We planned to go out for brunch today. Well, that was the plan but by the time Fondy was ready, we were far past brunch and well into lunch territory. Rather than go the dim sum route or head over to Feenie’s for braised short rib sandwiches, we decided to try something a little different (lunch-wise anyway) and dropped by Bristrot Bistro. Owner Valerie was on hand to welcome us in and over to a table of our choice. Apparently, business has been brisk (which is great to hear because the food is excellent, and Valerie and husband-chef Laurent are really sweet people) and even though Saturday afternoons have been a little slow, Sunday afternoons are hopping. I elected to go with two choices off the regular menu – the cognac chicken liver terrine and the smoked duck and caramelized onion tart – while Fondy went with the pain perdu with maple syrup from the brunch menu. Both the terrine (served with crostini and gherkins) and the tart were excellent while the pain perdu – their version of French toast made with baguette and served with maple syrup dipping sauce – was the best I’ve ever had. I ended the meal with a new addition to the menu since my last visit – a wonderful truffle cake, possessed of a magical mousse-like consistency, accompanied by crème anglaise (and the scoop of vanilla ice cream I requested).

After lunch, we headed downtown and I swung by Chapters and picked up a few titles. Check ‘em out. I’m a big fan of short story collections, so I picked up Fast Forward 1 and Year’s Best SF 8 (I have 1-7 and 9-11). I really enjoyed Gene Wolfe’s heady The Third Head of Cerberus, so I picked up his New Sun quadrilogy. Also, after being totally blown away by China Mieville’s mastery in The Scar, I picked up his two books I didn’t already own: King Rat and Iron Council (Krista from Playback has Perdido Street Station and Bones from Visual Effects has Looking For Jakes and Other Stories). Also, based on your recommendations, I picked up some Terry Pratchett, namely Good Omens and The Colour of Magic.

I know, I know. When will I possibly have the time to read all these. Well, I’ve picked up the pace of late. After finishing The Handmaid’s Tale, I moved on to Jose Saramago’s Nobel Prize-winning Blindness, a novel that focuses on a group of individuals, the first afflicted by a plague of blindness, who are isolated from a panicked society and forced to fend for themselves. Both haunting and thought-provoking. I then moved on to Salman’s Rushdie’s fanciful Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Neal Stephenson’s meticulously detailed Quicksilver, Arthur C. Clarke’s poetic Fountains of Paradise, and have just started Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber. I picked up a tome containing all ten books that make up the complete Amber Chronicles. If the subsequent books are as good as the first, then I am hooked! Once I’m done with Nine Princes, Peter Watts’s Blindsight awaits. This one sounds very cool. From Publisher’s Weekly: “ In the late 21st century, when something alien is discovered beyond the edge of the solar system, the spaceship Theseus sets out to make contact. Led by an enigmatic AI and a genetically engineered vampire, the crew includes a biologist who’s more machine than human, a linguist with surgically induced multiple personality disorder, a professional soldier who’s a pacifist, and Siri Keeton, a man with only half a brain. Keeton is virtually incapable of empathy, but he has a savant’s ability to model and predict the actions of others without understanding them. Once the Theseus arrives at the gigantic and hideously dangerous alien artifact (which has tellingly self-named itself Rorschach), the crew must deal with beings who speak English fluently but who may, paradoxically, not even be sentient, at least as we understand the term.”

On the t.v. and DVD front, Fondy and I have started on Dexter (which has received mixed reviews from the writers’ room), while, on the anime front, I’ve started on the most gorgeous piece of eye-candy I’ve ever seen: Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Cristo).

Okay, enough about me. What’s up with you guys?

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Are any of the Pugs exceptionally naughty? Are they cat lovers or cat chasers?”

Answers: Bubba is the naughty one. He’s the one who got into the Halloween candy last year, and a bag of chocolate-covered almonds the year before, and an entire sponge cake the year before that. Apparently, his favorite thing to do at daycare is to clamp onto the biggest dog’s tail and then hang on for the ensuing ride.

Jason writes: “In The Road Not Taken, Major Lorne was the leader of that AU’s SG1. Was there any other people under consideration for this role or was Kavan Smith always your first choice?”

