Bam Bam called me last night, wanting to know if I was serious about getting him on American Gladiators. Please. When am I ever not serious? He’s interested so let’s get the ball rolling.

My Cookie Monster account received a doozy of a spam email yesterday from a hard-done-by Jennifer in Cote d’Ivoire. Cookie Monster replied with a rare point-by-point response to her heartbreaking message, appropriately titled: “WITH TEARS FROM JENNIFER”…

“- Hey, you mind if Cookie Monster use “WITH TEARS FROM JENNIFER” for title of movie script he working on? Is like Meet de Fockers but even more sad and depressing. Cookie Monster give you half price tickets to premiere.

“My name is Miss Jennifer Brown Marisa a twenty two years old looking for a trustworthy ,sincer and honest someone who can help us in this time of needs.”

– Mebbe six feet tall, handsome, and rich too? Yeeesh. Could be reason you still single because have unreazonable expectations. Take Cookie Monster advice. Lower bar. Remember, you no spring chicken anymore.
“My father is Dr Johnson Osy Marisa, a man who deal more especially on diamond and ground nut in the republic of Cote d’Ivoire.”

– How nut business going? Cookie Monster try it, but have trouble making ends meet! Hahahah! You get it? Ends meet because… No, wait. Is wrong business. Hey, you email back and say instead you have company dat manufakture like-positive magnets. Den, Cookie Monster write back – No. Scratch dat. Me remember now. Nut business? Cookie Monster try too but find very hard to crack. (Pleeze do not repeat. Joke is copyrite. Am saving for script. Same applize to magnet gag. Tanks.).

“ During the civil and political crisis in our country, my parents together with my three sister were posioned by heartless elements that called themselves his business partners after returning from a business trip in spain.”

– Oh, quick to judge. Cookie Monster once suspect business partners poizon him too. But turn out it only samonella from Ceasar salad Cookie Monster ate for lunch.

“Fortunately for me and my younger brother, we were in our school when this tragedy took place to our family.”

– Is terrible! How you take news?

“We were in coma for almost two weeks.”

– Wow. Purty bad.

“But I thank the almighty God because I never knew that I could support the shock of losing almost my whole family.”

– Errr, no offence but you do louzy job of supporting shock. You in coma for two weeks! If dat not bad, me not want to imagine worse case scenario.

“ That is by the way.”

– By de way what? Me miss something?

“Right now I am still here in Cote d’Ivoire with my only remaining brother but very unsafe for us.”

– Stick to salad nicoise and you be okay.

“We are living in great fear and bondage.”

– Cookie Monster not into de kinky stuff.

“I intend leaving this country as soon as possible but only one thing kept me back.”

– Last few episodes of Cote D’Ivoire Idol? Get neighbor to record and send you tape, but stay off LJ community or is hard to stay spoiler free. Dey ruin season finale of One Tree Hill for Cookie Monster.

“My late father has deposited with one of the prime bank the sum of money, $5.2Million USD, for onward transfer to any bank abroad”

– Dat buy a lot of cookies.
“But unfortunately he did not complete the transaction before he died.”

– So much for cookies.

“I have all the documents concerns this money in the bank and receipt of deposit with which my late father made the deposit,“

– Den you all set. Cookie Monster glad it work out for you. Keep in touch.

“we have mapped out 15% out of the total money for your help and asistance because it looks stupid for me trying to confide in a total stranger I never met before .”

– Like, for instants, you doing now.

“By instinct I am convinced you are an honest man and you have the capacity to handle this transaction with me.”

– You have not good instincts. But is okay with Cookie Monster.

“As soon as it is done, I will come over with my brother to meet you and spend the rest of our lives in your country.”

– Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dere is reason why Cookie Monster don’t have kids. Hey, me hear Madagascar nice.

“I wish to invest the money into estate business and other good business you may propose.”

– How about frozen yogurt franchize? We be partnes, but only if Cookie Monster can work machine dat squeeze out yogurt look like upset-stomach squiggly poop in a cup. You add sprinkles.

“I promise to greatly compensate you for any assistance you may offer us.”

– Two hundred chocolate chip cookies. Half up front. Other half on delivery.

“I do not know how you may feel about this but I want you to take this very serious and confidential.”

– Oh, Cookie Monster very serious. And Jennifer no have to worry. Me very discreet. Very good at keeping secretz. For instants, nobody know dat Ernie and Bert nearly bankrupped, Count in rehab, and Grover room safe combination 22-47-34 – his aunt Marjorie mezurements.

“Down here, I am living in fear because enemies of my parents are hunting for us. Please let me know your mind concerning my proposal to you.”

– Yo, Cookie Monster down like clown headed into town in olive brown bridal gown. Let’s do dis ting.

Cookie Monster Out (but me really in).”

Today’s blog is dedicated to the studious birthday celebrant GrapesofWraith and the Freemantle-borne Josh “The.Crayton.Gangsta” (for real) Meyers. Bon Voyage!

Today’s mailbag (actually run-off from yesterday’s mailbag which may take weeks to get through)…

Lisa S. writes: “Have you finished ‘Soon I Will Be Invicible’ yet? What did you think?”

Answer: Soon I Will Be Invincible is a very clearly by a comic book fan for comic book fans. And, being a comic book fan myself, I really enjoyed it. Grossman does a wonderful job of touching on all the super-universal touchstones, dealing straight with some and playing others for laughs. Baron Destructo saw a lot of himself in Dr. Invincible.

Sulien writes: “Is there any possibility we might be able to get an episode with mini-Jack?”

Answer: Michael Welch did a spectacular job as the young Jack O’Neill in Fragile Balance. However, I didn’t think it made much sense to bring the young Jack character back to SG-1 after O’Neill left, and I find it even harder to imagine him making an appearance in Atlantis.

Jennifer H. writes: “This semester I’m taking a Science in Science Fiction class and we’re reading Timescape, Brave New World, Dispossessed, and Red Mars. Ever read any of those books, and if so what was your take on them?”

Answer: I own Timescape and it’s on my to-read list and it’s been a long time since I read Brave New World. Red Mars – like much of KSR’s stuff, it’s heady stuff, meticulously detailed hard SF. A great book although I thought the immortality treatment felt like a narrative convenience, a singularly implausible element in an otherwise very plausible world. The Dispossessed – an intricate and richly-layered account of two planetary societies. Unarguably thought-provoking despite the fact that, at times, it feels like a political and philosophical wolf treatise in scifi sheep’s clothing.

OregonJen writes: “Isn’t it “N. John Smith”?”

Answer: Oops. So it is.

Kathleen writes: “would you accept a hat if it came accompanied by an assortment from Burdick’s Chocolates in Cambridge, MA? And by ‘accept’ I mean ‘wear in a photograph on your blog?’”

Answer: I’d be happy to wear the chocolate.

Arlessiar writes: “I get why certain characters aren’t in certain eps, it’s just that sometimes just a tiny little scene with them seems to be missing to make the plot absolutely believable.”

Answer: Unfortunately, putting them in one little scene counts toward their overall episode commitment. So rather than place them in a throw-away scene, we prefer to save the character for an episode in which they can have more meaningful input.

Nathan writes: “Who was the girl in the control room who had more lines than Chuck? Was she a winner of a contest or just an extra?”

Answer: Nope, she was cast. And her character even gets a name next season!

longtimereader writes: “ I was just wondering if we’ll see Richard Woolsey again during season 4?”

Answer: Yes, we will.

amac251 writes: (1) “While Rodney and Katie were an OBVIOUS pairing […] I don’t “get” the way their pairing ended. […] was the viewer suppose to conclude that this relationship is never going to go anywhere? (2)I LOVED the Carter/Zelenka pairing […]. Was this pairing original from the first draft(s)? If so, who came up with the idea?

(3) Speaking of Carter, every SG1 fan knows that Carter is VERY capable of addressing any technical crisis that would suddenly arise. […] have the writers purposefully had her hold back to give McKay and Zelenka the dignity to work on these problems?”

Answers: 1) Yes. 2) Yes. Carl Binder. 3) Carter has her hands full as the base commander and defers to McKay in scientific matters, Sheppard in military matters. She is, however, fully capable of stepping in to make a call or add her expertise should the need arise.

OregonJen also writes: “I was wondering who created the puppets in “200.””

Answer: They were made by my old buddies, the Chiodo Bros., who also made the puppets for Team America: World Police.

Rachel writes: “ I actually have a legitimate question though. I so happen to work in Caesar’s Palace, and thus have access to Vosges chocolates. I’ve already tried the Barcelona (om nom nom nom…) and Mo’s bacon (surprisingly not disgusting). Any further recommendations? I’m not nearly adventurous enough to try the curry powder one.”

Answer: I hope you’re trying the truffles. There’s a world of difference between the Mo’s bacon truffle and the chocolate bar. Other truffles I would suggest you try – the Woolloomooloo (my writing partner’s favorite), the naga (that sweet Indian curry), the Budapest (with Hungarian paprika), and the Red Fire.

Emily writes: “What?!? You mean you don’t do it for the great company and conversation?”

Answer: I come for the experience – but stay for the company!

Patricia writes: “The Creation Event tickets are non-refundable…otherwise I’d probably cancel now based on your cryptic answer!”

Answer: Go and have a good time. As many have pointed out, I think the high point of these events is getting together with all of your online friends. Also, it’s a rare opportunity to see Richard Dean Anderson. Oh, wait. That’s Gatecon. Never mind.

Kaycee writes: “There’s been a big legal scuffle with J.K. Rowling and RDR Books over someone having a lexicon/encyclopedia being published without her authorization and such. […] If this sort of thing /does/ happen- and since you’re on the production side of a series that has a community of fanfic writers and such, do you see that sort of thing happening on the legal side?”

Answer: I can’t comment on this topic as it relates to the J.K. Rowling situation. Is the online lexicon a reference for fans, or is it something that those who have produced it are making money off of? There’s a huge difference. As for fan fiction as it applies to Stargate – Hey, why the hell not.

