It’s Oscar Night and, as promised, Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster have dropped by with their predictions for some of the major awards…

Cookie Monster: Ohboyohboyohboy. Me love dis time of year. Finally, after months where it off radar and get no attention at all, Hollywood finally put itself in spotlight and hold awards show to honor itself. Hey, if dey not going to do it, who will? De Hollywood foreign press? De people? Come on! Is nice to see dey finally get some recognition for all deir hard work. Is not easy to make people laugh, cry, and cough up twelve bucks for to see Eva Langoria “comedy”. And even if real best picture of last year, Ratatoowee, not in running, Cookie Monster not mind because dis night not about who win or who lose but about spectacle of always too long best director acceptance speech dat nobody care about, embarrassing cuts to celebrities asleep in seats, and how Nicole Kidman red carpet outfit remind everybody of time Bert go through cross-dressing faze.

Baron Destructo: Every year, a special awards ceremony is held to recognize the best and brightest in what is, without a doubt, the greatest industry in existence. I refer, of course, to the Villains of Excellence Galactic Awards for Notable Sinfulness. Yes, this year, the VEGANS will be held at the lovely Shrine Auditorium on Alpha-Twix Sub-Prime where none others than yours truly has been nominated for several awards including Best Earth Villain, Best Use of Time Dilation in a Nefarious Master Plan, Best Codpiece, and the coveted Best Theme Song (Celine will be doing the honors for the Baron‘s memorable “My Heart Will Go On But Yours Won‘t Because I‘m Going to Reach Into Your Chest and Pull it Out While It’s Still Warm and Beating. “). Incidentally, Baron Destructo’s Spork of Doom is in the running for Best Weapon of Mass Destruction, while his dimension-shifting spider monkeys have also been nominated in the category of Best Minions.

MATCH-UP: BEST ACTRESS IN A LEAD ROLE – Cate Blanchett vs. Julie Christie vs. Marion Cotillard vs. Laura Linney vs. Ellen Page.

(Julie Christie favored at 2/1)

Baron Destructo: In a very tough field, the Baron has to give the edge to Julie Christie who delivers a deeply moving performance in her role as a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s and dated Glaxnor the Miscreant for several months in the late 70’s. By the way, did I mention that the Baron is up for a record 8 VEGANS?!

Cookie Monster: Ooooh, so hard to pick. Is an honor just to be nominate and no one a loser tonight because dey all winners! Until someone get Best Actress award and den only one winner and de rest all losers. Cookie Monster like Ellen Page for dis. Not so much for Juno but because she tear it up in Hard Candy and not get award so dis make-up call. First down! And award to Ellen Page!

MATCH-UP: BEST ACTOR IN A LEAD ROLE – George Clooney vs. Daniel-Day Lewis vs. Johnny Depp vs. Tommy Lee Jones vs. Viggo Mortensen.

(Daniel-Day Lewis favored at 3/2)

Cookie Monster: Sure, me find George Clooney dreamy (Easy for monster to get lost in dose eyes.) but he up against shoe-in Daniel-Day Lewis. Not even triple team of Aragorn, Jack Sparrow, and Two-Face able to take him down. Winner: Daniel-Day Lewis!

Baron Destructo: The Baron has always believed that the key to great acting is an ability to thoroughly disassociate oneself from reality so as to wholly immerse oneself in a completely different persona. A great acting school is good, but full blown psychosis is even better. Which is why many of the world’s greatest actors make for spectacular super villains, and vice-versa. Remember the Soul Emancipator’s masterful turn opposite Scarlett Johansson in 2002’s steamy remake of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Or David Niven’s telepathic gorilla take-over of the then Federation of Rhodesia. Seriously. Did you simply assume that it was mere coincidence that Pauly Shore has yet to mount any serious threat to humankind (And, no, Bio-Dome doesn’t count)? Anyways, where was I? Oh, yes, best actor: Daniel-Day Lewis.

MATCH-UP: BEST DIRECTOR – Paul Thomas Anderson vs. Joel and Ethan Coen vs. Tony Gilroy vs. Jason Reitman vs. Julian Schnabel

(The Coen brothers favored at 2/1)

Baron Destructo: The Baron should also mention that he will be a special guest presenter at this year’s VEGANS, conferring the Phineas T. Armageddon Lifetime Achievement Award to my good friend and colleague Professor Alvarez Diablo for his unwavering commitment to intergalactic mayhem and contributions to shaping the future villains of tomorrow. What? Get on with it? How dare you! You shall all taste Baron Destructo’s wrath – which I tend to dole out in bite-sized homemade tarts that have been described as bitter-sweet and just a little spicy thanks to the addition of cinnamon and chili (my grandmother’s recipe). Best Director: For the ¾ of a movie I did enjoy, the Coen Brothers.