Answer: He was always our first choice.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Sure, that’s the company line now, but there were some pretty honest comments made about the situation last year. Supposedly you had to “sell” her on the idea, and even then she was shocked that you wanted such a huge committment.”

Answer: Yeah, I’m going to have to call bullshit on that one. Given the situation she was facing – the prospect of coming on to an established show as a major character was departing – it’s no wonder Amanda was cautious when answering questions about her new role. And given the way certain brainless fans have reacted, can you really blame her? Oh, and you seem to be contradicting yourself. On the one hand you claim we forced her to appear on the show and yet, on the other hand, you claim she had to be sold on the idea, implying she had a choice. Which is it?

Crystal writes: “And now I’m off to watch one of my favorite buddy movie DVDs which I got for my birthday last month, “Tombstone” with Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell.”

Answer: I loved that movie.

Lisa S. writes: “ Please reassure me that Atlantis isn’t going to become ‘The Sam Carter Show’!”

Answer: Honestly, it doesn’t matter what I say because fans will always assume the worst – until the shows actually air at which point they will conveniently find something else to complain about. That’s show business.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I just need to know how to write and how to sell the completed script. That’s all.”

Answer: That’s it? Then I would suggest you study a show you really like and write a spec script (sample episode). Any good book on scriptwriting (try one by Syd Field) will show you how to write a script. After that, get a hold of a list of television agents (maybe try the Writer’s Market) and query them with some self-addressed, stamped envelopes. If they’re willing to read unsolicited submissions, then send them your script, keep your fingers crossed, and be prepared to accept constructive criticism.

PG15 writes: “Any chance of a future DVD release where we get an uncensored “a day in the writers’ room” extra?”

Answer: Whooweee! Not a chance!

PG-15 also writes: “Have you seen your recent interview with “Sequential Tart” that was published? It has a pretty, um, bad-a** pic of you as a super villain.”

Answer: Yeah. Wolfen did a terrific job capturing the real me.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Is there any chance to make her an offical Hungarian character in the Atlantis expedition too?”

Answer: It’s possible.

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “Quel est votre plat francais préféré??”

Reponse: Foie gras et sardalaise.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Is it just that the chicken isn’t very photogenic or did it taste as minging as it looks?”

Answer: Believe it or not, it was surprisingly good.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Is there any plan on having a wraith queen appearing in season 4?”

Answer: Yup.

Marsha writes: “Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve already talked about this, but will we see the character Michael at all during during Atlantis Season 4?”

Answer: Hmmmm. It’s possible…

Tanis writes: “I don’t know if you understand me… It is difficult for me explain it in english language.”

Answer: Hey, Tanis, great post. Your insight is much appreciated.

Skopadiggle writes: “Would it be alright for me to use some of the pictures from your blog for a project I’m working on?”

Answer: Sure. Everyone else does.

Vabrella writes: “Any chance of us getting Teyla speaking in ‘techno-babble’ terminology?”

Answer: Yes, Teyla will demonstrate some of her newfound knowledge in season four.

Gilder writes: “Ever eaten turnip greens or collards, Joe?”

Answer: Yup. In fact, the Memphis Barbecue House here in Vancouver serves collard greens as a side with their big beef rib special. By the way, congrats on your Spurs.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Have you or Brad or Rob ever had to take an actor to the side and metaphorically slap them on the wrist for giving out any spoiler info?”

Answer: Nope.

69 thoughts on “May 20, 2007

  1. Thanks for answering my question. I’ll try to keep an open mind about Sam joining the cast. Also, you’re gonna love the Terry Pratchett novels… he’s one of the best!

  2. Taking a break from mourning the Suns’ loss (Friday was not fun flipping between the game and the ‘Gates – although I really loved both episodes and they6 were a small consolation) – you posted a few days ago that your supervillan action figure would come with a pug – are you suggesting that pugs replace white cats as supervillan pets (and will they stay still long enough to do so?)

  3. Joe,

    Have the ratings for the last few episodes been any better than the first few? Gateworld hasn’t posted them and I haven’t seen them anywhere.


