Hey, Whispers finally airs tonight (10:00 p.m. on Sci Fi)! If you enjoy thoughtful, character-driven stories that explore the themes of trust, friendship, and the indomitability of the human spirit, then you should definitely check out our last episode, The Shrine. If, on the other hand, you’re in the mood for some good creepy fun, then tonight’s episode is for you.  Sit back, break out the popcorn, and enjoy.

Back when I first started thinking about this story at the beginning of the season, I knew there were certain elements I wanted to include: an abandoned village, a mysterious fog, and things that go bump in the night. I also wanted to incorporate some new characters into the mix as a means of keeping the viewers off-balance. I didn’t want them to be red shirts but personalities that the viewers could invest in and care about – particularly when darkness fell and the fog rolled in. After all, let’s face it – we know that our cast will most probably live to fight another day. Secondary characters on the other hand are fair game and that’s one of the great things about horror movies: you never know who’s going to make it to the final credits. So, over the course of a week or two, I fleshed out the idea. I decided on a threat that, while different, was nevertheless linked to the show’s mythology. I came up with a logical reason for that pervasive fog. And, I created an all-female team to ride shotgun with Sheppard and Beckett on this one.

The three biggest challenges in this episode were the fog, the casting, and the look of the creatures. We ran into some problems with our initial fog test on stage 4. While it certainly looked great, certain crewmembers were feeling less so after spending a little over an hour in the swirling mist. Adding to the concern was the fact that it would take hours to fog up the village set and then a good half day to clear it out. Several ideas were bounced around, from trimming down the fog sequences significantly, adjusting the density, or even shooting through a fogged aquarium to approximate the desired look. In the end, it was Production Designer James Robbins who came up with the perfect compromise solution. Rather than make cuts to the script or go with a thinner fog level, we tented certain areas of the FX stage. We had three tented areas, each of which could be quickly fogged up for the appropriate scenes. Will would run a rehearsal with the actors first, then bring in the second team to make sure his shots were set up just the way he wanted them. Finally, the tent was fogged up and the actors returned to shoot the scene. We tried to minimize their exposure to the fog element.

The all-female team was made up of:

Major Anne Teldy, a tough as nails, by-the-book commanding officer who was, of course, named after blog regular (and contest winner) Anne Teldy. When it came to casting, I was looking for someone good, strong, and, above all else, believable. And Christina Cox’s audition delivered that in spades. Watching it, I totally bought into her as a kick-ass military officer. Of course, a lot of that could have had to do with the fact that Christina is pretty kick-ass in person. She’s had weapons training and extensively researched previous roles in procedural drama. She was perfect.

Captain Alicia Vega was introduced in Search and Rescue but her meaty scenes were unfortunately cut for time. Of the foursome and despite the fact that she is a Captain, she has seen little action in the Pegasus Galaxy. Despite being relatively green to off-world excursions, she’s eager to get out and flex her muscles (as evidenced by her take-down of the wraith dart in S&R). Leela Savasta had a small part in a past Atlantis episode (in The Tao of Rodney) but did such a memorable job that we had no qualms about casting her in the role. In my mind, the two characters are twin sisters – one military, the other serving as a member of the expedition’s science department.

Sergeant “Dusty“ Mehra, the team’s trash-talking loose cannon with a fierce hankering for some alien ass-kicking. There were a number of great auditions for this colorful character, but the role ultimately went to actress Janina Gavankar who, it turns out, was given the wrong sides and came in thinking she was auditioning for the role of Major Teldy. The fact that she had next to no time to prepare what was essentially a cold read made the audition all the more impressive.

Dr. Alison Porter, team scientist and resident adorable nerd. Nicole de Boer didn’t audition for Porter. Like Janina, she actually came in to read for the role of Major Teldy but, even reading Teldy’s dialogue, it was clear to Paul and I that we had found our Porter. After she’d been cast, Nicole admitted that she was actually bummed when told she’d be auditioning for Teldy. She thought she’d make a better Porter!

As for the creatures – more on them and the masterful job of Todd Masters and the team at Masters FX later next week.


Shannon writes: “Have you ever read “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde? or “To Say Nothing of the Dog” by Connie Willis?”

Answer: I read and enjoyed both in January of 2007.

Janet writes: “when it comes to the Weird Food Purchase of the Day has there been anything you have changed your mind about trying after thinking it was a good idear to start with?”

Answer: Not yet.

Kanadra writes: “Any way you have shown that whispers doll once before What is it suppose to be of???”

Answer: Tune in tonight and find out.

Jeff Ford writes: “Joe: Glad you liked The Fantasy Writer’s Assistant. Hope you and all the book club are doing well.”

Answer: Thanks, Jeff. I have The Shadow Year, The Physiognomy, and Girl in the Glass on deck.

Caitlyanna writes: “May I suggest The Host by Stephanie Meyer?”

Answer: Tried it. Brad really enjoyed it.

Perragrin writes: “On a side note, i’ve been reliably informed in my blog that I needn’t worry about the impending cancellation of Atlantis. This, apparently, is mostly down to the fact that the world in general is due to be cancelled on October 21st.”

Answer: Could we push it to mid-December so I can get in my Asia trip?

Martyn Drake writes: “ Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is indeed one of the best books I’ve ever read. It was a little intimadating at first due to the size, but Neil Gaiman’s recommendation sold me on it.

Since reading it back in 2005 I’ve put up a web site (The Friends of English Magic – http://www.foem.org.uk) about the book and Susanna Clarke’s work…”

Answer: Great site. I’ve finished the first two volumes and look forward to finishing up the third before the end of this month.

Alfredo De La Fe writes: “I wanted to ask- at this point is there any point to fans “protesting” the cancellation of SGA? Could the jack be stuffed back in the box at this point? Is there even a remote possibility of them reversing their decision?”

Answer: I seriously doubt it. The decision has been made and, while I empathize with the fans, I think it’s unlikely that their protests will change anyone’s mind. A significant and sustained ratings spike, on the other hand, would certainly raise a few eyebrows.

MrsB108 writes: “Do any of the remaining episodes end on an unhappy note?”

Answer: Yep.

Iberostar writes: “As for books, have you read The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks?”

Answer: After reading the author’s website, I’m considering making this a BOTMC selection.

The Huntress Diana writes: “Question about “Whispers” . . . might that be Christina Cox that we got a little glimpse of in the preview?”

Answer: Indeed, it is. Hey, Bianca. Long time no hear.

Ilona Dex writes: “Is there any chance of really getting one of the costumes – especially now, that Atlantis

has been cancelled *sniff* – and if yes, who would be the one i have to turn to?”

Answer: At present, there are no plans to sell off the costumes.

Randy writes: “This is a question for all the Stargate bloggers out there. Do you have a problem with people quoting your blog or using pictures from it on discussion forums? Do you consider it in anyway stealing, or are you cool with it?”

Answer: That really depends on how the images are used.

Today’s video: Carl takes us on a tour of Stage 2.  Part 1.

151 thoughts on “September 5, 2008: Whispers

  1. Thanks for the great pics; I can barely wait the two hours for Whispers to air! At least Sci Fi has given us Harmony and The Shrine to distract me in the interum. After a less than stellar day(putting it mildly), at least things are improving. I suppose I’ll end up double posting tonight, to rave about Whispers, and to get my questions to Mr. Waring up. Thanks for all the good work.

  2. Yay, more set tours!!! Can’t wait until part 2.

    I hate having to wait until Mondays to watch the new episodes 🙁

  3. I only recently found your blog and am hopelessly addicted! I love the behind the scenes tours. It’s great to get a little glimpse behind the curtain and, trust me, it doesn’t destroy any of the magic. Thank you for taking the time to post these daily musings for us!

  4. Could you please give me a quick run down of all the SGA writers’ names? I’m potentially planning something, and I don’t want to leave out anyone.

    Will my plan be good or evil? Hmmm, only time will tell.

  5. Do Ratings from us Canadians get taken into account for Atlantis? I only as this because we usually don’t get to see it until about 6 months after it originally airs on Sci-fi, unless you subscribe to some premium channels, then its only a 2 month wait. Doesn’t seem fair to leave us Candian Viewers out of the ratings count………

  6. Hello. I’m a little new to commenting on your blogs, but I finally have a question to ask! It’s book related, so you may have already heard it. I don’t know if it’s your type of book, but have you ever read the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay that the show was based off of? Or Dragonlinks by Paul Collins? I don’t even know the reading level on it…I found it in the free section of a used book store. I can’t pass up a free book..

  7. Has there ever been a prop that you wanted to keep but the prop masters wouldn’t let you?

  8. Really looking forward to Whispers. Sounds like a good time.

    I can understand about the fog. Personally, the fake fog that is used in theatre a lot really isn’t so good for me. I went to a play in college and sometime during the second act, they filled the entire theatre with fake fog. My eyes got really dry and it felt like I was breathing in chalk dust. I very nearly left (really, it was so boring I wished I’d left at intermission). It seemed pretty insensitive and rude of them to pump the entire theatre full of something that a lot of people are likely to have bad reactions to. Needless to say, I couldn’t focus much more on the rest of the play.

    Heh, twins. I like that idea. It’s quite nice to imagine that twins got on the same expedition like that, particularly since it’s so far away and most everyone is so separated from their friends/family.

    Okay, one question: As of the episode after Whispers, until the end of the season, do any named characters die? (And by that I mean actually die, not any sort of psych-out death. Your answer that one or more eps ends on an unhappy note has me a bit worried.)

  9. Watching “Whispers” and I just loved the scene when John and Carson first met up with Major Teldy’s team – that was funny! Looks like the scary parts are about to start!! Gota go!


  10. OMG!! This is so good! OMG! This is better than some so called “scary” movies I’ve paid for!! I have literally jumped up from my seat a number of times! Break is over!! Gota go!


  11. Commercials!!! Just as Whispers gets good and creepy, it’s commercial time.

    And by the way, mist out of the gills, gross.

  12. Joe,

    Thank you for the restless sleep that I will surely experience tonight, now that I have watched “Whispers”. Rumor has it you scared the beejeebus out of Stephen King.

    Should I send my therapy bills directly to you or to the studio?

    P.S. This was the scariest episode I have ever seen in all the years of watching both SG1 and SGA. Bravo!

  13. “All we need now if for the prom queen and the kid in the wheel chair to wander off and we’re all set.” Another line for Stargate history! How many of the cast and crew did you creep out with this episode??? You’ve creeped me out…I’m moving the night lights in from the hall to the bedroom for tonight, and the cats all get moved in as well! I’ll be leaving a dvd in the player over night to avoid hearing things that go bump in the night. Way to go Joe!!!

