It was spay-day for Lulu today. The poor little thing was bounding about excitedly as I walked her up to the clinic, scrabbling at the door and just dying to get inside. She’s still at that early stage of puppy stage where a trip to the vet’s is just another adventure. I’m sure today’s experience will go a long way toward setting her straight. I’m happy to report that the procedure went well and Lulu is up and around, barking to get everyone’s attention and then turning her back on them and falling fast asleep when she grows tired of their company. She’ll be staying the night (I dropped off her fave stuffed toys – the pink ice cream cone and her Growlex watch – on the way home from work today) and, hopefully, will be sufficiently recovered for her 10:00 a.m. pick-up tomorrow morning. Looks like it’s going to be another two weeks of following her around to make sure she doesn’t chew off another post-op buster collar.

It’s times like these that make you realize owning dogs is just like having kids – except that dogs, unlike kids, remain cute for their entire lives. How cute? Well, I came across some puppy pics of Maximus. Check ’em out and compare the young, slim Max to the older, er, fuller Elvi- I mean Max. Cearly, life and leftovers from Fuel have been good to him.

American Gladiators Update: Our Bam Bam has been put forth as a possible candidate. Now, his fate rests in the hands of the Gladiator selection committee: Triclops, Minerva the Merciless, Iron Lung, Nuklo, and The Slapinator. I’ll keep you posted.

Will Waring came by the offices today, looking well-rested from the hiatus and raring to tackle episode #2. He talked backstory with Paul who suggested he review Kindred I, Kindred II, and The Last Man. Andy Mikita, meanwhile, has been roaming the offices for over a week now, mentally preparing himself for the big season premiere. Regarding Search and Rescue – we’ve changed Taylor’s name to avoid having it confused with “Teyla” in rapidfire conversation. First name Alison. Last name Porter. We’ll see if that sticks. As for episode #3 – the great hair debate rages on.

Today’s pics: Alex Levine flashes a whack of letters from Beckett’s adoring minions, today’s lunch: schnitzel sandwich, the dogs being dogs.

Today’s mailbag –

Amy writes: “When you’re writing, do you write in order, or do you shift back and forth between different points in a script?”

Answer: I prefer to write in order, often rewriting a scene several times before moving on, writing the next scene, then going back and rewriting the preceding scenes before moving onto the next.

Shardsglass writes: “You’ve been curiously silent about whether you’ll have Mitchell on Atlantis next season or not. Is that because the issue is still up in the air?”

Answer: I believe I already answered the question. We have no plans to bring Mitchell over in season 5.

Padawan Aneiki writes: “ How long does the costume department generally have to turn things out for filming? And how are decisions made such as changes to uniforms?”

Answer: The costume department comes in about a month before the first day of principal photography to get a head start on the coming season. Once we get into production, however, they have about a week to ten days of lead time to prep an episode

Morgia a ecrit: “aimes-tu les chats ?”

Reponse: Oui, j’aime les chats aussi.

Translation: I also like cats.

Cactus 228 writes: “Do you think that Atlantis still have space for another female character?”

Answer: Yes. Stay tuned.

amac251 writes: “Since when did the Genii become our “closest” ally?”
Answer: Had nothing to do with the promo. Sorry.

Astrumporta writes: “would you rather watch the movies “Hairspray” and “High School Musical 2″ in one sitting (in the comfort of your home theater), or sit on the sidelines for that sub-zero Packers/Giants game?”

Answer: Is this a trick question? The sub-zero Packers/Giants game of course.

Lisa S. writes: “Are there any comics that you read on a regular basis or do you just pick up the trade paperbacks?”

Answer: Nope.

Iamza writes: “Ooo, I have Timescape on my to-read list, too! […] Any chance you’ll be making it a BOTM candidate at some stage?”

Answer: Sure. Let’s make it one of the nominees for the March BOTM club vote. Just remind me when the time comes.

Michelle Lunsford writes: “…do you have dry spells, and when they come how do you push through to be creative again?”

Answer: By forcing myself to write.

Kirkeastment writes: “Hya Joe, was just wondering if you’d be able to corroborate any of this article, in regards to stargate universe.”

Answer: Certainly sounds like something Brad and Robert would say.

Farscapefan writes: “Joe, is it because that you are not able to come up with a good story for Vala, or because Claudia Black is not interested in doing Atlantis?”

Answer: To be honest, we haven’t given thought to a Vala story. In terms of a crossover character, Daniel is our one and only priority Also, we haven’t spoken to Claudia since Continuum.

Danielforever writes: “Several years ago (I think it was back during season Brad/Rob wanted to do a Stargate movie that was supposed to be a lost season 2 episode. […] is it possible that it’s still on the ‘drawing board’ to do?”

Answer: Unfortunately, it isn’t.

132 thoughts on “January 21, 2008: Awwww, puppies! Awwww, schnitzel!

  1. Just… HI 🙂 and good night (east coast!). Puppy pics are really cute.

    Did I miss who is Taylor? Is that the unnamed gate tech that was in Quarantine? Does Chuck get a last name?

  2. Hey Joe,

    As a member of the US Army, I have to ask:

    Why is it that you guys (writers of the show, etc.) buy into the myth that Marines are the supreme combat force in our nation’s military? I understand why the Air Force is so heavily involved, naturally anything with space would be theirs. I also understand why the Navy is not involved, for the exact opposite reason as the Air Force. But beyond the Air Force, it is exclusively Marines. SG-3 (from the way it seemed to be explained) was exclusively Marines. The team that was brought in in Siege Part II of Atlantis was Marines. Why is it that we never get a hint of the Army? We are just as capable (if not more) than Marines. Do not get me wrong, I respect all branches, but it would be nice to get some Army love on Stargate.

  3. Heh, Alex’s mugging for the camera is fun. Apparently he fits right in with all the rest of you guys. 😀 And that’s an interesting assortment of figurines (etc.) behind him.

    The schinitzel sandwich is extremely photogenic, but of course the dogs are incomparably more so. Really, really cute pics. – Good luck with managing Lulu’s post-op period.

    Now I can hardly wait to see who the new female character for SGA will be.

  4. Hi Anne T I read your post and I’m so sorry you’re housebound due to your disability.

    I’m on the flip-side of the coin my son is disabled; I work and am a lone parent.
    My son needs 24hr care so no time for most ‘normal’ things like a life.

    The one thing that saved my sanity (that’s if I can be considered sane) is my writing.

    In my imagination I can be anywhere I like, the only boundaries are the ones I put on myself.

    Someone in work asked me what I had done the previous night, she must have thought I was mad when I replied “Well I started off in Antarctica, and then spent a couple of hours in Rome. Finished off attacking a palace somewhere in the Hercules Cluster.

    Fanfic got to love it, it’s compulsory.

    So come on Anne have a go with your sense of humour you’d be a natural.