  4. Wow, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of books to read!

    One quick question: Who’s idea was it to make the Asgard language be English in reverse?

  5. Nnnnng, crostini. Am consumed with want. Hey, I see that you’ve had good Memphis and New Orleans fare. Ever tried any Lowcountry (Charleston, SC-area) food? I’ve got a shrimp-and-grits recipe to die for.

    Also, and entirely unrelated: I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but I just rewatched The Defiant One and found myself wondering anew. Are there super-seekrit toilet facilities tucked away somewhere on the ‘jumpers? Because, dude. That’s a long haul.

  6. hi, joe,

    how long were sam and pete supposed to have known each other when ‘chimera’ started?

    according to my calculations (love saying that :p):

    ‘evolution part 2’ – sgc acquires the telchak device (zombie making box).

    ‘grace’ – sam comes to some personal life decisions.

    then ‘fallout’.

    ‘chimera’ – sam is dating pete and becomes intimate with him.

    ‘death knell’ – sam makes a statement to her dad that gives a clue to how much time has passed between episodes. “We only got Telchak’s device a month ago, I’m surprised we were able to come up with something so quickly.”

    so would you say, joe, that sam had known pete less than a month when ‘chimera’ happened? sam would have needed time to recover from her concussion (‘grace’), so… what say you?

    sally 🙂

  7. If you’ve never read any of Harlan Ellison’s anthologies, give em a try. If you pick up any that have his introductions or commentaries, even better. An Edge in My Voice is comprised of essays, introductions, etc. I might say your commentaries here remind me of him. Maybe that’s why I like reading your blog. (Not sucking up here. It’s true.)

    I enjoyed the eps on Friday. Bad Guys is just so like our society. I loved the concept of The Ark. Imagine a society willing to kill so many to save a relative handful. Nice contrast.

    Do y’all ever plan which episodes would play well together, or is the order they air based purely on the indivdual series? Thanks!

  8. So call me arrogant, but what’s Rodney’s IQ? I just want to see if I’m smarter than him, because I’m apparently a genius too (my IQ is 194)

  9. I really enjoyed watching ‘The Ark’ this week. Lots of fun action and even Teyla got a good junk of dialog for a change.

    Did any of you guys notice Joe Flanigan was wearing his cell phone headset on screen twice (that I noticed)? I thought that was pretty funny. Haven’t found the snickers bar yet though.

  10. Like someone else said you will love the Terry Pratchett novels. “Good Omens” is an amazing book that had me laughing from cover to cover.

    On a different note, what would the perfect dessert consist of for you?

  11. Please tell me that this will become the Sam Carter show and that she will be a central focus.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. How much patience would you say it takes to deal with all the angry comments? Do you read all the comments yourself or have somebody pre-screen them for you?

    Also, doggy-daycare? Sounds like the makings of a movie 😉 I’m curious to hear more stories.

  12. Ooo, the Amber Chronicles! I picked up that same volume a while back on a whim (I had never heard of it before) and becuase it looked like a nice thick volume. I read fast, so it’s always fun to find something that will take me more than one sitting to get through. I really enjoyed the story, and have reccomended it to friends since — you won’t regret picking it up! I hope you enjoy, and thanks for all the book reccomendations you put up. I’ve gotten a few new titles to check out from reading your blog.

    And thanks for creating such a great show! I love Atlantis, and I can’t wait for season 4 to see what surprises you have in store for us. It’s a lot of fun reading the tantalizing hints you post here.


  13. I know this is a loaded question given fans reaction to Weir’s departure. But can you give us some insight as to why you decided to make this decision besides simply wanting to shake things up and/or move in a new direction? For a lot of people she is one of the major reasons for watching the show, a strong, complex female character in a command position is sometimes rare in TV today. Why was the decision made to do away with her and not another character? I love this show and the characters and I’m looking forward to season 4 but my continued viewership will be determined by how her (Weir’s) character is handled.

  14. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what I say because fans will always assume the worst

    Not all of us! But, yes, probably a lot of the ones who ask those questions.

    You said you got a Dexter DVD? What Dexter is that? Darkly Dreaming Dexter? There’s apparently a third book coming out called Dexter In the Dark.

