10 Things That Freaked Me Out When I Was A Kid:


Oompa Loompas


Bonhomme Carnaval, the unnervingly grinning mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – the entire movie

Winding glass staircases

The Harlem Globetrotters

Those portable “black holes” from the old Warner Bros. cartoons

Tiny Tim


Michelle writes: “Hey, I thought SGU was supposed to be more edgy. I think glossing over the very manly need for a toilet is decidedly non-edgy! The lack of a shower in SGA had to be accounted for in fan fic for 5 years. Don’t do that to us again!”



77 thoughts on “June 30, 2009: The Things That Creeped Me Out As A Child Still Creep Me Out Today.

  1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang creeped me out, too, despite my love for Dick Van Dyke.

    Harlem globetrotters? Really? Why? Too tall?

    LOL! Poor crew! They have communal showers? It’s like middle school all over again.

  2. Okay, is that a communal shower? Yes, I think the fanfic writers can work with that! And right next to a “man hole cover” besides. Bravo, Joe, bravo.

    Got my SGA S5 DVDs today and must thank you for the deleted scenes, especially the one from Whispers featuring the turtles, Jeffrey and Michelle. A lovely scene and my little claim to fame, if I can get my friends and family to believe me, or care. Ha! The S5 DVD set rocks so far, I must say.

    By the way, if I may plug, readers can follow Stargate Solutions at your favorite locale, twitter for news and reviews of the DVDs and lots of other stuff. 🙂

  3. Hey Joe,

    Is this your shortest blog entry in this blog’s history?

    Now we know where Sheppard got his fear of clowns, but I don’t remember him ever mentioning Oompa Loompas. It must be on the cutting room floor somewhere. Oh! Could it be in the deleted scenes of Season 5?

    I can kind of see a theme here – very short people to very tall people to oddly dressed people and people that sing at the drop of a hat. A psychotherapist might be able to help you with these issues. Just a suggestion.

    Have a good night and eat healthy,


  4. – Mime! (No one deserves mime)
    – Clowns
    – Willy Wonka
    – The Wizard of Oz
    – The Skeksis in The Dark Crystal
    – Ventriloquists
    – Punch and Judy shows/Pantomime. There’s that word mime again! Just make that any children’s performer – except for The Wiggles. They don’t seem very Chestery.
    – Clumps of Seaweed
    – The spare room and the hallway leading to it at my Gran’s house.

    The only item on that list that doesn’t still freak me out; Seaweed. Although Gran’s house is gone now so can’t test that one 🙁

  5. Joe,

    Why are the dimensions on the drawing in feet instead of meters? I thought that Canada had gone metric. Drawings of the US highway system have gone metric. Unless, of course, the ‘ sign indicates meters in Canada.


  6. Boy, you must’ve been really busy today… 😉

    Ten random thoughts:

    1. Why are there sofas in the shower room?

    2. Doh! Totally forgot S5 DVD came out today! *facepalm*

    3. NEVER, EVER watch House right in the middle of your own personal medical crisis.

    4. I had a crush on Tiny Tim (the ‘tip-toe through the tulips’ guy) when I was 5 years old. I swear, it was all about the hair.

    5. Clowns also freak me right out – so does Santa Claus, and anyone else in disguise who gets cozy with kids.

    6. I like needles! 😀

    7. The chamomile tea is NOT working…

    8. Halfway though The Metatemporal Detective – loving it! A very fun and entertaining ‘pulpy’ read.

    9. Pic of Mr. Moorcock and Alan Moore at Saturday’s British Library’s ‘The Story of London’ event: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/dasNdanger/mooremoorcock.jpg

    10. @ Michelle – Hey, we still don’t know if Wraith have toilets – let alone showers – so stop yer bellyaching! 😉 Have pity on us poor, depraved deprived Wraith worshippers… *sniffle*

    (Will have to ponder over 10 things that freak me out…)


  7. Would you believe Alice in Wonderland still creeps me out…went to see the film when I was very small and had to be taken out of the theatre because I was crying so much…and it also has given me a fear of falling which I still have…was a real tomboy before that movie!

