I swung by post today to approve the seamless version of Broken Ties. The seamless version is, of course, the uninterrupted version that will eventually find its way onto DVD. Many shows (The Shield come to mind) simply go to black at the end of each act but Stargate’s episodes run uninterrupted, segueing smoothly from the last scene of one act into the first scene of the next. Usually. Sometimes, because of the way an episode has been shot, the transition can be a little jarring. If the last shot of Act Two is a close up of a pensive McKay and the first shot of Act Three is a medium shot of McKay coming up with an idea, then running them back to back becomes problematic. I was faced with just such a challenge today. The final shot of the act is a static close up of Ronon, but the first shot of the next act is moving and jumps the axis (we were on Ronon’s left side and, suddenly, we’re on his right).

“Yeah,”chimed in Jen who was standing in the doorway, reading my face. “That is a bit iffy.” At times like these, it’s sometimes advisable to cut to an insert. This (sort of) worked when we did the seamless version of SG-1’s Shadow Play. Act Four ends with a shot of the team searching the warehouse while Act Five begins with…a shot of the team searching the warehouse. Well, since Carter is holding a PFD taking naquada readings, we simply borrowed an insert of a PFD in Carter’s hand and used it to bridge the two scenes. ON a MEDIUM SHOT of the team searching the warehouse. CUT TO: AN INSERT of Carter’s PFD taking readings. CUT BACK TO: A MEDIUM SHOT of the team searching the warehouse. Sure, it’s a completely different device being held in a completely different manner, but only if you play close attention.

Unfortunately, cutting to an insert wouldn’t work in this case. So, rather than add a shot, I cut one. I lose the final shot of the act so that instead of ending on Ronon, we end on Tyre then pick up the first shot of the next act – FINDING RONON. Let me know if it bugs you when you watch the episode on 5 DVD.

From post, it was back to the office where Brad, Rob, Paul and I gathered to discuss Project Twilight over lunch. We tossed around some notions for a couple of hours and eventually called it a day, vowing to really give it some thought while we were off enjoying our time off.

Which will begin for me sometime after I deliver this script. I’m thinking Thursday or Friday.

Today’s mailbag:

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “ So after much research and debate several of us are curious as to when we might see Lorne’s character promoted.”

Answer: As someone already pointed out, promoting Lorne to Lieutenant Colonel would make him equal in rank to Sheppard, something we’re not prepared to do.

Morjana writes: “ New NBCU Stargate Atlantis 5 promotional photos are out.”

Answer: Yes, and they contain a major spoiler. In season 5, everyone on Atlantis will have the ability to levitate!

Charles Schneider writes: “Do you think that people who work in animated television end up participating in a much greater number of projects than people in other genres of television?”

Answer: I don’t know if they participate in much greater number, but I do feel that having an animation background predisposes you to envision the most dynamic version of any scene.

PG15 writes: “1. Are you currently accepting pitches from freelance writers?

2. Will the Wraith be involved in Episode 100? Will Episode 100 end on a cliffhanger?”

Answer: 1. The end of the season is the least likely time we would be looking to freelance pitches. There is only one more episode to break – #20 – and Paul will be writing it. 2. My lips are sealed.

David writes: “Do you have an e-mail that I can get you at and you could respond to somewhat fast? Or even, could you e-mail me with an address…that way you don’t have to display it?”

Answer: You could just post a comment here and ask me not to approve it. That way, it won’t be made public. Or you could try your luck at moorsyum@yahoo.com.

Shiny writes: “I took the bait on a rewrite of a truly horrendous script and a year later I’ve got a crap script full of cheesy notes from the producer-wannabe and I’ve only just found out that the producer-wannabe has been schlepping this crap project around for the good part of this decade.”

Answer: I empathize because I’ve been there.

Silver Comet writes: “Do you and Paul always work together or do you sometimes make different projects, too?”

Answer: Although we now write our scripts separately, we’re still a writing-producing team.

AMZ writes: “I was wondering, did you originally hope to get into producing as well as writing?”

Answer: Not really. I always wanted to write. Producing was an opportunity that presented itself along the way.

Dovil writes: “I always wanted to be a writer, but alas my tolerence for substance abuse was as low as my talent.”

Answer: Many with the self-same problems have managed to flourish in this industry, so don’t give up hope!

Today’s pics: Hiatus? What hiatus?

87 thoughts on “June 24, 2008: What the hell is a seamless version? Well, I’m glad you asked…

  1. Hi Joe, todays Pics make me feel good, because although I am on ‘hiatus’ from university, it doesn’t feel that way at all.

    This is a reprint from yesterday’s blog – just in case anyone doesn’t get down to the bottom. I should have waited for today’s entry *hand on forehead*

    SFM said: If anyone is interested the follwing link has a few pictures from David Hewlett’s wedding. Nope, they are not ‘photog in the bushes’ type photos – they are official!!


  2. Hey, thanks you guys, for bothering to give us a seamless version. It certainly makes the viewing experience more enjoyable and less jarring. It does kind of irk me when I’m watching a DVD of a show and keep getting those between-act blackouts.