  15. Ah, great choice with “Good Omens”! 😀 I absolutely loved that one. It had a real “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” feel to it. 🙂

  16. No more desert sand kicked in my face flies, nats,camels pissing on my foot, bullets wizzing by. HOME FOR GOOD!!!!!OOOOORRRAAAAAAA!!!!!

  17. Oy, I’m a couple days behind here …

    To PG-15 if you’re reading the comments, thank-you for your comment on the art in my Sequential Tart interview with Joe (And thanks, Joe for posting PG-15’s comment and the kind response. And hell, for doing the iview in the first place!)

    As for the Diabetes, Joe, you’re a lucky dog to not have it. Man, do I miss Coke, Sunny D, and grape juice. *sigh* And Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups! Aspartame-laden stuff is absulutely horrible tasting and gives me a headache *shudder*

    Does Canada use a different kind of glucose meter or something? Down here, 70-110 is “normal” — I’ve never heard of that scale you used. (Course, maybe I’m just oblivious …)

    I was diagnosed with Type II when I was in the hospital recently — along with endomitrial cancer. (Talk about a 1-2 punch! *Sigh*) But the cancer is easily cured at least, if I can ever get a damn appointment scheduled. The PCP is dragging their feet about reffering me to an endocrinologist for a proper diagnosis too. *Sigh* Gee, doc, no hurry, it’s only been nearly a month since I’ve gotten out of the hospital …

    Big Joe Kelly ‘Pool fan here too. *grin* … And Tombstone made me cry!

  18. You mentioned Torri will be appearing in ‘This Mortal Coil’, will she be appearing in the 2nd and/or 3rd parts of the mid-season 2 parter?

  19. Nice pile of books. I think you’ll get a lot from the Pratchett books esp Good Omens with Neil Gaiman, an absolute classic, I love the way he sees things, I had the pleasure of meeting him about ten years ago and he is just like his books. If you have any plans to watch his adaptation of The Hogfather please, please PLEASE read it first.
    I see we share a the omnibus version of Amber, don’t read it in bed, it hurts when it hits you on the nose when you crash out mid-read.

  20. omg, are we on the sam carter thing again?
    jesus! How many times are you guys gonna attack poor mr mallozzi about this issue?
    Just leave it alone! a creative issue was made, live with it.

  21. Oh I can’t wait to find out what you think of Good Omens! I adore that book and can read it over and over…

    Have you ever read any Chuck Palahniuk? I really enjoyed Invisible Monsters and Lullaby.

  22. I saw that phone headset too….what happened to the radio headsets…and I watched Ark a few times back to back really closely…I couldn’t find the snickers wrapper either. And I agree with lisa…Terry Pratchett is fantastic…and I think you’ll love the Amber Chronicles.

    Besides Harry Potter, have you read any other youth fiction?

    If so…have you read His Dark Materials Trilogy? If not, hugely recommend. I just started Golden Compass two days ago…trying to read it as a get ready for finals…I’m already 200 pages in. Only a few other books/authors have done that to me.

  23. I’m with Karen – still a bit in mourning over Friday night’s admittedly expected catastrophe. 🙁 *sigh*

    Anyway, I’m guessing your infamous poem was a pain to write, but do you think it’s at all possible that we could get a Part II for the summer… You know, just to hold us over until the premiere? 🙂

  24. “the smoked duck and caramelized onion tart”…. “excellent”

    Definately agreeing with you there. Actually had that when I went in there last month.

  25. What did you think of “The Handmaids Tale”?

    Also, have you ever been to New Zealand and/or tried Hokey-pokey ice cream?

    Hope you enjoy Good Omens. It’s a well-read fav of mine!

  26. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the lovely piccies you’ve been putting up! My excitement for S4 is steadily increasing!

    Anyway, you said you have a pretty healthy lifestyle overall, so I’m assuming you’re a non-smoker. But how about the Atlantis main cast? Do you know if any of them smoke? Just curious 🙂

    Thank you!