Cookie Monster: When me go to see There Will Be Blood, Cookie Monster totally lose self in movie. Could be because of great script. Could be because of great performances. Could be because me get up to go pee and take wrong turn because so dark in theather and instead of find lobby step out through emergency exit and into alley where guy who look like extra from Michael Jackson Beat It video steal Cookie Monster’s shoes and lucky Rolex. Or could be because of great directing. Me tink all of the above. But mostly de directing. And theater with exit sign dat not clearly marked. Winner – Paul Thomas Anderson.

MATCH-UP: BEST PICTURE – Atonement vs. There Will Be Blood vs. Juno vs. No Country for Old Men vs. Michael Clayton

(Atonement favored at 2/1)

Cookie Monster: Cookie Monster pick for best picture of last year be funny Crockett and Tubbs caricature sidewalk artist draw of me and Grover during last trip to Myrtle Beach. For best movie, me pick Dere Will Be Blood.

Baron Destructo: No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood struck the Baron as incomplete movies – expertly set-up and followed through up until their ultimately unsatisfying denouements. They reminded me of a certain someone’s failed plot to turn the Earth’s ozone layer into phosphorus jello. Cough. Cough. Commodore Chaos. Cough. Cough. Juno was sweet but, in the end, more after-school special than serious best picture contendor. As for Michael Clayton – while Baron Destructo salutes stories honoring perseverance in the face of adversity, he finds it difficult to muster much enthusiasm for a movie chronicling the professional career of a wide receiver for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And so, by process of elimination, the Baron awards the Best Picture Oscar to Atonement.

Well, there you have it. Let’s see how they do. Hopefully better than their football picks.

Tomorrow, discussion begins on Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors. And, time permitting, I’ll be getting around to that mailbag.

63 thoughts on “February 24, 2008: Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster’s Oscar Picks

  1. and how Nicole Kidman red carpet outfit remind everybody of time Bert go through cross-dressing faze.

    *dies a little*

  2. So Cookie Monster thinks that Rataouille was the best film of 2007, but what does Jos think?

    Personally I loved Stardust. Thought it was sweet, funny and Robert De Niro stole the show as Cap’n Shakespeare. Have you seen it? Did you like it?

  3. Hey Joe!

    I agree, although Juno was a good movie (I really enjoyed it), I don’t think it’s ‘best movie’ quality. I personally think best picture will be ‘Atonement’ or ‘No County for Old Men’. Hard to say which will win.

    Well, we’ll find out quite soon! 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  4. I can’t say that I’ve seen any of the movies that were discussed (or any of the movies with the actors mentioned). I’ll get around to watching some of them on DVD…eventually. 🙂

  5. Oscar the Grouch has his own Awards show? I could see Cookie awards, or even a Kermit award. Sheesh. Think I’ll tune into the Vegans instead. That sounds far more entertaining. Hope you enjoy the show tonight anyways, and looking forward to the Gaiman discussion.

  6. ROFL oh my goodness. The red carpet outfit line is far too good. LOL

    *chuckles* Baron and Cookie…the perfect pre-Oscar party. 😉

  7. I’m very frustrated with the time that SGA is being aired and the inconstant way iTunes is posting the show. Who’s bright idea was it to air the show at 10:00 pm EST? For me and my work schedule I’m either at work at that time or fast asleep when the show airs. I recently gave up my DVR because I couldn’t justify the cost just to record SGA when I can get it on iTunes. (also one of the SCI-FI people said DO NOT Tivo or DVR the show this summer at the convention) So I try to do the right thing and download it legally through iTunes as I said but it is never posted at the same time. I’ve seen the show posted as early as 8:00 am EST or as late as Monday morning. Why can’t they post the show at the same time each week. Now to be honest I turned to the one way I knew I could get it and that was via torrent. (I do plan on legally purchasing the show through iTunes as soon as I post this)After downloading the torrent I opened it up to find 8307 people seeding it and 21351 people downloading it. That’s almost 30,000 people trying to watch the show just like me! I have never seen these kind of numbers before for a SGA episode. I have to wonder if people that are trying to get the show this way are frustrated like me with the way it’s being distributed legally. I do have screen shots of the numbers I saw just in case you don’t believe me.