    Kriss 🙂

  8. LOL there are sofa’s just outside the shower room. Oh lets sit and watch. Anyone else not wanting to take a shower now?

    Chitty Chitty never bothered me but Bed knobs and Broom sticks well that’s just not right.

    Needles still majorly freak me out. I mean pass out and get a concussion from head hitting the floor freak out.

    Tiny Tim not so much even as a child I was fully aware that the christian right had brainwashed him into believing that the world was all shiny. That or his mum and dad had him on some kick butt pain killers. As I recall I said something similar to God bless us all when I was given a pain shot. Then again the same shot did cause me pass out because of the needle being so close to my eye ball so who knows.

  9. Hi Joe!

    I’m in the Czech republic and during a conversation about Anton Yelchin’s bad Chekov accent on top of a good Russian accent, one of my friends mentioned Zalenka from SGA. My question is:
    Do you know what David Nykl is actually saying, or do you just tell him “Curse at McKay in Czech.”?

    Can’t wait for SGU

  10. Well, you won’t like my tribute to Tiny Tim in which his best known songs are played by the Tiny Tim Oompah Loompa Tribute Band, or my horror film featuring clowns with needles for teeth who fly through portable black holes in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang terrorising everyone in their paths.

    The Harlem Globetrotters feature heavily, as you would imagine, as they’re the only ones who can defeat the evil needle toothed clowns, yet they must swallow their pride and pair up with the Munchkins from Munchkin Land for the epic final battle on the winding glass staircase.

    Trailer coming shortly, in the mean time, I’ve got to get those Oompa Loompas to sing in tune. They’re scaring the neighbour cats at the moment..

  11. “Oh you pretty Chitty Bang Bang
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    We love you,
    And our
    Pretty Chitty Bang Bang
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang loves us too
    High low anywhere we go
    On Chitty Chitty we depend…”

  12. I can sorta relate to the things that creeped you out as a kid, and still do.

    Clowns. My equivalent creep-out was Bonzo the Chimp, given what my dad had to say about Reagan. Cyndy Lauper videos were probably in second place.

    Oompa Loompas. *beeps* No data.

    Needles. HAH! Some of the toughest guys drop the quickest. Savvy nurses make use of that knowledge with patients who are obnoxious about eying them up.

    Bonhomme Carnaval, the unnervingly grinning mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival. Sounds like Pierrot. (?) Yeah, creepy.

    Winding glass staircases. Yeah, but Apple’s QuickTime creeps me out more. Plus everybody laughing in sync about pc users having to go to the Start menu to turn off the comp. That’s creepy. But, operating systems that actually work, and don’t catch viruses = very cool.

    The Harlem Globetrotters. They’d be awesome at D&D.

    Those portable “black holes” from the old Warner Bros. cartoons. I think you’re being overly sensitive about black holes.

    Tiny Tim. Ewwwwwwwwww.

    Munchkins . . . and the whole rest of the movie, from my POV. *shudders*

  13. G’day Joe

    I know where I will be stationed on the Destiny. Sitting on the sofa just outside the showers. WhooHoooooooo

    Still no dunny though!!


  14. bonjour Joseph!!

    Vous allez bien?

    Bonne fête national du Canada !!!!

    Lol, moi je ne me souvient pas trop de ce que j’avais peur, mais je suis sur que maintenant c’est du sang..eurk

    Je me doute que vous n’avez pas encore eu le temp de répondre à mon email, mais j’espere que vous n’allez pas l’oublier.

    Merci beaucoup

  15. They go to the toilet IN THE SHOWER? O_O

    Well, I guess most of us guys do at some time or other.

    I’m liking the addition of sofas to the shower room. Is that somewhere for the guys to sit and watch, invisible O’Neill style? 😉

  16. I shared your childhood fears of needles and bonhomme, he was a scary S.O.B. when your 12 and have to stand next to the thing.

    My list would also include;
    The Dragon from Alice in The looking glass, so much that when my parents taped it on VHS, they stopped it and continued recording when the scene was over.
    Staircases with open steps, incase something creepy grabbed me through the stairs.
    Gigantic spiders, I’m talking 5 foot round spiders that don’t really exist….or do they?
    And maybe the dark, although it wasn’t so much as the dark that scared me, but whatever creature could be standing there staring at me.