David writes: “Do you use the same Daedalus bridge set for the Oddysey, and the Appolo?”

Answer: We do.

Neep writes: “Shat’s your verdict on choco chilli tea… would you try it Joe?”

Answer: Sure.

Anne Teldy writes: “Thank you again, Mr. M. Whether she’s eaten by space cows, killed by Sheppard in his stick-fighting episode, or dies of poor hygiene due to the lack of bathing facilities in Atlantis, I’m sure you’ll write a memorable death scene for my namesake.”

Answer: You’re welcome. And you can bet I will.

Patricia writes: “when I go on the tour of the Stargate Sg-1 & Stargate Atlantis Sets at Bridges Studio’s on April 5th, hosted by N. John Smith, will you come down and say hello to me…PLEASSSSSE?”

Answer: Come in on a Saturday? Hmmm. How about I come down and say hi when the bus tour stops outside the studio?

Susiekew writes: “1) Who’s idea was very suggestive looking Rodney plant?
2) Were Zelenka’s Czech lines scripted or ad lib? And what was he saying?”

Answers: 1) Carl Binder! 2) I believe it was suggested he mutter something in Czech, but the actual dialogue is all David. As for what he was saying – I have no idea.

Anne Teldy also writes: “Would you mind terribly if I quote your contest and winner announcements and ‘borrow’ the watch pictures for my own blog?”

Answer: Not at all.

Lorr54 writes: “Joe, you mentioned some time back that you have favorite APODs on your desktop. I love the site and have about 100 photos cycling as my work screensaver. Try as well.”

Answer: Thanks. I’ll be updating my desktop wallpaper.

Sulien writes: “Since you’re a fan of Star Trek the original series, have you read many (any?) of the novelizations?”

Answer: Although I’m sure there are great novelizations out there, I don’t read tie-ins.

landers writes: “If you guys wanted Ronon to have a girlfriend, why did you kill Beckett for it?”

Answer: Wow, you figured us out. You’re very, very, very smart. No, really.

PG15 writes: “Oh hey, and I thought you may get a kick out of this:

Answer: Now THAT is a brilliant post.

Anais33 a ecrit: “Quel est le nom est prénom des personnes de la production qui travail avec vous??”

Reponse: Il ya environ 200 personnes qui travaillant avec moi sur Stargate.

Sort of translation: I’ve been asked for the first names of everyone who works with me. I pointed out that I work with about 200 people.

Sosu writes: “Any chance of seeing Vala in Atlantis anytime soon?”

Answer: Nope.

Tanni writes: “So if every line of the poem refers to another episodes, does that mean there are already hints for 15 episodes of season 5??”

Answer: Yes.

157 thoughts on “January 20, 2008: Hey! Where’d everybody go?!

  1. Well, well. How come you posted so ‘early’? Usually I already read your blog entries only the next day due to the time zone differences. I’m glad to be reading on the same day! 🙂 And, you’re writing about Hungarian food! Kudos.

  2. Hey Joe, I was just wondering, does Teyla have her baby this season or next? And who is there with her when she delivers?

  3. ahh, now this is the way to spend a Sunday. eating decent chow (Ok, it’s Outback, but in this town that’s about as good as it gets), watching the playoffs, (boo, the Pats are leading), and finding out Mr. M. has posted early. And a great post. It’s great seeing Cookie Monster being so sympathetic to the not-so-young woman’s plight. And such a reasonable charge to assist her. Me, I’d have doubled the cookies and thrown in a demand for some chocolates. If the Bam-Bam on American Gladiators does happen, what is the earliest we might anticipate seeing our favorite stunt coordinator stomping Gladiator butt? And another background cast member gets a name? I hope this doesnt signal the demise of another of our contingent of familiar faces but as expendible as redshirt types. Especially Chuck. And Radik. And Lorne…
    Speaking of whom, question of the day. I would think that promotions in Stargate Command come fairly quickly given the hazards of serving on active off world teams. And Lorne has been a Major now for quite a long time. Is there a chance we’ll see a promotion in season five for our long suffering sleep walking artist? And if as writers you think this would make the command structure on Atlantis top-heavy, I point out you could simply shift the command of the base to someone of general’s rank, leading either to a promotion for Carter, or bringing in a new character. Just a thought anyways, but I do hope you look seriously at the promotion of Lorne at any rate.

  4. but stay off LJ community or is hard to stay spoiler free.

    Ha! Oh, Cookie – you’re a scream!

    Take Cookie Monster advice. Lower bar. Remember, you no spring chicken anymore.

    I think there’s something in there for all of us. (Well, for me anyway.)

    Enjoying the relative quiet,

  5. Hey Joe!

    Will Rodney’s breakup with Katie have any repercussions, either later in this season or in season five?


    sueKay 🙂

  6. I’m just wondering…
    When you’re writing, do you write in order, or do you shift back and forth between different points in a script?

  7. Joe, how about them NE Patriots….18-0….w00t!

    Maggie of TX (formerly of Boston…diehard NE Pats fan!)

    P.S. Why don’t you like the Patriots?

  8. hey joe,
    what was the biggest book you ever read and how long did it take you to read it


  9. I went to the linked cosmotography site and was reminded about the vastness of the universe. Holy crap is it huge. I remember looking at a National Geographic map when I was younger that showed portions of the universe in progressively zoomed-out states. Earth…Our Solar System…Our Galaxy…Our Galaxy + Its Neighbors…The Universe. *mind boggles*

    Which led me to think about Carl Sagan which led me to think about his book Contact, which I thoroughly enjoyed back when I read it in high school. Ever read it?

    Have you ever seen the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis? Beautiful!


  10. Answer: Come in on a Saturday? Hmmm. How about I come down and say hi when the bus tour stops outside the studio?
    Okay Joe,
    It’s hard to figure out with your quirky sense of humor if you are trying to be funny or if you’re just being cryptic again…alluding to your knowledge of something we don’t know, which is mostly like the case. But either way, I’ll hold you to your offer to see us on the tour at some point, outside or inside the gate whatever may the case.

    I’ll be happy to look for you at the event in April. Thanks for the info, all the posts and comments about my sudden despair and not to be, were very helpful.

    Is there a way Linda and I can exchange email addresses? If Linda agrees that is!

    Thanks for the comic Cookie Monster spam reply…! Worthy of a infomercial type teleplay!

    Go Patriots… as I am originally from New Hampshire!


  11. Frak. The Patriots won. Is there no justice in this world? Argh!

    Any word from Carl about the proposed talks between the studios and the WGA? Is he optimistic that things might finally get resolved now that the DGA has made an agreement?

  12. Just out of curiousity:

    In the latest Stargate magazine you mentioned Carter’s qualifications for command:

    “She has good experience with the Replicators who the Stargate:Atlantis expedition have been up against. She’s the Milky Way’s top scientist so she has that. Plus, Carter has the military and leadership background. She’s shared a co-command with Mitchell.”

    Where’s the bit that she *had sole command of the SG-1 team* for about a year in season 8? It seems leading – as opposed to co-leading – even if not much shown on-screen would be much more valued.

    Do you those in charge) really think people forgot that she used to lead the team? The same team that in S9 was lead by the new character with testicles because you (not necessarily personal you) now had a full-time leading man who *someone* seemed to feel just had to lead the team for all to be right with the sci-fi world?

    Lest you feel the need to point out Sam now leads Atlantis… well, that hardly makes it all better. Rather like putting a pinky-sized band-aid on a week old six inch long rusty saw injury. Too little too late. And (a few episodes aside) Sam really hasn’t done much leading. Yes, I know that she’s support and you were easing her in. I’m just sayin…

    (End of crankiness about the whole Stargate Command debacle.)

    That being said: I liked most of Quarantine. Sam and Radek were hilarious. It was nice to see Science!Sam for a bit. And Radek….pidgeons? Very funny. As was the duct crawl. The John and Teyla scenes were good – thought the climb was silly. Rodney came to an accurate conclusion, but that whining and hypochondria – while extremely well done by David and great in small doses – was completely over-the-top(and lengthy). I’m still not sure if I like Katie. Ronon and Keller (though I like them both) fell flat for me. But I loved the pacing after the first 10 minutes or so. Nice character stuff.


  13. Is like Meet de Fockers but even more sad and depressing.

    Well I’ll tell you what, I got more laughs reading your post than I did watching either of those movies.

  14. I love it when you get spam mail. Your alter egos respond with such enthusiasm. I have to imagine they help keep you…I mean them, fresh.

    Do you read much outside of the scifi or fantasy area, or are those where you feel most comfortable?

  15. landers writes: “If you guys wanted Ronon to have a girlfriend, why did you kill Beckett for it?”

    Okay, I am offically confused!!

    Back out the the sunshine, deckchairs and iced lime coolers!!

  16. Hey again Joe!

    Those ‘Cookie Monster’ spam-e-mail replies are absolutely hilarious! You write them so well, that I have to ask if Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo will ever get a mention or some sort of reference in Atlantis? 😛

    – Enzo Aquarius

  17. I think I have the hint about Carson’s return figured out. Where can I look for a similar hint about his “disappearance”?

  18. Hello joe!
    I was wondering:
    1)you can tell us any cast news for the next season?
    2) We can expect a return?

  19. Nathan writes: “Who was the girl in the control room who had more lines than Chuck? Was she a winner of a contest or just an extra?”

    Answer: Nope, she was cast. And her character even gets a name next season!

    Hee! I’ve been wondering if we’d see her again like Chuck, and whether she’d become a regular extra. 🙂

  20. Joe,

    You’ve been curiously silent about whether you’ll have Mitchell on Atlantis next season or not. Is that because the issue is still up in the air? Or do you just not feel like answering? 😉

  21. Hey Joe-

    Watching the Packers and Giants play and I’m wondering if you’ve ever explored the Yukon or Northwest Territories? If so, what did you think? I’ve been to Prudhoe Bay and Deadhorse, Alaska, and “walked” on the Arctic Ocean, but I’ve never been to northern Canada.