  8. Hey Joe,

    interesting choices, we’ll see if Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo were right. I already asked you yesterday but I thought it’d be better to repeat my question since you’re trying to tackle the mailbag. do you know the live +same day rating for ‘The Kindred Part 1’? thanks


  9. I rewatched Midway, which I really enjoyed, and have some questions for you:

    1. Why is there a 24 hr quarantine on the Midway station? The folks from Atlantis have travelled through the Atlantis gate on several occasions directly to the SGC, which obviously means they weren’t subjected to a quarantine, so why is there one if they go through Midway? If any nasty Pegasus germs were going to get through to the SGC, they would have already done so. Also, when Ronon asked why they couldn’t just gate directly to the SGC, the explanation wasn’t that a quarantine was required, it was that they didn’t want to drain too much power from the ZPM. Was the quarantine simply a plot device to ensure that Ronon and Teal’c were still on Midway when the Wraith arrived, or is there actually a logical explanation?

    2. Since the Atlantis gate is the only one that has dialed into the gate relay to get to Midway, how were the Wraith able to download the access information from a planetary gate? Are they super hackers and hacked Atlantis’ gate information or the relay system by remote without the Atlantis techies knowing about it? Did Todd plant some sort of trojan into the Atlantis system that allowed the remote retrieval of the information?

    3. When the Wraith stun grenade came through the gate at the SGC, why wasn’t the shield raised immediately? They had more than enough time, and doing so would have prevented any of the Wraith from infiltrating the base since they would have simply gone splat on the shield, just like Kolya’s reinforcements did on the Atlantis shield after John raised it. Instead, everyone stood around looking at the pretty little sparkly ball until it was too late. Of course, raising the shield would also have done in Ronon and Teal’c, which would have been a bad thing.

    4. As for Rodney “We don’t need no Stinking Shields on the Midway Gates” McKay, how could he be that dumb? He’s seen direct evidence and had first-hand experience of just how clever and devious the Wraith can be, so why would he automatically preclude the requirement for shields on the station? And why would Carter not say anything about the necessity? After all, she did develop the system with him. Then there’s the IOC – completely paranoid group if ever there was one. I would think that they would have insisted on shields, just to be safe, since there’s no guarantee that Atlantis couldn’t or wouldn’t be overrun by hostiles, particularly after Kolya’s attempt.

  10. The Baron and Cookie – The Dynamic Duo!!

    I love it when they get together to provide their opinions on things. I don’t bother watching the awards shows as I find them to be a complete yawnfest, but I do enjoy these kinds of lead ups.

    Keep on debating you two!

  11. The VEGAN AWARD category for
    Best Evil Sidekick in a supporting truss.

    And the nominees are

    Hernia Boy for his part in “I Tried to Lift the Golden Gate Bridge….oye the pain”

    Captain Iraq for his part in “What Weapons of Mass Destruction….we had weapons??”

    P.M.T Woman for her part in “Yes I said put Chocolate Chips in my Cheese Omelette…and do you have those little sprinkles”

    And the Winner is….!

    Okay slow Sunday has turned into excruciatingly slow Monday.


  12. Hey Jim!!! Life’s too short to whinge about that sorta stuff! No ‘Hi Joe I enjoy your blog’??

    LOL @ Spork of Doom.. Talk about ‘Weapons of crass destruction’ 😛

    Good luck Baron on your 8 VEGAN nominations. If you win those, you could use those as weapons if they weigh as much as an oscar..

  13. Not much of an Oscar fan anymore…rarely get around to seeing the nominated films. Too busy watching Stargate 😉

    A question if you please: Wha sot of money do they use on Atlantis? Couldn’t quite tell what they were betting with during the Ronan-Teal’c sparing session.

    How goes production on Season 5? We’re almost at the end of Season 4 and hopefully won’t have to wait too long for Season 5 to start airing. Maybe the dvds for Season 4 will be available soon…….

  14. Finally, something that’s actually entertaining on Oscar Night. 😀

    Oooooh, Nicole Kidman snark. While the little I know about celebrities mostly comes from magazine-cover blurbs read while waiting to check out groceries, I do remember hearing about Nicole back when I was a very, very young child, and for some reason just love to hear people (and monsters) rag on her award-ceremony gown extravaganzas.