  27. Howdy.

    (I’m making fun of where I’m from [Missouri} with the howdy… I don’t actually say that)

    I just introduced a roommate of mine to Stargate Atlantis, and we just watched Rising. In it, I realized that I have not seen the Wraith make things appear to be there that aren’t in a long while. Will this come back, or do the Wraith just figure that we won’t fall for it anymore?

    Oh, by the way, I had a dream involving the scene from “Michael” where Michael thinks he wakes up, but it’s still a nightmare and he sees himself in the mirror as a Wraith (that was scary by the way… the Wraith looked at the CAMERA! Right at ME!), only instead of being a Wraith, it was Samara from the movie The Ring. If you haven’t seen it, go rent it! It’s scary for sure.

    Anyway, Samara started coming at me and I was running through Atlantis with her behind me when I came to Stargate Operations and found the “closet corpse” (see movie) underneath the DHD. I turn around, and Samara is right behind me. The world spins, and suddenly I’m awake in Carson’s casket, being thrown (alive) into the kawoosh.

    It was great, lemme tell ya.

    Ok cool, have a good day!

  28. Hi Joe

    I doubt I’ll be the first to ask this, but with the snippet of info posted on GW today, are we looking at the return of Kolya later in this season or next?

  29. I picked up some Terry Pratchett, namely Good Omens and The Colour of Magic.

    Very good choice 🙂
    “The Colour of Magic” is the start of the Discworld Series. Look out for Twoflower, the first tourist of the Discworld and of course the magnificent wiZZard Rincewind 🙂

    Good Omens is a very funny somehow screwed up apocalypse.

    I hope you enjoy them!

  30. Joe said: “Answer: Honestly, it doesn’t matter what I say because fans will always assume the worst – until the shows actually air at which point they will conveniently find something else to complain about. That’s show business.”

    My comment: What about those of us who actually hold off judgment until we see the show? Who think that huge changes are not a problem if it’s done well? Who, having been fans for years, and despite having some misgivings, have stuck around and have ENJOYED some of the latest eps?
    I am a positive person, and if you looked you’d find I almost always post about the things I liked, about how I enjoyed some episodes (hey, I laughed during Bounty!), about how Vala has grown into a character I like….
    I find myself a little disgruntled by the little “digs”, such as the above. I am well aware of what fandom can be like (at least YOU get to approve/decline the comments to your blog – it’s so much harder when you have to allow other fans opinions even when you disagree).
    You often point out how fractured opinion in fandom is, how one group wants one thing and another group wants the complete opposite – how about acknowledging that not ALL fans are negative, that some of us, despite our involvement in fandom :p, actually watch the show(s) because we ENJOY them…. not blindly, not all of them all the time, not just because it’s *gasp* Stargate, but because we enjoy the show, and because we respect the work and talent that goes into them.
    It’d be nice, if, on occasion, I felt like you had even some iota of respect for us as well.

  31. Hey Joe!

    “I had a question about the season 10 DVD cover. Well 2 actually. In the image that has been released there seems to be a distinct lack of Vala, is there a reason for this, or was she just forgotten? And also, is there a reason that everyone on the cover is so photoshopped?” I do like it, it’s just it looks a bit to ‘shiny’ compared to all the other DVD covers.

    Thanks, Emma

  32. Once, way back before he was famous, Terry Pratchett was signing books at my local bookshop. I went along, got The Colour of Magic and then went home to read it. Halfway through, I went back to the shop to buy the 4-5 others that were on sail and had Terry sign them all. Unlike events that happen today, there were no queues, no wait, it was a very low key event.

    Whilst TCoM is good, it does nto reflect the richness of where the writing is now. You also have to take a look at some of the more recent work, such as Monstrous Regiment or Going Postal

  33. GW posted “”I ran into Robert Davi in Beverly Hills last week and he told me he is returning for another episode of Stargate Atlantis, filming in June. He had only great things to say about the whole production.” Any comment? Beckett would not leave a wounded man behind (even if he is the enemy) and I don’t think Shep would have been as happy as he was when the team left in ‘Irressponsible’ if Kolya had been alive.

  34. Bonjour Joe,

    est-ce qu’on va voir une “gardienne Wraith” dans la saison 4 ?