  22. Hi Joe. Enjoying the renewed serenity around here.
    Wooloomooloo Truffles – are they from New South Wales area in Aus or is there some other place with a crazy name like that?
    ~ Narelle from Aus (looking at becoming Narelle from Tahiti)

  23. Hey Joe,
    Tell Carl Binder and the rest of the writers that Rodney now needs to change his password, now that Sheppard announced it to the world. What? Don’t you think that the Wraith watch Sci-Fi? Of course they do! And as any IT geek knows, passwords are supposed to be upper and lower case with numbers and symbols too! So his next password could be… ApAr+E=MC2!Viagra (Ap for apple Ar for Arrow, E=MC2, self explanatory and Viagra; a reference to the rondney plant) or LMCget1gate0trip! (For Larry Mo and Curly get one gate trip!)

    Okay so I am not as imaginative as you all… but at least I tried!?!?


  24. Quarantine was excellent! Definitely one of my favourites yet! Well done everyone!

  25. I must admit, I’m becoming quite jealous of Cookie Monster. Not only does he get to eat cookies all day, and not gain any weight, but he gets much more interesting spam mail than I’ve ever seen. All I seem to receive are emails selling watches, pain killers, and penile extensions.

  26. So all of this is in response to the mailbag question concerning Carter’s place on Atlantis.

    I’m a little slow when it comes to jumping on the tv show bandwagon and so didn’t start watching SGA until last August. In fact, I watched Atlantis before I ever watched an episode of SG1. (Okay, so that’s kind of a lie, seeing as I still haven’t seen an episode of SG1. Ten seasons! It’d be a lot to watch at once, you know?)

    So when I made it through seasons one through three of Atlantis and realized that Carter was joining the show for season four, I was a tad bit worried. I tend to get a little bit attached to the characters in the tv shows I watch (sad, I know, but there you have it) and was worried about how having Carter, who is military and very, very smart, would change things on Atlantis.

    Personally, I think her transition onto Atlantis has been handled incredibly well. She’s there leading (and gracefully handling Woolesy’s visits and doing other things Rodney and John would both have trouble with) and is ready to help Rodney and John when needed, but she hasn’t taken over everything. She works well with the team without lording her experience over them.

    I spent all this time being worried and all for nothing! I suppose this proves that SGA has the best writing team around! Good job, guys!

    (Yeah, so hopefully that all made sense. You never know, sometimes.)

  27. It sounds like the Creation cons don’t thrill you too much. Any chance you’ll be stopping by Gatecon in August?

  28. Heheh cookie monster always on de ball!!

    In coma for almost two weeks

    How lucky! Is that in Fiji somewhere? I love tropical getaways.

    Those email scammers are getting stingy, must be falling on hard times now thanks to Agent Wexler. From 6 mill to 5 now… that’s a fair drop.

    Ok no questions from me because I bet you are bogged down, but just a liiiiiiiittle thing I noticed on “Quarantine” that not annoyed me, but makes me chuckle for all the wrong reasons. As Zalenka breaks free from the transporter thanks to his rescuers, he lands on a column with lights. Was it meant to move under his weight? LOL.. Sorry, I’m one of these people who notices things like this. (Like in Season 2, Sheppard hides behind a rock that weirdly shifts as easily as a foam prop. Oops.

    I’m dying to find out what David said in the vents in Czech and now that I realise you gave him full reign on what to say (and you yourself don’t know), this could turn out to be a rather interesting venture.

  29. Thanks for the dedication, Joe. Was kind of down seeing that the Chargers lost, your blog really made my Sunday, and I saw the Return of joyous feelings (which had been Missing for alot more than Thirty-eight Minutes).
    It’s nice to hear that Cookie Monster is still getting plenty of emails – he’s a very funny person…err…monster…muppet…guy.

  30. I really thought McKay and Katie were cute together and am a little sad to see the relationship go. My husband and I were debating Friday night whether that was the “end” of them or not. It was a bit cryptic. I’m glad someone asked, but sometimes relationships do sort of linger for a while even if it’s not officially said that it is “over”. My question is will the character of Katie Brown still be around even though she and Rodney broke it off? Oh and I couldn’t think of any smart ass comment to say so just imagine me making a rude gesture or something…

    Lady Dulcinea

  31. “We are living in great fear and bondage.”
    Cookie Monster not into de kinky stuff.

    Now I have to try and get the visual of Cookie Monster in bondage gear out of my brain before I go to sleep!

    Joe we all have favourite books, some that make you think others make you laugh and some change lives.

    If you were ‘Lost’ on a desert island, what one book would you like to have with you?

    Please don’t say Cookie Monsters meets the Dalai Lama I’ve read that!

    Favourite books can change as we grow, mine is I Claudius by Robert Graves.

    I read it after watching the BBC adaptation and found it a fascinating incite into the concept, that when a formerly free nation has lived under a dictatorship for too long, it is incapable of returning to free rule.

    Some things never change, it sounds familiar even today.

    Pauline.. getting cerebrally heavier then is good for her at 1am.

  32. So how exactly can us fans do to help BamBam get on American Gladiators? I don’t watch that show, but if BamBam wants to be on it then I’m all for it!

    Ha! So Chuck has gotten himself a Chuckett to play with? That’s awesome. What made you guys decide to add another named Gate technician to Atlantis?

    And that is indeed a brilliant post. Not bad for a forum newbie. I wanted it stickied, but alas, no such luck. It really does pick out the chaotic nature of fandom.

    Finally, have you heard about the new Star Trek movie coming out by JJ Abrams? It’s supposed to go back and capture the feel of the original series or some such. I’m pretty excited about it, what with the teaser trailer already out in theatres. You can see it here:

    Of course, it’s from some guy filming in a theatre, so the visual quality isn’t good. You can still hear it pretty well though, and it’s got me all flustered. A better version of the teaser is coming out on Monday, and I’ll post it then.

  33. Dear Cookie Monster,

    Thank you so much for your email. Please let me know when the watch will be arriving so that I can rent a forklift.

    Anne Teldy

  34. Joe-

    Actually I am posting to try and answer something asked on the blog, so apologies for hijacking.

    To the poster who asked about the JK Rowling copyright dispute over the lexicon:

    Ok, JK is suing a fan site that had created a giant fan guide, kinda like a Wikipedia. They are now planning on publishing said work in book form. This is were JK says her copyright is being infringed upon.

    Her argument: That as copyright claimant she is entitled to control any derivative work (this usually entails sequels, spin-offs, etc.) and the guide requires her permission.

    However the guide publisher’s argue that it is not an adaptation of her work, but a discussion, which would fall under critique and and reviews, which are allowed under Fair Use.

    If I had to venture a guess as to who wins, I say the guide. But, every infringement case is obviously dealt with on a case to case basis and dependent on the judge and jury.

    So boring to most, and I bet no one really cared that much, but I had to answer. Also Joe, please tell Cookie Monster he can’t ‘copyrite’ (nor copywrite) a joke 😉

  35. Nathan asked:

    “Who was the girl in the control room who had more lines than Chuck? Was she a winner of a contest or just an extra?”

    To which you answered:

    Nope, she was cast. And her character even gets a name next season!

    Is this a hint regarding my namesake character?

    Anne Teldy

  36. Sorry this is a little late….A job well done on Quarantine! I’m afraid of both heights and small spaces and you portrayed both of those things beautifully in this episode. I literally had to look away during both scenes. The effects on that tower scene were amazing!

  37. Well at least we regulars are still here. 😉 *listens to the echo* LOL

    And Cookie Monster was delightfully fun in his response to the latest spammer. *sends him two dozen chocolate-chip cookies for his efforts*

    Whoever does the costume designing for SGA deserves kudos for Rachel’s maternity costume in Quarentine. 🙂 I thought it was lovely, and feminine and yet carried Teyla’s exotic qualities very well. 🙂 How long does the costume department generally have to turn things out for filming? And how are decisions made such as changes to uniforms?

  38. SusanTheTartanTurtle – voted until my mouse finger got cramp.

    ~ Narelle from Aus (checking out the possibility of starting up a hand made reed hat stand on the beach in Krabi Thailand)

  39. The damn Patriots won. Can’t say I’m surprised. I’m still hoping for Green Bay to pull a victory.

    Unless I’m mistaken, Anothony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” features Vancouver tomorrow. I’ll see if he goes to any of the places that you’ve mentioned on your lovely blog. 🙂

  40. Oh. And seeing Bam Bam on American Gladiators would be awesome! I can’t say I’ve watched the new series yet, but I would for that!

  41. Lorr54 thanks for the heads up on the Cosmotography web site its amazing.

    It’s been a while since I had my telescope out, but seeing M81 ‘Bode’s Galaxy’ again has made me want to dust it off, shine it up and do a bit of late night stellar voyeurism.

    Oh the joy of getting back out in the garden in the freezing cold and annoying a few neighbours with my rants on light pollution.


  42. ooooooo Anne Teldy, you might be on to something there.

    Watch Joe NOT use her now.. hehe just because you’re speculating.

    (Maybe Larrin has a sister.. just for Rodney, who dies after a short (!) lived hot romance)

  43. Ah good ol’ Cookie monster always dishing out great advice and suggestions 🙂

    I’ll do anything to get Bam Bam on AG I’d love to see him kick some serious BUTT!!

    have a great sunday, hope you kicked up your feet and watched some good games.


  44. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Merci beaucoup d’avoir écrit tôt ton blogue, j’ai pu le lire avant d’aller au lit (c’est ça le problème quand on va fêter chez des amis et qu’on est trop loin (et que le vin était trop bon, mais bon ça c’est un petit détail)pour retourner chez soi, on dors comme on peut sur le divan du salon… et on se couche très très tôt le lendemain soir.) Quand j’étais jeune j’adorais Americans gladiators, ça me fascinait, alors je serais vraiment contente de voir Bam Bam comme concurrent.