    And I like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, probably had something to do with the fact that my mother made me watch musicals and anything involving Dick Van Dyke.

  17. Hi Mr M!

    Hmmmm….re: showers….Do ya need the ancient gene to operate them?
    *cue sound of collective groan from writer’s room*

    @PG15: Thank you for your kind comment!

    Best to all!


  18. Pretty comprehensive list, gotta agree on almost all.

    Except the portable black holes…I STILL want one of those!!!

  19. Happy Canada Day!!!!!!

    A lot of Canadian talent goes to the US, was it always your plan to stay and work here in Canada or were you just lucky enough to get work so you stayed?

    Well I I am off to watch a parade and then to a BBQ. : ) It looks like I might get rain on. 😉

  20. Michelle writes: “Hey, I thought SGU was supposed to be more edgy. I think glossing over the very manly need for a toilet is decidedly non-edgy! The lack of a shower in SGA had to be accounted for in fan fic for 5 years. Don’t do that to us again!”

    ‘And there I always assumed that there was an ancient device, that removed the need for an andrex puppy.’

  21. I’m right there with you on Oompa Loompas and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Twisted/freaky/creepy books/movies.

    The design is awesome to see… but why are there sofas in the shower room? If the lack of a shower in SGA had to be accounted for in fan fic I can already guess what’s going to happen with sofas in the shower room in fan fic. 😉

    And still no toilets, but that’s ok I’m used to that in my sci-fi shows. There is no noise in space; there is also no toilets.

    Sad that you won’t be at ComicCon. You didn’t get to go last year either. I was ready with my list of places, that I have discovered while at ComicCon, that have great food.

  22. Okie dokie – lemme see…

    10 Things That Freaked Me Out When I Was A Kid (and still do):

    1. Spiders and daddy long-legs

    2. Santa Claus

    3. Shadows

    4. Creaking hot water pipes and ‘settling’ house noises

    5. Our neighbor’s lilac bush…at night…especially during thunderstorms *shudder*

    6. The Pit and the Pendulum…still.

    7. Deep, dark water (Thanks, Jaws! 😛 )

    8. Lightning

    9. Owl hoots

    10. The tear in my bedroom wallpaper that looked like a face

    I’m sure there’s more… 🙄


  23. Wow. Thats some big shower room!

    My 10 things that creeped me out as a child:

    #10 Ben Cartwright having 3 wives and 3 totally different sons

    #9 the dark

    #8 lightning

    #7 Donny and Marie (creepy yet captivating)

    #6 having to walk home from school and cutting through a large field

    #5 my parents huge 70’s Ford Station Wagon

    #4 peas (vomit inducing)

    #3 the school cafeteria food in the 2nd grade (I can still smell it)

    #2 my grandparents basement (super creepy, but fun! A real treasure trove)

    #1 Creepiest: My grandparents upstairs area they converted into an apartment to rent out. One bedroom, another bedroom made into a living room, a bath, and they put in a large kitchen. The place was haunted. Everytime we visited, no one was living upstairs at the time. My brothers slept up there. I would only go up there with someone – never, EVER, alone. Even the old staircase leading up to it was chilling! Their house appeared in lots of my scary dreams as a child. Crazy spooky.

  24. Haven’t posted in weeks and what do I pick to comment on upon my return – toilets. I’ve read over that “answer” schematic you posted and although there is certainly a lovely multiheaded presumably co-ed shower – complete with sofas (just in case you get sleepy after you take your shower or for convenience if one thing leads to another in that co-ed shower??????) – I fail to see anything resembling a toilet in or near the shower area. Are those two small semi-circles at the lower edge of the plan supposed to be the world’s smallest toilets?

    The thing that still creeps me out from childhood is the “Invisible Monster from the Id” from an old science fiction movie the name of which escapes me at the moment. The new thing that creeps me out now is losing my memory. 😉

  25. I had a teacher at school who looked exactly like Truly Scrumptious – that freaked me out!

  26. Thanks for the building schematics for the shower room.

    May I assume that the presence of a shower room will ensure the viewing audience of actors IN the shower room? *crosses fingers and crosses toes*

    Honestly, the shower room scenes were what kept me initially watching Battlestar Gallactica. And yes, I am shameless, BUT I do represent a strong viewer demographic!!