  35. You are certainly an avid reader…Do you find that you get ideas for the episodes you write from the books you read?

  36. Hey Joe,

    What can we fans do to convince you to give us some more juicey tidbits about the upcoming movies? 🙂

  37. Oh just to add i second the recommendation for the Terry Pratchett novels, he has a great understanding of the human condition and truley knows what it is to luagh at it 🙂

  38. Good Omens is by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. You left that out! And it’s a fantastic book. Read it first!

  39. Est-ce que nous verrons des photos de Torri sur le tournage de “The Mortal Coil” sur votre blog ?

  40. Hi Joe
    You put the biggest smile on my face this morning, I don’t know what to be more pleasantly surprised for, you reading Jose Saramago (how did you find his famously long sentences?), a Portuguese author, or him coming under a sci-fi banner.
    Have you ever tried Portuguese food? ? And if so, what did you think of it?

  41. Hi!

    I was wondering what you thought of the Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve found most of my guy friends who’ve read it didn’t like it as much as my girlfriends. I really enjoyed it but as female coming from an extended family that’s very Southern Baptist conservative (thankfully the parents were rebellious and ended up way less conservative—yeah the subversive 60s!), I think it hit home a little more.

    I went Barnes & Noble to stock up. I was going to pick up Scott Lynch’s book but they were out of it! I did pick up The Ghost Brigade & The Last Colony (which were excellent), but I had to order the Scott Lynch book, The Android’s Dream and Frank Herbert’s The Dosadi Experiment (this originally came out in the early 80s I believe).

    This is the publisher write up of The Dosadi Experiment from the Barnes & Noble site “Generations of a tormented human-alien people, caged on a toxic planet, conditioned by constant hunger and war-this is the Dosadi Experiment, and it has succeeded too well. For the Dosadi have bred for Vengeance as well as cunning, and they have learned how to pass through the shimmering God Wall to exact their dreadful revenge on the Universe that created them”

  42. “Suzotchka writes: “ You should be getting a package from the Save Elizabeth Weir campaign any day now. So be on the lookout.”

    Answer: I’ll have Martin Gero open it.”

    LOL – it’s not one of those packages (you know, that require explosive detecting dogs). Honestly, it’s a nice package. I don’t think you’re going to want Gero to keep it all to himself.

    Here’s a tip on a dessert I discovered this weekend. I’m not sure if you have the “Cold Stone Creamery” chain in Canada, but I highly recommend the “Black Forest Dream” – chocolate ice cream mixed up with cherries, fudge and brownie. YUM! Oh, and of course, put it in a waffle cone.

    SEW Supporter

  43. I just finished “Old Man’s War” and with the exception of the langue, love it. It was a great read and I look forward to reading some of John Scalzi other books. Thanks for the general suggestion. I also started reading “The Zombie Survival Guide” and am laughing my head off. I have been reading the book to my roommate as well,in pieces, and she’s loves it. I also wanted to say how much I am enjoying the last ½ of season 3 on SGA. Especially the character developments with Ronan. He seems to be making a family of his team, which makes the plot line of Reunion all the more intriguing. Question: Your blog states that all comments must be approved. Do you read the questions/post and approve them to go on you website, or dose a 3rd Party? I know it says the author must approve but truth be told you are one of the 1st blogs I have ever read and I am not sure who this all works.

  44. As for Carter/Amanda in Atlantis. We should give her a chance. Because she really deserves that!! Don’t you think so all of you and Joe?? I will definitively do that.
    I love Carter/Amanda and as well SG1 and SGA. She was always my favourite charakter. I will watch the show. It’s a good show.
    I can’t wait to see the 4th season, although I will see it in 2years here in Vienna… iB

  45. oui moi aussi j adore le foie gras!!!!

    Merci de m avoir répondu c est trés gentil.^^!!

  46. You mentioned the Wraith goggles the other day! My friends and I are always on about “Where did he get those goggles?” Come to think of it, where do the Wraith get anything? They’re always flying around culling planets, but we haven’t a clue as to who makes their weapons or clothing, or where they buy shampoo to keep their long hair so lustrous and shiny.