  14. Joe,

    Really kick ass episode. Creepy as hell and exciting, although I have to admit I was seriously distracted by how gorgeous JoeF looked in that fog! And way to go keeping Teldy alive!



  15. Joe,
    Bravo, bravo, bravo! Whispers was just brilliant!! Funny at the beginning and turning really, really scary! And just when I thought I could relax, bam! More of those creatures show up! Well done Joe!! On a side note I think you should hook up Sergeant Dusy and Ronon – a match made in heaven! Hope you didn’t mind my running commentaries, I can’t wait to see your comments tomorrow.


    god, with each passing episode I get really mad at the people who decided to cancel the show! *heavy sigh*

  16. Hey Joe…

    So here’s my situation… Because my college is on the trimester system, all of my friends have gone off to school, and I’ve been looking for a way to pass the time (lots and LOTS of time). I’ve decided I want to write a script for a tv show or movie (obviously with no intention of being produced…just to kill some time) but I seem to have no idea where to start. Any suggestions on how to overcome writer’s block and stimulate creativity?

    On a random note, do puddle jumpers have cup holders?

    PS Whispers was alot of fun, I enjoyed the change in style. 🙂


  17. Loved Whispers. Creepy, creepy, creepy…I found myself holding my breath more than once. Very much the old school style of “horror”, more suggestion than actual blood. Showing a glimpse then leaving the rest to the imagination always works better in my opinion. That’s why Vengeance worked so well, too. Thank you!

  18. Just finished watching Whispers – not bad. There were some good moments and after a wince-worthy start (more on that in a moment) I ended up liking the all women team.

    I did wince during that first scene where John sees the all women team for the first time. How would John not know that the team was an all women team? Isn’t he in charge of the military on Atlantis? Wouldn’t he know exactly who’s on what team? Yeah I know the scene was done for the comic moment but, honestly? it made John look like an idiot. And so did that bit where he and Carson did the hand bump …

    And not to give the Rodney fans more ammunition about how badly he’s treated by his so called friends … but was that last scene with him getting the door slammed in his face really necessary?

  19. Wow. 7 for 7, not a dud yet in season 5. Congratulations for actually delivering the promised product on this outing. I’m even willing to forgive the casualty sustained in this episode, given the development with Carson. At the very least, you need to convince the PTB that we need a 6 hour miniseries, not a 2 hour movie. That way you have the time needed to weave a few little threads into the story to help pacify the legions of lemon wielding fans.
    For Mr. Waring. What inspired you to make the jump from camera operator to director, and how did you go about convincing people to give you the opportunity? Was there any particular aspect of Whispers that you found especially challenging? What would be a “dream project” for you to work on in the future, in or outside of the Stargate franchise? With the changing technology, such as HD, do you feel that they provide more opportunities, or more challenges or difficulties than the older technology you first began working with? And finally, how hard was it to film Whispers with Mr. Mallozzi prowling about the sets? Thank you very much for guest appearing on Mr. Mallozzi’s blog, and thanks Mr. M. for lining up yet another great guest.
    Finally, thanks to Mr. Ford for posting on the blog too. I’ll be looking for more of his stuff on my next book run.

  20. Wow i have to say the wait to watch Whispers was well worth it. Thanks for another great episode and all the hard work you out into it.

  21. Holy Hannah! Creeeeeepy! Viewing whispers was a “keep all the lights on” kind of viewing experience. Would have been nice to have a couple of puppies for the many suspense and scare moments.

    Loved some of the individual banter – like John and Carson doing their “yeah, girls” routine after meeting with Major Teldy’s team and start to follow them.

    Gotta watch the second showing for the stuff I missed. There was so much action.

    Really enjoyed the episode. Look forward to reading more of your behind the scenes information.

  22. Wait! Got something to add. I liked the episode, but was disappointed by her death, will any of those characters return?

  23. Possible Spoilers:

    Ah, Whispers was great!! Scared the bejeebies outta me! (Of course, as recent events have shown, I scare awful easy anyway. 😛 ) I thought it was very effective – at first I wasn’t so sure, but after a while I found myself biting the pillow ‘shield’ I was clenching to my chest…a pretty good sign I’m freakin’ out a little. It was a fun Friday night – really enjoyed the ‘fright fest’!

    And SO cool to hear ‘Major Teldy’ – and to see her come to life on the screen. Congrats, AT!! Enjoy your moment!!

    I must have missed the doll…I never saw it…

    An outer rainband from TS Hanna did mess with our signal about a third of the way through – I missed the part where whatever happened to the Captain happened. 😕 But the rest came in okay. The storm itself is a long way off yet and the rain has died down now so I’m recording the second airing in hopes I get a clear episode.

    NEXT week my signal better not be screwed up, or you will hear me screaming all the way to Vancouver! EEEEEE!!! Toddage!! *can’twaitcan’twaitcan’twait!*

    MrsB108 writes: “Do any of the remaining episodes end on an unhappy note?”

    Answer: Yep.

    Crap. I hate unhappy notes. Really. UNLESS, of course, it’s the Wraith asswhoopin’ those pesky earth folks right out of the good ol’ Pegasus Galaxy and back to where they belong! Then I’ll be celebratin’!

    Me…all by my onesies…except for maybe noir…



  24. Hi Joe,
    I watched and enjoyed Whispers. It was nice to have Carson back. I love him, must be that sweet charming accent. 🙂 Two scariest parts for me were when “the thing” crawled down the wall to Carson and the scene with it crawling up the well to Teldy.

    My turtles! (Carson in The Return) That scene always make me LOL 🙂 Please tell me his little baby Turtles survived.

    Looking forward to next week’s epi!

    A certain Wraith Lover must be counting down the days 🙂

  25. Hi Joe, I just saw Whispers. It wasn’t bad. Sis and I both screamed like girls a few times. (Neither of us “do” horror.)

    I liked “Dusty”, she only felt over-the-top macho once. And surprisingly, I likes Porter a lot. Teldy, so-so. (Sorry.)

    I did have problems with so many (to me) unknown brunette gals running around in the fog. Couldn’t tell who was who.

    Overall, not my cup of tea. Hopefully no Ronon this ep means more of him soon. I need my eye candy fix.

    Up next, STNG “Face of the Enemy”.


  26. SAVE ELIZABETH WEIR!! When Beckett died, he was brought back for the fans, but Elizabeth doesn’t deserve that much?? Not even to be remembered by a word? SAVE ELIZABETH WEIR for HER FANS!!

    -FROM all the FANS HURT by Her DEPARTURE!!

  27. SAVE ELIZABETH WEIR!!! When Beckett died he was brought back for the fans, why not Elizabeth, is she worth less?? She saved the city, everyone in it, but why won’t anyone save her??


    please reply with your thoughts…


  28. Regarding my Face of the Enemy comment: I’m going by the notoriously bad SFC previews. I was immediately reminded of that ep of STNG. I realize The Queen will be different.

    I might see spoilers of they are usually out of context. I find the show more enjoyable that way.

  29. Holy cow! Did anyone actually keep a list of the cliches used in “Whispers”? Nicely done! Creepy and fun at the same time.

    GeekBoy asked a good question, though. Surely the military would have timers that don’t make loud beeping noises? And hey, that bucket wasn’t there earlier!

  30. Whoopsie!! Forgot to mention that the ‘all-girl team’ has Mr. Das’ stamp of approval!! (He’s gonna be great SGU material… 🙄 )


  31. So, having seen Whispers, I had a few questions.
    1) How did you guys manage the head-twitching thing in the intro piece? Was that actually an actor? It reminded me of The Grudge and The Ring and definitely sent chills down my spine.
    2) Speaking of movies like The Ring and The Grudge, a bunch of the creatures reminded me a little of both of those movies in the way they moved – especially the one that crawled out of the well. Have you seen those movies? Were the creatures you originally envisioned in your head anything like the creepy things in those movies?
    3) Considering that the creatures found people by sound, whose decision was it to have the team moving so quickly through the fog? It seemed to me that if you were trying to be quiet you would move a little slower and watch where you were stepping so you didn’t snap any branches lying on the ground. Was this a decision made for time, or simply by the actors/director for their own reasons?

  32. Good job on Whispers. I’m on the west coast but the Comcast HD feed for SciFi is on the eastern schedule. I won’t give anything away, I just wanted you to know that you had me gasping a few times. Definitely a spooky ep.


  33. Joe,

    HOLY CRAP that was sooooooooo creepy and extremely good. I loved every part of it 🙂

    Hope all is well,


  34. Nice work on Whispers! Very creepy, great visuals and music. Character wise I love Dusty, while in fact each of them was clearly drawn. I especially enjoyed how the women rolled their eyes at the guys, and Dusty’s cynicism about Carson and Teldy.

    And yay, Anne, Sheppard immortalized your name twice at least!

    Thanks for Carson, he was lovely. Except when he was being an idiot, of course. I would think he would be quicker on the trigger than that!

  35. Taylor
    . . . because we usually don’t get to see it until about 6 months after it originally airs on Sci-fi, unless you subscribe to some premium channels, then its only a 2 month wait.

    Huh? Not sure where you’d be, but Whispers will be airing Monday on Movie Central, which is only a three day wait. A very looooonnnggg three days. 😀

  36. My review of tonight’s episode:

    Anne Teldy= amazing!!! I really loved her character, and was pleasantly surprised by her leadership of the all female team.
    Christina Cox is an awesome actress!!! The whole episode, I was trying to figure out where I knew her from… then I imdb’d her, and realized she’s guested on NUMB3RS!!! No wonder she looked so familiar!!!

    Dusty was a little annoying at times… but that was by design, I think. Her sense of humor amused me greatly, but some of the “tough girl” talk seemed excessive… almost theatrical in nature.

    Regarding Vega:
    Joseph Mallozzi says:In my mind, the two characters are twin sisters – one military, the other serving as a member of the expedition’s science department. This sounds like an amazing idea to expound upon for future episodes… oh wait… I mean movies!!! I loved Vega and would have loved to see more of her!!! Can we hope to see her “twin” in the future???

    And Allison was eversocute with Beckett!!!

    The all girl team, in general, was AWESOME!!! Not too kick-butt, not too girly… a nice combination of cuteness and confidence! I love the idea, and I loved Teldy’s comment “They told me to pick the best and the brightest…”

    The random creatures appearing from the mist were creepy… like, really creepy. The screeching, screaming noises… not so much.

    Was McKay wearing a purple vest in the last scene??? I thought scientists were blue!!! (Or maybe my tv’s color is off).

    Anyways, overall, I was both creeped out and incredibly satisfied by Whispers. Nice job, Joe!!!