  3. I was watching a new show on abc tonight called “Wipeout” and one of the hosts was Larrin from Travelers. Jill Wagner, is that right?

  4. I couldn’t resist I went on Wraithfodder’s blog and looked at the offending promo pictures of season 5.

    Oh boy that first picture of the team ‘standing’ in front of the gate is a howler.

    http://dryope.livejournal.com/393498.html with thanks to Wraithfodder

    I’m sorry to report that poor Teyla has lost her right arm. I’ve searched that picture and can report it is no where in sight.
    Polydactyl last year now an amputee is being kidnapped by Michael not enough for you people?

    And as if that isn’t bad enough *gulp* Ronon will not be entering this years Dancing on Ice play offs. The man is legless and I don’t mean drunk oh no….he has been cut off at his prime….sorry I mean in his prime. Where are his legs? If you extrapolate his height comparing it with Teyla’s then look to where his feet should be we come to the in escapable conclusion the promo team took them!

    Faux pas number three is a matter of perspective Sheppard is standing to the front of the group Keller is towards the back of Sheppard and two steps up yet her hand appears over Sheppard’s fore arm. Follow her legs down and is it me or do they change half way down so her feet look at a peculiar angle to her body.

    Okay if I can spot these mistakes someone already has or will and it calls into doubt the professionalism of who ever montage the picture and who ever gave the go ahead to release it.

    Joe put your foot down with a firm hand and say no to such foppery.


  5. Je me souviens.

    Ah, yes…saw my first Quebec license plate today – summer is officially here!!

    Joe –

    1. have you ever been back to Wildwood/South Jersey area since the days of your youth?

    2. So, about that question you didn’t understand – in BAMSR, did Todd raid the hive’s ‘refrigerator’ when he returned to negotiate about battle with the Replicators? The way the scene is written, there is a suggestion that something else happened while he was aboard the hive, and I wonder if that was done on purpose to suggest that something happened he’d rather Shep not be privy to (such as feeding on a captive human).

    Thankies, sir.


  6. Joe how often are you in the US? Favorite destination?

    Also, I was kind of curious, what do you think of Seattle? Is it like, or very different from Vancouver?

  7. Hey Joe,

    Just wondering if you might be able to post links to other Stargate writer/actor blogs.

    How are the electronics today 🙂 anything explode?


  8. Looks like Rick has a UPS down there on the floor. Do all your mission critical PCs have individual Uninterrupted Power Supplies in case of power failure? No probs if you don’t notice these things. Just curious..

  9. Ok, those promo shots SUCK.

    I mean, the actors look great, as usual, and they’ve got fine clothes (especially Rachel), but everything else suck.

    Here’s an idea a fan at Gateworld came up with: how about MGM or SciFi or whoever shot the photos of the actors release them (the photos of the actors) to us, and allow us, the fans, to construct our own promo shots. We won’t charge, honest. It’ll be a contest, and it’ll be a wonderful fun time!

    Please look into it, Joe. These photos are just plain disrespectful to your show, in my opinion.

  10. Once again, I have no idea what you’re talking about when you get technical about your profession, but it is fascinating nonetheless.

  11. I love how everyone is bizatching about the bad photoshopping of the promo pics!! Will it carry any clout for future promos, I wonder? Like, STOP with the airbrushing and the floating-vampire look?

  12. “9 pg15

    Ok, those promo shots SUCK…Please look into it, Joe. These photos are just plain disrespectful to your show, in my opinion.”

    What promo shots, where?…I love the wraith! 🙂

    And yes, I’m a blond.


  13. Hi Joe

    1.) The seamless version that you say will end up on the DVD….are they the same episodes that TMN will air in Canada (ie, no commercial breaks)?

    2.) The Loukimades looked great….loved them myself….but sesame seeds???? really?? I like cinnamon on them myself, but the sesame seeds just throw me.

    3.) You always post pics of the very cute pugs (and Lulu), but didn’t you mention at one point that you also have a cat? If you still have him/her, how about a few pics for the cat fanciers that read your blog?

    Thank you!

  14. Sorry, I came late to the party yesterday, so I’ll post again the question I asked yesterday.

    “80 Anais33 a écrit
    Petite question….
    Le premier épisode de la saison 5 et deja sur Youtube..pourquoi? comment est t’il arriver là alors qu’il n’a pas été diffusé?”

    J’ai posé la question:

    Cher M. Mallozzi
    Le premier SGA de la saison cinq et deja sur Youtube???? Est-ce que c’est vrai? Si oui, en fait partie l’épisode ou tout cela?


  15. To the people posting links to others’ livejournals:
    have you asked them for permission to post those links here?

    None of those LJs are mine but I wouldn’t like to see someone posting a link to my LJ here without permision.

    Do any of you have blogs/LJ that might contain personal and/or fandom related entries you would rather not see posted in a blog like this, that gets lots of visitors?

    No offense intended, but I think it’s very rude to post a link to someone’s blog/LJ here or in any other place without asking them for permission first.