  27. Your list is fairly similar to mine. Have you ever visited Kindertrauma?. 😉

  28. I agree with the Tiny Tim, still shivers me today..no,,no needles, hated pills too..having to crush them up in spoon with water, gag,yuck.. covered my ears when the baddddd part of the movie was coming on,, otherwise I am pretty well-adjusted,,hahahhahah.. 😈

  29. The wicked witch from the west in the Wizard of Oz always freaked me out. And I don’t know of any kid that likes clowns.

    In regards to Michelle’s comment on the showers in Atlantis… I too have wondered about that, but didn’t Ronan mention something about it in season 5 – he and Teyla were walking in the woods somewhere, it was after she had the baby, and Ronan asked how Cannan (? sp) was adjusting, then he said something to the effect that the showers were something he had to get used to. Then I remember thinking, ok there are showers in Atlantis. I could have dreamed the whole scene…

  30. Hey! Cool looking shower area. May I have the SGU build team install one in my house? Um, I wouldn’t require quite that many “radial nexus corridors”.
    I also wouldn’t need a manhole cover/drain. Last thing I need is someone popping up out of a drain to say “Hallo” whilst being naked and wet. Wait a minute… no, no, no. Don’t go there.

    Fog drain? Methinks something creepy will occur in this shower during “Faith”. Hm-m-m… foggy, vision obscured, perhaps a shrill scream from some unsuspecting team member.

    Happy hiatus to the SGU team! Return refreshed, recharged and bursting with creative juices.

    Carol in NJ
    …still holding out on turning on the air conditioning, so am sweltering in unusually hot northeastern weather, along with enough rain for multiple generations of grass mold to grow layer upon layer upon layer.

  31. 10 Things That Freaked Out (Joe) When A Kid:

    1) Clowns — nope

    2) Oompa Loompas — do not know what this is.

    3) Needles — nope

    4) Bonhomme Carnaval, the unnervingly grinning mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival — I’m not Canadian, so wouldn’t know

    5) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – the entire movie — never saw it

    6) Winding glass staircases — AGREED – expand to ANY spiral staircase, glass or otherwise; remember “House on Haunted Hill”?

    7) The Harlem Globetrotters — nope

    8) Those portable “black holes” from the old Warner Bros. cartoons — don’t remember ths

    9) Tiny Tim — ew-w-w-w-w-wwwwww…
    10) Munchkins — nope

    Adding to above:
    11) movie “The Crawling Eye” with scene of man sliced in half by closing iris doorway
    12) movie “Forbidden Planet” with the “ID” invisible monster and sound effects
    13) any spider, beetle, worm, wasp, deer fly, etc.
    14) movie with radiation spewing sea monster terrorizing the city; just one sprayed breath and you were instantly radiation crisped
    15) my older brother’s enamel stove glowing red with fierce heat

    Carol in NJ

  32. Oompa Loopas! Hell, the entire Willy Wonka freaked me out. If I had the ability to erase selective portions of my memory, I think that’d be among the first to go.

    AND…I have my Atlantis Season 5 DVD, thankyouverymuch! Which means I can erase the fifteen or so episodes I had lingering around on my DVR. Now, which featurette to start with?

  33. I’ve got it!!!!! SOFA TOILETS!!! 😀

    And it’s a three-seater, too! Just pick a cushion! 🙂

    @ Carol in NJ – I just turned on the AC today – trying to dry the house out a bit since we’ve had morning t’storms. Everything just feels…damp. 😛


  34. Hmmm! So in “Faith”, there will be showers. Interesting! Let’s pray that Norman Bates doesn’t show up.

  35. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang *is* a creepy movie, but I still like it. I think I actually found it more creepy as a kid. The Phantom Tollbooth, however–now *that* movie creeps me the heck out.

  36. OK, can’t resist…

    RE: Oompa Loompas:

    In College, there were girls who (shall we say) applied a little TOO much foundation make-up (the orange stuff). These tended to be girls who also were a little liberal with the hair dye. Those, (shall we say) less charitable amongst the guys, called them Oompa Loompas.

