“Hey,”said Ashleigh as I walked by her office this afternoon, stopping me in mid-stride. “I shredded those documents.”
“What?”I asked.

“Those documents you dropped off this morning and asked me to shred,”she sunnily informed me. 

“You mean ‘sent’,”I corrected her. “You ‘sent’ those documents.”

“No, no,”she casually shook her head and leaned back in her chair, just a hint of smile on her lips. “I’m sure you said ‘shred’.”

“No, I’m pretty sure I said send. Why would I give you a buckslip with my accountant’s name and address on it, paperclip it to a bunch of documents, and ask you to shred them?”

She shrugged, not the least perturbed, and murmured “I don’t know.” as if to imply “Hey, what’re you getting all annoyed at me for. You’re the one who wanted the documents shredded.”

Anyhoo, so long as the documents eventually found their way to my accountant, shredded or otherwise, I’m okay with it.

Well, the ball’s in my court. Paul handed off the Atlantis script, halfway completed, and it falls on me to finish the job. Tomorrow, I’ll re-read the outline, read what we have so far, and get to work. It’ll certainly be interesting shifting back into Atlantis mode.

Oh, hey, so I’ve picked up a slew of comic book titles over the past week and a half and am trying to get in a good 5-6 issues a night. The plan is to continue following the titles that hook my interest and drop the titles that fail to wow me. So far, not so much wow. Quite a few underwhelming entries and a few fence-straddlers that I’m willing to give another shot to impress. There are a couple I’ve found intriguing but have proven a bit overwhelming in terms of backstory and developments. I thought Hawkeye was dead. Who’s the new Captain America? When did Mockingbird make a return to the Marvel Universe? What happened to Max Mercury? I’m assuming Impulse is Kid Flash? If so, why the hell change to a lamer, younger name? The last time I checked in on Hal Jordan, he was the Spectre. What gives? And again to all you comic regulars out there, if you had to choose your three favorite titles presently being published, what would they be?

Some Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? discussion –

Dasndanger writes: “Anyway…what didn’t I like about Walker? What did I find prickish? Well, yes – his reaction to Deena invading his privacy.”

Answer: Really? I thought he was perfectly justified. How would you have reacted in a similar situation? Wouldn’t you be upset?

Dasndager also writes: “It was the flow of her dialogue…it flowed like an adult’s, not like that of a child her age. (Granted, I do know a couple kids that age who speak like adults, but it sounds just as unnatural on them as it did on her.) It was the stuff at the beginning – later in the book her dialogue flowed a bit better. So, it’s not necessarily WHAT she said, but how she said it, that didn’t work for me at the start.”

Answer: I thought her dialogue and, in particular, her metafictional soliloquy on the almost rough, comic-book quality of the people in her world hinted to the fact that she was more than just some cute kid.

Dasndanger also writes: “Do I pick up every single book and get the whole story, or do I sacrifice the ones I don’t normally read, and then, HOW THE HELL DO YOU FILE THESE THINGS???!”

Answer: If the crossover story is intriguing enough, I’ll pick up the other titles (and you’d file them by title, not story, although if you don‘t normally pick up those other titles, you can file those single issues within the body of the title you do collect.). If it doesn’t hold my interest, that will usually deep-six my interest in following any related title including the one I happen to be reading.

Hey, last chance to submit those questions for author Brian Michael Bendis!

Today’s pics: Some early shots of Destiny under construction in Stage 4.

Today’s video: Ashleigh reveals how much she is enjoying working with me. Alas, I experienced some technical difficulties and accidentally cut her off, but I can assure you it was all good.

Today’s entry is dedicated to AV Eddy’s buddy Simon.


Davidd writes: “Joe, I wanted to know what you think of the Vancouver Film School……good? Not-so-good?”

Answer: I’ve heard good things about it.

Ytimyona writes: “Any chance Fire might turn into a 90 minute episode? If it’s a tight script, why not? I hate to see significant parts of the story disappear because of a time limit! If all 20 minutes end up being cut, any chance it’ll be put on the special features of the DVD (like with Morpheus in SG-1)?”

Answer: We’re looking at all possibilities. Like I said, the episode is pretty damn tight and even feels like it’s missing a couple of scenes and sequences I would love to see.

Bailey writes: “You haven’t sold me yet on there actually being an SGA movie, but keep trying!”