    As for Michael Clayton – while Baron Destructo salutes stories honoring perseverance in the face of adversity, he finds it difficult to muster much enthusiasm for a movie chronicling the professional career of a wide receiver for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Coach Jon “Chucky” Gruden might not be laughing too hard, but I certainly am.

    The Baron has always believed that the key to great acting is an ability to thoroughly disassociate oneself from reality. . . . A great acting school is good, but full blown psychosis is even better. Which is why many of the world’s greatest actors make for spectacular super villains, and vice-versa. Remember the Soul Emancipator’s masterful turn opposite Scarlett Johansson in 2002’s steamy remake of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

    *doubles over with laughter*

    *wipes away tears so contact lenses don’t float out*

    This whole entry is just too funny for words. “Best Codpiece” and the Baron’s unforgettable theme-song title are cracking me up. The Baron trying to hog the spotlight is hysterical. VEGANS, ohh man. . . And hearing Cookie’s not-so-warm-and-fuzzy side makes him both ultimately huggable and supremely pinchable at the same time. – I need to wait longer after dinner before reading your blog; it just makes my tummy hurt too much.

    *reads again, and dies again*

  15. Hey Joe!

    Ark of Truth for Best Picture and Best Soundtrack next year, maybe?

    Would you be excited if that were to happen?

  16. Yup. It’s decided. I’m never watching the Oscars again.

    The only highlight was Helen Mirren looking like a goddess.

  17. Ah Baron and Cookie Monster, they’ve done it again (and by “it” I obviously mean made me laugh while I was drinking coffee, causing an awkward few seconds of “will-this-come-out-my-nose” worry. Obviously). I’ll be interested to see how their choices go.

  18. A question if you please: Wha sot of money do they use on Atlantis? Couldn’t quite tell what they were betting with during the Ronan-Teal’c sparing session.

    Canadian money! That was a blue $5 bill I think. Probably because Chuck is a Canadian? Or do they use Canadian money now that it’s worth more? =P

  19. I was managing to keep a straight face until “best codpiece” and after that I was gone. Thanks for brightening my day 😉

  20. Salut Joseph!!!!!

    Oui!! Hier c’etait les oscar!!! Je suis trop contente Marion Cotillard a était élu “Meilleur actrice”! Un francaise n’avais pas eu se trophé depuis 1960!! C’est super =) Bravo a

  21. 1. Are there any Super Bugs from ‘Vengeance’ in future eps? I liked them alot, although I don’t know if the budget allows them to return.

    2. What was up with the Wraith plan to attack Earth in ‘Midway’? Seriously, they couldn’t think they would conquer 6 billion people with a couple of footsoldiers? Or was the mission different, like gathering intel from the SGC computers?

    3. Any Genii-heavy eps in s5 (possibly a return of Acastus Kolya?) They are too good of a villain to just ditch, imo.

  22. Hi Mr M
    Greetings from Tipperary! Have not yet seen Kindred, as it airs tomorrow night, so have avoided reading blog til then. Thanks for the great snaps. Ms Tapping looks like a school-girl delighted to be back in class with the rest of those rogues.

    Seeing a pic of Dr Beckett gave me inspiration….Is it too early to start a “SAVE ANNE TELDY” Campaign!!!??!!!! Boom! Boom!!

    Any-hoo, looking forward to Fuel and regards to all on set returned from their hols.


    PS Thanks again to Mr Anders for his input, really enjoyed his thoughts.

  23. The only nominated film I saw this year was La Vie en Rose. And I would say that Marion Cotillard winning Best Actress was certainly well-deserved. It was mind-blowing to think that she played Edith through all of her adult years. Very well done.

    Of course, since I didn’t see the other performances, who am I to say whether or not she had the best performance of the year? 🙂

    Did everyone get to sleep in late today to make up for watching the Oscars, last night?

    (Oh. And Nicole Kidman? Someone described it as she got caught in a chandelier before going to the show. That necklace was atrocious!)

  24. Baron and Cookie are far more entertaining than the actual Oscar show itself!

    “…how Nicole Kidman red carpet outfit remind everybody of time Bert go through cross-dressing faze.”

    OMG! I’m rolling around on the floor in fits of hysterical laughter! The images in my head right now… 😆

    I hope Baron and Cookie are available for next year’s Oscar preview too?