    At the end of a perhaps amorous encounter (in those far-off halcyon days/nights) where love could be found in the late-night clubs of Cork City, with such stellar contemporary names such as Gorby’s (this gives away my age)…a guy might find his crisp white shirt (think Riverdance) covered in this amorphous orange goop…leading to a chorus of finger pointing and chorus of:

    You’ve been Oompa Loompa’d

    Which (come to think of it) sounds a lot more provocative than it really was…

    Anyhoo, back to work for me!

    Best to all


  37. Ha,
    The shortest entry, most random, and funniest entry yet. Your awesome.

    My B-days tomorrow, just a reminder, I probably won’t be able to log on tomorrow cause we will be driving most of the day so this is as close as I can get. 🙁

    So a few questions.

  38. Je me demande bien, ce que vous faite aujourd’hui, étant la fête national vous ne devez pas travaillez je pense^^!

    si vous avez 1 min, n’oubliez pas mon email^^…je sais je suis chiante lol

  39. Happy Canada Joe,
    Hope you have a delicious day. Celebrations MUST involve food, no??????
    Loving SGA season 5. Seen 3 episodes so far. Now must wait to take my sister back to her group home to see more. Do you know how hard it is to watch Lawrence Welk (her favourite show, recorded from Public Broadcasting) when you have an entire season of SGA waiting to be seen.

    Hey Joe, will SGU been shown on M channel in Canada like SGA and Sactuary? I don’t get the channel yet, but if SGU will be on it I’ll get it.

  40. Joe, I agree with you on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. There was something…not…quite…right with that movie. Love Dick Van Dyke, but maybe he was miscast. Just can’t put my finger on it, but seeing it once was enough.

  41. @ Shirt’n’Tie: Have to say, your story definitely made me laugh. Pretty hard actually.
    And I meant to say earlier, I found your story about Dads very touching… It’s one of those things that really stays with you, isn’t it?

    RE: 10 Things that Freak You Out

    I’ve been trying to figure out my own list of things that creeped me out as a child, and the only things I can come up with are:

    1) Spiders (Still freak the hell out of me, even though I know it’s totally illogical. Even though I know I’m not alone in this fear…)

    2) Jurassic Park (First time I saw the movie I think I was about 5 or 6 and I had nightmares for months)

    3) Mosquitos (enough said. And I’m the one who *always* gets bitten. I can be in a group of 30 and I’ll be the only one the next day with bites :P)

    4)Beast (from Beauty and the Beast).

    This last one I actually learned about from a family friend who took us to the movie when I was about 3 or so, and apparently I spent the whole movie in her lap ’cause I was so scared of the Beast.

    Oh! Just remembered another one:
    5) Titanic
    I made my mom take me to the movie when I was in grade 3 even though she told me I wouldn’t like it (all my friends had seen it). I was so disturbed by the ship hitting the iceberg that we had to leave the theatre. I didn’t end up actually sitting through the movie until about 8 years later, and to this day I cannot see what so many people liked about the movie.

  42. I’m with you on the clowns. When I was 5 my parents took me to a parade and a clown came right over to me and tried to make me laugh. The more I cried the more he paid attention to me. Jerk. My dad had to finally threaten the guy before he left.

    Another fear: spiders. All those furry legs and beady
    eyes. (Shivers)

    Happy Canada day Joe!!!

  43. Oh, and the things that scared me most as a kid were:

    1) Ghostbusters. The library ghost made me run out the room crying to mum. I refused to go back in the living room until the tape was switched off.

    2) Battlestar Galactica. Had a nightmare in which Cylons stepped out the curtains and starting singing Christmas carols. Went right off the TV show. New Ron Moore version does not cause the shakes and shivers, thank goodness.

  44. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? (yes the MOVIE *was* creepy )Certainly not the book! Ian Fleming’s only childrens book… though I must say I always wondered if Mr. Bond perhaps absented himself in case of a paternity test…..

    Clowns, Needles, Flying Monkeys (Wizard of Oz), rope bridges, all childhood fears that remain… adulthood add Boobah’s and Teletubbies…..