Anwer: Actually, I’m not trying to sell you on anything. I’m just relaying where things stand. If I knew the movie was dead, I’d say so. What’s to be gained from keeping everyone in the dark if it isn’t going to happen? I realize there’s a big negative vibe out there and I understand where it’s coming from but from where I’m sitting and given what I know, I’m not at all worried.

Nathaniel writes: “Since you kind of started talking about it a little in this post could you please explain why the different series are “run” by different production houses?”

Answer: SGU, SG-1 and Atlantis are three different productions made up of very different elements in terms of cast, crew, and innumerable other elements – so it make sense that their operations will be separate. Although they’re all part of the franchise, and many of the players are similar (ie. studio and network), they are individual entities.

Nathaniel also writes: “To me this seems a horribly hard way to secure funding. Instead of being the production company that brought you SG-1 (aka a proven track record) your a whole new company.”

Answer: No, the main players remain consistent, specifically the creative and the studio.

My Initials Are RDA Too writes: “It made me wonder if there was a chance of having Joel on a Q&A someday?”

Answer: We already did a Q&A. Questions were sent his way but Joel’s been quite busy of late, working on a little show called Universe. Still, I’m sure his responses will eventually make their way here. This blog aint going anywhere. That I know of.

Daniel Willis writes: “Do you know if work experience has been allowed in the past? I only ask because I wonder if it would be allowed in season 2.”

Answer: Most of the crew has been with us since the start of SG-1. We doubled our personnel when we ran both shows side by side, then collapsed that group into one again for Atlantis’s last three seasons. The new faces we are bringing in for universe have been writers, directors, DP’s and the like. This franchise is a particularly tough nut to crack for entry-level positions given that the people already on staff have a wealth of experience seasoned by many, many years in the Stargate trenches.

JJ writes: “Lou Diamond Phillips also directed his new film Love Takes Wing.
So will he direct an episode of SGU?”

Answer: No plans for Lou to direct an episode at present.

Dasndanger writes: “Me? Well, I’m simple and you know what would make me happy…but not so sure the others will be as easily satisfied. You’ve got a challenge ahead of you, that’s for sure.”

Answer: Well, regardless of how easy you are to please, I have a feeling you’ll especially enjoy the movie.

ChelleDeBoer writes: “Do you have any special or unique family traditions for Easter??”

Answer: Alas, I won’t be in Montreal this Easter but will be celebrating here in Vancouver. The dogs are especially looking forward to the big feast.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “I don’t know anything about Iron Man and Giant Man, but I could probably find out for you.”

Answer: I believe Iron Man killed him (accidentally?) during Civil War.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Re: the short story… how did our hero get out of the room?”

Answer: He was never in a room. I was drawing a parallel between being stuck on a scene as a writer and being stuck in a room as a gamer.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Will Andy be directing Life?

2. I just found out there will be gay characters on SGU. Will the fact that they are gay come up in the story often or will it be an every few episode occurrence.

3. Will Richard Woosley make an guest appearance in Universe?

4. Will Universe have a lot of straight out relationships or will it be subtle like in Sg-1 and Atlantis?”

Answers: 1. No.

2. I’m not sure what you mean by “often”. The story dictates the degree of a given character’s (be he/she blond, left-handeded, gay, or walks with a limp) involvement in an episode. However, if you’re asking whether their sexuality is going to be the focus of every scene they appear in – then the answer is no.

3. Not as of yet.

4. Given their situation – stuck together, stranded on a ship with no seeming hope of getting hope – it makes sense that relationships will develop.



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Craig MD
Craig MD

To answer some of your comic book questions:

The new Captain America is actually Bucky Barnes, the original Cap’s sidekick who was believed to have been killed in WWII.

Green Lantern: Rebirth showed that Hal Jordan had (years prior) been possessed by the Parallax entity (which was living in the central power battery on Oa, given GL rings a weakness to yellow, the color of fear). Parallax and the Spectre clashed inside Hal who eventually made his way free of both and became Green Lantern again. The new Spectre is dead cop called Crispus Allen.

Max Mercury was possessed by an evil speedster named Rival (an old enemy of Jay Garrick) and disappeared into the Speed Force. Impulse (Bart Allen) was shot in the knee by Deathstroke in issue #1 of the current Teen Titans series (currently at issue #70 I think) and became Kid Flash after knee surgery. Since then he disappeared into the Speed Force, became the new adult Flash (after Wally West disappeared) and died, only to be brought back to life (as Kid Flash again) by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Confusing, ain’t it?