    If you all have asked for permission, then I’ll shut up 😀

  16. Something just cross my mind regarding the ZPMs. If the Ori are no longer a threat and there seems no need to worry that the Asgard core will attract the Ori ships and all seems OK in the Milky Way, will the Odyssey return the ZPM to Atlantis? If I remember correctly, the third ZPM is in the Antarctic chair, I may be wrong. With all that has happened regarding the Ori, Adria and the Goa’uld, is really necessary for the Odyssey to keep it?

    Greetings to your dogs!


  17. Wow, those are bad promo shots! Although it seems as if Keller has a little Captain in her … ah ha! Spoiler!? The good doctor has a little problem keeping the grog locker locked?

  18. Thanks for answering my question! I love the post-production pictures. The editing guys setups look just like the ones we use in my studio. Although I’m sure the Stargate tech-heads are little more well-equipped than us digital media junkies.

  19. Oh hey, and I almost forgot. Thank you for answering my questions! Staying mum on the Wraith for 100? Wow…ok, now I’m definitely getting excited. All I know is that it’s BIG and follows on an episode shot in Vegas. This will be very very interesting.

    And let’s see what happens in Season 6 with regards to pitching…hehehe.

    I’m so transparent.

    @ Wraith Cake…bad! Bad! :p

  20. Could Project Twilight be strike related?
    Perhaps you are going to film body doubles of the SAG actors in really, really, really low light so noone will know it’s not them.
    Or maybe you are thinking of episodes portraying them in theTwilight of their lives – hire a bunch of old people to play the characters in their golden years, talking about their aches and pains from all those old wraith feeding scars and whatnot. Cold Case does a good job of finding actors who look like they could be the same people, only years apart.

  21. You do an excellent job at seamless because I watched all of Season Two and Three on dvd before seeing them on Scifi and my reaction was mostly, “So that’s where the commercial was!”

    Oh, and the promo shots at MGM are really bad.

  22. I really miss two hour season finale or premiers. Is there a reason that Atlantis usually has single hour finale or premiers? (As in premiers/finales that are shown in a two hour block on a single night.)

  23. Perhaps my other post was a little long? I’ll try once more, but pleasssse remove the double posts. I’ll feel like a big dumb dumb otherwise.

    After much (enthusiastic) experimentation , I finally came up with two cocktails in celebration of the wraith. The first I’ve called “Bob’s yer uncle and he’s a WRAITH!” The second I’ve coincidentally called “The Wraith”. And the third, which is not my invention but an actual cocktail that I have whipped up to honour all the humans fed upon: “Death in the Afternoon”
    These are pictures I’ve taken of the drinks as well as the lovely treats to eat them with–CHOCOLATE!! There is a tiny chocolate shop at the end of our street that makes hand-made fair trade chocolate. The shop is called Delight and the woman who owns the store negotiates with the producers of organic coca herself. She makes the best chocolate truffles I have ever tasted. So without further ado here are my pics:
    This one is “The Wraith”

    this one is “Bob’s yer uncle and he’s a WRAITH!”

    The last is “Death in the Afternoon”

    As side from mediocre picture taking, the cocktails are actually quite yummy.

    On the week-end I made cake (surprise surprise) and coffee martini’s. They were also scrumptious.


  24. Hi, Joe.

    Well…sugar! SG1 lost out to Dexter for Best Syndicated/Cable TV Series at the ’08 Saturn Awards tonight.

    On a brighter note, MGM Stargate has a new Stargate: Continuum video featurette available: The Return of Richard Dean Anderson to Continuum:


    I have screen prints from the video on my blog:


    Best wishes, Morjana

  25. Joe, I’m curious as to what all of you (writers, directors, actors and the like) think of the leaked season opener? I have resisted temptation. I haven’t asked anybody for any links on the forums I lurk about on. But I did stumble upon and download, Didn’t download or watch. But I always wondered what people on your side think. I know a lot of people are really excited, I know of one person who lives in Australia and probably wont see season 5 grace her television. I look at it as a blessing and a curse. Will something like this effect the ratings?

  26. Hi Joe,

    I love your blog and really enjoy feeling like a part of the team, albeit vicariously, through your reports. Your ‘getting started in the biz’ anecdotes keep me motivated.

    I know that Brad and Jonathan wrote the first SG-1 ep, but wanted to share a moment of discovery. Since they don’t have blogs (that I’m aware of) and you do, you get to read about it. Share if you like.

    I was at the bookstore last week and wandered into the anthropology/archaeology section. I happened upon two huge tomes, entitled “Myan Glyphs Decoded.” Ooh, fun stuff!

    Randomly flipping through the S-Z volume I hit the “T” section and there, at the top of the page was the word “Taur” meaning “big land.” I laughed out loud. I love to write, love words, and was delighted to discover that that would mean that “Tau’ri” would roughly translate to “of the big land.”

    Maybe that’s not what Brad and Jonathan intended, but I firmly believe that as writers one or both researched it and that’s where they came up with the name for people of the Earth.