  5. Yet more stuff relating to Beckett appearing on the blog without a fan asking for it? Another female character (you never specified new or old) for Season 5? The Seed being related to the Beckett 2-parter (and The Last Man)?

    A storm is coming; I can feel it in my flocking. The Gateworld forums will soon face an upheaval of biblical proportions. Or, in layman’s terms…normality.


    Anywho, as promised, here is the official, high-quality Star Trek 11 teaser trailer:


    What do you think?

    And another question: Do you guys do storyboarding? I know animated programs do them for obvious reasons, but does the Stargate directors sketch the scenes out before shooting them?

  6. AWWW alright! God how cute, I have to have a check for diabetes now. Your dogs are so beautiful!

    I wonder with the build of Pugs if they’re more prone to arthritis due to the weight on their little legs (especially if they’re overweight). I’ll have to do some research after this post 🙂

    I noticed that the letters in Alex’s (his right) hand all seem to be written by the same person and all come from Kansas city!

    I noticed the cd on the bed and also the explicit lyrics warning and that prompted me to ask you : What sort of music tends to get revolved in your cd player more than others? (please don’t say Celine Dion).

  7. I am so looking forward to the next episode of SGA!! Hurry Friday!! So…from your video of behind the scenes on Harmony, it looks like Jodelle Farland was smitten with David Hewlett, do you think she was. And do you plan to have her in another episode of SGA?

  8. Joe Said: In terms of a crossover character, Daniel is our one and only priority.

    All I have to say is … thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou …

    I know every show runs it’s course, but 10 years was just not enough Daniel!

  9. Hi Joe,

    I kinda have to second the notion of Tim about the Army, and them being curiously absent from SG-1 and SGA. I think it might also be cool to have like a Navy SEAL team attached to Atlantis to be deployed at Sheppard or Carter’s discretion.

    I also have to second your notion of getting Daniel on SGA. It doesn’t really make sense to me why Mitchell or Vala would pop up, but Daniel makes total sense, and I would definitely like to see.

    Would also like to see Carson and Weir back, even as a Keller -type secondary character…


  10. Cuddling puppies! How adorable!

    My dog (Bailey, a beagle) is still slim as can be (tons of nervous energy), but she’s recently turned very, very gray. Looking at old pictures of her, I’m always amazed by how much color she used to have.

  11. Hey Joe,

    Do you have any ratings info on “Quarantine”. So we finally saw “BAMSR” got a 1.4 for live! Very impressive indeed, but wait!! That is without Live + 3/7! Woo hoo!



  12. Happy Monday Joe,

    I just got back from the vet too. The black puppy is sooo cute. Thanks for the pictures. For a Christmas present to myself I adopted two 3 month old kittens from the local shelter. Sister & brother, which I have named Sha’re and Saber. They are too cute. Jet black and rambunctious as all get out. I’d send you a picture, but I don’t know how to do that on this posting.

    So Joe ~~~ since you did not bother to give even a sarcastic answer to my inquiry about crashing on one of your puppy pillows for the April time frame I can only assume that it was a stupid inquiry to begin with. Sorry! I guess I crossed the bloging line! Won’t happen again, promise.

    Thanks for the Bam Bam update, let is know where to send emails to the show to encourage their picking of the best candidate of all.


  13. Oh had to add!! “Children of the Night” (shuutup – sorry that movie with George Hamilton always comes to mind) just arrived in the mail!!!

    Yessss!!! Looking forward to this read. I’ll leave “Ghost story” till later. This one takes precedence.

  14. AWWWW, PUPPIES! Goddamn, Max was a little cutie – and I’m a cat person! (Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs … they’re just too much work. And I’m lazy.) Poor (but lucky) Lulu. If only it were as simple for a human female to no longer have to worry about accidental conception! Glad she has her icecream cone to cheer her up.

    Good luck to Bam Bam – they’re just about to bring back Gladiators over here, too. I won’t be watching, not quite my cup of tea (tea is also not my cup of tea, but what can you do? It’s a saying.)

  15. Seeing all these pictures of your dogs make me want a dog. And I’m pretty much a born and raised cat person. I like dogs, they just seem like too much work compared to cats.

    Those pictures of Maximus and Jelly(?) on the pillow together are awesome.

  16. Joe! All I have to say is awww! What cute puppy piccies! If that is what Bam Bam wants To do I hope he gets it! Gladiator thing! That is!
    I hope you have rested & had a bit of relaxation time there Joe!
    Joe! Have you tried chilli chocolate? I’ve heard its really yummy! “Goes to shop to get some & try”. What is favourite sci fi film? Do you have a favourite food? Besides chocolate!
    Who is Taylor?

  17. Awwwwwwwww. Very cute puppy pics Joe. There’s a priceless Mastercard ad in there somewhere.

  18. I really hope that if carson does comes back keller is not sidelined, after watching quarantine ive come to like the character (her and ronon were sooo cute together!!) and it would be a shame if she was just shoved aside to make room for carson.

  19. Your pictures make me wish I still had dogs (mine have all passed away).

    Since Jason Momoa expressed an interest in taking Ronon to the dark side in Season 5, I’ve become concerned that he will become a permanent bad guy preparatory to leaving the series. Please reassure me that this is not the case.

  20. Bonsoir Joseph,

    Merci d’avoir répondu à ma question, tu viens de détruire un cliché concernant les propriétaires de chiens !

    «Michelle Lunsford writes: “…do you have dry spells, and when they come how do you push through to be creative again?”

    Answer: By forcing myself to write.»

    Bon, j’espère que ça ne te déranges pas trop, tu es devenu mon mentor non-officiel concernant l’écriture et la motivation: «si Joseph est capable moi aussi» ou encore «moi aussi je vais l’avoir ma place au soleil un jour ! » lol
    Prends soin de toi et de tous ceux que tu aimes

  21. The pictures were incredibly cute. Fortunately I’m not diabetic or I’d be worried about diabetic coma. Since I can’t keep dogs myself, I appreciate you sharing yours with us, so to speak. Here’s hoping Bam Bam gets his shot at AG; I promise to force everyone at work to watch if he gets his chance. And I see you’re ghosting for Baron Destructo again. Alison Porter? No clue if she’s our new techie, or another character altogether? And if she is the new tech, how did she swing a last name before Chuck got one? Still got 7 episodes to go and I’m already getting excited about season five. You, sir, are a master Torturer.
    To Tim; a couple of reasons I can think of why they might use Marines exclusively. First, you have the “every Marine is a rifleman” mentality. So even if a Marine’s MOS is not 0300(combat infantry) there is an expectation a Marine can function in that role when pressed. It could also be a political game at the Pentagon, with the Marines managing to wrangle a bigger budget. It might have been easier for The Marine Corps to set up the additional training to prep personnel to perform in off world missions. I also suspect its a bit easier on the budget if they avoid having to represent all the services on the show. And finally, with due respect to your branch of the armed services, Marines rule! I’m questionless for the day, not having any worth repeating and nothing new comes to mind. Thanks for another smile producing blog post.