  37. SAVE ELIZABETH WEIR! When Beckett died, and Daniel, they were brought back for the fans, Weir worth less?? SHE saved the city and the people, why can’t she be saved?


    Please reply and give us answers. We are eager and deserve answers.

    1. Why didn’t she get a better ending?
    2. Michelle Morgan wanted to return, why not?
    3. Would it have been different if it was picked up?
    4. Would you have liked to see her return?
    5. Why are the chances “not likely”?

  38. Thanks Joe. Now every time fog comes I’m going to think those creatures are coming with it.LOL. Great story. Thank you for not making it a red shirt episode. I kept thinking one of the women were going to be next. I feared the worst when the first person went down.

    Nicole Deboer was fantastic. She was my favorite in this episode, partially due to the fact that I have seen her previous work on Star Trek : Deep Space Nine and Dead Zone.

    Can Nicole Deboer be a quest blogger? Please?


  39. Whispers…What an awesome episode! I am not a big fan of horror shows/movies, but you really made it work for me in this episode. Where to start…your special effects department deserve an A+ for the sets and the fog. It really made the episode suspenseful not knowing what was going to suddenly come out after our heroes. It was a nice touch that the episode started in the daytime and you got to see the village as a whole and then boom, it was like a completely different place.
    And your casting department hit it out of the park with the new foursome. I was especially fond of Nicole, she has been one of my favorite actors since Deep Space Nine. She was so cute in Whispers, and I am glad you didn’t kill her! Although I was scared at the end that she was either going to die or turn into one of them. If you had a season 6, would you have considered bringing her and the others back.
    Great performances by Joe F. and Paul as well.
    And to Anne Teldy, congrats on being honored with both having a character on the best show on tv named after you, and FOR SURVIVING the episode. You must be so happy that she didn’t get killled by the mutant dog climbing out of the well.
    Funniest moments of the episode was Dusty eating. She was in the middle of a life threatening situation, and she is eating power bars and chewing gum. Not your typical soldier, but it works here. And of course there was the fist bump between Carson and John when they learn they are “stuck” with a team of beautiful soldiers and a beautiful doctor.
    A couple of questions. How is it possible the Sheppard, the military commander of Atlantis, doesn’t know not only who is on Teldy’s team, but that it is an all woman team. Doesn’t he approve all military assignments to Atlantis? Secondly, is Doctor Porter a civilian doctor? She didn’t appear to act like a soldier. If so, how many teams have a full-time doctor as part of the team? I would think that SGA-1 would need at least 2 doctors with the team with all the trouble they get into.
    Congrats on the best episode of the season so far, and a definite Top 5 Atlantis episode of all time. I am glad to see that all the hard work you and everyone else put in has paid off in spades.
    Next week….Bring on The Queen!!!

  40. I am curious, was this the first time Teldy’s team was together for a mission? We know that Vega and Porter are newish to the Pegasus galaxy. Sheppard didn’t know the entire team as evidenced by the exchange in the begining of the episode. I would have thought as the military commander he would know a little about the teams serving under him. I guessed that Major Teldy had just put her team together and they haven’t been on that many missions in Pegasus. I do understand that mission reports might have rank and last name only so Sheppard would be unaware of gender. Still it seemed odd that he was unfamiliar with a team he over-sees unless it was their first time as a team.

  41. Wow, Joe, what a great episode! I really enjoyed it. It was suitably creepy, well-directed, the score was apt and mood-setting, the acting was spot on, and the script was excellent. I really enjoyed how it all fit together. And may I just add that Dusty is officially one of my favorite characters of the whole show, now. I hope we’ll be seeing her again.

  42. I know you wrote this and it was torturous script. Here’s my run down:

    Thought the fog worked great. Very creepy and tense. The teaser set the tone through out.

    The creatures were very scary, and I loved we slowly kept getting more and more hints of what they looked like. The scene with the one crawling over Carson was thrilling.

    And the idea they used sound to hunt their prey was cool and used the fog to hunt was a nice twist

    I was dreading the all girl team, just well because I would rather have ‘our’ team, but I found all the personalities quite the mix. Dusty was my favorite and oddly found the Carson and Allison stuff cute, if not a bit forced.

    Loved how John and Carson compared stasis pod stories.

    Loved John setting on the steps with his Beretta out all cool and steadfast. Baddass in fact 😀

    I found it very, very odd that Sheppard, the military commander of the base didn’t know who made up the gate teams. I’d think one of his main jobs would be the assignment of duty rosters.

    I liked that this was different, the whole horror concept being a one off, at times there were a few too many cliches, but this was in the end a fun and creepy episode.

    Oh and was Joe cold on the set? The Turtleneck was adorable

  43. Sorry about the stupid question about Porter being a “doctor” doctor. I had been assuming before the episode aired that she would be a medical doctor and after watching the episode I must have had a brain cramp and wrote what I had been previously thinking. Bad brain. She is a Rodney doctor. I would still like to get confirmation that she is a civilian and not a soldier.

  44. Carl seemed to be leaving you in his dust.

    I keep saying never say never as far as tptb’s decision making. One can always be hopeful even thou it seems hopeless.

    And my goodness, I hope no major character (by that I especially mean sheppard and/or Mckay) is killed off because that would make any movie that will come out kind of a weird thing.

    I am watching Whispers for the second time right now. Loved this episode. Very different and that fog would of really creeped me out. The Vega part was a holy crap moment.

    My favorite woman team member had to be Teldy, Cox did a great job. Although I had to laugh though because my daughter thought the Dusty character was a female Ronan.

    The episode definately, had my heart pounding very fast and I said the words sh*t and/or crap a lot.


  45. WEEE!! Saw the doll, and the Vega moment…missed it before because of the downpour. This second airing is coming through just fine!

    A few questions, though…

    1. Why didn’t Sheppard know the people on Teldy’s team – wouldn’t he have to approve them?

    2. By any chance, are you a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, too??

    3. It’s been a while for Beckett, eh? 😉 And here we thought it’d be the other guy doing the kirking…(God, that must mean it’s been even longer for poor Sheppard! He’s even forgotten what women are for!!! Erm…I mean…besides saving his arse from wall-crawling zombie-lizard thingys).

    I just want to say something about Beckett – with this episode, he finally feels like the ‘old Beckett’ to me – I’ve kinda gotten over the whole ‘clone’ thing. It’s like he just fits in again – like old times – and I found that refreshing.


  46. I wish I could get all my thoughts into one entry. Can you believe what was said after the previews for the Queen. “Get into the best season of Stargate ever.” If this is the best season ever THEN WHY ARE YOU CANCELLING IT!!!!!!! The sci-fi channel execs are the worst frakking scum of the earth.

  47. Question: When cleaning out the Garage for all the props and set pieces a few weeks back, did you literally just throw them out? or just put them in storage?

  48. What book was Dusty reading in Whispers? My dad says she’s reading the Martian Chronicles but I’m not so sure.

  49. Now that you’ve introduced some new characters in the form of our all-girl team, will we be seeing any of them again? Especially Dusty, she really grew on me.

    Why the decision to make it Sheppard and Beckett who go with the girls? Was everybody else on vacation?

  50. Will, i missed tonight’s episode so i could give my younger brother a special day out for his birthday. His is A typical Autistic. I am sorry but it had to be done. He got his better then sex cake for his b-day.( Thats a really rich chocolate cake that has nothing to do with sex. Just to make sure every one know its all above the board.) He had a blast. So it was worth it to see him happy. Their is always the reruns…..

  51. @ Linda Gagne – aaahhh…well, if Dusty (like many others, I liked her, too!) is ‘Ronon’, then Teldy is Sheppard, and Alison is…McKay? Keller? Their love child, McKeller? Then that would make Vega …Teyla???

    I sure hope there’s no foreshadowing going on here…


  52. Great job on Whispers Joe.

    Two things for you:

    One where did William Waring hide the pineapple in this episode?

    And two why was Sheppard wearing a mock turtleneck instead of the shirt he normally wears?

  53. Interesting episode, Joe. While not a big fan of the horror genre myself, I enjoyed tonight’s episode (and the female team, and Beckett!!!) Will we be seeing any of them again this season?
    And what a cliff hanger on that video tour! We just get a glimpse down the hall before you say the “oops, hang on.” I’m eagerly waiting for the plot twist in the fifth act.

  54. Joe,

    Well done on Whispers. Not the one for horror but the fog was scary and will forever not like fog anymore. Sergeant “Dusty“ Mehra was my favorite female character. Hope to see more of her this season kicking butt or even see her in the Atlantis Movie. 🙂

  55. Whispers was great. I was getting freaked out there for a second, but I don’t think it was enough to give me nightmares.

    So I’ve been watching my first season DVDs of Bones for the past few days and did you guys know that Stargate is mentioned in one of the episodes? I never caught it the first time three and a half years ago, but I caught it today. It was in the beginning of an episode called The Superhero in the Alley and Jack Hodgens says to Zach Addy sarcastically, “I had you pegged for a graphic novel nut.” Zach asks why and Hodgens replys,”Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica.” I just thought it was funny that it aired right after the episode Jamie Ray Newman guest starred. I knew I recognized Jamie when she was in Duet, but couldn’t remember where I had seen her. I think the episodes might have aired about the same time. Since her guest spots on Atlantis, I’ve seen her in a few things.

    Does someone have to get clearance or permission from anyone just to use the title of a show, like Stargate or any of the others, in a quick mention like that on another show? I always wondered about that. I know they mentioned watching reruns of Firefly in another episode, but with both shows being on Fox I wouldn’t think anyone would have to get clearance.

  56. Great episode tonight, Joe! I really liked it (and I don’t do horror). It fit really well together and the characters were well developed. Great story telling. Can’t wait to see the rest of the season.

    P.S. I loved the fist bump between Sheppard and Beckett. Good times.

  57. Mornin’, Joe

    An early start this morning. Waaay too early. And it looks as if we’re still in the middle of a mild monsoon outside, so i’m sure the surf’s gonna be sweetly rough for this afternoon. Fortunately, I decided against taking Jenks and burying him in a sand pit whilst I take the board out. Instead, he’ll be remaining here, possibly drinking my warm coffee and probably sleeping in my bed. Ah, tis a dog’s life he leads.

    I haven’t had the chance to see ‘Whispers’ yet, but from the piccies i’ve seen and the reactions from fans, it looks like a good one. Seems I have something to look forwards to whilst I thaw out later tonight.

    “Could we push it to mid-December so I can get in my Asia trip?”