    Just a little SG-1 moment that gave me a giggle. Anyway, that’s my little story. Looking forward to more snippets and tidbits that you care to share (especially any of Sam/Jack ship).


  27. Completely unrelated to what you’re talking about, but I was just re-watching the first handful of season 9 episodes last night and I know you talked a little bit about this in your episode commentaries, but why did the Cam/Carolyn thing get scrapped? Was it just a time issue? I see hints of them in some of the earlier stuff and I have to wonder if you had actually gone through with that little side story, what would you have done with it (you personally)?

    Also, were there any missing scenes from “The Powers That Be” because I thought it felt like there could have been some Cam/Carolyn stuff that had been cut. Or maybe that was just my imagination.

  28. I dunno. Maybe it’s just the lighting in the steps that’s throwing everything off…?

  29. You must be enjoying a hiatus. Otherwise, why would you keep pushing back the delivery of Remnants? And I was floored at realizing how much detail you have to go into to produce both the show and the dvds. As if it wasn’t enough to put together an episode and air it, but to make sure that when seen on dvd it comes across smoothly…I’d not thought of it before now, but on thinking back it is generally much harder to tell when the breaks occur on SGA when watching the dvds. Does the work you do on dvd come under part of your normal duties, or is this something you take on as an extra job?
    Again Project Twilight. Rather than ask what it involves, can you tell us when we will know if the project is a go/no go?
    Finally, thanks for the pics of some of the behind-the-camera troopers who bring us our favorite show. It’s a bit diconcerting realizing that I know not only the names, but the faces of so many of the backstage contributors to the SGA saga. I can’t think of another show where I’ve absorbed so much about a series that I enjoy.

  30. Hey Joe,

    Who ever did those Season 5 promo pictures should be fired. They are bad like something my three year old put together. Doesn’t look professional. My huband calls the seamless version “the dramatic pause” between takes. I’m very interested in the behind the seasons of making a show. Thanks,

  31. “promoting Lorne to Lieutenant Colonel would make him equal in rank to Sheppard, something we’re not prepared to do.”

    I have a suggestion then that will make everyone happy (well most anyway, and most likely not Sheppard though *laughs*)

    Promote Sheppard to Brigadier General and Lorne to Colonel.
    This should work out OK, considering Stargate Command is led by a Major General. Sheppard would still rank below the military head of the SGC, just like currently.

    Only downside (for Sheppard) is that Sheppard would probably hate being called “General”, which may provide it’s own amusement at certain times for us though. *laughs*

    Considering the size of Atlantis, and the fact it’s also a gigantic ship. The largest “ship” Earth actually have. It does not seem that odd if Sheppard as the highest ranking military officer is made the Brigadier General of Atlantis.

  32. Hey Joe!

    Nice little tidbit there on production of an episode, specifically for when it is released on DVD. Glad you folks REALLY think ahead. 🙂

    After looking at the promotional photos for the Season 5 cast, I’m curious as to what happened? Some major photo editing should’ve definitely been done and, as you mentioned in replying to one of us, they look like they’re floating (oooh, spooky! 😛 ). Whoopsies? 🙂

    Thanks as always, and I’m sure the scenes you were fixing up for the DVD release will turn out fine!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  33. Hi just me again. I was hoping you could tell me, now that the episodes are pretty much created, or at least envisioned, 1) will we see more of Sheppard’s past during this season? 2) Is there going to be a Sheppard centric episode in season five? 2b.) I would really love to see why Sheppard disowned his family and why his mother wasn’t 1. alive for his fathers funeral or 2. wasn’t there if she was alive, will we? 3) Also I know that you are writing a potential Shep whump episode in season fives second half with “Remnants” if you can get it pushed through everyone’s approval, have you won the debate? 4) Would you tell me if there’s going to be any really good Sheppard moment’s in season five beyond Remnants? If you don’t want to leak spoilers a yes or no would be fantastic! 5) Are there going to be moments as there was last season when he was faced with death or loss so we can see more of his emotions and how he handles it? I know, I know I never stop, but hey it’s an addiction. 6) Would love to have more of Sheppard’s past revealed and see why he’s the way he is, any chance that might surface as well? Perhaps in a fit of Whumpage? Thanks as always and have a wonderful night. Nicole.

  34. “promoting Lorne to Lieutenant Colonel would make him equal in rank to Sheppard”

    Actually while they both would be Lt. Colonels, Sheppard would still outrank Lorne based on his time in grade (Sheppard would have been a Lt. Col longer and therefore be senior to Lorne). And actually assuming Lorne was promoted to Major in Season 7 of SG1 (i.e., 2003) he’s been a Maj for 5 years already, he’s due.

  35. dasNdanger, I was thinking again about your question about Todd in “Be All My Sins Remember’d” and I think I found out the answer. I have always had the impression that what Todd is hiding does not involve feeding. Well, he probably took the opportunity to feed in the hive, but it is of no concern to Sheppard. I think what he is hiding is that he prepared whatever he needed to steal information from Atlantis (“Midway”) — and that’s why he is so eager to go back to work with McKey.