  45. “Forbidden Planet” That was it! Thanks 2cats! I had nightmares about that one for weeks when I was a kid and it still bothers me when I watch it. Especially the scenes where it is trying to bash its way through the door and the footprints appearing in the dust.

    *sigh* shower scenes. fanservice.

  46. Gotta agree with the list. Who actually wasn’t afraid of clowns?

    Have to add Ronald MacDonald, the Burger King (creepiest still) and Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.

    The thing that scared me the most when I was a kid was reading Poe’s Telltale Heart for the first time. It still creeps me.

  47. Would that fear of The Harlem Globetrotters be a fear of the live ones, the animated ones, or both?

    Cuz the animated versions from the “Scooby Doo meets …” seasons creeped me out. But then most of the pair ups. Especially that one time Davy Jones from The Monkees was on it and he sang a song as they ran around from the ghosts.

    Would the following be a worst-case scenario for you or a way of breaking the cycle?

    On a mission to solve a mystery, The Harlem Globetrotters head to the Quebec Winter Carnival and team up with Bonhomme Carnaval. While on the case, they encounter Oompa Loompas singing songs from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, poking people with needles and injecting them with a substance that causes them immediately run to the nearest glass staircase dressed as clowns. In order to stop the evil Oompa Loompas, the Harlem Globetrotters and Bonhomme must bring back the ancient art of portable black holes. Unbeknownest to them, Tiny Tim – the Tiptoer Through the Tulips – has his own dasterdly plans involving the portable black holes and bringing the animated version of the Globetrotters from the “other side.”

  48. 10 things that freaked me out (and continue to do so):

    1. Meatballs with a mind of their own (Barney episode with runaway meatball – I’d run through the house screaming “Meatball! Meatball!”)
    2. Centipedes (too many legs!)
    3. The Wizard of Oz (I can’t watch that movie *shudder*)
    4. Anything having to do with eyes (eyes popping out, touching eyes, eye infections, foreign objects in eyes)
    5. Vomit (seems so unnatural to have your food come back up out of your mouth *gag*)
    6. Trash (specifically when people take objects out of the trash – trash is dirty, don’t touch it!)

    I can’t think of anything else..I know there’s more, but I’m drawing a blank.

  49. What creeped me out as a child…and may still today…

    1. The Wicked Witch … The rest of Oz I could handle.

    2. Lightning and thunder, until my sis explained “God’s fireworks”.

    3. Bees and wasps … Bad experience with a disturbed hive when I was toddling, according to family.

    4. Slimy things…runny eggs, okra, mud, worms…

    5. Extreme heights, unless I’m in a passenger jet.

    6. Turbulence, in any aircraft

    7. Aircraft whistling overhead, during the early 1960’s, due to the Cuban Missile Crisis

    8. Going downstairs in the dark to make sure we’d locked the doors at my childhood home

    9. The feeling of my feet slipping out from under me on ice, skis, roller skates, etc.

    10. Jello in grade-school lunches: the boys always did something gross with theirs; also see “slimy” above.

  50. Why is everyone hating on the sofa?? I would be on that sofa all day if Alaina Huffman and Elyse Levesque were using those showers, and so would everyone else!!
    I will be quite honest, I enjoy shower scenes…..not those ones. But the tasteful ones, that have poignant conversations in a private place. One of my favorite was Starship Troopers, they all talked about why they had joined the military and what they hoped to get out of it. Probably just a scene the writers had planned for gratuitous topless women, but it worked out to be one of the best scenes in the movie.

    Anyways, Happy Canada Day Joe. I’m off to Cloverdale to see Bif Naked and 54-40, I was also surprised to hear they were still together, let alone still alive!

  51. Okay, so Pierrot is the sad clown, and doesn’t seem creepy to me, while Bonhomme Carnaval . . . Checked out some images, and I don’t think I’d like to have that face (and hair) imprinted on my mind.

    I also don’t think I could blog and work on a beat sheet on the same day, right before hiatus. Hope it’s going all right.