    Une petite question comme ça: aimes-tu les chats ? C’est que moi j’en ai deux et je me demandais si tu étais de ceux qui adorent les chiens et détestent les chats !
    Bonne nuit

    «Emily writes: “What?!? You mean you don’t do it for the great company and conversation?”

    Answer: I come for the experience – but stay for the company!»
    Yep, I feel the same too, we are so nice, wonderful, interesting, glorious and fascinating good company !

    «Patricia writes: “The Creation Event tickets are non-refundable…otherwise I’d probably cancel now based on your cryptic answer!”»

    Allo Patricia,
    I really dont know what are you talking about but Im certain you gonna have great times. Dont listen Joseph, Im think is just jealous of you…

    Morgia 🙂

  45. Edge of my seat panicking here – watching the game. Needing Green Bay to whomp some uh, hineys!

    For an (alleged) translation of Dr. Zelenka’s mutterings, try the wikipedia link someone provided in the comments yesterday. Not sure if it’s accurate but it looked ok to me (like I speak Czech…).

    Anne Teldy – we’re going to have to peel you off the ceiling pretty soon, aren’t we?

    No real comment…just enjoying the open space! wams352

  46. Hi Joe!
    I love the Cookie Monster reply!
    A few questions:

    Do you think that Atlantis still have space for another female character?
    If the answer is yes:

    Would you like to see Carter and Weir working together?
    Maybe in the season 5?

  47. Hi Joe – I enjoyed Quarantine (really glad to see Sam in an episode) – a bit pissed at iTunes for not getting it available for download over the weekend (I just checked – still not there, the bastards). Looking forward to Harmony (though I’ll be a little irked if Rodney tries to find female companionship).

    CONGRATS to Anne T. for her win – think you might turn her into a zombie?

  48. Hi Joe:

    May I say hello to the other Patricia in the forum and ask her, that if she is a member of the Gatworld forum, to PM me, and I’ll tell her all about what to expect at her first convention in Vancouver.

    So, you are planning to drop by and say hello to the fans in the location tour bus. Will you be outside helping yourself to a juicy Alberta beef hamburger at our BBQ at the Bridge Studios fence? We sure hope so. By the way, if the cops try to get us for trespassing, we will all run past the guard at the gate and hide in the studio. We are all looking forward to a trip in a paddy wagon. Talk about a great Vancouver experience!! “Mom, I got arrested in Vancouver, and all I got was this lousy rap sheet.”


  49. Hi Joe! Wow! Cookie Monster sure get’s lots of spams!
    I had a couple of spams from some guy in Africa once he said I had an uncle over there who had died & left me everything he owned! What a load of crap!

    Congratulations to Anne Teldy on winning the contest! Way to go girl!

    Question Do you think you might do another contest? You give really good prizes! Maybe an aussie might win!

    Well done Joe! Season 4 is great from what I have seen so far! Kudo’s & virtual choccies to you!

    Apart from Tim Tam’s have you tried any other aussie things?

    Take Care & happiness always!

  50. Regarding the promo for next week’s episode. Since when did the Genii become our “closest” ally? Does this mean they are our ONLY ally hence making them our closest? Therefore, would it be reasonable to conclude that we need more (and better) allies?

  51. Padawan Aneiki Let’s face it Rachel has a figure to die for. Even heavily pregnant she looks good.

    narellefromaus ~ Narelle from Aus (checking out the possibility of starting up a hand made reed hat stand on the beach in Krabi Thailand) ?????

    Where did that little line of thought come from?

    Conventions – I would love to go to one later this year but do not want to go to one that is run like a military event. I want something relaxed. Would love to meet Paul McGillion (no surprise there) and maybe David Hewlett (well, really Mars as he is a real hunk) and Joe Flanigan. And, of course, Joseph Mallozzi. Maybe also Kavan Smith, David Nykl, SG1 guys – guys in general, single rich guys etc etc

    Anybody any suggestions?

  52. Last time you will hear from me – I swear… at least today.
    A general Sci Fi question.
    How is it that all alien visitors (especially the bad ones) seem to know the landmarks that are important to each country on Earth.
    You always see the likes of the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and Big Ben get blown up during any invasion. Do they have a subscription to Lonely Planet? Perhaps an alien version of Dummies Guide to knowing your Earthly landmarks?

    ~Narelle from Aus (ready to sell everything for a hammock in Palau)

  53. Ah Cookie Monster is hilarious. I’d love to see that script of his.

    Anne, here’s to hoping you’re onto something there with the female technician.

    Joe, is there any possibility of seeing Ryan Robbins in an episode of season four or five?

  54. Arctic Goddess a.k.a. Patricia….May I say hello to the other Patricia in the forum and ask her, that if she is a member of the Gatworld forum, to PM me, and I’ll tell her all about what to expect at her first convention in Vancouver.

    Hello Patricia, I’m not a member yet, but I will be by nights end. I’ll look forword to learning more about what these events are all about! Thxs Patricia Lee

  55. Neep wrote:

    Anne, if you could have any actor in the world playing you, who would it be?

    Well, if I were a guy, I’d like it to be Goran Visnjic (best known as Luka Kovac in ER; good-looking and a great actor) but, since I’m very much female, obviously the only person who could play a character even remotely based on me would have to be the incredibly beautiful Oscar Winner Halle Berry, but I’m sure she’s probably not in the budget. 😆

    Cheeky Lil Devil wrote:

    CONGRATS TO ANNE on her new found immortality

    When I first read this, I misread it as “immorality” and thought maybe you knew something about my namesake character I didn’t. 😆

    Annie from Fremantle AKA Kylie wrote:

    (Maybe Larrin has a sister.. just for Rodney, who dies after a short (!) lived hot romance)

    I hope not. I really, really dislike Larrin. But a lot of sisters don’t actually get along, do they? I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my namesake won’t be a space bimbo. But even if she is, I’m sure Mr. M will make her — or, at least, her death — memorable.

    wams352 wrote:

    Anne Teldy – we’re going to have to peel you off the ceiling pretty soon, aren’t we?

    Well, I am bouncing off the walls, so the ceiling should be next!

    Thank you to everyone for all the congratulations and happiness for me. You guys are the best; that’s why I stick around.

    Anne Teldy

  56. Brutal game, eh? Here’s a question for you: would you rather watch the movies “Hairspray” and “High School Musical 2” in one sitting (in the comfort of your home theater), or sit on the sidelines for that sub-zero Packers/Giants game?

  57. First off, I really enjoyed the episode this week. My favorite part was Sheppard’s nod to one of my favorite books “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” – I’d love to know who came up with that, and if you’ve had the pleasure of reading that book. Also, in regard to one of your comment responses, I thought it was just me seeing more into Rodney’s plant, hahaha.

  58. to Jafacakes: thanks for the link to the translation of Zelenka’s Czech muttering.

    to Joe: thanks for answering my questions *does happy dance*

    to Cookie Monster: not so good on Patriots/Chargers, but spot on for Green Bay/Giants. The Giants blue DID give them the edge!!

  59. Are there any comics that you read on a regular basis or do you just pick up the trade paperbacks?

  60. susanthetartanturtle Said:

    Anybody any suggestions?

    To be successful in this hectic dog eat dog, goldfish molest cattle, kind of upside down, tipsy turvey, motion sickness kind of world, the modern gal needs only but a few accessories in her dating arsenal: a bottle of chloroform, a car with no number plates, and a cabin in a secluded woods.

    Trust me, using this proven formula I’ve managed to spend some quality getting to know you better time, even with guys out of my league. I’ve talked, they’ve struggled against their restraints and sobbed frightened tears – good times, good times.

    And as long as the law doesn’t catch up with you (FBI, NOT romantics!), I can see that dating calendar being filled for a long-time yet.

    You go girl!

  61. Joe
    Please excuse the use of your forum for some minor personal interaction…
    Arctic Goddess a.k.a. Patricia… I joined Gateworld forum, under the user name Ishshah. But I haven’t a clue how to navigate through the maze to find you. I’m not a person who has time to read all the threads to figure it out… any help would be appreciated greatly.
    Patricia Lee

  62. “Answer: Michael Welch did a spectacular job as the young Jack O’Neill in Fragile Balance. However, I didn’t think it made much sense to bring the young Jack character back to SG-1 after O’Neill left, and I find it even harder to imagine him making an appearance in Atlantis.”

    I know I’m just being painful now but why not? He would eventually be old enough to join the armed forces if he wanted to and not only is he a strong carrier of the Ancient gene but also has all of Jack’s memories prior to the cloning.

  63. Arctic Goddess a.k.a. Patricia…

    I sent you a PM hopefully I did it right!


  64. i love cookie monster’s mails. heee!

    anne teldy, i was reading back and saw you are housebound and disabled too. it is nice to “meet” somebody like me! i spend most of my time online cause i can’t do much in meat life.

    patricia — so long as you go to the convention with the idea that the biggest part is seeing your friends, you will probably enjoy it. creation cons are sort of … (well, i have not been to one since the early 90s, so maybe it has changed)… they are sort of places where you can buy stuff, or you can buy stuff. or you can buy stuff. they were the first cons that i rmeember ever charging for autographs adn the prices just went up and up and up. the 2 i was at did not really have panels or exhibits or costume contests or artshows or dances or filking or anything other fannish stuff. just a dealers room (with not a very good selection compared to worldcons or bay con or even dougie cons) and lines for paid autographs. but i grew up with cons that had all the other stuff, and sometimes you could win breakfast or brunch with a writer/actor/artist, and there were lots of activities like movie rooms, gaming, discussion groups, regency dancing, costuming panels…all kinds of fun stuff.

    so if you go in expecting more than what creation cons are, they stink, but if you know what to expect and are mostly planning to just see your friends and spend a lot, then it will probably be more fun for you.