    And I’m quite sure he had the crew stunned as a revenge for the crappy way they handled him in the jumper, too. 😉 Anyway, Sheppard’s threat about double-crossing them is probably the moment when he decided to steal data from them, if I interpret well the growl he holds back.

  36. Hi Joe,

    Yesterday was a very special and happy day for me as I graduated from my university with MA degree. 😀 Now that all my exams are over, I can finally relax and catch up on reading your fantastic blog. 🙂 Have a wonderful time during the hiatus. 🙂

    Best wishes,

  37. I am quite embarasssed to say that I never noticed that you wrote Window of Opportunity. 😳 I never even thought to look. Window of Opportunity is my absolute favourite episode! I could watch that ep every day and never get bored of it! 😆 So thanks for that. 😀

    And thanks for talking about the seamless cuts and the insert shots. I love learning all of this BTS stuff.

  38. Those blackouts (like in “The Shield”)..would you ever use them in SGA? I personally think they’d be excellent..but I know you’re on time constraints so they all add up the seconds don’t they?


  39. 1) For how long was Todd in the Genii prison? Will we get to know more of his live before he was captured?

    2) Will any more Wraith get named this season?

  40. Hey Joe i was woundering when you write a script will you put in the music direction you want Joe Goldsmith to go or will you just let him do what he thinks best?

  41. When a gorilla drove up the school drive this morning in a fully decked out ex-army jeep I knew it was going to be one of those days, he was swiftly followed by, and I kid you not I did a double-take myself, Daniel Jackson driving a John Deere Tractor. The procession of the weird,wonderful and just plain whacky vehicles following a somewhat circuitous route up and around the the school drive in order that everyone might get a glimpse took the best part of the following two hours. Yes folks today was Leaver’s Day at Launceston College and I was there with Penfold and my nephew Liam who was trying to decide what vehicle he wanted for HIS day next year. He had plenty to go at but to be perfectly honest stretch limos and stretch hummers are just SO passe these days, today there was a glut of the things in every colour imaginable and they all seemed to be playing the same tune too. I was particularly wowed by the vintage cars that turned up though, a Ford Corsair and a 1923 pre-rust Fiat, a 1950s cadillac all white-walled tyres and big fins, a Dodge Viper which left me wanting one more than ever, Ferraris, Porsches, and even a Maserati, followed by a Fire Engine, a milk float, motor bikes and trikes, quad bikes, tandems and buses. Unfortunately there were no baths on wheels or ironing boards atop cars unlike last year and one hummer got stuck in the town centre unable to get around the ancient medieval Arch that dominates the centre of this quaint little market town in Cornwall. For once I was glad to be out of the car and away from the traffic jams that then took another hour to clear oh joy!

    Its great here cuz you can say whatever you want and no-one takes a blind bit of notice (for those of you who weren’t just watching I just mistyped blind and put blond, my bad. PMSL)

    Then I got home and had to take my dear car to the car graveyard as it was beyond repair, its been a great 5 years and I’m going to miss it. I am now going to console myself by watching all of season four again in marathon session, I knew my DVD recorder was going to be a good investment.

  42. So my wife and I watched this amazing new show last night that I am wondering if you might have heard of or seen yourself. It was called “I survived a Japanese Game Show!”
    Here is What IMDB.com has for the plot “Ten Americans, many of whom have never traveled beyond the borders of the United States, head to Japan to compete in the ultimate Japanese game show. Hilarity presumably ensues. The final winner will take home $250,000”
    What that doesn’t say is that the contestants had no idea what they were signed up for. Last nights competition was really funny. Each team member had to run on a giant treadmill with a tray on their head with a mochi ball on it. Another team mate standing on a platform above had to lean down and eat the mochi ball for one point a piece. It was quite an interesting show.

  43. Hi Joe. I’m watching Atlantis for the first time and had a question. Did you know at the start of Season 2 that Caldwell was going to be a Goa’uld host? Looking back, some of his actions in Trinity and Conversion take on a more sinister light. Was that the plan all along?

  44. How nice to see the the marketing folks at Skiffy (I assume it’s Skiffy who produce the promo pics?) are already working to build and encourage the next generation of marketing experts – I mean, what a fantastic idea to give a bunch of pre-schoolers cast photos and Stargate Atlantis set pics, supply them with scissors (those nice safe, plastic-covered ones with the round edges, of course) and glue (the sticky-white, non-toxic kind, of course) use the resulting collages to promote the show! Genius! And they didn’t even have to pay them!

    it’s the way of the future folks…. 🙂

  45. A few things.. first anyword on the Baron Destructo/Cookie Monster Advice Column??? Is Cookie Monster now demanding more money because of the “Colbert Bump” he got from appearing on his show last week?

    It looks like I am moving cross country at the end of july.. Can you guys rellease continuum a few weeks early so I can get it before the move please? I would certainly not want to hold up any one elses enjoyment of it.. but it looks like i will not get it now till my family gets back home and sends it out to me.. A week or two after the move is completed. 🙁

    Author: GREEN

    FADE IN:

    Friggin’ frakkin’ frek!
    Pictures open…same window…
    And then I close it!