  25. I’m so glad Marion Cotillard won the oscar for best actress. She really deserved it. Have you seen ‘La vie en rose’? She’s SO convincing as Edith Piaf!!!
    Another great movie with her is ‘Jeux d’enfants’. I recommend you watch it!! 😀

  26. ohboyohboyohboy! Cookie Monsters enthusiasm is contagious as well as hilarious. He should write more often,maybe have his own blog. lol and as for VEGANS well ’nuff said!PMSL

  27. Have you guys come up with lyrics for the Atlantis theme song? I adore the SG1 song, I was crying when I first heard it on the commentary (yes I do admit to religiously listening to commentaries hehe). You should include that on the AoT soundtrack.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t able to watch the Oscars all the way until the end last night – probably because I was bored out of my mind!!! Sorry in advance to any fans who like John Stewart, but I just don’t find him funny at all. Maybe I’m expecting to much. It’s just that they use to have really great hosts that, IMO, were really funny and very entertaining. Perhaps if Cookie Monster had been hosting instead I would have enjoyed it more. Oh well.


    PS: I agree with the previous poster that said Hal Holbrook was robbed. IMO, he should have won. BTW, I was hoping to see a picture of Cookie in a tux……

  29. Hey Joe,

    Any chance of Michael’s Bug People returning to the show? I quite enjoyed seeing them and they seemed like cool enemies.

    Take care Joe!

  30. Bon matin Joseph,
    Je n’ai pas écouter les oscars hier, en fait j’en ai écouté juste un petit bout pour regarder Marion Cotillard gagné ! J’étais tellement contente je hurlais dans mon salon ! Non mais, quelle performance extraodinaire elle nous donne dans La vie en rose ! J’ai été complètement boulversé par ce film, par cette Édith Piaf si fragile et si forte à la fois, il faut absolument voir ce film !
    Bonne journée

  31. Been gone a couple days…have missed your blog! So, this is a comment on your The Kindred blog…you must be SO p*ssed about that dumb promo!! I know I would…they really kinda ruined it for everyone!!!>:[
    Imagine the mass screaming that would’ve gone off around the country if the Carson scene had been a shock like you intended!!! It was brilliant though!

  32. Good afternoon,

    I was rewatching ‘This Mortal Coil’, and when “Keller” hands the tracking device to semi-repli-Weir, “Keller” says that it should allow them to track the movements of all of ‘Oberoth’s auroras in THIS galaxy’. Does this mean that there is still a chance that Oberoth is alive, and that some members of the expedition might pay a visit to another galaxy?


  33. As I’m bored I’ll have a go at answering cat4444 questions about Midway. Maybe Joe can tell me how close I am.

    1. The 24 hour quarantine is obviously a plot device. However with the plague killing people on various Pegasus planets discussed in the next episode they (the writers) did at least partially cover themselves.

    2. The Wraith monitored the first gate in the relay system after Atlantis and used that to hack into the system. All they got from Todd was the location of that gate.

    3. Why should they raise the shield? It wouldn’t stop the unknown object coming through but it would stop anybody from Midway following it with an explanation. Yes with 20-20 hindsight raising the shield would be wise but they had no idea what the ball meant and there were doubtless no standing orders as to what to do when a large sparkly ball appears from Midway.

    4. Rodney wasn’t dumb, he was just arrogant. He’s good at that.

  34. LOL! I didn’t watch it (not sure I could as I’m in the UK – to be honest, couldn’t be bothered to find out!) but I do like Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo’s take on things… not that I’ve seen any of the movies nominated… don’t get out to see things much these days. Oh well…

    Leesa Perrie

    PS – Can I ask for more Ronon and Rodney scenes again, or is it too soon since I asked last? Can I also say that I like the suggestion that someone (sorry, forgot who) made about an episode with those two as the main characters? Please, please, please; I love the little bits of interaction we get for them and would love to see more.

  35. Do you and the rest of the producers plan to let out what you are going to let out as spoilers? As you finish scripts do you plan together to decide what you can let out on your blog and what you can give to Gateworld, etc?

  36. Hey Jo’ !

    I’m very happy for Marion Cotillard and the other French people who won !

    I’ve juste a question : Will we see the Genii in “Search and Rescue” ?

  37. Regarding the 24-hour quarantine at the Midway station — I would assume that it was initially implemented after Tabula Rasa, to stop the spread of the virus that caused amnesia and any others that they might run into later. I thought it made reasonable sense.