  65. Lorr 54 WOW!!!! GREAT SITE thanks.
    Joe ,
    did you watch the games?? Cookie Giants did it again AMAZING!!! ON TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! GO GIANTS!!! Can they beat the Pats??I think so.
    Cookie…Giants 20 Pats 17 what do you think Cookie?? Whats the spread going to be Pats by 20??

  66. Joe… absolutely torn over the Packers loss. I can’t believe it… Green Bay football is like a way of life for citizens up there. Please, Joe, offer some great insight’s on a possible full time return of RDA or ‘we’re kidding, the Asgard still are alive’. That would save my day somewhat! Ay, can’t even stomach the thought that now the Patriots are going to win the super bowl….

  67. Ahhhh, gotta love Cookie, even though he snarked the Pats yesterday. Too many favorite lines from his reply to pick out one especially… well, except that the “nut business” and Cookie’s attempted explanations had me just about in hysterics. (If still fraulein and not frau, probly full-metal laughat.)

    Props to my sis-in-law’s “gourmet all the way” approach to food, since she made me a bunch of unusually but deliciously spiced chocolates as my Christmas present (much like the ones you’ve described). The brief note she enclosed remains as blissfully enjoyable as the chocolate. It’s not every sis-in-law who can do both a gourmet meal and X-rated stand-up, often at the same time. *g*

    I think you’re quite right about The Dispossessed, although as a “least likely to understand a round earth” type, I feel I owe a great deal to Ursula K. LeGuin just for helping me to understand enough science-related issues to get me interested in hard science itself. (Plus, I think she was an incredibly gifted writer.)

    *thinks Narelle from Aus should do a YouTube vid of herself dancing to the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo”* – What, that’s not everyone’s favorite song?!? I’m so heartbroken!!!

  68. Anne Teldy, so Halle Berry and Larrin’s sister aside (oh, that could have been so interesting), what kind of character would you be the most amused by being your namesake?

  69. Thanks Boo! But I am so new to all this stuff; first time posting on any blog, first time convention going… etc…I really have not established any “friends” yet. But since I am and extravert, I have no doubt I’ll meet and make new friends once I get there. I can’t believe how much the Hilton hotel costs a night. 185 + tax. ARGH! And of course the tickets for the convention tour package and photo with Daniel Shanks! I’ve already spent my budget for the trip and I haven’t even gotten there yet.
    Hey Joe,
    I’ve got an idea! Any chance your cute little Pugs would be willing to share their sleeping pillows with me? I promise not to get into the garbage or snore and I will even do some obedience training with them while I’m there? I used to show dogs when I was younger. That is if Fondy wouldn’t mind!?! What do you say? Care to have a guest boarder for a weekend??? It will save me about 900 bucks. I’ll even reciprocate and offer you a tour of the plant where I work, if you’re ever in the Puget Sound area? Just think “major aircraft” maker and you’ll know where I work. Well you can’t say no if I don’t ask…so I have to try! Come on, your adventitious, aren’t you!

  70. Susanthetartanturtle wrote: “Conventions – I would love to go to one later this year but do not want to go to one that is run like a military event. I want something relaxed. Would love to meet Paul McGillion ”

    If you are along the east coast, check out Shore Leave 30, in mid July, in the Baltimore area. Year before last they had Amanda Tapping and Carmen Argenziano were guests, and last year Paul McGillion. While they have not announced any SG actors at this time, keep an eye on their web site and I’m sure they will end up with one or more familiar faces. If you consider attending, let me know. I’d love to meet up with some folks while there.
    Green Bay LOST? Well, I’m 0/2 for the playoff predictions. Now I’m dreading the Super Bowl, because I dont think the Giants are up to the job of stopping the Patriot Juggurnaut. Though I’d love to be proven wrong…ok. now to sulk off to bed. At least Amazon had Quarantine ready for download..iTunes really dropped the ball this weekend.

  71. Hi Joe!

    I’m going to take advantage of the lower traffic to ask another question. I enjoyed Red Mars and the rest of the series as well. I have to admit I skimmed the science-heavy sections because I was more interested in the social/political implications of colonizing Mars. Have you read the sequels? Blue Mars is one of my favourite SF books because of the way it brought all the conflicts and issues to a climax and resolution.

    Back to the subject of Quarantine, the whole time Rodney was breaking up with Kate, I was shouting “His sister is going to KILL him!” at the TV (my husband thought I was crazy). I don’t suppose there are any future appearances planned for Jeanie, are there?

  72. Hi, Joe!

    You probably already know this, but just in case, BAMSR earned a 1.4 rating on the SciFi Channel.


    From SciFi Wire:

    Top Ten SciFI Channel Shows

    Beyond Loch Ness————–1.7
    Stargate Atlantis————-1.4
    Eye of the Beast————–1.2
    Sasquatch Mountain————1.2
    Twilight Zone—————–1.1
    Ghost Hunters—————–1.1

    Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 12/31/07 — 1/6/08

    Looking forward to Jodelle in Harmony!

    (And McKay interacting with Jodelle — ;P)


  73. Annie from Fremantle AKA Kylie Said: “Maybe Larrin has a sister.. just for Rodney, who dies after a short (!) lived hot romance”

    Cool!!! Then Larrin somehow blames Rodney and keeps trying to kill him, so John has to protect Rodney and sees what a psycho Larrin is!!!

    That scenario covers three things. A dying character to name Anne, a “hot alien” for Rodney like he wants, and getting John to stop being in heat for Larrin(ok…I know guys don’t go “in heat” but you know what I mean!)


  74. patricia, you are very welcome. i hope you will have a good time!

    joe: oh, howdy, very greedy bee! (hey e, be grey. how very odd!)

  75. Oh my gosh, Joe! I just accidentally read a partial spoiler for the end of the season. (Accidentally because I’m not one for being spoiled. I like being surprised, even if the waiting kills me!)


  76. Oh yeah…I haven’t been on here in a while and totally missed the millionth visit (darn) so Congratulations to Anne!

    ;-D…I’m sure ya’ll missed me!…;-P
    I did catch up on the blog and most of the comments, but dang…there were over 600 the other day so I skipped that day. If today or in the future I repeat something someone else said in those comments…please forgive me.

    About Jason’s dreads, I think it would be good to see him without them. A different hairstyle could be him wearing his hair long and tied back…could still have attitude. I’m sure your hair department would have some good suggestions if the dreadlocks go.


  77. anneteldy How do you indent text using HTML?

    Dovil Thanks for the hints, but I think that the problem might be, going by your guide, that I can’t drive. I am actually a danger on the road (and that is with or without my Lithium). My attention span is that of a normal 3 year old. However, when manic, I am convinced that I can actually fly – but being more than a little overweight (and not THAT nuts) I have never actually tested the flying skills theory.


  78. susanthetartanturtle Said:
    “Conventions – I would love to go to one later this year but do not want to go to one that is run like a military event. I want something relaxed. Would love to meet Paul McGillion (no surprise there) and maybe David Hewlett (well, really Mars as he is a real hunk) and Joe Flanigan. And, of course, Joseph Mallozzi. Maybe also Kavan Smith, David Nykl, SG1 guys – guys in general, single rich guys etc etc

    Anybody any suggestions?”

    I suggest that if you find that convention, let me know…I’m in! Although, I would add Amanda Tapping to that list. 😀


  79. Hey Joe,

    That Cookie Monster post was excellent! I keep re-reading it as I sit here at work on a very very quiet Sunday night during the Night Audit shift (it’s so quiet here it makes your blogs comment count look busy!)… I just have to remember not to be laughing out loud when my manager comes in at quarter after six! Hope you enjoy your somewhat sunny week (we’re getting blasted with snow, snow and more snow over here)!

    Kristy-Ann 🙂

  80. So, McKay and Katie are done for good? Well, that was less bloody than it might have been. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting Katie to survive whatever would inevitably break them up. I’m glad she didn’t get brutally slaughtered by a space monster or blown up or something. She’s terribly sweet (even if her description of the Rodney plant was so suggestive I was about hyperventilating). Now that her and McKay are pretty much done, are we going to get to see her again in any other context? Also, is McKay ever going to get another love interest (long-term relationship-wise, not just one-episode-stand-wise).

  81. Ah! I forget to read your blog ONE day and I lose out on being immortalized forever. I will carry this regret with me for the rest of my life.

    But what regret I experienced over this blog was well made up for with victorious celebration as the Giants beat the Packers today! I take it from your anti-Patriot sentiments that you’ll be rooting for my team come Super Bowl time? They have no chance, but maybe your cheering will give them that extra little bit of magic to overcome to dominating New England force? Let’s hope.

    One final Stargate-related question. Now that you’ve started breaking down season 5, do you have any idea whether or not Mitchell will be making a stop-over at Atlantis? I know Vala is a loooong shot, but I think Mitchell could contribute something and give Sam a much-needed friend. Plus, the dynamic I saw in Pegasus Project between Cam/John and Cam/Rodney could prove interesting. I like seeing Cam bonding with another military type…and his annoyance with Rodney was probably one of my favorite parts of PP.

    That was a long comment, wasn’t it?

  82. on the subject of tim tams, have you tried the chilli ones? they are very good. I know people who like the actual pink timtams too

  83. Hey, Joe, random question–how many different shows have you worked on including the Stargates?

  84. To Creation Con, or not to Creation Con…
    That is the question.

    I have been debating this question for over a month now and I still haven’t come up with an answer. I have never been to a Con and have been thinking of this for my first. The costs to attend are prohibitive and if they didn’t have the set tour, I would not remotely consider going. Having said that, they are the only gig in town that has the “set tour”, and I really would love to see it.