    There must be a way to make pictures open in a different window. Or a different tab. So I don’t become a blooming idiot whenever I close the picture and end up closing the page.

    My blooming idiot is a daffodil.

    Promo pics are like
    A kaleidescope of fun!
    Like how a fly sees…

    On the promo pics:
    Obviously I was unaware of Jewel Staite’s extra leg joints. Very cool. And it was very brave of Jason not to wear his prosthetic legs for part of the shoot. And to don his hovering suit as well.


    Laws of robotics
    How the android mind figures
    Isaac Asimov

    I share love of Mr. Asimov’s work. I wonder if your interest in his fiction effected in anyway the plot line of the Replicators and, if so, if it will squirrel (All hail the Squirrel King[tm]*) its way into any future plots and/or projects. I’d love to see an episode somehow incorporating a robot more like ASIMO, constructed by earth or another technologically efficient world. Robotics, for all my relative lack of real knowledge on how it works, fascinate me to no end.

    “Marvin I love you, Marvin I love you, Remember, I’m programmed for you…”

    Tie off those loose threads
    Batten down the editing
    Shiver me Stargates!

    Very excited about seamfree episodes. (What! “seamfree” is a word but “Stargates” isn’t? Asinine Firefox spell-check!) Granted, I still have season 1-whatever has been made to buy. As it happens, apparently food and shelter takes priority. I know…weird. Stupid Maslow and his stupid triangle.

    You’re doing very good with your self-actualization, by the by.

    * A Hewlettarian tick.


  47. AH, so MGM has given us the clue of what you’ll do in case of SAG strike. Paste photos of the absent actors onto various stills and put that on film via flip page animation.

    Seriously, when I spotted the slapped together s5 pix at MGM’s site I thought they were just a placeholder until the “real” ones were released. Silly me.

    At least YOU give us real pix, Mr M! And seamless episodes! speaking of real, D&JH wedding pix are absolutely perfect, thx for posting the link!

    Re: Lorne promotion, why can’t Shep be promoted to full bird? he’s due, and especially after he’s going to have such a wonderful 5th year, with the utmost respect for his new expedition leader… I think he respected Carter, but not to the extent as Weir.
    Re: Kavan S, did a great job in his Lifetime movie. Hope it was a thrill working with one of my all-time faves, Duncan Regehr. God how time flies.

    The Garden is wilting. Hope I have better luck in the City.

  48. I actually prefer the fade to black – after decades of having acts fade to black it annoys me when they edit them out on DVD’s *g*

    In other news, after scifi’s viewers were so scared by the first two episodes of the south african/canadian “Charlie Jade” they moved it to 3am in the morning. Good work execs, we wouldn’t want to scare the viewers now would we *g*

  49. Hey Joe, thanks for answering my question about how you got into producing. It makes a very nice segue for my next question: what are the different roles of the various producers (eg executive producer, episode producer etc)?

    A while back I asked you about Satoshi Kon’s anime Perfect Blue, and you mentioned a bunch of his other movies. I just watched Tokyo Godfathers and loved it, so I wanted to say thanks for the recommendation.

  50. My goodness, you’re right. I just saw the photos, and it totally does look like they’re levitating. Methinks someone should get a memo in photoshopping light and shadows.

    Random story: My roommate and I were watching Firefly the other night and she had to stop and point out that Jewel is really cute (prefacing it with the standard, “I’m straight, but…”). I then pointed out to her that she was now on Atlantis and had been in the episode Trio, which I showed her some months ago, and she had no memory at all of having watched it. I think perhaps she’s going senile.

  51. My apologies for the incoherence of my earlier post. At work, and caught a call, so hit the post button before I reviewed it. My final statement simply meant to say I can’t recall a show where I could recognise both the faces and the names of so production members. It’s given me a greater appreciation of both the show and the amount of effort it takes to produce a quality program. My thanks for that.

  52. Hey Joe, when will the name of the 20th episode become public? Or has the writer (who is that anyway) not yet begun?

  53. Unfortunately, cutting to an insert wouldn’t work in this case. So, rather than add a shot, I cut one. I lose the final shot of the act so that instead of ending on Ronon, we end on Tyre then pick up the first shot of the next act – FINDING RONON. Let me know if it bugs you when you watch the episode on 5 DVD.

    Am writing that down now so I’ll remember in 18 months when I get the Season 5 DVD 😀

    Maybe you could do your own ads. We’d watch those. You could be selling life insurance. Marty could sell shampoo. It’s GOLD!

    Cheers, Chev

  54. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your two last posts. Very interesting.

    A question for you.

    I recently read some interviews of Brad Wright and I don’t know what to think of his comments about feature films for SG1.

    Is it right to think that your team is not able to do feature film because you can not pay the copyrights on the original idea of stargate and have only copyrights for adaptating it for TV ?

    Another one.

    To do special effects, why to film in front of a green screen? Is the color green have any importance, why not blue or red ?