Now a question of my own: given the run time on Fire, who makes the ultimate decisions as to what gets cut and what stays? Robert? Brad? Or someone else?

Deni B.

@Das: See? smile


So, Joe…you trying to bribe me?? If so, it might just work… wink

I REALLY must go home, but to answer one question – Captain America is Bucky.

Also, the thing about Walker being upset with Deena – I get why he was upset, etc…but that wasn’t why I thought he was…ya know…it was more his hot-headedness over everything. Of course, if you’ve read more than the first book, then you may have a perspective of the character I do not yet possess. But I’ll get back to you with more…brain is rushing out the door, while body still sitting here, pecking away at the keyboard… razz

And I’ll get back to you on my three fav titles…but it might be easier if you tell me which ones are falling flat to you, and what – exactly – you’re looking for in a book, then I won’t recommend something you’ve already written off as crap.

Ack! Really gotta go…but *smooches* for the reassurance! smile Maybe now I won’t hide like a coward (as I had planned), waiting for internet feedback from folks much braver than me before I dared to watch…

I am such a big baby sometimes. grin

ACK! The time!!! Ciao!



Hi Joe,
Thank you for responding to me.
I am cynical by nature, so forgive me for carrying that through to the SGA movie.
I certainly hope and even pray that it will be made, as I am a SGA fan first and foremost, and everything else Stargate is just of minor passing interest to me.
I will keep coming back to your blog for further news, and wish you all the success in the world with your new ventures. smile
Happy Easter!

G. Hughes
G. Hughes

Hey Joe, I enjoy your site and just wanted to take a sec and congratulate you on your Leo nomination.



Pictures of the Destiny set which don’t exactly tell much except that the ship won’t be colored pink with purple dots (sigh of relief), Keep em coming razz


Expanding on the relationship question, I just realized the only openly expressed romantic relationship between two main characters in either Stargate series was Rodney and Jennifer. Will there be any main character relationships to that degree aboard the Destiny?


Hmmmmm, and I wonder why in the world you accidentally cut off Ashleigh’s comments. LOL!! could be she really did think you said SHRED!! close sounding phonetically.. Thanks for the ship building pictures, Ah progress!
Have a great day!


Ashleigh seems to have figured you out quite well. That didn’t take long. Either she is really good or ….. she’s probably just really good.


It’s nice to see that you get along so well with your staff!

Thanks for the update on what’s going on in the wonderful world of StarGate.

Sorry, but I have nothing to contribute to the comic book discussion, but it looks like there are plenty of very knowledgeable people here on the blog. I’ll just watch quietly from over here.

The whole sexual orientation and its role in SG:U brought an odd thought to mind. Joe, have you ever read Ursula LeGuin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness”?

Deni B.

Gosh, I forgot, Happy Easter and Passover to all!

@Das: Todd would have you for lunch, darlin’, you’re way to easy when it comes to him smile

Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis

Sorry to keep bugging you!! Now I feel bad!

I dont know if “work experience” means the same as it does here… Basically what I am thinking is a week/2 weeks experience with maybe the locations or art department etc… Nothing paid, but just to get some experience behind my belt. I would be willing to help out in the offices – anything!!

Promise this will be my last comment regarding this! Thanks heaps for answering my previous questions.



@ Deni B. – No worries about me and Todd. I’d bring along snacks! grin


Yeah…I wouldn’t stand a chance… razz



Recent news posting at Gateworld about the greenlit SG-1 movie has some quotes from RDA’s website. I believe he calls the food eaten at the SGU dinner ‘mediocre’.

Did you guys go to Fuel for that? And if so, doesn’t that make RDA’s comments somewhat of a challenge for you? Maybe when they’re filming the SG-1 movie you can kidnap him and take him to a 30 course meal or something to convince him otherwise.

Also, not directly related to that, if the SGC sets have been taken down (*sniff* I always wanted to walk through those), will they have to rebuild them for the SG-1 movie? Or has that not even been considered yet.


Possibly covered before, but does SGU have any military advisors on set?


Now that the Icarus base set takes the place of the previous SGC will it also take that place in the show? by which I mean is Icarus below the depths of Cheyenne mountain?

AV eddy

Hi Joe!

Thank you for the blog dedication. It means a lot.