  22. Oooh, cute baby puppy pictures! And many good healing vibes for Lulu. I know I was miserable after I got spayed.

    Rockin’ schnitzel, I love it! I’ll have to give making it a shot. There’s no decent schnitzel places in Ogden anymore; our solitary German restaurant finally closed, and I missed WinterHof at the Golden Spike Arena this past weekend, I wuz zombified.

  23. i just wanted to say that seeing your dogs brings a smile to my face. especially now since my little dog emmy died a little over two weeks ago. dogs are like little kids they have their ups and downs. the little dogs are the best because you can buy them all the cute little outfits and toys and their a bit more energetic than the larger dogs. i miss emmy everyday. but seeing you dogs helps. keep posting pictures. thanks.

  24. Are we to assume Season 5 starts like Season 4 with a 3 part episode based on the backstory you mentioned???? The Last Man/Search and Rescue/The Seed? That would be amazing. Love the 3 part format.

    Alison Porter…. hmm, interesting. Possibly the gate tech from Quarantine?

  25. awwwwww my gosh max sure was an adorable puppy. reminds me why i love pugs so much. we had a wee little pug in a coupla weeks ago getting spayed @ the clinic, she was adorable.

  26. >>>”Be All My Sins Remember’d” set a new record for the show’s fourth season, earning a 1.4 average household rating (Live + Same Day) on January 4.<<<from Gateworld

    Well I’ve certainly been running MY mouth about how killer Season 4 is, and doing the Live+DVR. I think the juicy hints that keep dripping from this blog has contributed to the tasty ratings mix as well so…
    Cheers! & Thanx!

  27. Hi Joe,

    Perhaps it was prescience that gave Maximus his name (his baby pics give Ms. Lulu a run for her money).

    Where will you watch the Superbowl?

  28. Maximus was such a cute puppy!!!

    That’s great that Bam Bam is a finalist! I watched a few minutes of American Gladiators tonight. I missed the parts Q-Tips though.

    If Jason is taking votes on the hair, my vote is that he keeps it off. Ronon can still be Ronon even without the dreads!


  29. Ah, a person can get tired just looking at sleeping puppies… Anthony Bourdain’s Vancouver episode airs tonight, I’ll be curious to know which restaurants he singles out. Would you be upset if he mentions a favorite (such as Fuel) which leads to long lines or delighted at them finally getting recognized?

  30. Awww! Max-puppy-pics! How absolutely adorable. Puppies are just too cute. My sister just recently picked up an 11 week old cocker spaniel puppy, Sadie. Absolutely adorable face. 🙂

    Sooo…are you gonna even bother watching the Super Bowl? *coughs*

  31. Nice looking letters. Nice looking puppy pictures.

    I am sure that Lulu will be fine but being a good parent you will no doubt worry about her tonight.

    Live long and prosper – and have loads more puppies.

  32. Hi Joe:

    Maximus was such a cute puppy. Did he get into as much trouble as Lulu?

    What do you do with all the letters you receive, be they letters of admiration or requests from fans to reinstate a character?


  33. Those pics of baby Max are gorgeous! but is that your phone number I can read on his blue tag?! If it is, I hope your phone number has changed since those pics were taken…..

    Just thought I’d say something, but don’t worry, I’m in Australia so I won’t be making any International Reverse Charges/Collect Calls – or whatever you call them – in the middle of (your) night ;o)

  34. On “The Intruder” Sheppard flys an F-302 to destroy the asgard sensor thing on Daedalus. It looked like he fired some sort of railgun on the 302, rather than a missle. What kind of wepon was fired supposed at it?

  35. G’day Joe
    Cute puppies! Our puppy quakes just going to get clipped for the summer! Looking forward to seeing Daniel on Atlantis! Any ideas when in the season that might occur?

  36. Hi Joe,

    I just wanted to say, that Quarantine was a great episode. Unlike some people, as much as I love the hi action episodes…the talky ones rock. The Ronan and Keller connection was really cool and actually unexpected (by me anyway). I also love when you guys play on Sheppards latent genius. It’s a dimension of Sheppards character that was truly brilliant to give him.

    Thanks for YET ANOTHER awesome episode!


  37. Hi Joe!

    A bit behind on my blog-reading, as I was outta town and iTunes hasn’t released Quarantine from, er, quarantine yet!

    After seeing that straight-on puppy pic of Maximus, I just about died from Cuteness Shock!!! OMGed, I want to go back in time and fly up to Vancouver and snuggle him (with your permission, of course)!!!!

    Take care!!!!

    eddy (of the Too Many Exclamation Points Eddys!!)

  38. Did I miss something? Who is the puppy in the pictures? Old Lulu pics maybe? :-\

    Just an FYI, I’m very excited for BamBam to possibly get on American Gladiators. However the selection committee sounds a little scary.. especially Slapinator! 😉

  39. Hi Joe This question was asked for season 4 too – Any plans regarding Sam’s love-life in season 5? Since Rodney broke up with Katie he might have another shot at Sam!

  40. Wow! That’s awesome that so much Beckett mail comes in. Does Paul McGillion get to get his hands on it?

    Anyway; I was thinking about joining my local Roller Derby. What do you think?

  41. Re: Hey, Where’d Everybody Go?

    Oh, Joe, they just wanted you for that 1,000,001 post/visit and a chance to be immortalized on screen.

    Hmmmmm, I see that anneteldy person got the nod. I trust you will keep her veeeerrrry far away from Sheppard due to her tendency to place him in “protective custody.” I also trust Lorne won’t be allowed anywhere near her, either, since he doesn’t seem to understand the words “No, stay away. Danger, Major Lorne, Danger!”, and that she will be killed in a truly spectacular fashion, with lots of CGI – enough to kill the budget for the next 15 seasons at least. Maybe the Baron could have a hand in it somehow? Or, better yet, me in retaliation for all those bandwidth charges?

    Re: Quarantine

    Saw the episode tonight, and I loved it! I thought it would be a serious episode, and, instead, found myself laughing at all sorts of scenes. And there were so many nice little moments:

    1. McKay demonstrating just how socially inept he is. I felt sorry for Katie at the end. Seems McKay was completely oblivious to what he had just done to her. The dork. Oh, excuse me, the geek. Even when he gets the girl, he doesn’t know he got her. Yup, SuperGeek strikes again.

    2. Ronon and Keller certainly looked like they wanted to jump each other’s bones. Kind of looks like “Conan” might be turning into a bit of a teddy bear around her.

    3. Carter and Zelenka in the transporter was too funny. Especially when Zelenka took off his jacket when he got too hot and Carter followed suit. It looked like his temperature spiked a little higher with that one. His muttering as he worked his way through the air shafts was priceless. Didn’t understand a word of it, but I suspect it would have been along the lines of, “Why did I volunteer for this?” and “I’m going to kill McKay”.