    You could speak to the Union? Write venemous emails to TPTB? Form a pickett line? Send a lemon? All of the aforementioned, whilst yodelling like a Nun and waving a white flag.. I hear they’re partial to things like that.

  58. Watched Whispers by myself. BAD. IDEA. It creeped me out. Fantastic job.

    Just curious- who has more seniority, Major Teldy or Major Lorne?

  59. For the questions about JF’s attire (turtleneck). He is trying to keep from freezing in his BDUs. Same goes for the rest of the cast and crew. It was near freezing , damp and overcast doing the location shoot. Mr M was planning on more balmy weather, alas mother nature didn’t co-operate. Somewhere in this blog’s archive is the funny pictures of the cast & crew bundle up against the cold for the Whipers episode..

  60. Aaah…was this a pineapple episode? (I’m bad at paying attention to directors and writers…sorry…)

    Was it Dusty’s book mark? That thing looked like a pineapple, or a palm tree…


  61. Ack – that sounded obnoxious…

    Of course, I know what writers write, and same with directors – but I often go into an episode ‘blind’ because I tend to be less critical and/or distracted that way. Afterwards I usually check, in that ‘hey, this was a good episode – I wonder who wrote/directed it?!’ kinda way. I just find it makes for a better viewing experience for me.

    Sorry I came across so crass. Didn’t mean to sound like I didn’t care or appreciate who the creators are, I certainly do.


  62. Just watched Whispers. Very nice, eventhough I prefer the character driven episodes.

    So, what was the body count?

  63. Hi, Joe!

    Thank you so much for the behind the scenes photos from Whispers, and thanks to Carl for the video tour of Stage 2 and the F302, Puddle Jumper and Wraith Dart ships.

    I enjoyed ‘Whispers’ very much.

    VERY surprised that Capt. Vega didn’t survive the episode! But, how nice that Carson has a friend in Dr. Porter.

    Looking forward to Teyla as ‘The Queen.’

    Best wishes, Morjana

  64. I know there is (probably)going to be a whole new cast of actors to the Stargate Franchise as regulars when SGU is cast. Who would you as a Stargate: Atlantis viewer like to see in the SGU line-up? Anyone in particular from SGA/SG-1(not restricted to the main cast)

  65. Wow, I’m really getting pumped up about seeing Whispers. Will be able to watch it later on tonight.

    Cool set tour!!!

    To the Elizabeth Weir Fan….Could you please stop multiple posting the same thing? It’s very annoying. I have to admit, I do not miss Elizabeth at all…in fact, I can’t stand her in the old episodes anymore.

    Bring back Sam Carter!! 😀

  66. Ugh, great, not watching Whispers till later today, and I’m STILL going to have nightmares, thanks to someone who shall not be named…Mimi ;P…mentioning The Ring and The Grudge. Yippee. I hate those movies, I scare easily.

    @ Georgia: I want one of those clocks!

  67. I enjoyed Whispers but it was my least favourite episode of the season so far. As a Sheppard fan I felt he was a little off, especially when he didn’t know about the all female team. I missed Teyla and Ronon too.

    I was really shocked by Vega, didn’t expect that at all. And I loved Dusty 😀 I hope we get to see her again.

  68. Hi Mr M.,
    the weekend has arrived here and I am enjoying your blog again … weird week, don’t ask. 🙁

    I haven’t seen Whispers yet, so I can’t comment on that, but since it seems book suggestions for BotM are being made, may I ask again about the possibilty of reading one of Mercedes Lackey’s books? I’ll actually recommend one this time: By the Sword. It’s the one that can most easily stand on its own.

    And I promise this will be the last time I ask. 🙂

    You never said whether you have read anything by ML yet, so I’m not sure if my earlier comments simply drowned in the outcry over you-know-what. I would really like to know how you liked her book/books if you ever read any of them.

    Have a great weekend. Take care. 🙂

  69. Loved the episode. Just two things bought me out of it. First, same question that;s been asked a few times about Shepherd not knowing who was on the teams. How many soldiers are on the base/teams going out that the military commander is not aware of them?

    Secondly, how did you go from ‘they get attracted to sound’ to ‘they can hear ultrasonic’. I know you probably didn’t want the attracting sound to be audible because it would get in the way, but did you have an explanation that did not make it into the cut?

  70. Hi, Joe.

    I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but ‘The Queen,’ is on TV Guide’s Hot List for Friday, Sept. 12:


    Also, in the TV Guide print version, there’s this blub:

    A Teyla-centric tale finds Rachel Luttrell’s warrior gal posing as a Wraith queen to persuade the vampirish creatures to undergo a treatment to wean them off human souls. Sucks for them.



  71. So… Whispers…

    Okay, so jealous of Anne Teldy, having her name used. That’s gotta be kinda awesome.

    Love that little whatever-you-call-it hand thing with Shep and Carson after they meet the all-hot-chick team.

    Ha-ha… cloning humor. Well, it’s good he can joke about it. Although I was really hoping for at least some mention of what his mother thought when he went back to Earth… assuming she found out about him… which I suppose we don’t know about either.

    “sock on the doorknob”…LOL Loved their reactions to that.

    Well, as far as this new team, I thought three of them had nicely-defined characters who were enjoyable to watch, particularly Dusty. Vega, however, was as good as set dressing, even before she bit it. She hardly had a single line and was totally forgettable in every way. She even looked enough like the others that I really can’t recall what she looked like, and I just finished the episode.

    Okay, now, the ep as a whole… I gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed. After all this buildup, I was expecting something creepy. Now granted, I don’t really find the usual sorts of things creepy, I suppose. Like people wandering around and the fog and looking frightened. Apparently doesn’t do much for me. Plus, there wasn’t a single moment of real surprise or anything to give me a start, as I kind of expected there’d be. Besides that, there were a few too many horror movie cliches. Everyone just seemed to get dumb in order for the plot to work. Some of my particular issues with it:

    Why did the team decided to stay on an alien planet that the only local warns them is “not a safe place” rather than simply retuning to Atlantis where they have much better facilities for their evaluation, not to mention it being safe and comfortable? There’s absolutely no logical reason they couldn’t have done that.

    Why did they assume that a few shots would kill them, when they know they were Michael’s attempt at a super-wraith and the original wraith are harder than that to kill (or at least they were at the beginning)?

    Why did they need to lure them to the well if all they were trying to do was blow them up? Couldn’t they have done that anywhere?

    The whole Carson/Porter thing, given the circumstance, just seemed really out of place and inappropriate, and far too reminiscent of the teenage lovers of your standard horror movie.

    I just don’t understand why at any point they didn’t hightail it back to the gate. There was no need to kill all the monsters, just find a way past them. Then if they wanted to return with an actual plan and proper manpower, they could have.

    For that matter, why wasn’t the rest of Shep’s team there? Even when meeting other teams, they usually seem to go as a unit, even for supposedly simple, mundane things.

    And the climax… sorry, but that was really pretty anticlimactic. They figure out there’s more monsters, then immediately wipe them out and are none the worse for having been mistaken.

    Just generally, as I said, I didn’t find it all that creepy. The monsters looked pretty good and when that one was going after Carson, it was at least interesting, but for the most part I was almost bored. The only thing that really kept it interesting were Dusty’s various snarky comments.

    …Well, that and the fact that terrified!Carson is actually… kinda cute. I’m sure it says something about me which I’d rather not explore that I thought he looked pretty good, running around, scared for his life.

    Yeah, sorry, Joe. I know this was like your big episode and all, and I wanted to like it, but it just really didn’t do anything for me. But like I said, maybe that’s because things like spooky!fog and other such traditional horror movie elements are not what my nightmares are made of. Why? Maybe because that’s a monster that can be killed, and killed with no remorse or hesitation because it’s just a mindless, inhuman creature. There’s no moral quandary, no questioning of one’s own humanity, no real issue to deal with. It’s just, “Here’s something scary. Let’s shoot it and go home.”

  72. Oh, and I totally watched it alone at night with the lights out and everything. Still nothing.

    … But then, I’m actually quite fond of fog.

    And, sorry, I just have to add one more thing. So, they didn’t just camp out, stay silent, and wait for daylight why? Okay, it wouldn’t have made the bad guys go away and they’d have been just as dangerous… but it would have given the good guys the advantage of better visibility.

    (And add me to the list of people who wonder how Shep didn’t know who was on a team he supposedly oversees.)

    Yah. One last thing. Will we every find out what happens to people who inhale that gas for too long?

    … And why did Porter wander off by herself? Seriously.

  73. The world is supposed to end on october 21st??? I thought it was this Wednesday when they switch on the Large Hadron Collider and we all disappear into a black hole 😉 Well, according to some, especially those who filed the suit Hawaii trying to stop it being turned on; even better a suit was filed in the European Court of Human Rights last week to get it stopped. Apparently, building this violates our right to life.

  74. Hi Joe,

    just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed Whispers. The AllGirlTeam rocked!

    Esp. loved Sg. “Dusty” Mehra, what a great character wish we could have seen her again. Same goes for Maj. Teldy and Doctor Porter.

    But I have to say that it confused me (and amused lol) that the Military Leader of Atlantis didn’t know that there was an AllGirlTeam.

    Anyway, it was great to see Carson again (wish he could have stayed) and his and Sheppard’s interaction with the new characters were great.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  75. Hi Joe

    “Whispers” was great! V-E-R-Y creepy. I watched most of the episode with my eyes shut, but they were open enough to say, “Don’t go near the well” and “Don’t stand near the window” and “Don’t go out in the fog alone”…

    Dusty was my favorite character also. What a hoot.

    One question from the “how come” room: If the flashlights and radios didn’t work in the fog, how come the laptop did?

    Thanks for all the episode pictures on your blog. I’ve really been looking forward to this one, and even Sci Fi’s boneheaded preview spoiler didn’t mess it up.

  76. Hi Joe, I mentioned once before that you had me waiting for Whispers like a kid waiting for Christmas. The wait was worth it. I really liked this episode. One of my favorites.

    This part is a spoiler, so if you haven’t seen it don’t read. From stuff I read, before the season started, I was under the impression that the Vega character was going to be a recurring character. Then we only see her twice and then she gets whacked. And not even listed as a main guest star. What is up with that?

  77. Ah nuts! Thanks for the spoilers everyone. I knew Joe you’d go back on your word. Am I paranoid or did you do that on purpose? 😀

    Anyhoo, I’ve got a hilarious website to share. I just watched the movie Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black, Mos Def & Danny Glover – very funny, very silly and with a heartwarming ending. So I thought I’d check out the website – http://bekindmovie.com. Best use of Flash on a site that I’ve seen for a while. You can “swede” your own movie cover (add your own photo to famous covers, sweding is a term they come up with to describe their blockbuster knockoffs). Then there’s the whole gag of rebuilding the Internet, starting with Google and Sweding Flickr etc. Well worth a visit and worth a rental if you haven’t seen the flick.