  52. Hi Joe,

    Yesterday I had to rush off and get the season 5 DVDs. First thing that I did was watch the special features. The whole thing was wonderful. Though I was saddened to see that there was no making of documentary or commentary for The Shrine. Oh well I guess the secrets to such great work shouldn’t be revealed. Anyways I stayed up way too late watching all of the special features which has caused me to be quite tired at work today. Thank you for a great season of television.

    Oh and adding to the discussion:


    Jerusalem Crickets

    Mosquitoes (I’m rarely bitten, it’s the buzzing that makes me freak)
    Clumps of seaweed

    That weird character from Rocky Horror Picture Show (actually I don’t get that movie, but the character is still creepy)

    Large amounts of festooned plant life (that’s where the spiders reside of course)

    Gray Aliens (except those wonderful Asgard on Stargate, they don’t have that creepy blank stare)

  53. 10 Things That Freaked Me Out When I Was A Kid:

    1. Doctors
    2. Night time
    3. Elevators
    4. Swimming Pools – #1 reason why I can’t swim
    5. Large Dogs
    6. Riding in my older brothers car
    7. School Principal
    8. Snakes
    9. Storms
    10. Alice Cooper – my brother would listen to him all the time when I was a child. For a many years I had nightmares about him.

    In regards to the restrooms and showers in Altantis. When I created my own version of Altantis for the PC game Sims 2, I had to add several in this building:

  54. What about Dr. Seuss? Scared me to death as a kid. Didn’t much enjoy reading any of it to my kids, and they loved it. Alice in Wonderland scared the crap out of me, as well.

    Hiya Joe, really nice watching Season 5 again (not done, although must admit I watched the last DVD first and LOVED it all over again). Can’t wait for SGU 🙂

    @Das: Going to witch endo tomorrow, betcha I won’t have an endo by 11 a.m. because I ask too many questions. She’s already hinted at it, so we’ll see. Like I wanna be there, anyway. Problem is, in this small town, they’re all best friends, so going to another is not going to help. Arrrggghhh.

  55. If you’re giving SGU an actual shower room, I hope this means you’ll also give us hard bodies showering.

    Things that creep me out? You don’t want to know, and it’s none of the things you listed.

  56. Ah, something else that has always freaked me out: Leatherjackets. At least that’s what we always called them… They look like either gigantic mosquitos, or Daddy-Longlegs with wings. Either image is enough to just give me the shivers. And they become rather more abundant with summer (shudder)

  57. ok ten things that freak me out:

    not in any particular order:

    – Stewie from family guy
    – Airplane crashes
    – dreaming that i’m running naked in public
    – the scary dude from Candyman
    – Hairy women
    – Skydiving
    – Deep ocean swimming
    – Spiders
    – Snakes
    – No Mailbag from Joe’s blog

  58. I.
    Don’t we all have something we are scared of?
    I always was and still am afraid, almost deadly so, of spiders and creeping creatures with more than 4 legs… and of flying! D:

    I bet I’m not the first to say that, but…. Sofas!? -In the Shower Room!?
    You have got to be kidding me, right?

  59. @ Deni – I wish you the best, luv! I just got a call this evening from my doc – CAT scan scheduled for Friday afternoon. Woo! I hope it reveals nothing other than the fact that I’m a worrywart. 😛

    @ Nadine – As I understand it, ‘Leatherjackets’ are Crane Flies – and are also sometimes referred to as ‘Daddy Long-legs’.

    What we call ‘Daddy Long-legs’ are really ‘Harvestmen’, and though they are arachnids, they are not true spiders, and are not related to the aforementioned crane fly, or the cellar spider, which looks very similar (and lives all over the place in my office! ACK!!!!).

    There. Creepy-crawly lesson for the day. 🙂


  60. @Das: You know, I think I’d heard that Daddy-Long Legs (i.e. the “spider) weren’t actually arachnids.. Something about only having 6 legs.. Doesn’t make them any less freaky. And the flying ones (whatever they’re called) are like the bastard child of a spider and a mosquito (shudder). Thank god they can’t bite you.
    In the house we used to live in, we had trouble with Wolf Spiders. They’re those huge hairy black/brown spiders. They used to hide up under the ledges of stairs so you never knew if you were stepping down onto a stair where there was one, and you could see them when you climbed up… Ewww..