    4. Sheppard getting stuck with Teyla and figuring she was going to go into labour because “that’s what the pregnant women do in the horror movies.” Such a sweet talker. *I think that boy needs therapy*

    Re: Serious Question Type Stuff

    How does the Gate know when to shut down? We know it has an upper time limit of 38 minutes, but what about the shorter times? There have been plenty of instances where the Gate shuts down immediately once the team is through it and before the bad guys can go through, or it stays open until the straggler gets to it and passes through, then shuts down. How does it know that the person lagging behind is one of the people that should be let through and therefore waits for that person, or that the person coming next is a bad guy so it shuts down in his face?

    Lastly: Awwwwww, puppy!!!! Such a sweetie! But why is Bubba (at least I think that’s Bubba) looking so forlorn in that last pic?

  42. Re-watching Quarantine and I wanted to add that Teyla’s clothes were absolutely fabulous.

    First time of my life that I’m thinking a pregnant woman is wearing clothes that not only fit but are also beautiful.

    So to whomever is responsible for this : Bravo ! 😀

  43. What adorable puppy pics! I also panicked when I had to take my kitties to be fixed. One especially, because even though she was old enough, she was very small for her size, so I worried.

    I’m glad you’ve worked the Teyla pregnancy into the season, and hope that for season 5 she’s back with the team and they can go out and explore again! I’ve gotten to like Keller and while I miss Beckett, I’m not as frantic as some.

    My hopes for Season 5 – lots of banter and friendship between Sheppard and McKay; team episodes; exploring new worlds; no more Katie; Carter being as in the background as you’ve done in Season 4; and please don’t turn Ronon into a bad guy!

  44. Hi Joe,

    Just found your blog. After reading some of your older musings, I can honestly say that I’m…full. So much food talk, and so little time. Its like watching a morbidly obese person eat (8 chickens, 3 cherry pies, 4 lbs of mashed potatoes, 3 liters of coke, on DHC), I always feel full afterwards and vow never to eat again.

    Btw, I feel your pain about Sunday. I can hardly believe it. Why won’t they die (Patriots) already? Did they make a pact with the devil? I wanted them to go 16-0, just so I would have the satisfaction of watching them lose in the play-offs. sheesh!

    But I will watch the Superbowl. If you’re going to watch, what will you serve? This will save me from having to actually buy anything myself. I can fill up on your menu.


  45. Hey, Joe. Watched the Vancouver edition of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” this evening, and I have to ask, have you ever tried a Japa Dog? Because they looked very, very tasty on the show, and Bourdain seemed to think so.

    If you haven’t seen the show, he visited Tojo’s, Rangoli Restaurant, Sooke Harbor House, and Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill, all of which looked delicious. I know Tojo’s is a favorite of yours, but have you ever eaten at any of the others?

    And regarding that “Harmony” promo, I was hoping it was just a case of tortured syntax, and perhaps when they say “their closest allies” it might be referring to Harmony’s people. Any chance of that, or am I giving them too much credit?

  46. Hey Joe,
    Those pictures of maximas are so cute, especially the one where he’s looking at the camera with such an adorable look on his face.

    Also, i was wondering if you have seen the movie Once. With Glen Hansard, it’s a really good movie, i liked it quite a bit. Camera work could have definately be improved but with their budget it was still good. The songs are great too and the story is really nice.

    All the best

  47. “It’s times like these that make you realize owning dogs is just like having kids – except that dogs, unlike kids, remain cute for their entire lives. How cute?”

    As the mother of nineteen and sixteen year old kids,
    And a cat and dog, I agree…
    But don’t tell my kids lol
    The puppy pics are delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  48. Any chance an archaeologist, and archaeology in general, will regain an important role on stargate, sorry I am a young archaeologist by occupation and Dr Jackson was one of my favorite fictional archaeologists? Also when are we going to see more exploration of atlantis and intros to new tech toys? Thanks…

  49. Thanks for the tid bits for season 5. It gets the mind whirring with possibilities.

  50. Puppies UGH! *ducks* only kidding. they are infinitely more cute than human offspring and I got four of those. Here’s wishing Lulu a speedy recovery, I guess a lulu sized dog with a bucket(collar) isn’t half as disruptive or potentially lethal as a rottweiler sized dog with one, I remember having to clear our dining room of everything in order to house our rottie when she had her op, mind you that was many years and a couple of dogs ago but some memories tend to linger.
    BTW any chance of pics of a less hirsute Jason?

  51. Hmm, maybe “the king” lives on in Max, Joe?

    Under the stage name of Elvis Pugsley.

    *chirping crickets*

    Ok ok… I’ll leave now.

  52. As I have told my friends:

    My one and only weakness, and why I can’t take over the world, is Puppies and Kittens. No matter what-I will melt.

    Does Baron Destructo have such a weakness?

  53. “Neko (and her new fancy-pants university).”

    Wow I completly missed this, I have no idea how ^^
    So, a 5 day later THANKYOU SO MUCH! I really appreciated it XD

  54. Oh wow! Max was the cuuuutest little puppy ever!!

    Mind you, my brother was cute when he was little… shame they all have to grow up, eh? 😉

    Regarding Search and Rescue – we’ve changed Taylor’s name to avoid having it confused with “Teyla” in rapidfire conversation. First name Alison. Last name Porter. We’ll see if that sticks.

    My completely unbiased opinion? Alison’s a great choice. 😀

  55. I’ll add to the “aawww puppy!” comments. Adorable photos, thanks for sharing them with us.

  56. aww Max is gorgeous,hubbys mum used to breed pugs so we adopted one that belonged to his grandad she was creamy coloured,i’ve always wanted a black one but they are very rare over here in england and i dont think hubby will let me nick one from america.good luck to bambam,used to love gladiators over here hope they show it to us.Hugs to lulux

  57. Hi Jo’

    Oh poor Lulu ! Great pictures of your dogs thank you !

    Today’s question : Are you a good dancer ? Give a mark between 0 and 10. If you say 9 or 10 you will prove it !^^

  58. Hello M. Mallozzi!

    Congratulations to Anne Teldy! Lucky her! ^^
    But I wanted to know: her name is going to be given to a character we’ll see, or we’ll only hear it in a conversation like “Watch out for the pink mushrooms! It’d be a shame you end up like this Anne Teldy, who *insert a stupid end of life for the poor girl* ” ?

    Anyway, I saw Quarantine yesterday, and it so was great! I laughed when Sheppard began to worry about Teyla’s baby, I winced when McKay messed up his relationship with Brown, I giggled like an idiot during the “Ronon and Keller” scene (they were so cute together) and I thank you very much for this episode.
    Just one thing, at the end, when Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon talk, I felt really weird when I saw them with Zelenka and not McKay. I felt so… *wrong* somehow. It’s not a blame, on the contrary, it’s with that kind of reaction that we realize how much we like your show. 😀

  59. Hi Joe. I have a bit of a girly question.

    Why do some Wraith have Jason Momoa appreciation society dreads, others have boofy “in need of some relaxing balm” hair, and then finally, and my personal favourite, the slick and perfectly groomed “I have a GHD in my cupboard” style?
    Is it a marker for different ages, branches within their species, rank, or just access to hygiene products?