  38. Paul wrote:

    As I’m bored I’ll have a go at answering cat4444 questions about Midway. Maybe Joe can tell me how close I am.

    1. The 24 hour quarantine is obviously a plot device. However with the plague killing people on various Pegasus planets discussed in the next episode they (the writers) did at least partially cover themselves.

    The 24 hour quarantine was put into place after the events of “Tabula Rasa”. We know this because Mr. Woolsey mentioned the lay-over (which was both to and from Earth) when he arrived in “The Seer”. We can also assume there were circumstances in which people skipped the lay-over, such as Rodney, Sheppard and Ronon coming to Earth due to Jeannie’s kidnapping in “Miller’s Crossing”.

    Anne Teldy

  39. It was mentioned that we will be seeing at least one technologically advanced race next season. Does that mean equal to current Earth tech or does it mean more advanced than Earth?

    Will it be the Telnorrans or the Pilations? They’ve not been mentioned since Season 2’s “The Lost Boys” which always seemed strange to me. Even though the power devices that were stolen from them by ford’s men are available on Earth, these societies are obviously more technologically advanced than most of the worlds the team visited. They might have something more advanced than generators and solar cells. Wouldn’t Atlantis at least be interested to find out what kind of fuel is used in the generator?

    Anne Teldy (“Creeptastic”? That does not sound good for the ol’ namesake.)

  40. Who caters the VEGANS? I think there could be mass mis-communications that night! “Are these vegan cookies? Are they made with real vegans?”

    My friend Genius wears a titanium spork on a leather cord around his neck. No, really, I’m not joking.

  41. Hey Joe,

    Something just occurred to me: if Michael is the one distributing the Wraith-killing protein to the human planets, why would he care about/go to the trouble of reducing the human mortality rate from 50% to 30%? After all, it seems he wants to kill both wraith AND human, so that his new army (which does not depend on humans for sustenance) can dominate. Or maybe Carson had a hand in it??

    BTW, really enjoyed Kindred I, looking forward to the last 2 episodes of the season.


  42. Hi Joe,
    I’m a long time fan of everything Stargate and a newcomer to your excellent blog. Although I’ve only had time to read a few of your entries, I’ll be checking in regularly now that I’ve found it.

    First, let me thank you for the incredible episode “Midway.” For me, it was the easily the best episode of the series to date. I like my steaks rare, my whiskey straight, and my sci-fi packed with testosterone, and you delivered. But what made it truly special were the nostalgic touches – seeing Chris Judge again, seeing him with Amanda, and being back in the SGC. And Bill Lee!! Awesome. And I don’t care how Sheppard got into the space suit – it’s a fantasy, and it was damn good tv.

    On another subject, I hope you will indulge me as I add a few whacks to a very dead horse. I found your blog because I was researching the Torri Higginson situation. I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat amused to see the number of comments attributed to this issue (apparently there are a lot of people in this world with more time on their hands than I have!) As you suggested, I read Erika’s insightful and eloquent comments from the February 7th post (note: a hyperlink would have been really with 175 posts to scroll through) and found her assessment of the character-viewer connection very thorough. Like her, Torri/Wier was a big reason for my loyalty to Atlantis and I find the show less appealing in her absence. Like Erika, my loyalty to the show is shaken, and I missed several episodes this year without regret. I have nothing against Amanda – Samantha was one of my favorite characters in Stargate, but reprising her role as a regular on Atlantis felt like a step backward, like returning home to live with your parents. (As opposed to the nostalgia I described from Midway, which is like a nice, short visit.) Let’s face it, the job Torri did with the Weir character was phenomenal and her story line was a pretty vital link with the original series. Regardless of fan opinions of her as a character and simply from the perspective of creating a quality tv series, her loss is evident in every episode.

    We’re all big boys and girls here, and we understand that tv is a business. Popular characters have been coming and going from tv series for decades for a wide range of reasons, and many of those shows survive and thrive without them. But the take home message here is that this situation with Torri and Amanda was handled about as badly it could be, at least from the viewer’s perspective. I have no idea what went into the decision, but the perception was that a very popular actor was pushed aside for someone with more ‘seniority’. Amanda was put into a terrible situation, and based on interviews I read, Torri felt unappreciated. And I felt cheated, because every time I saw Amanda on screen I remembered that tv is a business and was jolted out of the fantasy world that a good sci-fi show temporarily creates.