    Oh, something I find just gross, rather than freaky, is fish skin. I’m not the least bit queasy, but for some reason (cooked) fish skin is just so icky.

  61. Hi Joe,

    My childhood freakouts were:

    That freckled face kid on the cover of “Mad Magazine” always made me shudder.

    I also agree about Willie Wonka.

    Also the scene in “Wizard of Oz” when they remove the ruby slippers off the the feet of the Wicked Witch of the East and her striped socks curl up under the house…eek!

  62. The musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is now playing here in Dallas. Perhaps when you lost that bet, this would have been the optimal choice of musical for you to attend. Drat the timing and venue distance.

  63. *shudder*… marionettes too!

    Remember the one in “Poltergeist”? Still can’t watch that bit.

  64. But, but, but . . . since when do you take a holiday from your blog?

    You haven’t been kidnapped again, have you?

  65. Something that creeped me out as a little kid:

    Hari Krishnas – the noise and incense – When we’d be in the city and I’d hear the music I’d get scared. Hey I was a little kid!

    Love the design for the shower room. Looking forward to those shower scenes. Anything psychoesque?

    Hey, I got my Season 5 DVD. Actually B&N stuffed up and sent me 2 copies (only charged me for 1). Cool! I have contacted them to let them know and asked if I could keep it ‘cos I don’t want to incur any expense. I’ll give it to my boss as a present.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Are you OK? Do you think you’re becoming too predictable? Hope it’s just regular life stuff, not anything bad like you’re lost in the wilderness with no laptop or cell and you have to eat bugs and drink pee and build a raft out of branches only to find that the vine you used to tie it all together wasn’t quite strong enough and you got thoroughly drenched.

  66. Things that creeped me out as a kid:
    Ventriloquist dummys (yuck)
    Darkness and cold combined (don’t ask)
    The music that played when the Blob was eating someone
    George Kennedy in Cool Hand Luke (ewwww)

    Hey, forgive me if you have already answered this but what is the start date for SGU?? I’m have Stargate withdrawl. Cheers!

  67. Just catching up on Joe’s blogs after a few days in hospital!

    Hmmm Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…Joe did this begin your hatred for musical theatre??

    And ditto to the sofa’s in the showers!

    My Freak Outs as a kid were due to the following;

    – Clowns (and do so to this day)

    – ET used to freak me…luckily I outgrew it

    – Scary Rides…

    – Mama and Jake Fretelli from The Goonies – So when Robert Davi played Kolya in SGA…I was glad the baddie connotations remained 😉

    – Gremlins…I forced my brother to take me to see it at the pictures, when I was abt 7, as I thought it was going to be a sweet movie about teddy bears….it traumatised me…I didn’t want to put my feet down in the cinema and would not stay on the floor for at least 2 weeks following…I’d run from my bed to the kitchen bench and have to get under the bench checked for monsters before I’d put my legs down again.

    – Blood Bath in the House of Death – crappy B grade horror movie where at the end blood comes out of all the faucets, up the toilet, out the showerhead, etc (watched at one of my brothers birthday parties, I think I was about 9ish)…freaked me….but worse was afterwards, mum told me to go to the bathroom and I went into the toilet, lifted the lid and started screaming…mum had put cochineal (red food dye) into the toilet…

    – Poltergeist….couldn’t get past the tree after mum scared the crap out of me and my friend at that point (we were both aged abt 10) …(my mum is really a lovely person!!)

    – Volcanoes (even though there are none where I live)

    – Cabbage Patch Dolls…they were/are possessed

    – Dame Slap the horrible schoolteacher in the Land of Dame Slap at the top of the Faraway tree. (I can’t believe how these books have since been politically corrected so instead of Jo, Bessie, Fanny and Dick, they are now Jo Beth, Franny and Rick!! What The!??)

  68. Hey Joe,

    How about what freaks you out now? Allie, MY daughter, just passed her learner’s permit test! 😯 That means there is another crazy Florida driver out on the roads!

    And to all my fellow Floridians: You’ve been warned. 😈

    Holy Student Driver BATMAN!!! I wonder how much it will cost to get more insurance…


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