Thanks also to ytimynona, PB Mom (cool story about your dog and your son), ShiningWit, Deni B., dasNdanger (agreed about Calista), Narelle, and all of the anonymous well-wishes. I can tell you he is feeling better today and only got me up once last night, so I truly believe you have helped.

Now, to put this in perspective, he’s 10 yrs old, just went blind in one eye, is on insulin, and can’t walk a block and back w/o stopping a lot, but he’s eating better and has more energy today. Thanks everyone! smile smile

Chelle, I hope this Easter is as happy and peaceful as can be.

Anne Teldy, peace and health, eh? I understand how much a MRSA can take out of a person, so I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

I hope Ashleigh works at the studio a long, long time. She rocks!!! grin

Thanks, Joe, for the early Destiny pics. It’ll be interesting to compare those to the finished videos/pics we’ll see in the future.

Have a lovely night, everyone!



Okay…lemme see… Hawkeye was resurrected when reality was restored to normal after House of M. He later joined the New Avengers as Ronin, and is still with the New Avengers, as himself, and as their leader. Bullseye is ‘Hawkeye’ on the Dark Avengers team. Mockingbird is found as a Skrull captive and returns to earth during the Secret Invasion event that just finished. At least, I think that’s how that all goes. She still wants to dump Clint, though.

Oh…damn. Can I just say that LIFE is the best freakin’ show on tv right now? Whoa…good stuff.

Joe…getting back to the whole thing between Walker and Deena. I really don’t know how I would have reacted in a similar situation…I’m not that private of a person, ifyouhaven’tnoticedbynow. razz However…if somebody say…repositioned all the action figures on my desk… there would be hell to pay!

“(and you’d file them by title, not story, although if you don‘t normally pick up those other titles, you can file those single issues within the body of the title you do collect.).”

Okay. You win the ‘who can out-geek who’ contest! grin Aaaand…I’m guessing you have a very neat sock drawer.

I wish I could play more – but I gotta run…again…


Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Thanks for the pics and for answering my questions.
So are you saying that you will write the second half of the Atlantis movie?

Happy Easter,
Major D. Davis


Hey Joe, have you seen the promo video from SciFi? There were a few new scenes of Universe in there and there’s a debate going on over at Gateworld on whether or not the gateroom we see in the video’s actually the SGC or Icarus Base.

Wonder if you can clarify that for us?



How long do you think it will be before somebody comes up with a giant turkey that brings presents on Thanksgiving?


Guh…tonight has just been a mess. Missed Tyler McClendon – he had stopped by the WDC at Gateworld earlier, and I wasn’t over there. Bummer. I wanted to ask him about Watchmen. Oh well…hopefully he’ll be back. I should be in bed, big day tomorrow – but I’m still running around like a head with my chicken chopped off. razz

So…where were we? Oh, Calista. In retrospect, yes…I can see how much of what she said related to the fact that she was something more than what she appeared to be. However…like I said, I see that in retrospect. But as I was advancing through the book, it was a bit like speed bumps in an otherwise smooth story.

That said, I talked to my comic book guy tonight, about this book. He shed some light on a few things, including some things about Walker that might tempt me to read further into the series. The guy loves Powers – in fact, I called him to see if there were any books he could recommend to a ‘professional writer’, and the very first one he mentioned was Powers. Go figger. wink

Of course, I have a whole boatload of stuff to get through before I dive into anything new…including the rest of the Elric books. I think I just might give up the internet and tv for a bit, and get caught up a bit, just so I do have room for anything tempting that might come along.

Have a good night, Joe! Or…a good morning. Whenever you approve this darn thing!



Wow… Ashleigh is AWESOME!!! Lol I think that was a faux prank so you’ll let your guard down for an even bigger one!
Does she know how much we all wish we had her job? wink

Everyone on Twitter is talking about how awesome LIFE was. Hmm… worth checking out?


Ashleigh sooo has you in her crosshairs! ;-]
Bet she could nail smoke to a wall!

BTW, that SGA script had better be beyond awesome there Shred! Cause you just *know* it’s gonna be nitpicked into several timelines/alternate realities….!!

And oh, **NO** bad rug on Ronon!!!


Ashleigh is one very smart gal, and wonderfully evil. Can’t wait to hear the results of other plans she has for you.

Thank you for being so reassuring about SGA. As you work on the script, how many pages (minutes) will it be?

@Anne Teldy – Very sorry to hear about your infections. I hope the new stuff finally kills those little buggers. Thinking about you. And you should be getting a package soon.