    Goodnight everyone! Hope Lulu goes well with the healing. If you haven’t already, can I suggest you make backups of your puppy pics onto disk and give them to someone outside of your household! They can never be replaced. Although posting them here is a good way to backup as everyone downloads them to show others to make them go “Awwwwwwwwww”

  60. Concerning the gate question:

    I wondered about the gate, too. There are some things that are indeed puzzling. But one thing explains a lot:

    The wormhole stays open as long as something goes through (limit as known to all 38 min). That also includes radio signales.
    I’d guess that the GDO’s transmit some sort of radiowaves so that the gate stays open until the GDO and its owner have passed the event horizon. Although the person transmitting the code with its GDO rarely steps through last.
    It works probably the same way from earth to any planet.
    But it doesn’t explain everything. For example how the gate can be shut down from earth’s/Atantis’ side, when it’s an incoming wormhole.

  61. Hey Joe, sorry to hear there are no plans for Mitchell and Vala in Atlantis but I understand why.

    Is there any news on whether we’ll be getting more SG-1 movies after Continuum?

    Great to hear Bambam signed up! I knew we’d break him 😉

  62. So is there anything we’re supposed to be doing to help Bam Bam get selected for Gladiators? You KNOW we’re good at that stuff. 🙂

    And I hope that Lulu is back to her old self in no time. (Although I somehow doubt the older dogs are hoping for that.)

  63. Gorgeous pups, thanks for sharing.


    Joe, how difficult is it to get a Glazier to Atlantis? Would they charge extra for a trip on the Daedalus?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. No relation to the “other Chevron7” that comments 🙂

  64. Very adorable puppy pics! Love the first one where he has his head cocked to one side. He’s got a “who the hell are you and what are you doing” look.

    Question: Was Ronon’s name a random choice, or did it have anything to do with the Japanese “ronin”? The meaning fits very well.

  65. “It’s times like these that make you realize owning dogs is just like having kids”. Just so you know, I’ve never once thought about having my kids neutered, and I’ve got two teenage boys! Good for you for having the baby “fixed” – too many unwanted animals in the world. I also have a cat who thinks she’s a dog (she sits up and begs, runs to the door when I show her her leash (a New York Giants leash!) and talks and sings with me, for ex) so I’ve got the best of both worlds.
    I have no Atlantis comment except to say Thank Goodness it’s on – with all the reruns and reality shows out there now, I’ve been forced to clean my house, read books, and do other unimportant things until 10:00 on Friday nights or whenever I get to watch it on DVR.

  66. Answer: “Unfortunately, it isn’t.”

    Awww, that’s a shame. I’ll bet it would have made a really good movie. On the bright side, the fans have two SG1 movies to look forward to, and I have a feeling we’ll be getting a lot more. I’m sure Brad and Rob have lots of stories they’d like to tell.

    What cute baby pictures of Maximus. He’s adorable!!!
    Glad to hear that Lulu is doing well after her procedure. I’ll bet you’re anxious to bring her home.

    *crossing my fingers* for Bam Bam.

    And your comment about Daniel on Atlantis..THANK YOU!

    *hugs* for answering my question, Joe.


  67. Hi Joe
    this weekend Blade Trinity was on tv and i watched. actually i have seen it several times and really noticed this time some of the atlantis sets that were purchased from that production. i was wondering how much of atlantis is part of the blade set. i noticed that running bridge and some stairs. whatelse?
    thanks, hope that you guys are having fun getting ready for season 5


  68. Those are adorable puppy pictures. What kind of dogs are they?

    The adorable-ness prompted me to run over and hug my dog (black lab) who was jealous just by watching me.

  69. Love the puppy pictures! Sounds like you have your hands full with “keeping Lulu quiet” for the 10 days of recovery. I love it when vets say that about puppies. In any case, you need the kind of ecollar that does it’s job, but you don’t get poked with every time they sashay by you. Trust me, I know…I’ve got my puppy (18 months) in one right now…she’s a golden and I’d have been kneecapped several times by now if she had one of those hard things on. You can see pics of her over at my blog, if you wish. I’ll pick one up and send it your way…if you don’t get it for this time…you’ll use it sometime…


  70. Hey Joe a couple of quick questions:
    1. Has NBC/Universal approached anyone (as far as you know) at MGM about using SGA as a Strike fill show on NBC? (As much as I love Monk and Psych I would rewatch any SGA showed on NBC just to make sure it gets good ratings..)

    2. Has anyone noticed the presales on Ark of Truth on Amazon? Just checked and it was #13.. A couple of days ago it was #11. Is it a success yet? Any word from MGM on these what I would think would be amazing presales, or was it expected?


  71. Cute puppy! I think we’ll have to agree to disagree that kids stop being cute when they grow up and dogs don’t. I love my dogs, but they definitely aren’t as cute as when they were puppies. However, they pee on the floor less so we have to accept trade offs.

    Random question: You said you only watch subbed anime. Why? I notice that many people are really snooty about it and I think in general they’re just being elitist jerks (I like the REAL anime, the general public is STUPID to enjoy the farces dubbing studios dump on them), but I also think some people have genuine reasons for their dislike so I’m wondering what your stand is. Personally I’m watching the anime for the pretty pictures and sometimes I like having a familiar language rather than having to read everything. I get that people feel the original language/inflection/whatever is important, but if you have no idea what they’re saying… I do know some Japanese from college and I’ll hear the same words translated different ways depending on the subber. I mean if the subtitles are going to translate things to adjust for the culture watching, what’s the difference if they have someone speaking in a familiar language instead? I know when anime was first being introduced to English-speaking countries there was a lot more butchering of the stories and characters, especially to make it ‘kid appropriate’ and to have familiar names. I think that dubbers have gotten better at not changing things, though if I don’t know what I’m missing I can’t really mind. I think I kind of treat subbed anime as the book a movie is based on. If I liked the dubbed version a lot I’ll go watch the original and see what extra nuances I can pick up. Of course I’m one of those evil youtube anime watchers so maybe if I was paying for it…

  72. My family loved Quarantine. It was great to see McKay stuck, unable to help and everyone else rising to the occasion. Our favorite banter: McKay’s password and the shout-out to Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. My 14 year old son about slid out of the chair laughing as Sheppard revealed the reasoning behind the three birth dates/password. “Never underestimate the size of McKay’s ego”. Love it.

  73. This is actually more of a personal question for you, so you don’t need to “approve” it. I am wondering if you know who at MGM and/or Sci-Fi Channel I can get into contact with in order to ask about potential employment opportunities. I’ve been searching forever on the actual sites and can’t seem to find any e-mails. I’m really interested in getting a job in television, and combining it with something I already love would be ideal. Thanks for any help you can give.