    Now we know that neither woman will be returning for season 5, which is a shame. We can only hope that it will allow viewers to refocus on the show and hope that the loss of these two excellent actors somehow won’t contribute to the show’s decline.

  43. As an Atlantis AND a Women’s Murder Club fan I have to ask… now that WMC has been picked up for an additional 3 episodes, is there a chance Joe F. will reprise his role as Agent Ash? Or is the timing all screwed up now? Obviously his loyalty is to SGA but I was wondering if the scheduling might work out.


  44. Dear Joe,
    I want to say congrats on Kindred 1. I really liked it alot and all the actors do such a wonderful job. I think JoeF does such a wonderful job with his facial expressions.
    If I didn’t say this before, I really loved Midway. I loved having Ronon and Teal’c in the same ep. Wonderful job.
    I can’t wait for Kindred 2. I hope alot of questions are answered on this ep. Like what happened to Carson and how did Michael know about Teyla having a boy.

    I have a couple small questions. 1) Rachel mentioned somewhere that she enjoyed singing for Critical Mass and would like to do it again. Is there a possibility for her being able to sing in Season 5?
    2)Are you going to put deleted scenes in the S4 DVD set? Example; Doppelganger and Trio.
    I’m looking forward to the one with Jason doing Jack Sparrow. 😀
    Thank you and I hope you’ll be able to answer.

  45. Only 50-odd comments today … Phew! An easy one for you. Well, I haven’t seen any of the films that were up for an Oscar, and I didn’t watch the ceremony either (I watched a better version of The Kindred Pt 1). After reading Cookie & The Baron’s takes, the real thing could never match up. The Nicole Kidman joke? Hysterical. She should take some hints from your costume designers. Teyla’s pregnancy clothes are fantastic. And her pregnancy boobs are quite … assertive!

  46. Joe, I used (but credited you for) your Scarlett Johansson reference for a blog entry today. I remembered you noting an earlier Cookie-commentary bit as “no steal,” so just wanted to check in with you. If you object to my use, of course I’ll delete.

    Also, I’ll wish you a good two weeks since I’m headed out of town tomorrow. Will definitely look forward to watching the SGA season-enders while away, and then catching up on your blog when I get back.

  47. The only reason I watched the Oscars last night (and two years ago) was because my hero Jon Stewart was hosting. Are you a fan of Jon Stewart? How about Stephen Colbert?

  48. Can you tell us anything about The Kindred I ratings?

    Thanks for such a great episode and for writing it down scene by scene the other day!

    And thanks for the on set pics. More pics of Joe, David, Jason and Rachel please 😀

  49. wheresmyfroggy wrote:

    The only reason I watched the Oscars last night (and two years ago) was because my hero Jon Stewart was hosting. Are you a fan of Jon Stewart? How about Stephen Colbert?

    Ahh…but who would you rather?
    For me it’s Jon Stewart.

    Cheers, Chev

  50. “On February 24, 2008 at 6:53 pm Annie from Fremantle Said:

    Hey Jim!!! Life’s too short to whinge about that sorta stuff! No ‘Hi Joe I enjoy your blog’??”

    I think I’ve already posted a ‘Hi Joe I enjoy your blog’ comment just so you know. Also I didn’t realize I was whinging I thought I was pointing out some legitimate concerns for folks that don’t get to watch the show ‘live’. It looks like the facts I presented fell on deaf ears anyway so I will no longer post them here. My only hope is that the iTunes distribution issue will get resolved and that MGM will take a serious look at the numbers I saw via the torrent download and factor those in when they say the ratings are bad.

    Good work Joe. Love the show.

  51. Hey Joe,
    Do you think we can expect some really great McKay/Sheppard friendship whump episode in Season 5? Something similar to Defiant one but even more serious, where McKay and Sheppard have to rely on each other, are injured and trying to get to the gate or waiting for the rescue, crowded by enemies?
    Yeah, McKay whumper here…:-)
    Thank you!

  52. So how come when members of the Atlantis team has gone to Earth on a couple of occasions in Season 4, Landry is nowhere to be seen?? Especially in Midway, wouldn’t Landry have been sitting with the IOA during their review of Ronon??

  53. I can’t wait until Sesame Street does it’s take on “There will be Blood”

    CM: “okay okay okay okay…you have a fork. and I have a fork. And my fork reaches accrrrooossss the room, and I EAT YOUR COOKIE! Yaaaaaarm yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum”

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