck with ice cream!


Thanks for your answer Joe,

I just want to say, your Dog Maximus is awesome !
Do you want include Maximus in a SGU episode? lol

Tom Jones
Tom Jones

For Nanoha, sparrow_hawk already mentioned amazon, but other online retailers have it, too. Here’s some links to show you what to look for:

Season 1:

Season 2 (A’s):

Don’t let the box art fool you.^^ Season 3 (StrikerS) was never brought over, so the only way to watch it is via streaming online, or import Japanese DVD’s. But it is highly worth it, as Season 3 was very good.

Two fun games you can play: Spot all the car references (many characters are named after cars), and spot all the Gundam and Super Robot Wars shout-outs (a character in the 3rd season is a walking GaoGaiGar shout-out).


Are there any plans to, other than the Lucian Alliance, bring back any unresolved plot elements from SG1 into the show, like The Trust or the search for the Clava Thessara Infinitas?


I’ll put my .02 in on the FMA: Brotherhood series. Now keep in mind I haven’t watched it all yet, but from the first few episodes I’ve seen it’s a bit better, and grittier than the first series. And seems to follow the manga a bit more closely, which in most cases is a plus in my book. Definitley worth checking out.

So you and Mr. Bartok in Japan. Together. Alone. Sounds like it will be a fun and interesting time! Can’t wait for those blog entries!


enjoying the hot weather of the past week grin 30 degrees almost every day mrgreen