  74. Thornyrose Said:

    To Tim; a couple of reasons I can think of why they might use Marines exclusively. First, you have the “every Marine is a rifleman” mentality. So even if a Marine’s MOS is not 0300(combat infantry) there is an expectation a Marine can function in that role when pressed. It could also be a political game at the Pentagon, with the Marines managing to wrangle a bigger budget. It might have been easier for The Marine Corps to set up the additional training to prep personnel to perform in off world missions. I also suspect its a bit easier on the budget if they avoid having to represent all the services on the show. And finally, with due respect to your branch of the armed services, Marines rule!

    I understand the “Every Marine is a Rifleman” mentality, but that is the case everywhere now, especially the Army (excepting, of course, Chaplains and Doctors). I am a Chaplain Assistant and we see combat quite a bit. There is now “Front Line” anymore. Anyone, cooks, mechanics, and infantry alike, could find themselves fighting.

    If it is a budget issue for the show. Still it would be nice to see some Soldiers represent and kick ***.

  75. Maren Sievert Said:
    Concerning the gate question:

    I wondered about the gate, too. There are some things that are indeed puzzling. But one thing explains a lot:

    The wormhole stays open as long as something goes through (limit as known to all 38 min). That also includes radio signales.
    I’d guess that the GDO’s transmit some sort of radiowaves so that the gate stays open until the GDO and its owner have passed the event horizon. Although the person transmitting the code with its GDO rarely steps through last.
    It works probably the same way from earth to any planet.
    But it doesn’t explain everything. For example how the gate can be shut down from earth’s/Atantis’ side, when it’s an incoming wormhole.

    Nice try, but if that’s the case, the person that sent the GDO signal would have to go last, or at the very least, pass through the Gate with the person that would otherwise be last. Also, a lot of the time, it’s been McKay dialing the Gate, and he’s usually then the first one through. So, if someone’s lagging behind, that person would end up being left on the wrong side of the Gate.

    A good example is Common Ground, McKay and Teyla had already passed through the Gate, while Ronon and Sheppard were making a run for it. Neither Ronon nor Sheppard dialed it or sent the GDO signal. Koyla snagged Sheppard with his harpoon doohickey as Ronon went through the Gate, which immediately shut down.

    Also, what about the times where they “come in hot” and the Gate remains open? Blaster fire coming through the Gate and it doesn’t shut down until it has been manually done? I suppose it could be argued that the blaster fire had entered the Gate before it shut down and was duly transmitted, but I don’t think I buy that explanation either since the Gate is set up to transmit matter and blaster fire is directed energy.

  76. Greetings all!
    Hey, I’m not into ECW or any other kind of wrestling/gladiator action, but I sure would watch if Bam Bam was participating!
    Joe, please post what “we the fans” can do to encourage the American Gladiators selection committee to chose him. I think once they are aware of the size/scope/power of SGA/SG1 FANDOM, they would sit up and listen. Ratings for that session would surpass any other they have seen.

    Next, I was watching a DVD of Season 2 recently and noted in a scene between Sheppard and a sloppily eating Ronon, that there was a kitchen porter! He was clearing plates, wearing kitchen whites and in at least 2 background scenes. So for everyone wondering about support staff on Atlantis, well, I found one!

    Next, I think the post by NCC-72452 regarding use of Navy Seals is a good idea. They are on a water world and seem to seek out water worlds whenever they move the city. Seems logical that they would have marine specialists aboard.

    Lastly, just how is Teyla acquiring all the beautiful maternity outfits? Is there a Lord & Taylor’s or Macy’s on Atlantis that we don’t know about? Does she sew her own? Did she borrow Sheppard’s Mastercard and order online?
    Hm-m-m… just wondering?

    Carol Z

  77. Loved the cute puppy pictures, do they inspire you to get yet another pup? Re Quarantine – liked the episode very much, especially the Sheppard and Teyla scenes. Not really thrilled, though, with a relationship between Ronon and Keller, and I’m not sure why. I like both characters. Also liked Zelenka saving the day.

  78. Those dog pictures are SOOOO cute. When I saw them, I thought that you had gotten another dog and thought, Wow–you are becoming those crazy dog people! How old is Jelly, if it isn’t rude to ask?

    Like Cat4444, I’ve also often wondered how the stargate knows when to shut off.

    I finally watched Quarantine the other day. I really really enjoyed it. I loved the different pairings/groups of people stuck together. I’ve never liked Katie Brown. Something about her just bothers me. That said, I really felt bad for her at the end of the ep. I also loved Carter in this episode, and Zelenka’s crush is cute. I like Ronon and Keller together. Very unexpected (in terms of personality), but I can actually see it. Nice cleavage-action on Teyla, if I may be so bold to say so. I have to admit, I was really hoping that Sheppard would have made it up the tower without one of those cheap scares–“Oh! I almost fell when this thing broke!”–but if that’s all I have to complain about, then BRAVO!

    Re: Alison Porter. While Alison’s not a bad name, I think Emily is much better. But perhaps you’re saving Emily for Daniel’s love-interest when he makes his Atlantis appearance??? Or not. 😉


  79. Hey Joe,

    Really enjoyed Quarantine.

    I was watching Sunday the other day on DVD and had to laugh at the “Dr. Malozzi’s anime DVD collection” comment by Zelenka – I didn’t notice it the first time around. How often do you guys work yourself into episodes? Martin Gero in the background of Coup d’Etat was cute – I went back and checked the scene after watching his DVD extra and there he was!

    Have you read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card? It’s a great book that I read many years ago, also the sequel Speaker for the Dead is good. If you’ve read them, what did you think? [edited plot spoilers]. Note – the book Ender writes about the bugger race is called “The Hive Queen”.(!)

    Anyway, looking forward to Outcast, it’s always fun to go back to Earth.


  80. Hi Joe – Loved the puppy pics. Hope Lulu feels better.

    Quarantine was a great episode. Everyone had a chance to “shine” with their own special moment. Regarding Joe F’s climb “up the side of the tower”. How did you shoot those scenes? I know a lot of it was green screen, but did you actually build a wall on the set, for him to climb up?

    Thanks for a great season 4. Looking forward to season 5-6-7 etc.

  81. As I said. It doesn’t explain everything.
    My guess is that it’s just a flaw.
    But maybe Mr. Mallozzi can actually give us a logical answer?

  82. *face falls at the thought of fellow fan not being able to go to Vancouver to play ‘Anne’* Although, I must say that most of us would probably put forth a lot of effort to NOT meet up with hungry, carnivorous space cows. So maybe it’s for the best…

    Thanks for the puppy pics. What kind of a system do you use to organize your digital photos? Date? Subject? No particular method to the madness?

  83. Hey Joe,

    Few questions:

    1. How can one legally without trespassing walk around on the set of Stargate, A tour perhaps and if so where do I sign up?