    Disclaimer: If you don’t find any of it funny, it’s not my fault………really.

    Cheers, Chev

  78. Joe, who was that in the mask in the beginning of the episode? Was that suppose to be Micheal? Again great episode.

  79. Well thank you Mr. Malozzi for thoroughly creeping me out with last night’s Whispers episodes. My skin still crawls when I think about the show. What I loved (did I say loved?) was that the creepiest things for me were the things you really didn’t even see clearly.

    Like in the opening scene when one of the villagers approaches the creature from behind and you see the creatures head twitch. Not an Exorcist-style head spinning around – just a little, incredibly unnatural-looking twitch that you can barely see in the fog but that sends off alarms in your brain that says “That’s just not right…”

    Or the scene when one of the creatures is skittering up the side of the well…EWWW! You don’t really see anything clearly, but EWWW! And then when you do see the creatures full on for the first time…just EWWW!

    There were bits that reminded me of Night of the Living Dead and even The Ring (didn’t like the movie overall, but, man, it had some of the creepiest scenes that I’ve ever seen on screen.)

    Of course, you just had to make Carson one of those horror flick folks who goes off into the dark to investigate, right? I thought folks in Atlantis were supposed to be geniuses?

    Great job. Thanks for the EWWW-factor and the screams (yes, I may have yelled a little during a couple of scenes.)

  80. re. ‘Whispers’ – predictable but fun.

    Janina Gavankar was a riot as Sgt. ‘Dusty’ Mehra! Pity she wasn’t around earlier, she would have been a fantastic character. She absolutely shone.
    Liked Teldy, too.
    As for Porter – meh. Bit of a dull character. Oops! Shouldn’t have divulged that. Joe M’s eyes will light up with evil glee and we’ll get her shoved to the forefront. Right, Joe? ; – p
    Didn’t expect Vega to be a redshirt, but – found myself not really caring.

    re. Shep’s black turtleneck of Yuck – do we EVER get the black T-shirt of Yum? Did I read that JF would be wearing it in Remnants? JM? Anyone?

    Anne Teldy – are you pleased you weren’t a redshirt, or would you have preferred to be able to boast that you got mauled by mutants? : – D

  81. Hello, My questions for Will – thanks for visiting, I promise I won’t ask about pineapples:

    1. One of my fave Atlantis eps was Common Ground. How difficult was it shooting in the cells when Sheppard was talking to the wraith (now Todd)? Was there much of a choice of angles etc without giving away the identity of the neighbouring cellmate? What was the location night shoot like?

    2. You also directed the very huge Meridian. No pressure, just Daniel’s farewell 🙂 Do you ever find yourself being swept up by the emotional performances like everyone’s individual farewells to Daniel in the isolation room or are you too busy looking at all of the technical things?

    3. Does everyone hand you the video camera at family events?

    4. What are some of your favourite films to watch?

    5. I was going to stop at 4 but it suddenly occurred to me that you get all of the death episodes. Why is that? Do the actors worry when they hear you’re attached to an episode?

    Cheers, Chev

  82. Really enjoyed “Whispers”. Definately one of my favorites from this season. And I have to say to Anne Teldy – You ROCK girl! I see Joe has truely captured the real you. I found I enjoyed the all female team better than I thought I would. Very nice, Mr. M. Very nice.

  83. Just watched “Whispers.” I have to confess, I really wasn’t looking forward to this one despite all you’d told us about it. Horror is my least favorite genre and an entire episode of Sheppard running around with a bunch of red shirts in a horror movie did not appeal to me. That being said, while it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it wasn’t very good either.

    What I liked:
    Dusty. She’s the only one of the new characters I’d like to see again.

    Ummmm…..I think that’s it.

    What I didn’t like:

    Where was the team? No Ronan, Teyla, Woolsey, or Keller and a blink-and-you-miss-him two scenes with McKay. I like team episodes. This would have been more interesting for me if the whole team was there even though I knew they couldn’t die. And, yes, I know this contradicts what you said in your blog.

    What happened with Captain Vega? I thought she was going to be the female version of Lorne.

    Too many cliché scenes. A few times I found myself telling the characters not to do something because it was so stupid. Of course I knew what the story was about, but if I’m in a “cursed” village like the guy said, I wouldn’t decide to walk to the neighboring village after dark in a creepy forest with a fog rolling in.

    Every season has a clunker or two and for me, this was one of them. Not as bad as “Quarantine” or the terrible “Travelers” from last year, but almost. Sorry to be so blunt since I know you wrote this one, but I’m nothing if not honest.

    6 outta 7 is not a bad batting average.

    Looking forward to the next several episodes (despite SciFi’s cheesy promo).

  84. @das

    Crap. I hate unhappy notes. Really. UNLESS, of course, it’s the Wraith asswhoopin’ those pesky earth folks right out of the good ol’ Pegasus Galaxy and back to where they belong! Then I’ll be celebratin’!

    Me…all by my onesies…except for maybe noir…;)

    Milksop. 😀 😉 The humans can keep the Pegasusgalaxie, as long as the Wraith can find a way to the Milkyway. 😀

    Oh – did I tell you that I let them cull my hometown (and the rest of Germany and the world) about two years ago? They had been an easy prey. The governments of Earth shouldn’t have lied to the people for so long – then they would have been prepared better. Maybe. 😆

  85. Whisper’s FREAKED ME OUT! I loved it and yet had the mixed feeling of wanting to hide under the carpet at the same time ^^
    To make it worse I was home alone!
    It was so well done though, I love the all girl team especially Dusty, she cracked me up, hope to see more of her in the future.
    The creatures, wow!
    *shudder* I ended up dreading the sound they made they were so scary, that scene with that one smelling Carson “OMFG!” was all that came to mind.

    In my humble opinion, a bloody fantastic job Joe!

  86. Arghhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo! 😮

    *covers her eyes*

    The illusion is runied Joe – There I was thinking all those various “crafts” were real and now no longer! LOL 😆 😛

    Seriously though, thanks for the tour, looking forward to part 2. 🙂

  87. Joe, wake up!!

    It’s 11 am ET and storm clouds are gathering…coffee’s brewing and I gotta get my morning read in before I need to shut down my computer and go back to bedsies!!

    See…I went to bed at 4 am…woke up at 8:30. Needless to say, I’m eyeing up the bed, with all the sleepy kitties curled up in it, and thinkin’ it looks like a pretty good place to spend a rainy day.

    AFTER I read some blog replies…


  88. Joe,

    I don’t comment a lot, but thought I would send some props your way for Whispers. You totally succeeded, it was creepy as f**k!

    For all the crap that was slung your way over the all-female team, I thought you did a fantastic job of writing them. They were all distinctly female without falling into any of the most commonly used tropes for women. They were extremely competent, individuals, not necessarily best friends, yet respectful of one another. I enjoyed each of the characters for their own merits.

    Finally, regarding the attractiveness factor, while each actor is a beautiful woman in her own right, I didn’t feel that the direction made a big point about it. They were *characters* first – that they could be considered attractive was purely secondary.

    I’m bummed about losing Vega, but hey, I’m supposed to be! She wasn’t just some random red-shirt, but someone we recognized and felt something for.

    How could Sheppard not know they were all female? I figure that yes, he’d seen them around, but until he actually saw them together, they were names on a roster to him. He probably knew that Teldy was female, but until he put the names with faces, he hadn’t actually visualized them together.

    Very, very enjoyable episode. Solid writing and excellent direction.

  89. Hi, Joe.

    Canada’s Space Channel has a 2 min video clip of the cast saying thank you to the fans at:


    Mini-interviews with: David Hewlett, Joseph Mallozzi, Amanda Tapping, Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, Robert Picardo and Brad Wright. Plus, several clips of behind the scenes filming on SGA sets.

    The program (The Circuit) is being repeated again today on the Space Channel:

    Sat 9/6 9:30 AM
    Sat 9/6 1:30 PM
    Sun 9/7 4:00 AM
    Mon 9/8 5:30 AM

    And for those who can’t view the video, I have screen caps at my blog:


  90. Das; My thoughts exactly about the team, but I thought it was too obvious to state them all (lol).

    I might add that I am not a horror show kind of person (even though I am being dragged to Mirrors tonight), but Joseph you made it just right for me humor and fright. I had to be able to keep my eyes open to see what happened to my hero sheppard (lol).

  91. GAHHHHHH…..”Hang On” he says as he’s about to enter the Wraith set!!!! A cliff hanger on a blog… 😉 Thanks to Carl for taking time out to roam the sets…and to you too for not falling down the F-302 sets and declaring an end to blog video!

    I was soooo very excited about Whispers last night – the all girl team and the creepy story. I think I annoyed my husband as I giggled a little bit as Major Teldy was introduced. I forgot this was her ep and did a fangirl giggle as I remembered how lucky Anne Teldy was!

    Christina Cox was great as kick ass Teldy! And I couldn’t see Nicole deBoer (hope I spelled that right) as Teldy or any other hard core military, but she was a perfect Porter. I was looking forward to Dusty, but I have mixed feeling about how she came out. I love Janina Gavankar as Ms. Dewey (sorry, I’ve not seen her in anything else), but didn’t buy her as the tough sgt, I thought most of it was over the top. But there were scenes that I thought she did very well and the character was good. I just think the one who played Cadmann way back in Duet, did a better job of the hard core military woman… Poor Vega was doing so well taking down Dart’s in S&R only to meet her demise on creepy planet.

    Ok, I have to admit, the smoke was way creepier when I found out how and why it was there.

    I feel like Carson’s little show down with the wall crawling creature was alot like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. I didn’t feel it when I watched the show, but thinking about it now, I remember the whole JP T-Rex speech about not moving because they are a motion detection type animal.

    I laughed at the scene where Dusty goes out to check the perimeter after finding her book both funny and obvious. But I snorted with laughter as she referred to the sock on the door!

    I’ve been dreading this part, but I just feel like I have to say it, but, I kinda felt like the first 1/2 of Whispers was off about a second on the horror feel/reveal things. Like the horror of the first two guys in the beginning. The discovery reveal to the team soon after. I just felt like the cut was slow. Now, as I type this I wonder if it really was slow or if it took me awhile to ease into the Whispers. What I mean is that I found myself thinking of your blog entries, like when you asked what scares people most, as you were doing your research. I was remembering how Teldy got her name and the casting process and fog tests. So, I wonder if maybe I was so busy thinking, that I was off. Because as it went on – the beats were the creepy horror beats and the creepy fog got creepier for me.