    It’s really sad that TPTB (in this case I’m assuming Bridge Studios and MGM???) have let a company that no one seems to like or respect, be the only Con to give the set tours. That’s probably why they treat people so badly, charge astronomical amounts for everything and run it like a prison(according to others that have posted here and other places). Absolute power, corrupts absolutely and all that.

    It’s too bad another company isn’t allowed to take over for a year and run a Con that gives the set tours. I bet if they thought they could lose the rights to the set tours, they would treat people better and not charge so much! Competition works wonders!

    Still mulling over the idea:
    To Creation Con, or not to Creation Con…

    I’m thinking that those of you who are going should take Joe M. out to Fuel for dinner! That just might get him to show! ;-D


  85. Hey Joe. I know I promised to not post again for the rest of the day, but I had to! Feel up to getting back at a real scammer?

    Just got off the phone with my Dad. He sells t-shirts online to “Old Dudes”. Some scammers in Indonesia just placed an order for $2k worth of merchandise with a stolen credit card. We did some research and found out they are long time scammers.

    Needless to say my Dad plans on stringing them along for as long as possible. Said I might know someone he could get some tips from 😉 Just give a hoi if you would like their details. Or maybe a group effort from the attendees of this blog?

    Lorr54 – great site! I loved some of the descriptions which put it all into perspective, such as “While mankind below continues its relentless pursuit of priorities both pointless and profound, ancient forces silently nudge the planets into rare alignment that signals a celestial convergence in the heavens above.” That’s what you gotta love about space…much bigger things are going on up there. Reality check.

    Anon, Good Nurse – I’m laughing at your choice of song. When in the Whitsunday Islands for our wedding, my other half found an old Cocktail soundtrack CD in the apartment. There was much seductive dancing to Kokomo by all using poles, palm trees, passers by, anything vertical in nature. Video footage = no, digital photos = sadly, yes.

    Susanthetartanturtle – Long story short on my hope for a new venture in Thailand, well shortish. After 11 years in the IT game and seeing the way a lot of people live their lives just for money and power, makes me think about selling up and going somewhere where life is more balanced. I’d rather have only a hand woven reed hat stand with matching hammock to my name while staring up at the stars every night than be around superficial nutters who don’t care nor think about consequence of action so long as they personally gain. Being one of the very few females in my profession (and the fact that I hold a higher position than them) just adds to the number of morons who want to enter into a power play with you. Surely there are better things they can be doing with their time?! Jumps off soapbox…end rant (Oh great here’s another email)

    Sorry about the verbal diarrhoea Joe. The people here stare at the stars, it’s a great quality in a person. I think everyone should do it to bring you back down to Earth.

    And I now promise to never post a soapbox comment again!
    ~ Narelle from Aus (definitely selling the company, final destination – open to ideas)

  86. Cookie Monster ate a salad? Boy, that destroys a childhood icon. J/k

    Thanks for answering one of my questions, Joe.

    And here’s hoping the Pats get beaten in the Super Bowl (though they probably won’t).

    Nathan C.

  87. that’s why I stick around

    Oh Anne, I thought you stuck around because you are in preparation for being weighed down on the spot once you crane haul the watch onto your arm!

    I’ve managed to spend some quality getting to know you better time, even with guys out of my league. I’ve talked, they’ve struggled against their restraints and sobbed frightened tears

    Ok now I’m scared and I’m a woman!

    Joe, do you take any precautions so that YOU yourself don’t get caught in a strawberry tim tam situation? (Still haven’t seen them in the supermarket – AHAH!!! We’re not stupid, we sent them all to Bridge studios!)

    Thanks Lorr for that cosmo site. Those pics are just gorgeous.

  88. Hey Joe

    Just wondering if you were a South Park fan and if so, which is your fav. character?

  89. Ooo, I have Timescape on my to-read list, too! Mind you, it’s been on my to-read list for ages now… I think I’ve read nearly every other Gregory Benford outh there since I bought Timescape, but somehow this book remains in near pristine condition on the shelf. (Quite a feat since it’s been shipped across the pond once, and has moved house at least three times since it was bought).

    Any chance you’ll be making it a BOTM candidate at some stage?

  90. Love that Cookie Monster, any chance he’s going to be writing some dialogue in season 5? maybe he could have a guest spot as oh I don’t know say Woolsey’s sidekick, yep that’d work and make as much sense as politicians and accountants seem to. Maybe…and just hear me out on this one, Cookie could be the inventor of a whole new weapon against the Wraith.
    Oh yeah, did anyone else notice Radek reference the plumbing when he and Carter were stuck and could that have been a nod to all those fanfics out there of various characters stuck in an elevator and what they get up to? (only in the fics I used to read they NEVER discussed the plumbing)oh the possibilities here are truly endless. ANyway I’ve rambled enough got to save some for later.

  91. Hi again Mr M!
    Greetings from forlorn Tipperary!!
    Firstly Congratulations to Anne Teldy….*bows deeply* In my last post, some 13 short of the mark, I had that Jedi feeling that we were CLOSE…. Just a few more clicks would have done it… Ah well… Interestingly at converstation at dinner on Sat night, my wife asked me…”Which would you prefer if you had to pick one: Win the Lottery (worth E4.6M on Sat night) or have a character named in SGA?”…You know Joe, the long term financial security of the family versus fleeting fame…. Fleeting fame wins everytime…Hey ya could win the lotto anytime!!!!
    Congrats again Anne!!

    Ciao for now


    PS 13 is now being entered in all Lotto draws!

  92. We should have a satirical ep called Mallozzi’s Methodical Madness of Misogynistic Marbles.

    It would fit it in perfectly with the post on Gateworld.

  93. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few of the huuuge mailbag from the “contest” day, there are a few that answers my own questions 😉

    Writing from London where I’m having a job interview tomorrow.

  94. Hi Jo’ !

    I’ve an important question today :

    The French don’t like Science Fiction, they are so classic. So the ratings are bad ( Very bad for Stargate. The channel cancelled the show ) and the channels don’t broadcast SF film ou tv shows. Is the same comportement in Canada and USA ?

  95. Hey Joe-

    Any chance that you guys might actually be doing some filming in the Middle East? You know, like in Egypt or anything?

    I am stationed in Jordan for the next 3 years, and besides repeats that we get on AFN, there isn’t much Stargate action in this neck of the woods.

    We are huge SG1 fans, so if there was ever a movie where they had to go to Egypt for some reason (hint hint)we would be more than happy to help you with any regulatory hurdles. We could even get you to meet the King. Apparently, he is a huge scifi fan and even appeared in a Star Trek Voyager episode.

    Also, I know that everyone asks this, but is there anyway in hell we will see an ACTUAL Jack/Sam moment that isn’t in some alternate reality/universe/timeline?

    And lastly, if you want to read funny stories of an American Jewish Princess in the middle of the Middle East, check out my blog…..


  96. Creation Cons might not be the best, but I really think the “talent” – the actors try their best at the panels and signings. I had a very nice conversation with Rachel at (I believe) her first con, and it was Creation. Michael, Teryl and Chris were a hoot!! I also saw Tony Amendola and he referenced Connecticut alot (where he grew up and I live) so that was kinda neat. So just enjoy the panels and meet new friends and you’ll have a great time.

  97. Any idea when this weeks ep will be up on iTunes? It’s difficult to be good and do this the “proper” (ie legal) way when they drag their feet.

  98. Enjoyed the episode Quarantine very much, even if I was feeling absolutely lousy at the time. (Suffering from a cold and medicated to the hilt because of said cold. Do you know how difficult it is to laugh out loud at clever nods to the number 42 when you are all stuffed up and have no voice?) Anyway, some lovely character interaction, but a nice balance between that and plot. Nicely done. Even if the Rodney and Katie ending made me want to cry.

    Now for a question. I admit to being amazed by the fact that you give so much to this show, also take the time to maintain this blog, and on top of that also share clever creations from the minds of Cookie Monster and Baron Destructor. Which made me wonder – how do you feed your own creative muse? I’ve heard other writers make statements to the effect of “I write because there are always stories to tell going on in my brain”. Is it the same for you? Or do you have dry spells, and when they come how do you push through to be creative again?

  99. *happy dances in* OMG!!! THE GIANTS WON!!!!!!!!!

    Put your earplugs in, Joe. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! THEY’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! Cookie Monster was very close to being ‘spot on’ about the score. What a great game. And yes I was a total basket case with the score being so close – not to mention going into overtime. But they WON!!!

    danielfanforever *happy dancing out*

  100. I watched some of the Giants game yesterday when I was in work.
    And, y’know, I just don’t *get* NFL – it’s like rugby for people afraid to play without the padding. And it’s too stop/start for me, much like Rugby League.

    Maybe it’s one of those things I won’t ever truly appreciate…

  101. In “Travelers’ it was established that Larrin and Ronan use the same weapons–I was wondering if that coincidence would be addressed any time soon? That could be very interesting…

    oh, and by the way, Season 4 had been fun! Thanks!

  102. Does SGA ever plan on bringing lt. Ford back, or have you just given up on him?

  103. … and here I didn’t even know Cookie owned a wedding dress, much less an olive brown gown, downtown no less. Monsters in skirts, that’s Hot.

    The party’s over, the guests have departed, the house is mostly clean and I’m mostly sober, time to get back to my pointless rambling comments. Meh, who turned on the snow machine outdoors? Another six inches, are you kidding me?!

    I enjoyed Red Mars and the other technicolor Mars books, had to tough it out through the science parts, but I could easily recommend the series.

    I have made the plunge for a Creation Con, the Farscape one in Burbank. Two primary reasons: I’ve never been to a con, this should be educational and endlessly fascinating people watching. Two, I really love costuming and want to take a shot at Furlow for fun. I may run into my online nemesis there, but I think we’ll get along perfectly in the flesh. I already know the extremely commercial aspect will bother me; I’m a burner and all our events are 100% commerce-free gift societies. I mean, there’s autographs in the CC package, I don’t do autographs, I’ll likely just give mine away on the spot. I’m used to being a participant, not a spectator, the shift in perspective will be tough!