    2. Could you please get Cooper or Wright answering questions on here?, So we can ask about everything related to the new show that you are probably not allowed to talk about since you’re obviously avoiding answering all those people who do ask? (no matter how nicely)

    Have a nice day,

  84. Question: Do your furballs overreact to anything you do like picking up their leashes? Mine is fine until my daughter touches her MP3 player at which point she(the dog that is ) dances around and makes the most AWFUL cat(or dog)erwauling sound as she thinks she is in for a good four mile stomp, its really embarrassing, especially if Rachael is only moving the frakking thing or is on her way to bed!

  85. I personally love episodes such as Quarantine, because we get a chance to explore character relationships deeper. Its nice to see how our favorite characters interact when they arent trying to blow up the Asuran homeworld or save Atlantis from being destroyed and are put in situations where they have to interact to survive/not go crazy.

    My questions (apologies if the latter was asked before) are:
    When writing the episode Quarantine, did careful thought go into the pairings that were trapped together, or was that a byproduct of the subplots (McKay wanting to propose, Ronan injuring himself yet again)? In general, do you pay attention to fan “ships” when creating pairings that some can read into as growing deeper (i.e. Ronan and Keller) or do you prefer to let these relationship grow naturally out of the stories the writers create?

  86. Thank you for answering my question regarding Mr Woolsey.

    I was wondering if we will find out anything specific about the Pegasus gate, like why it is different from the Milky Way one, why the change in colour from the orange chevrons, and why so many are in orbit of planets?

    Also, will we see more of the unchartered sections of the City either in the rest of this half of the season or season 5?


  87. I just finished watching the video of you on the set of Harmony. I thought is was fantastic. I had few questions though.

    1. When the video was filmed, what changed in the time between then and the release of the official episode line up? (in the video you mentioned that the episode would be out in late Feb or early March?)

    and 2. Did you ever find out who took your chair? Did you get them back?

  88. 1. After countless auditions and production fast-approaching, Robert Cooper had the brilliant idea of using an established SG-1 character instead: Carter’s arrogant, annoying, yet some lovable rival, Dr. Rodney McKay. Rob gets a gold star for that one.

    Robert Cooper has my undying gratitude for his spectacularly brilliant idea.

    2. I am sooooo glad that the writers finally ended the painfully mismatched couple (McKay/Brown)! He was obviously trying very hard to show her only the nice side and that is not McKay and she was so sickeningly sweet. Besides which she seemed to mother him more than be a girlfriend. Anyways, thanks. I can finally quit puking when forced to endure their couple scenes.

    3. Loved how McKay actually got sick! The hypochondriac! And Ronon ratting him out. Funny.

    McKay’s password – oh the limitless ego.

    Sheppard worrying about Teyla going into labor.

    Ronon starting to do movie references. Absolutely hilarious.

    Ronon opening up to Keller about Melena – so heart touching.

    I won’t mention all the favorite parts. There’d be no room on your blog for any other comment. Quarantine was just over all stupendous!

    Good luck to Bam Bam!
    Congrats to AnneTeldy.
    Max was the cutest puppy.

  89. Hi Joe,

    Just stopped in to say, I’ve been with this show from the begining, and although I’ve loved the show since it has been on, I’m really loving season 4, and I’m so glad everyone’s getting a chance to shine on screen. I’ve always liked Teyla, but now I’m truely loving this character and what you guys are doing with her.
    Please keep doing what your doing because this season so far has turned me into a squeeing fangirl.

  90. So what’s the deal with i-tunes and Quarantine; did you do something to make them mad?

  91. Salut Joseph!!!

    Sa va bien? Moi oui j’ai passser un bonne journée =)

    Ohh Merci pour ces photos^^! …OH non pitier ne comparez pas l’amour d’un chien et d’un enfant…vous n’avez pas d’enfant a vous, donc vous ne pouvez pas savoir. Je suis sur que si vous auriez un enfant a vous, vous changeriez de discour.

    Mais franchement, vous n’avez jamais souhaitez avoir d’enfant?

    Ohh j’adore les Cat^^♥

    Je suis trop contente , j’ai eu un 18,5 sur 20 a mon dernier control d’économie! 😀

    Bon je doit allez dormir. Gros Bisou, je vous adore! a demain. Merci♥♥

  92. Hi Joe,

    I’ve just learned I shouldn’t check your blog when I’m hungry (it’s lunchtime). That schnitzel sandwich looked yummy! I don’t think I’ve ever had schnitzel of any kind, let alone in sandwich form (does it even come other ways??), so I’m curious – could you please tell me what was in that sandwich? I trust you enjoyed it! 🙂

    The puppy pics are adorable! But I think that, like humans, most animals are much cuter as babies! 😉

    Ok, my tummy’s growling now so I’d better go see what I can find to eat. The lunch I brought just doesn’t look nearly as appealing after seeing that schnitzel sandwich. (Do you think I could use the word “sandwich” a few MORE times??) 😉

    Have a great day, Joe!
    ~Jennie in Oregon 🙂

  93. Salad on a schnitzel? Purleeze – gimme a thick slab of cheese. If we’re gonna dodge the cholesterol bullet let’s do it in style.

    Patricia, I too have adopted two tiny kittens – one calico and one black. Walking at night is now hazardous with Dannie (the black one)almost constantly underfoot.

    An interesting question springs to mind. Joe, have you ever fallen over Max in the dark?

  94. Hi Joe,

    A question that’s been nagging at me since I started watching SG1. It even perplexed Shanks and Judge when they were asked it at a con, but maybe that’s not surprising. When going through the credits at the end of a show, what are the roles of all the different ‘producers’? And how do you pick which person has what role as a producer? It seems one week the writer writes, the next week he’s a produces. The same for directing, the producing the next.

    Thanks for you time.

  95. Just thought of another question for you:

    Are there any Colombian restaurants in Vancouver? If so, would you have a recommendation? I’d love to try one when I’m there in April. (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned we are in the process of adopting from Colombia, but this is why I’m interested to try some of their food.)

    Thanks, Joe!
    ~Jennie 🙂

  96. You know, a thought crossed my mind:

    Whose idea was it to pair up Katie, a botanist, with Dr. McKay, who is allergic to everything under the sun?

  97. Well Joe,

    After coming here everyday to read your blog, I decided to make the “big move” to wordpress. Of course I haven’t posted on MY blog since June, but it feels good to know I could if I wanted to. I did spend lots of time customizing today. Although, I had to change my nifty Phoenix icon because it doesn’t go with the maudlin and tragic theme of my blog. Maybe you could dedicate today’s blog to the oft disappear’d (but never forgotten) Jean Grey….I miss her….

    Lady Dulcinea

  98. Are you often reading more than one book at any given time, or are you more of a one-book-at-a-time guy? (Well, obviously you don’t literally read multiple books at the same time, but you know what I mean)

    I have a compulsive urge to start new books I’ve obtained even when I’m still in the middle of a different book. Plus, you know, different books for different moods.