    I have to say that I had many a time where I was saying, now why are they going by themselves. Or why are you going down that hallway, just go home now…call the police or other authorities, hell, just blow up the planet, it’s lost to the creatures, but GET OUT! So, I was entertained and enjoyed the episode and the all girl team with Shep and Carson. My husband enjoyed the hand bump the boys did at the beginning.

    So, anyway, I’ll end my disjointed little review by saying: thank you for everything on this episode through the production phases and up to and past the airing date. I’ve enjoyed it!


  92. ” Squeakiep

    “All we need now if for the prom queen and the kid in the wheel chair to wander off and we’re all set.” Another line for Stargate history! ”

    I agree – this was funny!

    In reading what everyone else said about being creeped out by the fog – I just realized that there is fog in the mornings in Alaska! We are leaving for AK on Sunday….so I might be creeped out in the woods of Alaska w/the fog, as they are so strikingly similar to the woods of Vancouver!


  93. I very much enjoyed the Shrine. David Hewlett did a fabulous acting job. And I am very much looking forward to Whispers. It looks wonderfully creepy and moody.

    I was also wondering if you received my very short DVD scene that I mailed to you a couple of weeks ago? I called it Stargate Atlantis – the Untold Tales.


  94. Did they switch the viewing order for “Tracker” and “The Queen”? Because the preview they showed last night was definitely not for Tracker, so I’m guessing it will now be shown before First Contact? Whichever.


    And EVERYONE *ELSE*, wasn’t… 😉

    The show wouldn’t be believable at all any more if suddenly EVERYBODY would get their character back by a resurrection.

    With that said, please let Weir and Ford be dead, and stay dead.

    Neat accent boy is back, and that’s all we need, and should get.

    Now, let Michael live, lol.

    *Has been counting down the days till next weeks ep airs ever since she read the spoilers*


    Should I hide my comb? 😛


  96. Sheppard’s reaction to Teldy’s comments about her team reminded me of my (male) supervisor when I said, “There are a whole lot of psycho women out there.” He choked a little and said, “Oh, I am so not not commenting on that!”

  97. Oh, my…I didn’t know Mr. Waring was scheduled for a Q&A…I must’ve missed that somehow. Is it too late to shoot a question or two his way?

    Questions for Mr. Waring…

    First, Common Ground is my favorite episode ever, it’s what got me hooked on SGA. Several things I loved about it, especially the handling of the cell scenes and the cut away from Sheppard coming face-to-face with his cellmate for the first time, to Ladon saying something like, “Of course, you would see him only as the monster who tried to take your city away from you.” The two-fold meaning behind that statment was just so perfectly placed, it’s one of my favorite nuances of the episode.

    So, a couple of questions:

    1. In your mind, how long had Todd been held captive?

    2. After the last feeding in the prision, Todd leers at Kolya as he’s taken away. I found this very effective in suggesting his readiness to turn on his master. Who’s idea was this – the writer’s, Chris’, or yours?

    3. In the scene where Todd is looking down through the bars at Sheppard, I swear he’s positively purring under his breath as Sheppard says “I could’a sworn I was gonna wake up dead today.” Again, a little detail that caught my attention and made me think more deeply about the scene. Was Todd’s ‘purring’ vocalization here your idea, and if so, what was your thinking behind it?

    4. Funniest moment in the episode was when Todd ‘pointed’ the gun at Shep as he examined it – hilarious, without one word being said. Was this scene done as scripted, or did the actors ad lib at all?

    I could go on for hours about this episode, but will stop there. I just thank you so very much for being a part of its creation.


  98. Whispers was good ‘n creepy, and had a high laptop tossing quotient (where I, alarmed, nearly threw the laptop in the air at one of the scares).

    I found myself yelling at the screen the first time Shep said they should spread out and investigate in classic horror movie style. And the mist was wonderously eerie, especially when it came under the doors! I loved seeing Carson and Porter make with the flirting, doctor style.

    And those monsters? Pretty sick, in fact the whole ep had that twisted feel of a Carpenter, Del Toro or Rodriguez flick.

    Any plans to write a full fledged horror movie, Joe? Maybe for Sci Fi’s friday night mutant movie fest? Sounds like it would be a good fit for you, and I know you’d come up with something cooler, creepier and funnier than Mansquito.

  99. Not being sexist: UR DOIN IT WRONG

    Tell me, were Carson’s actions in this episode supposed to inspire murderous rage in the viewers’ hearts? Because if so, I want to congratulate you on a job well done.

    It started badly, with the fist-bump of sleaziness, and it just got worse from there. What was that? It not only reflected poorly on you writers, it actually made both John and Carson look like dirty old men. Because, believe it or not, having two middle-aged men – one of which is in charge of the women they’re gleefully objectifying – congratulating themselves on being surrounded by twenty-something tail is not forward-thinking at all. It’s taking a giant leap *backwards* Also, it seemed terribly out of character for John (I won’t speak for Carson) who, no matter how much Rodney might rib him for his offworld conquests, usually acts completely professionally around the women he works with.

    But, I would have forgiven you for that if the rest of the episode hadn’t consisted of Carson acting even worse. Because, guess what, ignoring his military escort’s order and heading out into a battle situation because he’s worried about her isn’t chivalrous or charming, it’s sexist. It’s also stupid, but considering that everyone in this episode was acting like they’d recently been lobotomized I’m willing to forgive him for that.

    Also, this recent trend of pairing your middle-aged male characters with women who’re noticeable younger than them has got to stop.

    All in all, it’s a sad reflection of the state of things when the most enjoyable part of the episode was speculating over why John Sheppard was wearing a turtleneck.

  100. Loved Whispers…that’s the kind of episode I could see easily expanded into a great 2-hour movie.


  101. So Whispers, I think it was quite good, did what it was trying to do I suppose just be a horror episode. The fact is shows like this should vary the types of stories they tell each week, Doctor Who’s nailed that and I think it’s something that would be good for this franchise to do a bit more. The whole point of Science Fiction is that you’re only limited by your imagination, so different toned episode should be imagined… But anyway, quite good. You did use a few cliches though, you could pretty much always tell whether it was the good guys or the bad guys when something was moving in the fog.
    I think of all the female team getting rid of the one from Search and Rescue wasn’t the best idea, I mean she had the most potential as a character I think… The one Carson liked was kinda boring, and the other two didn’t really have much personality except for ‘military personel’, maybe at the beginning but throughout the ep. Although I think you wrote out Vega for the fact you’d already established her and therefore we might be less likely to think she’d go, but still…
    The last scene, oh come on. Sometimes mirroring a scene from the beginning at the end works, but it didn’t here. It just felt like you couldn’t be bothered to write a different scene, or couldn’t be bothered to stage it somewhere else. Like you’d just filmed the beginning scene and then thought ‘Hey, we’re here. Let’s film the last scene here as well since we’re already set up’. Not to mention the whole scene wasn’t very plot necessary anyway, so Carson’s going back to Earth afterwards. Yeah, we already know that…
    Overall, it’s not a bad episode or anything. Although I do think why you didn’t write the rest of the team in as well, so there’s two teams there. A bit like ‘The Tomb’ just with teams who like eachother, could have worked well. But it was filmed well, so the DP should definitely get credits here, as should the director of it.
    Did you have to use the same sound effects from ‘Vengeance’ as well for the bad guys, they’re completely different forms why are they making the same cry?


  102. Hey Joe.

    Even tho I thought the ep was creepy and suspenseful, there were a couple of things that bothered me.

    1) Why did Carson decided to leave Alison all ALONE in the cabin to go out ALONE into the fog to search for someone who to me was quite capable of looking after herself? Did he really think that Alison would be safe all by herself ALONE in the cabin?

    1a) Why did Alison then decided to leave the supposed safety of the cabin?

    The fog seemed to be messing up everyone common sense.

    2. How far were they from the gate and wouldn’t it have made more sense to go back to Atlantis once they saw it was getting dark and things were starting to feel wrong? Was it their original plan to stay over night?

    I am glad that Teldy got to live to see another day. Maybe in the movie.

  103. Evenin’, Joe

    Am back. And suitably knackered. Swell was only around 10ft, but rolling in every 7-8 seconds. Didn’t see the Arctic coastline, but saw the bottom of the North Sea. I need coffee. Or a Guinness.. Not necessarily in that order >.>

    @ Rachel:

    “The world is supposed to end on october 21st??? I thought it was this Wednesday when they switch on the Large Hadron Collider and we all disappear into a black hole ”

    They don’t start colliding particles until 21st October. Then, we can all run out and buy a mini-black hole down at the local supermarket. That, of course, is before most of continental Europe vanishes. Followed swiftly by everyone else.

    My informant, however, may be completely wrong.. in which case, Joe can trot off to Asia, I can buy my new board, TPTB can go take a long walk off a very short pier, and the price of crude oil can drop to below 5 cents per barrel.

    Personally, i’d prefer if she were wrong.

  104. Bad episode, Joe. Just bad. It’s funny how you’re only letting through comments from people who are singing your praises, when the reaction online has been the opposite.

    To the SaveElizabeth person — I’m one of the biggest Weir fans there is. I’d love to see her given a better ending, but your constant posting over and over and over is just giving the haters another chance to attack us. Quit it.

    That said, I’d love to see some BETTER resolution for the character.

  105. Hello Joe,

    I just wondered, looking down into the F302 cockpit, where does the pilot go????

    It looks way too small to accommodate a whole human being! Or is that just a model, not for use with a human being inside?

    Thanks Joe for the insight from the writer’s point of view!

  106. A.L – there was really no flirting apart from Carson/Porter and Mehra almost put paid to that. As for the fist bump – it was a tad off, but at least they graciously did it behind their backs, like it was a ‘guy thing’. In all honestly I would have preferred a fleeting, appreciative, lop-sided smirk from Shep, with that instant, composed up-and-down scan of said ‘tail’ and let that be the end of it, y’ know, with Shep switching back over into commanding officer mode.
    Just a typical Shep-look from the ever-brilliant JF would have said bucketloads.
    (Funny how Carson’s ‘rubber legs’ took him up that hill, though. ‘Quicksilver’ Carson, eh?)
    All in all, despite JF being in it, this eppie is not a keeper, and to my mind it is right down there with Trio and Missing.