    So, question: Will we be treated to a little Wraith background in S4? Maybe something practical like shopping habits or insights into the dating scene?

  47. Kiwigater, JM wasn’t referring to us. If he thought all fans were like that, he’d hardly be here talking to us. It’s just that sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, or however that saying goes. If that’s even the right metaphor. Anyway, I’d send you both some virtual chocolate (or margaritas?) if I knew how.

  48. Hey Joe,

    If you get a chance,now that Continuum is filming,would you post a sandwich picture? Before you snap a picture of your lunch,as delicious as that might be,I’m referring to the sandwich pictures from the Vancouver convention. I would love to see a picture of Shanks and Simon with you in the middle. If you’re lucky enough(or not)the boys might even give you a hug and a kiss. Trust me it is well worth every penny and you won’t have to pay a thing.

  49. will we be seeing more 304’s in season 4, or possibly later seasons, from different nations? Oh, by the way, I noticed another actor alongside Lexa Doig starring in Jason X (I was bored), a certain atlantis technician, Chuck Campbell running around trying not to get slaughtered. Made me smile a little to know they now work on Stargate (or one of them still does?) Anyway good luck.

  50. Hi Joe,

    are we going to ever find out how long EXACTLY Vala was a host to Goa’uld? And I hope MGM realized their stupid mistake with the lack of Vala/Claudia Black on the season 10 DVD cover and it will be corrected with the apology to the wonderful actress and her fanbase?

  51. RE: Transparent displays…

    In the Atlantis control room set there is a projection screen that appears to be clear pane of glass which has graphics projected on them. is this a real projection screen, or are you guys doing some VFX blue screen voodoo (my guess is the former)?

  52. *waves*

    Just a quick one tonight as i’m a bit brain dead, and when i’m brain dead i’m usually very serious, so please excuse the non Shirtless Shep question. 😀

    I was watching ToR, The Game and The Ark… obviously not all at once, but I noticed that each of them had continuing elements within them. So, I wondered if this was planned or if it was just happenstance. For example in ToR we had McKay and Ronon bonding, then paired off in the Game. Then we had McKay’s ethics question in The Game and that type of scenario was in The Ark. Then in the Game we Shep saying that he’d fight Ronon to the death. And in Sunday we have… I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but you get my very long-winded drift. Sorry. If it was planned, great job, I love those little bits. And if it was unplanned well then it’s just spooky, lol.

    Ooh while i’m here, any word of the figures for The Ark?

    Thanking you Mr M, you’re a very wise and kind man, who i’m hoping can maybe let us have some more yummy pics or spoileries of S4 or are you rationing us 😀

    Loved the Jason pics 😀

    Going now…. *waves*

  53. Hi Joe:

    Happy Victoria Day!

    What does a Creative Consultant do?


  54. Flashing back to your blog a few days ago: GeekBoy came home from school today and said while he was in his Quest class working on an essay, the teacher put on a video that was so awful he started banging his head on the desk (he has the subtlety of McKay) until the teacher suggested he might prefer to work on his essay in the library. I asked him what the video was: “The Secret.” Apparently his teacher thinks it’s great and that the kids could use some encouragement to be positive. GeekBoy was born a cynic, so she’s fighting a losing battle there!

  55. Hi joe !

    Could you give us some pictures from SG1 set please, it would be greatly appreciated by all of us (a little one of our beloved and missed Rick would be awesome). And continue to post some af SGA set too.

    Have a nice evening !

  56. Hi Joe,

    First time poster, long time reader of your blog. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work on Stargate and the time you take to interact with fans on the net. You are a legend. I know there are a small number of opinionated fools in the fan base who like to do nothing but whinge about the direction of the shows, however I would like to let you know that I have followed SG-1/Atlantis from the very beginning … and you still always have me on the edge of my seat. What else can I say but this series just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work! BTW you have a huge fan base in Australia!

  57. Glad you are liking Nine Princes in Amber, and yes, the other books are as good as the first. Actually, I think they are better. There is a third Amber series now. One that Zelazny’s estate has allowed to be written. I’m not sure if the entire series of books have all been released yet, so I’ll have to let you know about that later.