  99. Answer: Is this a trick question? The sub-zero Packers/Giants game of course.

    No, it wasn’t a trick Q. I wanted to know just how much you hate musicals, because I’m not a fan of them, yet those sidelines looked like about the most miserable place in N. America! You must have good woolens.

    Thanks for the SCB letter display — it made our day. I chose that address font, I’ll have you know!


  100. Is Carter definitely going to be in season five or is that still up in the air?

  101. Hi Joe,

    Do you have the directors set for Season 5 yet? Still no PDL, I imagine [sob]…Is Martin Wood still in? [looks hopefully at screen]

  102. Danielforever writes: “Several years ago (I think it was back during season Brad/Rob wanted to do a Stargate movie that was supposed to be a lost season 2 episode. […] is it possible that it’s still on the ‘drawing board’ to do?”
    Answer: Unfortunately, it isn’t.

    What was the idea for the episode (can you tell since you aren’t going to use it)?

  103. Hi Joe-

    I know you said season 5 starts shooting next month, but when do the actors report? Do they come in earlier for costume fittings, or other beginning of the season details? Will you bring in the crew earlier?

  104. Oops sorry about the plot spoilers for Ender’s game. Gotta brush up my blog etiquette I guess. Just thought there were some interesting parallels (??!)

  105. I’ve got a question.

    Why are you so afraid of developing “something more” between main characters,i.e. something romantic?

    I mean instead of that, you have terrible and unbelievable ones. You’ve got:
    Teyla and Mr. Nobody or Mr. Completely Unseen and he’s going to be the father of her child!!
    Sheppard and Ms. Cliché(need I say more? Okay then, the WORST one of ALL!!)
    Rodney and Botanist(never understood that one, but it’s over now I guess)
    and, well, I’m okay with Ronon and Keller(probably the closest we’re going to get to a “main” character relationship now, it’s probably the most believable one currently)
    If I don’t see something better in the next couple of episodes, I’m going to give up on the characters because I won’t find them realistic and I’ll quite possibly stop watching the show then.

  106. Certaine personnes se conciderent comme femme à chat … vous vous êtes l’homme à chien ! Votre dernier arrivé est très mignon ! Bon courage pour tout ce qui est besoin 🙂

    Vos chiens sont pas trop jaloux ? Il me semble que les bouldogues sont de nature jalouse …

    A propos de Lulu … a t’elle un fiancé ? car j’ai moi même un bouldogue ( 6 mois la semaine prochaine hiaaa)et il bave devant l’écran… un tête à tête sur un bateau mouche… serait elle partante ?

    Etes vous retourner au restaurant Bistrot Bistro ?

    Savez vous quand aura lieu la sortie en france des deux téléfilms ?

    Peace and Dogs !


  107. one two one two test test !!!!
    Bonsoir Joseph j’essaie de savoir si ça fonctionne ma photo. Moi et la technologie….

  108. I’m curious with Christopher Heyerdahl playing the wraith Todd (and I think he played some other wraiths previously) is the James Laz (something) still your “go to” wraith. He was in many episodes, is he still playing a wraith? Also just curious if Rodney ever feels bad about the people who sacrifice themselves for him – Gault in Warrior (I believe) and the other guy in “Grace Under Pressure” Are there more sacrificial lambs coming up??

  109. Hey Joe!

    Trust me, if Bam Bam makes it in American Gladiators, there will be hundreds of Stargate fans watching! Great idea to send him in, and I will definitely watch the episode if he’s on it.

    Great to see some pictures of Max, and I wish Lulu the best in recovery! Looks like you have a handful of work now. Perhaps take Lulu into the office with you? 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  110. Hey Joe

    When Zelenka talks in Czech do you actually write the words in the script or do you write “Zelenka ad-libs in Czech”?

    Also have we ever seen how people are transferred in the transport pods in Atlantis? For instance is there a beam of light or do the people dissolve or do they shoot off in a big plastic tube like in Futurama/Jetsons?



  111. Out of curiosity, will Ronon lose his dreads in season five to any of these scenarios?

    1) Mutant space squirrels chew them off for nesting material
    2) He gets them caught in a door and they must be cut off or he DIES
    3) He loses a bet
    4) Space moths attact him 😉

    And why doesn’t Atlantis have shatterproof windows? Or did the Ancients hire a low bidder to make their flying city?? 😉

  112. How I envy Lulu. She becomes a ‘lady’ and gets spayed. She then goes through life with no hormone problems, no regular bouts of extreme anger with the desire to kill males and eat copious amounts of chocolate, no chance of becoming a mother and she doesn’t even have to shave her legs.

    Max was a lovely looking puppy – he has certainly grown a bit since then.

    Thanks for showing the campaign letters. 🙂

  113. Let’s all please take a moment and remember Heath Ledger, a young actor who gave us some quite memorable moments in film and TV. I shall always remember him fondly from “Roar” as the young and vibrant Irish Prince Conor. He was also very good in “A Knight’s Tale” and “The Patriot”.

    May he rest in peace… 😥

    Carol Z

  114. If I don’t see something better in the next couple of episodes, I’m going to give up on the characters because I won’t find them realistic and I’ll quite possibly stop watching the show then.

    Why not go and watch some tv soaps if relationships are what you’re after anoni?

    It’s a sci fi show, not a love story. sheesh..

  115. Sorry had to post again LOL

    with the desire to kill males and eat copious amounts of chocolate, no chance of becoming a mother and she doesn’t even have to shave her legs.

    That sounds exactly like our Joe Mallozzi!!

    (the killing males bit being on TV) 🙂

  116. This comment right here, right now, is the best comment you’ve ever received on your blog.

    Doesn’t that make you happy and excited?

  117. Mutant space squirrels? Space moths? What is this, a freakin’ space zoo?! First space cows and now this?

    If so, I’m lobbying for Naked Space Mole Rats. in Space.

  118. Anthony Bourdain’s show was in Vancouver last night, but I did not recognize any of the places he visited based on your past blog entries. He spent a lot of time at this Mediterranean place and some very odd looking hot dog stand …Japa dogs?. Would have written them down….thought the city looked amazing.

  119. I can see you are trying to build up your ‘Hoting’ rating:
    You have the Baron and Cookie Monster with the sports info; and now the cute puppy pics. But you’re slacking off, Joe! No mention anywhere of American politics! :-O *shakes head in disbelief*

    Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

  120. Hey Joe,

    Sorry for posting twice, But just wanted to say forget about posting story details about Universe or having Cooper or Wright posting some.

    Just tell us when we can expect it to air? 😉

  121. The phone number on the puppy tag is to the City of Vancouver Animal Control Shelter. The number was changed to 604-871-6888.


    Will you be going to GateCon in August? I’m thinking of attending that one too, although I might have to go into debt to do it, but I’d still like to meet more of the behind the scenes folks than the actual actors.

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