    I guess I’m a little jaded with horror.
    Once Upon A Time, I finally decided to watch the Exorcist – despite the fact that I’ve seen far worse since – and could convince NO-ONE to watch it with me.
    Watched it in the dark all by my lonesome.
    At midnight-ish, (O-dark-thirty,) ALL the lights went out in house. Except the telly. Nary a perp in sight.
    Then the phone rang and there was no-one on the other end of the line.
    Cue the fog, right?
    I just did a mental shrug and carried on watching.
    After all, if you set your mind to doing something, you might as well carry it through.
    So, I thunk to myself, I thunk, “Bring it!” and hunkered down to watch the rest of the movie.
    Which I did.
    So – I remain eminently unfased.
    Whispers? Horror, my arse.
    40-ish minutes should have produced SOME kind of twist, despite it not being movie-length.
    Whispers was too trite.

  107. I liked Dusty a lot. Was bummed to see Vega taken out, though.

    And I have to admit to being distracted by the fog, knowing how you struggled with it. It looks wonderful!

    Did you add in the lines about staying in the stuff before or after the fog problems?

  108. Last night was the first night I was home alone with our new puppy and had to take her out by myself at 11pm, in the dark isolated 2 acres of property here. It was not the best night for me to watch Whispers! At least it wasn’t foggy out!

  109. Joe – don’t worry about negative comments at Gateworld – everyone over there has sucked on their lemons, instead of sending them to TPTB. 😉

    I do have one question (well, another question) about Whispers. It kind of goes in line with some questions I asked several days ago about the overall horror-themed nature of SGA.

    What was your mindset while writing Whispers? Dead serious, tongue-in-cheek, something else?

    I had the feeling that you were just having a blast with all the horror cliches while adding your own twists (especially with everyone wandering off so aimlessly – I was yelling at them to stay together! There’s safety in numbers! 😆 ) It was a nice bit of fun…a nice chance to yell at the tv set, instead of – well…YOU. 😳

    I’d like to add something about Michael regarding this episode. I felt it helped to further established the sort of lengths Michael would go to in order to create his ‘master race’. I think of the extent of his scientific knowledge to be able to do such things. It adds a bit more depth to what we already know – Michael wasn’t just an ordinary Wraith when he was captured, but a brilliant scientist – a scientist whose brilliance has since been warped by what the Lanteans did to him. THIS is what his mind now sees fit to create, and it’s something that is even beyond his control. How many other experiments like this are out there? We may never know now…but at least we’ve had a glimpse of this one.

    It was a fun episode – actually one of my favorites so far mainly because…well, because ‘no Wraith were harmed in the making of this show’. 😉 First time Mr. Das and I have hunkered down on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and lights out in a long time – we really made it an ‘experience’, and – save for the 5 minutes we lost due to the storm – it was a great one! Thanks so much!


  110. Hey Joe,
    Loved Whispers, and loved your all female team. As a chick myself, I love seeing chicks in scifi. Though when I first heard about the all-girl team, I thought, “Isn’t that a bit much?” Until I realized how many times we’ve seen all-male teams in SG-1 and Atlantis. So, it’s about time, I guess. 🙂 Anyhow, I had no doubts once the episode started, and after Vega was done in, I was seriously concerned that Maj. Teldy would bite it, too. I’d love so see her and the remainder of her team again. Well done episode, and loved the little funny bits as always.

    A quick question: Any more news of Sam Carter making further Atlantis appearances?

  111. DasNdanger – tongue-in-cheek, surely?
    You know how JM loves to wind up the fanbase.
    Whispers was just plain silly.
    But fun! she hastened to add.
    A romp.
    A one-of. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Love the ‘idiot in the attic’ motif when Shep’s team splits up to do a reccie!
    Let’s all peek through our fingers, why don’t we…
    WHAT did we tell you in horror school.
    DON’T go up to the attic.
    DON’T go down to the basement.
    And most of all –
    Cue the fog…

  112. Thanks for Whispers. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m one of those who avoid horror flicks at all costs just because I’m such a wuss. But wouldn’t you know it? For SGA, I’m there! I really liked the mix of humor and horror for this ep. I also liked that we were introduced to another SGA team. I don’t recall any previous episodes that highlighted another SGA team in full and technicolor. My favorites in the epi include Shep & Beckett and when they met up with Teldy’s team, the creepy doll (reminds me of the hide and seek wraith game Jinto & Wes played in season 1 and how Pegasus kids adapt), the all girls team (Dusty in particular), the Beckett & creature and the Teldy well scenes, the showdown at the well scene, the fog, the blue torchlights and the details on the iratus doors back at Michael’s lab..oh, and the colored squibs effect!!!

    The creatures were interesting…since they were a composite of multiple life forms, I wonder what kind of Pegasus life spews fog/smoke screen?! Pretty nifty idea. How toxic is the gas, requiring gas masks? The gills are from the iratus bug, right?! And there’s a species out there that can knock out electricity (radio waves and flashlights)?! Would have been cool if these creatures were frozen in the lab too like the iratus bug in Vengence. Although we didn’t see it but did you intend these creatures to have the feeding hand like Elia?

    My take on the Sheppard out of character moments…Teldy just formed her team recently and Shep knows the team by name only when he approved the team rosters. The introductions were for Beckett’s sake. The meeting of Mirellus… I’m guessing Sheppard walking past a door frame without clearing it 1st was because they were setting a trap?

    Other things…aside from the appearing well bucket, the radios and flashlights stop working but the tablet still works? Is it because the tablet is shielded or is that another oops? Michael’s lab was functional so maybe the signal the creatures emit don’t affect computers?

    Any way, I’m looking forward to your breakdown of the episode tonight. I’m enjoying season 5 immensely. Congrats to you, Paul and everyone else for a great year. I love Stargate but I really love this series foremost. Thanks.

    For Will Waring: Thank you for this Q&A session. I really enjoyed Common Ground and Sunday and I hope you’ll continue on with the Stargate franchise. For Whispers… (1) rehersals were emphasized before the fog was brought in but were there still accidents filming those scenes? (2) How much can the actors see through their creature masks? (3) Were the stasis pod chambers a 100%practical set, or was the ‘extended length’ look of them CG’d in? (4) The forest location scenes…from what I read before, filming on location is not usually done for small scenes alone because of the cost factor. Were other scenes from other episode(s) filmed together at this location then? or is this so close to the studio that it doesn’t matter? (5) the P90 flashlights malfunctioning…how was that done on set? did the actors turn it off without showing the camera or did the props person rig a remote control for them? (6) are you a fan of horror or have you filmed horror before? you’ve captured the tone of it for Whispers! Thank you!

  113. Sorry for all the posts, but the computer wasn’t showing that it sended. Sorry for annoying people, one was only meant to send!

  114. Whispers- Meh. Sorry but there were so many things that had me hating on John and Carson and I love them. They were just too OOC.

  115. What a fun little thing at the end that McKay said, about “who’s Porter?” Don’t suppose that was added on set once you knew who would be playing Porter, huh? I was kind of sad that David and Nicole didn’t share a scene, after all they went through shooting Cube back in the day…

  116. Okies.. ‘post-Whispers and Guinness’ rant..

    Loved it.

    And not because it was an almost deviation from other episodes we’ve seen in the past.. it was just fun. Creepy at times. Left me feeling a little cruvus on occasion (that could still the ‘being slightly knackered’ bit though). Thought the all female Team was a great idea and seeing both Sheppard and Beckett on an initial backfooting, was amusing – including the typical ‘Tomcats-got-the-cream’ moment.

    The storyline was interesting and worked quite well into what we already know of Michael’s checkered experiments. And I sooo loved the fog (I was kinda half expecting to see herds of violently docile cows coming out’ve it at times – that, or Pennywise >.> )

    I don’t agree that it was poorly concepted, written or directed. Some episodes will appeal to a certain faction of SGA Fans and others will appeal to a different audience entirely. Personally, I like watching Atlantis because.. well, it’s Atlantis. My opinion has nothing to do with Joe, or anyone else attatched to the franchise. *I* choose to watch what I want. Period.

    Every storyline is unique; some with more action than others.. some with more character-driven plots. Each one of us will always have our favourites and that won’t ever change.. But, I felt this eppi was cool and that both crew and cast did us proud with yet another fantastic watch.

    A second Guinness and then I think i’ll watch again.

  117. @ Shai – 😆

    Oh, and when someone is telling you to shut the hell up – then – shut the hell up!! One thing was missing, though…

    Tor Johnson. 😉


  118. Whispers was pretty creepy. Plus I’ll never complain about getting to watch Joe Flanigan for an hour. I enjoyed it a lot. It was really a fun episode.
    I got surprisingly attached to the guest team. I especially liked Mehra’s reaction to Carson’s so lame flirting with Porter, and Teldy and Mehra’s attempt to dissuade Sheppard from his little plan to blow up the well, which I interpreted not as doubt in Sheppard’s abilities but as doubt that the CO should be the one planting the bait and C4. Once they get to know him better, they’ll realize, looking at his repertoire of Wile E. Coyote plans, that one was actually pretty mild.

    So I have a question for William Waring:
    Sheppard is my favorite character by far (and if you ever have a spare hour or five, I’ll be happy to tell you why).

    A lot of our sense of who Sheppard is comes from not so much what he says (which is often very little) but his inflection and expression when he says it.
    How do you direct that kind of performance? Do you just let Joe Flanigan choose how he wants to deliver the lines and only step in if you feel it’s the wrong tone, or do you give him detailed directions up front – say this like you’re uncertain, say that like you don’t mean it, etc.?

  119. Hi!
    Finally saw Whispers I said before seeing it that if it was with the team I thought it would probably be my favorite ep. I have to say that even without the team it’s my fav ep yeah I really miss Teyla and I’m disappointed but we had 3 great female characters. I said 3 because personnaly I can’t stand Porter too bad she didn’t die perhaps it’s for this that I so like Dusty she’s too fun. I don’t understand why you don’t bring Teyla and Keller instead of Sheppard and Carson.
    I’m really disappointed too that they killed Vega she was great as for Teldy not a fan but she did her job.
    The ep was really great but I’m sure I will do nightmare, yes it’s enough for me to traumatize me I really stressed when the thing was after Carson lol besides they were really ugly.
    My only critic would come from Shep and Carson yeah I know it’s Stargate but to be to the point where there is less than half of the cast of Stargate they could have suppress them all. I mean I don’t know if it’s my feminist side but I thought that Shep take her a little too high (?) I mean he didn’t consider them and what was the point to have him sit down when the guy comes and only point his gun ? WTF ? when was the last time that Shep uses only his gun ?
    Personnally I would have really love that the girls kick his ass and at the end I would have love a scene with only the girls and not McKay Shep and Carson.
    I liked too that the team was separated I’m sure that this isn’t really good on security (then why have separated them ?) but really I like it that they were on their own and finally everybody is more than enough able to take care of himself.