    A friend of mine is trying to get me to read the whole Discworld series. And since he is the one who got me to read the Amber books, I should listen. He recommends all of Pratchett’s stories.

  58. I meant to thank you for posting pics of Bambam the other day, very much appreciated. It’s nice to see him getting some recognition! 😀

  59. crazymom said…
    Kiwigater, JM wasn’t referring to us. If he thought all fans were like that, he’d hardly be here talking to us. It’s just that sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, or however that saying goes. If that’s even the right metaphor. Anyway, I’d send you both some virtual chocolate (or margaritas?) if I knew how.

    My reply:
    I hope you don’t mind a little reply here Joe…
    Thanks for the choccies and margaritas crazymom! 😀 You are of course correct, I shouldn’t have taken a sweeping comment personally. I know there are lots of positive things about fandom – for me it’s that I’ve met so many fun generous people! The squeaky wheel usually does get the grease, but that doesn’t mean ALL the wheels are squeaky, or that we enjoy being thumped along with the squeaky ones :p
    Chocolates all around I think 😀

  60. How can you read so many books so quickly? Don’t you read just 1 hour per day? I loved Quicksilver but it took me months to read!

    So The Sopranos continues to shock and amaze me each week. Do you think Tony’s recent behavior is justified and believable in the context of the show? Do you think he’ll survive the finale?

  61. Wolfen said…
    Oy, I’m a couple days behind here …

    To PG-15 if you’re reading the comments, thank-you for your comment on the art in my Sequential Tart interview with Joe (And thanks, Joe for posting PG-15’s comment and the kind response. And hell, for doing the iview in the first place!)

    Dude, you totally deserved every bit of praise I can throw at you. That painting was awesome.

  62. “Anonymous said…
    omg, are we on the sam carter thing again?
    jesus! How many times are you guys gonna attack poor mr mallozzi about this issue?
    Just leave it alone! a creative issue was made, live with it.

    May 21, 2007 12:42:00 AM PDT “

    Well, I believe this latest Rodney-centric ep got the lowest ratings in the history of SGA. Maybe TPTB should blame McKay, since it’s his ep, and dump Hewlett.

    Would you still be saying “live with it”??

    I think not.

  63. “iB said…
    As for Carter/Amanda in Atlantis. We should give her a chance. Because she really deserves that!! Don’t you think so all of you and Joe?? I will definitively do that.
    I love Carter/Amanda and as well SG1 and SGA. She was always my favourite charakter. I will watch the show. It’s a good show.
    I can’t wait to see the 4th season, although I will see it in 2years here in Vienna… iB

    May 21, 2007 8:37:00 AM PDT “

    That’s great for you. But for a lot of us, we just don’t like the character. I stopped watching SG1 because she irritated the crap out of me.

    Carter is one of those divisive characters. People love her or hate her. There’s not much middle ground. And those who hate the character after already seeing her on SG1 aren’t going to go “Sure, I’ll give her a chance”. That’s not just Weir fans. That’s the people who are bitching and moaning about the cast changes in general on GW. Half of whom aren’t Weir fans at all.

  64. Hi Joe!

    I don’t know how you find the time to read so many books, though if you’re like me, if I find an absorbing one, I don’t put it down until I’m finished, my eyes hurt and I find it’s way past bedtime!

    There seems to be a fair amount of negativity around at the moment. I just want to say this fan is really looking forward to season 4. I’m really interested to see what’s happening to Weir, to see how Carter fares in command, to see Sheppard’s primary team in action and all the cool spaceships and fx in episodes. I’m looking forward to character moments, and new storylines. I’m really excited, in fact.

    I don’t suppose SciFi is any nearer to announcing a premiere date yet? A girl could get a little frustrated waiting to hear!

    Oh well, back to reading fanfiction and watching Sky+’d season 3 episodes!

  65. You keep mentioning cutting scenes out of episodes to bring them down to the correct length. Would you or whoever makes that decision, ever consider putting those scenes on DVDs as extras or in the case of the season 3 DVDs putting them back into the episodes? Sort of like a “Directors Cut”? I’d love to see them (from all three seasons!) and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone 😉 Please?? 😉 Thanks!

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