  55. Okay so while I am recovering I got to watch the Return 1 & 2 and I was wondering about a couple of things. So whatever happened to the Auroa class ship? Was is just left out in space? Next question…so now that the Ori are dealt with will the ZPEM on the Odessy be brought back to Atlantis?

  56. Hey Joe!

    I’m very proud of myself! I am MORE THAN halfway through “In the Garden of Iden”. *pats self on back*

    As far as the transitions on the DVD’s go… I notice how some are a little more *iffy* as Jen so aptly put it. While watching a television show that’s been put on DVD, I’m not going to complain about transitions so much. Unless it’s really awful. That’s never been the case for me in all 10 seasons of SG-1 and the first 3 of SGA. I have never doubted it’s super tricky to make a show appear seemless when it’s been designed to have commercial breaks put in it.

    For anyone that is really grumpy about the transition I have this to say: It’s WAAAY better than fast-forwarding through commercials! 😛 Get over it. Suck it up. etc., etc., 😉

    It’s glorious to sit and watch my favorite show with ZERO interupptions. 😀

    @Lt.Col.Errandboy: I imagine a wraith would burp after feasting on an elf! 😀 But, what would a wraith burp sound like? THAT is the question! 😕

    Trish (one of the Hewlett squirrels)

  57. I was poking around on YouTube and stumbled on the teaser for the first ep of Season 5 – not wanting to be spoiled I didn’t watch the whole thing but I was very taken by the intro. I loved it – of course, it helps that my favourite NFB short in school was Cosmic Zoom. All we need now is a shout out to “Paddle to the Sea” – a toy boat with a wooden McKay in it? Snort. And how ’bout the traditional Athosian log drivers waltz…

    Seriously, it was very cool to watch!

  58. This is saying duplicate but it is not….

    The other question was when and how did the star drive get semi repaired to help Atlantis fly…I know that the underwater station was used to help boost the power….
    I am sure it will be answered as I rewatch the last half of season three…

  59. And here is the last question…I know you have mentioned before that SGA teams like using the P90s…but in Return part 1 we see Sheppard using a zat…will we ever see them again?

  60. Oh how sad this day is. It is the last day until MONDAY that I can check your blog. I am weeping inside. I have to go to Vicalia?! How lame is that? Well, have ya been there? Any good suggestions. Don’t worry, I’ll bring you back a present.



  61. Just dropping in my two cents on the promotion conversation going on up-thread. From what I understand about the military machine, Sheppard is a Lt. Colonel with the promotional potential to reach full bird. Lorne could easily be promoted to Lt. Colonel and still be his subordinate.

    No offense, Joe, seriously, because I love the show and I love your blog, but the new promo pictures for season five are Terrible. Not because the actors look bad — in fact, I’m loving Woolsey’s uniform having pin-straight iron creases, how hilariously *Woolsey* — but because whoever is doing the Photoshoppin’ needs to step away from the mouse. Seriously, light, shadow, reflective surfaces? And the missing limbs! It’s like Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, only instead of disembodied hands wielding knives, Ronon’s legs have disappeared into the ether.

    I’ve bought a lot of SGA swag over the years (you’ve got a houseful of crazy fans, right here; my six year old nephew wears his Sheppard and McKay t-shirt almost every day), but I wouldn’t buy anything that had one of these promo’s on it. Any chance we’ll see some pictures that are a little, erm, better?

  62. I hope I remember when watching Broken Ties – if I do then I’ll let you know how I like’d it. A quick question – is the DVD version the same one that is on iTunes? Actually, I will be buying both of them any way so…

    Thanks for the specifics about the production of one of my favorites makes me wish for a different job.


  63. @ Laura Dove – Ahhh…you might be onto something there! What about this – what if the deal with the Wraith was, “We will join the battle, but YOU (Todd) must do something (steal the Midway info) for US (The Wraith).” That might explain his eagerness to return to Atlantis. He didn’t steal it for himself, he stole it to use as a bargaining chip. He’s playing both sides against the middle for whatever he’s after, and saw a little sell-out of the Lanteans as no big deal compared to the bigger ‘sell-out’ of the Wraith he was about undertake.

    However, I still like the idea that he fed while on the hive ship. Maybe it’s a bit dark on my part, but I like the thought of him feeding on some poor sucker, then returning to the jumper and interacting with the humans as if they’re equals, and not just food. Love the dynamics of such interaction and all that it implies, especially knowing that Todd might be standing there with a little ‘human breath’ still lingering on his hand. 😉

    Speaking of hands, one thing I love about the scene when he wakes up the crew is that he used his left hand, not his feeding hand. Not sure if it was filmed that way on purpose to suggest a non-threatening move, or just to show the finger armor in the shot, or what – but I just thought it was a smart move on Todd’s part, even if it wasn’t planned that way.


  64. The joys of editing hmm. I’ll remember I was supposed to remember something when watching “Broken Ties”. The what, where, how, why and when might be misplaced within my brain.

    This made me laugh:

    Morjana writes: “ New NBCU Stargate Atlantis 5 promotional photos are out.”