    Finally I think you did more in female character, team aspect, action, adventure, character moment and character building in one ep than in a lot of eps.
    So I really love it and if they had the great idea to make an all female team or a female lead in SGU I have to say that I would watch it without hesitation.
    Nevertheless I miss the team and I really can’t wait for the Queen, a Teyla ep, this is awesome 😀
    Goodnight (it’s time for me) 😀

  120. Hm, Whispers: John’s reaction to the all female team kind of miffed me. He has never had any problems with working with or for women, he always behaved professionally, and suddenly he’s all “hey, you are women!” and drooling on their shoes. That’s so OOC that it’s not even funny. Other than that, I considered it quite an average filler episode with no real plot – they kept losing and finding their team members like lather, rinse, repeat with no real goal in sight – but at least we got a generous Sheppard coverage and that’s always great 🙂

  121. Das – ‘shut the hell up’? Oh, you are too funny. NO-ONE shuts me up. No-one has even suggested it. In all my born days. Did I miss some corporate/suit ‘shut TF up’ memo or something? Nice try, btw. ; – D

    What is your take on Whispers, Das?
    (See, I’m playing nice.)
    Do YOU think this was tongue-in-cheek?
    I DO!

    Whispers, to my mind, was a thumping great wind-up, but it was fun to play along with the whole horror genre. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it twice with the second airing. I have no desire to enjoy it thrice.

    Attn. JM – I fully intend to buy the boxed set of season 5, but – I’ll skip this eppie. My choice. My bad. I adore JF.

    I don’t DO shutting up, Das. Hellish or otherwise.
    ; – D

  122. Will you forgive me if I say, “Woot!”? I’ve watched Atlantis as part of my StarGate addiction, but Whispers is the first episode that has grabbed me and threatened to beat me if I so much as glanced away. Not just because the guest stars were, erm, the best and the brightest, perhaps slightly because of Nicole de Boer…

    I can think of no better word than “invigorating” to describe the delight I experienced at seeing Sheppard’s military aspect at the fore where ordinarily the overwhelming technology wielded by the teams in Pegasus invariably makes him seem limp and in the way, a rebel without a cause.

    And I have to rate this best Carson episode ever. In the early seasons he seemed to become Rodney’s shadows shadow.

    Truly ingenious episode, for the first time in 4 years I am looking forward to next Friday and watching SG:A.

  123. Raindrop – I could watch JF jes’ plain ol’ BREATHE for an hour. I bet you he’d even BREATHE brilliantly. ; – D

  124. Upon further reflection, I have two more thoughts:

    This all-girl team (aside from Vega, thanks to her being promptly killed) really did seem to be utter Mary Sues. Very pretty, well-liked and respected, no discernible flaws, a little too young for their jobs (reasonably, wouldn’t at least one of them have been closer to Shep’s age?), better at a main character’s talent than said main character (Porter’s more brilliant than McKay, or at least figured out something he didn’t), having an instant romantic thing with a main character, saving a main character from certain death, and of course, making the main characters act OOC and stupid. Clearly you don’t read fanfic.

    Why didn’t you just have them figure out/explain that the fog was there not only to make it harder for the creatures’ prey to see, but also to addle their minds and make them do stupid things like wander off alone? That would have both excused the stupid things the heroes did and had a little fun with that horror movie cliche.

  125. I enjoyed Whispers … loved Dusty! Cool episode. And the knuckle-bump, just perfect. Silly men.

    I finally got around to watching The Shrine. I watched it three times and cried each time. You bastards! You nade me cry! Excellent, most excellent.

  126. OMG Joe i loved “Whispers” I dont watch show that freak me out and i am one of those who was sitting with my hands over my eyes peaking though the fingers screaming at the tv dont go there RUN you idiot (lol)

    Okay im totaly still wigging on that epp!!!! time to go check under the bed and look in the closet for things that go bump

    thank a lot Joe

    great job


  127. Sheppard not being able to contain his surprise when confronted with an all women team. Said team confirming the obvious instead of ignoring it with an eye-roll. Carson’s flirting with this way younger woman and her unprofessional reaction: I found that all more creepy than the monsters in the fog.

  128. Joe, Loved Whispers. Horror is not usually my cup of tea, and if it wasn’t SGA I probably would have changed the channel. Really liked the girl team. Loved Dusty blowing bubblegum before the killing. A girls got to relax somehow.

    Question for Mr. Waring. When you shoot an episode like Whispers, how do you choreograph movement with limited visibility? It seemed that scenes with running or lots of actors had less fog, but ones with walking had more fog.
    Thanks for your tim.

  129. I thought the end of the world will be in 2012?

    Thanks for the link Morjana.

    Nice, fun episode Joe. I like things that go bumb in the night. It takes a lot to scare me tho, but it was still fun and enjoyable.

    BTW, I hear from a very reliable source that Woolsey will be wearing red in the end. Oops! Please don’t hate me for mentioning it. And I’m sure you won’t confirm it. Maybe you can bring back Sam to lead the team on in DVD land?

  130. How could these creatures produce that much fog from their gills that the whole area is fogged up? It doesn’t seem to make sense scientifically.

  131. quik question:any chance of having a woolsey character oriented episode, i know its more or less all done but im finally seeing a different side 2 him after all the hate during SG1..lol

  132. Shai said:

    “I could watch JF jes’ plain ol’ BREATHE for an hour. I bet you he’d even BREATHE brilliantly.”

    Oh, obviously and absolutely. And no, I’m not biased at all in any way, not even a little.

  133. The question regarding costumes pinged something I’ve been wanting to ask:

    Any idea who we could contact to get someone to put out some “trade” books for SG-1 and SGA? Books that tell detail stuff like the window designs for Atlantis (for someone like me who would like to build their own Lantean porch & gazebo) or how to construct / “buy elements for” costumes (like for convention cosplay)…

    WHISPERS was fantastic! Any chance we can put in a good word for Nicole deBoer to be part of the UNIVERSE cast?

    Last question. Do you know that there’s a teeny, tiny smiley face at the bottom of the screen when we’re typing in comments in this box? Kinda freaked me out when I first saw it.

  134. What Kati @131 said. John and Carson’s reaction to the all-female team was so sexist and *stupid* (OMG, gurlz! Who can, like, shoot guns and stuff! And are GURLZ!) that I turned off the episode. I don’t know about Carson, but that seemed really out of character for John.

    Note to male writers: please stop writing as though women are weird exotic creatures. We’re just people. I know you don’t mean to be sexist; I think you even think you’re being progressive by writing women who kick ass. But it’s painful to be reminded so forcefully that in our society, men are the norm, and women are The Other.

    (Note to male showrunners: please stop refusing to hire female writers.)

  135. Hey Joe!
    “Whispers” was awesome!! I don’t do horror, and this ep had me jumping a couple of times, which actually was pretty fun! awesome job, and it was nice to see Carson back.

  136. As you may or may not know I happen to be a member of Hewlett’s squirrels. That being said, this episode was really well done. The thing is, even though I’m a McKay person any episode I see of SGA without McKay or non McKay-centric always lives up to my expectations despite me thinking, “Oh, well…but where’s McKay?” at the beginning.

    Paul M. is adorable. I mean, the man could make puppies go “awwww.” He plays such a genuine character. I haven’t met him in real life so I don’t know what he’s like but I imagine he can’t be that far removed from Carson. I mean, minus the accent, PHD, and being a clone.

    The girls kicked ass. You were right, because they weren’t central characters I found myself actually getting more involved in the story knowing that these people had a possibility of actually dying. I wish there had been some way to learn a little more about them than we did, but you can only do so much in 43 minutes.

    After SPOILER the first of them died I kept muttered “please don’t kill Dusty, please don’t kill Tedley, oh gosh don’t let Porter be dead” END SPOILER.

    And though it was hell to shoot, the fog was so well done. Worth the time and effort put into it. I really love the creepiness of wells. Why are wells so creepy, anyway? And what a coincidence that an alien well looks so much like a well from earth. I suppose you just can’t beat the simplicity of a well.

    Oh, and great way to work in zombie like characters. Man I love zombies. So much. I want a zombie.

  137. Post Script:

    I’ve taken time to read some of the other comments about the portrayal of the women in Whispers as well as the reactions to the all-girl team from Carson and Sheppard.

    I do admit, I was a little put off at that but then I remembered that Carson and Sheppard, despite their open mindedness, are essentially men from a patriarchal society. Sheppard’s a soldier and Carson’s…well…Scottish? I dunno. Anywho, I wasn’t offended by their reactions because I thought that despite their progressive minds both of these people would probably be surprised by the thought of an all-girl team.

    I was a bit perturbed not to see an older female represented, but being the good little bisexual I am I was blinded by the attractiveness of the women to look too much into that fact. And, hey, both of the men are attractive so why not the entire cast of females as well? And, you know what? Carson’s attraction to Porter was dog gone adorable. Even if he was twice her age.

    I thought, in general, the story was a great homage to horror. Who in here didn’t squeal to Carson to stay inside when he insisted on letting his testosterone get the better of him and creep out with only a shot gun to keep him company? When you start telling characters on tv what to do and not to do you know the show’s worth watching.

  138. For Will Waring: What was the creepiest thing about filming “Whispers” for you? Was it tough to keep a “creeped out” attitude going for the actors, or were they there from the start? It was a wickedly scarry episode and one that will leave me scared for life!

  139. Hey, this is a military team, so there is no such thing as too young for Teldy’s crew. My twenty four year old neice did two tours in Iraq already. If you are around the military you realize it’s a very young crew out there putting their lives on the line.

    And Nicole deBoer is 37 and Paul McGillion is 38; I think it’s okey dokey if they flirt together, seeing as how they are only a year older apart.

    I can see why Joe doesn’t bother to answer each and every fan rant. The best answer to a stupid question is to simply ignore it.

  140. Hi Joe,
    Please help me understand ratings.
    Can you give a quick primer – a Ratings 101?

    Is it true that only those homes with Neilsen boxes are tabulated? So, your average Joe and Jane viewer who doesn’t have a box…their viewing of the show doesn’t count?

    How about TiVo recordings? Are those measured in some way?

    You have mentioned about certain SGA episodes being top on torrents lists, so I guess someone is keeping an eye on those numbers. (Of course that just uncollected revenue…)

    I guess the reason I ask is that since I am NOT a Neilsen household, I guess my vote each week really isn’t being counted.

    Is that right?
    Or, do I have bad ‘ old info?

    Really, really sorry to see SGA go.
    Thanks for your work on SG1 and SGA.

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