    So, when Rodneyanivalosa stars in his big SciFi Saturday Original Movie, will the space cows be bad guys, good guys, or under-used as trendy wallpaper?

    Katie shouldn’t worry, both Chuck and Raddick are on the market. I’m sure she’ll rebound nicely. Rodney, not so much.

  104. That would be SO COOL if Bam Bam went on American Gladiators!!!!

    He would so kick butt!!!


  105. Michelle’s back amongst the living! Answer her question, Joe. Make her feel better. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that fem-Chuck (what I’m calling her until she gets a name) will be sticking around. She seems like a good fit. Although I will whole-heartedly encourage Chuck getting out of the control room more often. The poor guy is looking a little pale!

  106. Live + SD Ratings are in for BAMSR, and congrats to SGA! That’s incredible!

    And congrats to the Giants! While it may be rehashing their last regular season matchup, it’ll be really interesting to watch the Giants take on the Pats in the Superbowl. Manning number 2 enters into history–I think they might have a shot. Er, Maybe.

    I really loved John climbing the tower in “Quarantine”. Let’s see more of THAT kind of action. And nice re-reference to Radek’s love of pigeons. That’s one of my favorite scenes from “Echoes.”

    Questions: 1) What format do the Atlantis members get to see movies like Jaws. 2) Did John every finish reading War & Peace (they’re re-running SGA season 1 on Sci-fi so I just rewatched “Home”) 3) What happened to the book Rodney wrote for Elizabeth in “Tao of Rodney”?

  107. Is the Studio Tour part of a convention? That would be a great way to greet all the die-hard fans. It seems like the fan-base for the Stargate franchise all share a lot of the same interests (like reading this blog).

  108. Hey Joe,

    It seems that many of the people who post here direct a lot of their comments to one another rather than to you. (I’m guilty, too) Do you mind that at all?


  109. Hi Joe,

    Why is it that Sheppard doesn’t wear the Atlantis uniform? Did Joe Flanigan refuse? Thanks, and I’m loving season four!


  110. Salut Joseph =)

    Merci de m’avoir répondu, waou 200!! vous les connaisez tous?

    Ofaite hier j’ai vu “Quarantine” ! c’est un super épisode…mais j’ai trouver sa un peu gros le fait que sheppard éscalade la tour sans tombée…je ne suis même pas sur que les plus grands escaladeurs y arriveraient.

    Héhéhé hier j’ai finalement regardais le match “: New York Giants Vs Green Bay” Et je n’est pas été déçu^^……pour le superbowl je suis pour new york!

    Donc ma question aujourd’hui est:

    Le 3 Février vous supporterez les New York Giants ou New England?

    Aller Kisou, je vous adore!!! a demain♥ Merci

  111. Hya Joe, was just wondering if you’d be able to corroborate any of this article, in regards to stargate universe

  112. We could always have our own convention. Granted it would take several years for us to decide where to have it. I would like to go to Vancouver – I think the flight is 16 hours from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

    We could all stay in Joe’s spare room, sleeping with the pugs – I snore badly.

    I am the sort of person who would go on a tour of the studio and speak to all the dogs. Dogs are much easier to understand than people.

  113. I missed the commenting blitz because I left the converter for my computer in another city and it is now sadly out of power. I am now forced to forage for computer access. It’s a tough life.

    Just wanted to drop a note to say I really liked Friday’s episode. I particularly liked seeing Kate’s and McKay’s relationship…it was like the audience was seeing a sped-up version of what happens when two people realize they’re not compatible (a realization that would normally occur over a longer period of time). I thought it was very realistic – that two people can care about each other and yet still not be good for one another.

  114. Loved the last two eps, but I think this was my favorite. The character interactions were terrific and I’m thrilled beyond thrilled that hunky, lonely Ronon finally got a girl! It’s about dang time if I may say so. Eight years is a long time for him to grieve, he needs to love someone again and Jennifer if perfect! Excellent job!

  115. Hi Joe. Say, can you tell me why Quarantine is not yet available on iTunes? Also wouldn’t it be great if Anne Teldy actually played “Anne” in season five? *smirks and shakes head, knowing better* One can wish…

  116. @Jen Kirk, re: The Harry Potter Lexicon

    Normally, I couldn’t see how it would even be an issue, as you cannot copyright factual information (even talking about a work of fiction, reporting what happens in it, in you own words, is, arguably, imparting “fact”), so something of an encyclopaedic nature, like the Lexicon is, would normally automatically fall under Fair Use, even without including any sort of reviews or commentary. (I’ve seen plenty of “unofficial guides” that are simply informative and not critical or philosophical, for example, when I worked for Borders.)

    The issue in this case, it seems to me, is that the Lexicon quotes pages and pages and pages of verbatim text from all of Rowling’s books, far more than Fair Use allows. It’s guide to fantastic beasts, for example, is pretty much just a direct posting of Rowling’s own book. I’m guessing she was fine with it before because they weren’t profiting off of it. Since she posted a link to it on her own site and praising them there, alas, they might be able to argue that she knew what they were doing — that they were copying and redistributing her work — and gave her blessing. Hopefully the fact that they were a) now releasing it in a different medium, and b) intending to profit, which they were not doing before (not directly, anyway) will work in her favour. It would be one thing if the founders of the site had created the lexicon entirely in their own words, but it’s quite another matter to republish huge chunks of her own work along with it!

  117. Hi Jo’ !
    Just a funny question : ( Stargate SG1 , Unending )

    “I want to know have you ever seen the rain coming down a sunny day ?”

    ( For me yes ! Frequently in North of France ! ^^ )

  118. For any of you who wondered where the heck my column, with the review of “Quarantine”, was this morning: once again, I yammered so much (another 17 pages) that I got it in to the editor late. It’s up now.

    Does anyone else think that those scrap metal Stargates would make the world’s most awsome hubcaps?

    @susanthetartanturtle ~ So glad to finally meet someone else who does not drive because she knows that her attention span would be a danger on the road! Do your relations give you grief over it, too?

    Okay, gotta get back to work on my last two 10-page Moonlight microscope-reviews for Tart — deadlines to meet, and miles to type before I sleep …

  119. Hi Joe,

    first, it’s great to read your blog. it really is really great to have a daily feedback from you on the fans questions, which shows us, that you care about our ideas and questions.
    i was wondering, how you’ll develeope sam carter over the next episodes and seasons? i’m afraid, she’d fall down to the position of dr. weir, only being there to issue a mission and then that’s it.
    btw. that was a great idea to put torri into that position at the end of BAMSR. this makes her more interesting as a character.

  120. oh and another one, that came to mind too late…
    are you actually taking the time to check fan art as well? speaking of the APOD wallpaper on your desktop, it came to my mind, that there are quiet a lot of talented artists, that make some awesome fan art wallpapers about the show.

  121. “Sosu writes: “Any chance of seeing Vala in Atlantis anytime soon?”

    Answer: Nope.”

    Joe, is it because that you are not able to come up with a good story for Vala, or because Claudia Black is not interested in doing Atlantis?

  122. Cookie Monster is just too funny! I really must remember not to read your blog at the office when I’m supposed to be working – the laughing kind of gives it away!

  123. “To be successful in this hectic dog eat dog….tipsy turvey, motion sickness kind of world, the modern gal needs only but a few accessories in her dating arsenal: a bottle of chloroform, a car with no number plates, and a cabin in a secluded woods…”

    Oh, I SO want this on a T-Shirt!!

    Regarding the tiny stargate molds – the thought of round stargate-like ice cubes bobbing in a large bowl of punch come to mind.

  124. “was the viewer suppose to conclude that this relationship [Katie/Rodney] is never going to go anywhere?…
    1) Yes.”

    That’s so sad, but that’s one of the things that made it such a great episode.

    Here’s a question for you I’m curious about, if you don’t mind:

    Why is it that, given that Rodney wanted to propose, we never saw a truly intimate moment between the two, e.g. a kiss (I’m not including Duet)? Was it a specific creative decision (for example, to make it a relationship that never really blossomed) or just unnecessary/wouldn’t work in the few episodes Katie was in?

    Relatedly, it seemed to me that Katie was ready to say yes when she first came across the ring. Is this correct, and we are to assume they exchanged “I love you” off-screen, or is this incorrect? I guess I’m just trying to get a better picture of where they were at before Rodney drove her away in Quarantine.

    Thanks for your time in reading this and possibly responding.

  125. Now that I’ve gotten over my initial excitement of the Giants winning – well sort of – I have a question.

    Several years ago (I think it was back during season 8) Brad/Rob wanted to do a Stargate movie that was supposed to be a lost season 2 episode. I remember fans being excited at the time speculating on how it would be done. Would Teal’c have to shave his head again, Daniel grow his hair out again, Jack go back to being a Colonel etc…

    Since Brad/Rob obviously had a really good season 2 story that they wanted to tell in a movie, is it possible that it’s still on the ‘drawing board’ to do?


  126. wolfenem @susanthetartanturtle ~ So glad to finally meet someone else who does not drive because she knows that her attention span would be a danger on the road! Do your relations give you grief over it, too?

    Yes. But it isn’t such a big deal in Scotland because there is good public transport. Lugging two cats to the vets is a nightmare though.

  127. Ok, well, since I don’t have many decades left, I guess I’ll go to my grave still wondering “Why 4”?

    Moving on.

    I’m seriously beginning to like the Wraith. Sucking youth from the young has become appealing to me since I’ve “crossed over”. Please consider an episode where one of the main characters is Wraithed in the opening scene, and spends the rest of the show trying to convince everyone on Atlantis how young he/she still is.