    Answer: Yes, and they contain a major spoiler. In season 5, everyone on Atlantis will have the ability to levitate!


  65. This is probably a silly question, Joe, but if SAG does decide to strike, will the actors be prohibited from attending Comic Con?


  66. Hachi wrote:

    Could Project Twilight be strike related?

    I’m guessing either strike related or — heaven forfend! — series end related.

    Roger Hågensen wrote:

    Promote Sheppard to Brigadier General and Lorne to Colonel.

    I doubt military regulations would allow Sheppard to skip being a Colonel before becoming a Brigadier General.

    dyginc wrote:

    The other question was when and how did the star drive get semi repaired to help Atlantis fly

    They covered that in the dialog:

    STARGATE ATLANTIS – “First Strike” – Episode #0320

    SHEPPARD: Old girl too banged up?
    MCKAY: No, the Replicators fixed all the damage we did to her with the drones.

    Anne Teldy

  67. Mince, jai remarquer que le commentaire que j’avais laisser ce matin n’est pas présent …..l’avez vous supprimer ou ne l’avez vous pas reçu?

  68. *sigh* I just found out, Joe, that my question (unfortunately) isn’t as silly as I thought.


  69. aprés le blogspot, le skyblog ,le forum, je vais faire un site sur l’un des chose que j’aime le plus au monde!!!!

    Devinez quoi? O_O

    Je ne peut pas faire mieux là, qui sait, peut être q’un jour, je ferais une statue a votre éffigie …humm sa le ferais bien dans mon jardin……:D

  70. So does that mean the aired ep and the DVD ep will be different? Or do you make the aired ep fit the DVD version?

    Can I ask when we’ll have the list up for the July (August?) BOTM books up? I want to make sure I can get them on time.

    Oh, I’m full of questions today, I apologize. But just one more. Will there be any episodes coming up that deal with the asteroid damage to Atlantis?

    Hope your own reading pile is going well!

  71. 1) Do any of them team members have “words” between them, putting a significant strain on the core dynamic?

    2) Are there any decisions made by Sheppard this year that ultimately his team do not support?

  72. Hi Joe,

    I just had to drop by to say how much I laughed at the levitating taking place in Atlantis. Have they discovered a new Ancient device perchance? 😉

    Hope you’re getting lots of R&R on hiatus.

  73. If the SAG strike goes ahead, I say we borrow WraithFodder’s action figures (or just use the cardboard cut-outs that the promo people obviously used) and have Stargate: Robot Chicken style. The Writer’s will be used for all voice overs naturally.

    _green_ Right click on the link and say Open in New Tab.

    Joe, what is with all of the feet washing up on your beaches? It has been suggested here that there is some long lost tribe playing a high-risk game of hokey-pokey. “You put your right foot in. Aaaaaaaah!”

    I shouldn’t comment before caffeine.

  74. It must be both an annoying yet semi-satisfying to know that “S&R” is like one of the most downloaded torrents.

    Its was pretty darn amazing but I hope the leak does not hurt ratings.

  75. OMG the promo pictures are out and… um… well…
    I think I’d take last years overly airbrushed faces over the terrible photo-shopped mess of this year.

    Don’t get me wrong. The actors all look fantastic.

    But, seriously. Was what ever they were actually posing with so bad that they cut and pasted them onto the Atlantis stairs?

    And yipes! That group shot was so obviously photo-shopped as to be um, well, kind of sad.

    I guess the photographer couldn’t get all of them on the set at the same time for a group shot.

    Hope the photos turn out better next year.

  76. Thank you AnneTeldy for letting me know that in 320 they wrap up that question. But that brings up a sore subject…when writers don’t pay attention to the story—for instance my biggest pet peeve is that there are any movies after ALIENS in which Hicks, Newt, and Ripley aren’t together because the Queen rips away for the egg sac and has no little aliens with her so therefore the 3rd crap movie did not happen and thus four did not happen. It is a huge annoyance when people are only in it for the money and completely ignore the story before them…and that is why I respect the writers of SG1 and SGA…I mean take the ZATs one stuns, two kills, and the third they disintegrates them and they stuck with that…I would really like to see Ronan attack the Wraith with that because I think he would go NUTS. I could see Rodney accidentally make one disappear by getting over zealous. But thank you again for the heads up.

  77. Hey Joe,

    Quick question.

    What is your daily hit rate at now?
    How much does it jump up when you post late and you have everyone hitting Refresh every minute just waiting, waiting, waiting?

  78. Just curious when you’re going to establish advertising rates for all the links people are posting 😉

  79. Did Tori Higginson change her mind about being in season 5? I saw that she is in the promo with the “a prophet is born” tagline.

  80. I absolutely adore Stargate Atlantis – it is by far my favourite show on tv! Love the writing, the acting, the special effects – it’s all so amazing. To sum up…LOVE LOVE LOVE the show. And I really hate to criticize anything about it…but…what the heck is up with the season 5 promo photos?

    One other quick question if I may – If you discovered who it was that leaked the season premiere – what would be the headline for said encounter? (Since I’m thinking the leak was unintended?)

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