    Personally, I’m tired of grocery clerks asking me if I want help taking my groceries to the car. The first time is a courtesy. After the fifth time I want to do some serious damage to them. So what that I need the cart to stay upright as I totter out of the store. The point is that society is so obsessed with looking young instead of being young.

    This is a social issue that needs to be addressed, and Atlantis is the perfect show for it. As the rest of the team is out searching for a warm hearted compassionate Wraith to reverse the process, the Atlantians will start acting like grocery clerks, endlessly asking the poor aged soul if he/she needs “help”. It can be funny, sad and poignant, not sentimental.

    What do you think?

  128. So if it is ‘N. John Smith’, do you call him ‘N’ or do you call him ‘john’ or somthing else entierly? What does it realy stand for (i’m assuming not Nancy as you suggested)? … or mabee it is?

  129. Hi there Mr. Mallozzi,

    i was wondering if for future episodes (s4 or s5), would it be any references or scenes regarding Sheppard’s special and high intelligence, since it was pointed out in the very first episodes, but then we haven’t seen much of it nowdays. It was really funny to see Rodney’s atititud about it!!!!
    sorry about the english….

  130. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to say, having watched ‘Quarantine’ three times now, that I really enjoyed this episode. It was hilariously funny for the most part but also had some very sweet moments.

    I loved John’s reaction to Teyla when they got locked down. Who came up with that by the way? And while we are on that, who came up with the bit where Shep climbed the tower? Was it meant to be suspenseful/scary or, as I saw it, uproariously funny? I appreciated very much that these funny moments were interspersed with thoughtful character interactions. Like John understanding Teyla’s fears for her baby and trying to help.

    Also, cheers for Ronon finally getting a girl. They were very sweet together, blowing things up one moment and cuddling the next. 😀 I liked seeing other characters get into the action and help solve the problem, not just Radek who is always awesome but also ‘Chucknician’ and that other tech and Lorne, who of course carries C-4 in his tac vest. And Sam too, who looked very sciency and competent in the elevator transporter.

    Another highlight was finally seeing Rodney and Katie’s relationship. I thought they were adorable together in ‘Tabula Rasa’ and liked them here too. From previous episodes we know that she has some idea of Rodney’s little quirks and, sadly, in this pressure cooker situation she saw the extent of those neuroses. Their interactins were written very well and kudos to the actress, who showed us how her admiration for Rodney dimmed over the course of the episode, up until that last scene where they sort of broke up. (Also please congratulate her on being able to keep a straight face during that little scene with the cactus named after Rodney 😀 )

    I guess the only thing I did not enjoy about this episode was the perceived Rodney bashing. I probably am overreacting, but the constant reference to how Rodney must have made a mistake, how off ‘his game’ he was, is getting frustrating. It started in BAMSR with Ellis and constant references to his dry spell and has continued. I am probably the only one who sees it this way but the way this was emphasized in a number of episodes is overkill, making it appear like Rodney has stopped being useful to the expedition and instead is only there to be laughed at. Since we know (I hope) that this is not true, it is a little saddening.

    But that is just the way I see it, and as I said I very much enjoyed the rest of the episode. For that matter I very much enjoyed BAMSR as well, while SoW was very interesting viewing. I have said it before, and I will say it again, you guys have done a very good job this season and I look forward to the rest of the season and what is still to come.


  131. Oh, I forgot to say congratulations to Anne Teldy. You really deserve and I will be keeping out for both the space cows and your character next season 😀

    Also Joe, I wanted to compliment you on the standard of spam emails you seem to get and say that Agent Wexler and Cookie Monster are both very inspiring in their responses 😀 I really had to stop myself laughing aloud at work, Joe so I say job well done.

    Ok, that is all (for now),

  132. So Joe are you thinking of answering my questions from the *huge* 600+ comments entry?

    In case you missed them *g*

    Is John’s brother (Patrick? Is that his name?) going to be older or younger then John?

    Will John and Rodney ever get to have a more physical “friendship” like Jack and Daniel shared or are they always going to stand at least one foot away from each other? *that is a serious question* I think they need to hug at least once to prove they do actually care about each other. Plus that moment in SG-1 when Jack hugged Daniel and called him “spacemonkey” was just so made of awesome, I really would love to see something similar on SGA between John and Rodney… *puppy dog eyes*

    See ya!

  133. Thanks so much for answering to my comment! 🙂

    “Unfortunately, putting them in one little scene counts toward their overall episode commitment. So rather than place them in a throw-away scene, we prefer to save the character for an episode in which they can have more meaningful input.”

    Absolutely understandable!
    But what about just mentioning them and what they’re doing/where they are at a certain moment? Some other character could shortly explain someone else’s absence. Would that also count as an appearance of the actor? If yes, forget that I asked,. 🙂

    “Answer: Nope, she was cast. And her character even gets a name next season!”

    And when will Sergeant Chuck >insert name here< finally get his last name? *g*

  134. voodoolizzy wrote:

    CONGRATS to Anne T. for her win – think you might turn her into a zombie?

    😯 A zombie? They have Zombies in the Pegasus Galaxy? 😯

    boo wrote:

    anne teldy, i was reading back and saw you are housebound and disabled too. it is nice to “meet” somebody like me! i spend most of my time online cause i can’t do much in meat life.

    The Internet lets my mind get out of the house even if my body can’t. To learn more about me, you can visit my profile and blog.

    Amz wrote:

    Anne Teldy, so Halle Berry and Larrin’s sister aside (oh, that could have been so interesting), what kind of character would you be the most amused by being your namesake?

    Anyone very pretty would be laughable, as I’m most decidedly not. (See my blog referenced above.)

    A Wraith, as named by Sheppard, would be sort of amusing, as would Rodney naming some kind of animal after me. In either case, the reason why they chose the name “Anne Teldy” could be really funny.

    Kimberly aka kdvb1 wrote:

    That scenario covers three things. A dying character to name Anne, a “hot alien” for Rodney like he wants, and getting John to stop being in heat for Larrin(ok…I know guys don’t go “in heat” but you know what I mean!)

    I wouldn’t mind my namesake character having a romance with McKay or Sheppard.

    By the way, for male animals, they usually say “in must”. ‘Must’ is defined as “a state of frenzy in animals, especially in the male elephant, usually associated with sexual heat.”

    susanthetartanturtle wrote:

    anneteldy How do you indent text using HTML?

    Remember to change the [] to angle brackets ><. [BLOCKQUOTE]text[/BLOCKQUOTE]

    ptarmigan wrote:

    Also wouldn’t it be great if Anne Teldy actually played “Anne” in season five? *smirks and shakes head, knowing better* One can wish…

    It would certainly be fun to visit Vancouver and the sets, but there are three reasons it won’t happen even if I’d be invited:

    1. I’m a very, very huge person.
    2. My health keeps me housebound.
    3. I can’t act.

    Thanks again to everyone for all the congratulations.

    Anne Teldy

  135. Well, Joe, from reading todays comments it looks like you could make a mint under the table by conducting back-door studio tours … ever thought of branching out? 😀

  136. Hey, I’m three who can’t drive too. I hit things, I have panic attacks, I don’t see pedestrians. So uncool. Yes, MyLarry gives me grief, he’s a professional driver who can move anything with a power plant and a steering mechanism. And yes, I too have cats who must hitchhike to the vet. America, particularly the vast Western states, is not a convenient place to live if you can’t drive. I did have a Japanese license briefly, when I was learning to ride a Harley. That particular experiment fizzled out.

    Small universe, hmmm?

  137. “It’s really sad that TPTB (in this case I’m assuming Bridge Studios and MGM???) have let a company that no one seems to like or respect, be the only Con to give the set tours”

    If you are interested in visiting the set outside of a Con, there were chances in 2005 and 2006. The Variety Club held Halloween studio tours at Bridge Studios in those years (Not just Stargate but a lot of the tour was on Stargate sets). In 2007 the tour didn’t run for some reason, but I hope it will be back in 2008! I volunteered for the event and in 2006 the tour went through the moonbase from “The Ark” and the Ori Village set, among a few others. It was a lot of fun and for a very good cause! I don’t suppose this is in your department, Joe, but does anyone else know why the event didn’t run last year? Or are there any other blog readers that volunteered/went on the tour in the past?

  138. Whoops, that wasn’t all for very long. After reading my last comment, I realized I sound like an idiot *facepalm* I really need to learn to proof read before I submit.

    What I meant to say: Congratulations to Anne Teldy. You really deserve it and I will be keeping an eye out for both the space cows and your character next season.

    Ok so thats over with. So Joe, hows things?

    😀 Liamar13

  139. So – F.R.A.N. Any chance we’ll see her again? Any chance we’ll see her as a good guy? Michelle Morgan did a great job in BAMSR.

  140. I’m another person who doesn’t drive.

    I have severe allergies and migraines that come out of nowhere with no warning. Just being near a smoker or a woman with too much perfume instantly causes a reaction. If that happened when I was alone, I would have to call someone. Two drivers would have to come to get me and the car. Once I had to stop working, my father said “no more driving”. And I didn’t mind at all.

    Anne Teldy

  141. i’m another one who doesn’t drive. i had a brain injury in 1997, and have cfids/me that caused neuro problems too. for about…2 years now? i get too easy confused to feel safe driving.

    anne teldy — i have severe chemical sensitivities and asthma, that is a lot of why i am so housebound. we moved from the sf bay area to rural oregon adn i am so much better with fresh air and well water (just organic farms near us). i went to your page but i can’t figure out how to comment there! i have adblocker disabled, but when i try to click the post a comment, it just shows me comments instead. i dont know if you’d have any better luck at my page.

    alien nation! i LOVE that show! i was in so cal in 1989 after the movie was filmed, and my friends drove me thru a neighborhood that had tectonese signs still up from the filming. it waas very neat.


  142. Hi !

    How are you ? Me ? Fine !

    Bon Voyage! (lol), you speak french in your blog ! ^^

    [Je suis nulle en Anglais ! XD]

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